IT’S HERE! Moderna’s mRNA RSV Vaccine Approved by the FDA 6/4/2024

Bill Gates-Connected Firm Plans to Release ‘Climate Change VACCINE’ 6/3/2024

New COVID Study Shows Myocarditis and Pericarditis only Appear After Vaccination, Not Infection 6/2/2024

Federal Agency to Produce 4.8 Million Bird Flu Vaccines 4/24/2024

Vaxxed ‘Super Size Me’ Star Morgan Spurlock Dead of Cancer at 53 5/24/2024

‘Fully Vaxxed’ CNN Correspondent Alice Stewart, 58, Dies Suddenly 5/20/2024

Pfizer’s Covid Gene Therapy Shots Have Over 500 Times Allowable Levels of DNA Contamination — Study 5/17/2024

AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine worldwide after admitting it can cause rare blood clots 5/8/2024

​​A Dangerous Vaccine For a Nothing Disease’: US Stockpiling Bird Flu Vaccines 4/25/2024

New Japanese Study Suggests mRNA Vaccines Behind Explosion of Cancer Cases in Japan during the Pandemic 4/21/2024

‘We Were The Guinea Pigs’: Former NBA Champ Questions Long-Term Effects of COVID Jabs 4/21/2024

World Health Organization Official Admits Vaccine Passports Were a Scam 4/19/2024

TYRANNY ALERT: Court Rules Federal PREP Act Protects Forced Vaccination Without Parental Consent 4/17/2024

Rogan Exposes Big Pharma Immunity From COVID-19 Jab Liability 3/27/2024

Hidden From Public: Study Identifies Issues With mRNA Vaccines ‘That Could Have Fatal Consequences’ 3/27/2024

Rainbow Baby Born to a COVID-19 Vaccinated Nutritionist, Died Unexpectedly at 17 Days Old 3/17/2024

To All COVID Vaccine-Injured, Watch This Video. Fraud Is Identified, You Were Tricked and Lied To to Take an Unsafe Vaccine 3/17/2024

Dr. Joseph Sansone Files Writ of Mandamus in Florida to Force Gov. DeSantis to Ban COVID “Vaccines” 3/11/2024

Covid-19 Vaccines Definitely Linked to Kidney Injuries And Long-Term Renal Damage 3/11/2024

34 Deaths, 302 Serious Injuries: RSV Vaccines Aren’t Even a Year Old but Some Experts Say It’s Time to Pull Them From the Market 3/6/2024

Childhood Vaccine Injury: Injured by DTaP and Developed Vaccine-Induced Polio and Paralysis 2/29/2024

Unvaxxed Children Healthier Than Vaxxed, Top Doctor Tells Senate 2/28/2024

Study Finds Increasing Time Between COVID Vaccine Doses Reduces Risk Of Myocarditis, Yet Cardiologists Raise Concerns 2/27/2024

Study Finds Hearing And Balance Disorders Among COVID-19 Vaccinated 2/26/2024

A Host Of Notable COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events, Backed By Evidence 2/26/2024

Red Cross Admits COVID-19 Vax Tainted Blood Not Separated from Regular Donations 2/21/2024

ABC to Face Trial Over ‘General Hospital’ Firings Tied to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates 2/21/2024

COVID Vaxxed May Be Ineligible To Give Blood, Says Red Cross 2/20/2024

Opposition to mRNA Injections Now Considered a CRIME in France! 2/19/2024

Largest Covid Vaccine Study Yet Finds Links to Health Conditions 2/18/2024

Bill Gates Planning for “Pandemic 2,” Complete With New Vaccines Administered From ‘a Little Patch” 2/11/2024

Slovakia Prime Minister Orders Investigation into COVID-19 Response & Vaccines Over 21,000 Excess Deaths Since 2020 2/3/2024

Court Documents Prove Big Pharma Knew COVID Shots Destroy DNA, Linked To Cancer 2/1/2024

Megyn Kelly: Moderna Targeted Me For Publicizing My COVID Vaccine Side Effects 1/31/2024

Scientists Call for Global Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines, Immediate Removal From Childhood Schedule 1/30/2024

FDA's New Rule Allows For Medical Research Without Informed Consent 1/25/2024

“1986: The Untold Story”. Who’s Liable for Vaccine Injuries? Without Informed Consent, You Have No Freedom 1/23/2024

Federal Judge Orders CDC to Release V-safe Texts Detailing COVID Vaccine Injuries 1/23/2024

Bill Gates peddles ineffective malaria vaccines to poorer nations 1/23/2024

How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines? 1/23/2024

COVID mRNA Vaccine Injury: Popular Reptile Expert Died from Turbo Pancreatic Cancer 1/23/2024

Hospital Worker Fired for Requesting Vaccine Exemption Scores Huge Win in Court 1/23/2024

COVID vaccine inhaled through the mouth launched in China 1/23/2024

Journalist Who Attacked Top Tennis Player For Refusing COVID Vaccine Dies Suddenly 1/22/2024

AstraZeneca Covid jab Compensation Claims Could be one of the Biggest Battles of its Kind.1/22/2024

UK Urges Millions to Get Jabs as National Vaccination Rates Fall 1/22/2024

Hospitals Injecting Staff With Live Ebola Vaccine That Sheds In Colorado, Warns Doctor 1/20/2024

A Quiet Evil: The Destruction of Informed Consent.  1/19/2024

Musk Shocked Insurance Company Bribed Health Providers To Push Covid Shots 1/19/2024

Rep. Chip Roy Targets Eradication of Final Federal Vaccine Mandate 1/18/2024

Dissecting A Modern Vaccine Propaganda Piece 1/15/2024

The Propaganda That Is Selective Science 1/14/2024

Vaxxed 34-Year-Old Woman Dies Suddenly in Her Sleep 1/14/2024

COVID-19 Shots Linked To Autism In Vaccinated Rats: Study 1/14/2024

CDC Ordered To Disclose Crucial Information From COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance System 1/14/2024

Pfizer Invests Billions in Treatments for Coming ‘Heart Failure Pandemic’ 1/13/2024

Judge orders CDC to release 7.8 million text-based responses submitted to V-safe 1/13/2024

New Vaccine Lab for ‘Disease X’ Unveiled in UK 1/13/2024

Lawsuit: United Airlines Mocked and Shamed Vaccine Mandate Holdouts — CEO Accused of Floating ‘Scarlet Letter’ on ID Badges 1/13/2024

Top Doctor Says IVERMECTIN Helping Patients Overcome Damage Caused by COVID Jabs 1/13/2024

Vaccine injury, from all vaccines, is far more widespread than people realise 1/12/2024

College Vaccine Mandates: Here to Stay? 1/12/2024

New VAXELIS Injection Jabs Children with Six Different Vaccines All At Once 1/11/2024

Oxford starts human testing of Nipah virus vaccine 1/10/2024

Top Physicist PROVES Covid Shot Caused 17 Million Deaths Worldwide 1/8/20224

HEART DAMAGE: COVID Jabs Cause Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, Research Shows 1/6/2024

Review Shows COVID-19 Vaccines "Significantly" More Deadly Than Flu Shots: Sen. Ron Johnson 1/3/2023

mRNA Vaccine Use Should Be Stopped, Controversial Florida Surgeon General Tells FDA, CDC 1/3/2024

Over 200 Vets, Active Duty Forces Vow to Hold Military Leaders Accountable for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 1/1/2024

Repeat Influenza Vaccination Linked To Higher Risk Of Infection: CDC Preprint 12/31/2023

Study Finds COVID Vaccination Independently Associated With Long COVID Syndrome 12/30/2023

Heavily CENSORED Pfizer Documents Show COVID Began Five-Year MASS DEPOPULATION Agenda that Will Reach Completion by 2025 12/29/2023

Vaccine Side Effect? Swiss Health Insurer’s Data Shows 73% Increase In People Receiving Cancer Treatment Since 2020 12/28/2023

Sudden Deaths: What Is Killing COVID-19 Vaccinated Men at 30-39? 12/27/2023

“Vaccelerate!”: German-EU Programme Aims to Facilitate Fast-Vax For “Next Pandemic” 12/26/2023

Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Reveals The Grave Dangers Of mRNA Vaccines 12/24/2023

FDA VACCINE COVERUP EXPOSED! Court Allows FDA To Hide Vaccine Injury & Death Records 12/23/2023

Growing Number Of GOP Candidates Pledge To Disavow COVID-19 Vaccine And Big Pharma 12/21/2023

CDC Admits No Data Support Advice To Take Mpox, Influenza, And COVID Shots Together 12/21/2023

Air Force Veteran Nick Kupper Who Fought DOD Vaccine Mandate Running for Arizona Office 12/19/2023

Green Beret Veteran John Frankman: The Army’s Letter to Soldiers Discharged for Refusing the COVID Vaccine Won’t Make Things Right, But Here’s What Will 12/12/2023

FDA Shuts Down Enquiries About DNA Contamination In COVID Vaccines 12/4/2023

Self-Amplifying RNA Shots Are Coming: The Untold Danger 12/01/2023

BREAKING: Doctor Finds Microelectronic Metals in mRNA Injections 11/29/2023

It’s Official! The Military-Industrial Complex Injections Have Killed 20 Million People: Are They Above The Law? 11/28/2023

Report: iDNA Vaccines to Generate Internal Virus Production 11/22/2023

Former Troops Punished over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Sue for Billions in Lost Wages 11/20/2023

Highest-Ever Childhood Vaccine Exemption Rate in History, Doctors Explain 11/20/2023

MODERNA ADMITS VAX CAUSES CANCER! Huge Development As Millions Die From Covid Injections  11/19/2023

U.S. Army Now Begging Unvaccinated Soldiers To Return After Kicking Them Out For Refusing COVID Vaccine Mandate 11/18/2023

Gaza is a Distraction from 20 Million Humans That Have Died Worldwide from COVID Shot 11/15/2023

CDC Runs Two VAERS Systems — The Public Can Access Only One of Them 11/15/2023

Surge in Vaccine Lawsuits Forces Biden Admin to Hire More Attorneys 11/13/2023

Some Kids as Young as 6 Months Got Double Dose of Moderna’s COVID Vaccine, FDA Admits 11/10/2023

‘Every day is hard’: The families battling for AstraZeneca vaccine compensation 11/9/2023

Biden’s COVID-19 vax mandates spawn lingering bad results 11/1/2023

REPORT: ESPN Broadcast Feed Appears to Cut-Off After Aaron Rodgers Starts Talking About Vaccine 10/31/2023

Health Alarm as Unearthed Connections Between Childhood Vaccines and Kids’ Wellbeing Spark Nationwide Debate – Should All Vaccines Be Questioned? 10/30/2023

Be aware of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: There is more than meets the eye May-June 2021

The FDA’s Ties to the Gates Foundation 10/20/2023

‘It Took My Breath Away’ —Top Doctor Exposes Study Showing 50% of Young Men Who Got Myocarditis from Jab had PERMANENT Heart Damage 10/19/2023

“It’s Just a Really Terrible Idea” – Florida Surgeon General Slams New Covid-19 Vaccine: Cautions Not to Rush Without Clinical Trials 10/6/2023

Aaron Rodgers Takes a Jab at Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend, Calls Travis Kelce ‘Mr. Pfizer’ Over Vaccine Pitchman Deal 10/3/2023

CDC confirms COVID-19 vaccine prevents death in only 1 out of 1 million 9/15/2023

Updated Coronavirus Vaccines Released for All Americans over 6 Months 9/13/2023

REPORT: Basketball Player Who Blamed Covid Vax for Heart Condition Dies of Heart Attack at 28 6/25/2023

‘Double-Talking’ Vaccine Scientist Refuses To Debate RFK Jr. Despite $1.5 Million Charity Pot 6/19/2023

J&J's COVID vaccine taken by 19 million Americans is PULLED by FDA after it was paused 'out of an abundance of caution' over rare blood clot concerns - which led to a plummet in demand 6/8/2023

DNA contamination and cancer-causing agent SV40 found in Pfizer’s covid injections 5/21/2023

The Israeli Survey That Shows the Pfizer Vaccine Hospitalised Hundreds of Times More People Than is Safe – and How it Was Downplayed 5/18/2023

“The Federal Government has Relentlessly Forced a Premature, Unsafe Vaccine into the Arms of the American People” – Read Florida Surgeon-General’s Blistering New Letter 5/12/2023

How Can Moderna’s Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Jab be Approvable? 200 Side Effects (10 Severe) for each RSV Infection it Stopped 4/29/2023

Moderna’s billionaire CEO reaped nearly $400 million last year. He also got a raise. 4/29/2023

The Covid Jabs Have Created Millions of Zombies 4/25/2023

Leaked New Zealand Health Data: Had the Government told the truth about vaccine harms; lives would have been saved 4/25/2023

Secret CDC Report confirms over 1.1m Americans have ‘Died Suddenly’ since the COVID Vaccine Roll-Out; & further Government reports confirm the Vaccines are to blame 4/23/2023

Report: FDA to Authorize Another Updated COVID-19 Booster Shot for Some 4/4/2023

Is there a link between Covid-19 and rising heart attacks among young people? 4/4/2023

W.H.O Revises Guidance on Vaccines and Boosters 3/28/2023

UK Gov. confirms COVID Vaccinated Teens & Young Adults are 92% more likely to die than Unvaccinated Teens & Young Adults 3/26/2023

Fauci Lied & Children Died: Secret CDC Documents confirm 120k Children, Teens & Young Adults ‘Died Suddenly’ in the US by Oct. 2022 after ‘“Emergency” Use Authorisation’ of Covid Vaccines 3/25/2023

Secret Government Documents confirm COVID-19 Vaccine roll-out caused Excess Deaths in Australia to increase by 5,162% 3/23/2023

COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause 'Permanent Disabilities,' Says German Health Minister 3/18/2023

Burundi officials detect polio outbreak linked to vaccine 3/17/2023

Confidential Documents prove your Government is using COVID Vaccination to cause Depopulation 3/12/2023

Novak Djokovic Denied Entry into the US for a Second Time, Withdraws from Indian Wells Tournament 3/6/2023

France stops covid injections for all but the “most vulnerable” in the population 3/1/2023

Deaths in Singapore hit record 60-year highs after the rollout of covid injections 3/1/2023

8x more people died due to C-19 Vaccination over 6 months than died of COVID-19 over 18 months according to UK GOV. 3/1/2023

UK Gov. secretly confirms Triple+ Vaccinated accounted for 92% of COVID Deaths in 2022 2/28/2023

New US Medicare data show COVID Vaccination INCREASES your risk of dying 2/28/2023

DO NOT Take the Injections They Give You’: Dolphins’ Byron Jones Warns Players About Team Doctors 2/28/2023

DEATH BY mRNA: German study documents heart damage, death of Parkinson’s patient caused by covid jab 2/28/2023

German Gov. report confirms COVID Vaccinated DID develop AIDS in Jan. 2022 as predicted; causing a 276% increase on deaths in 2020 with shocking 102k Excess Deaths in 2022 2/24/2023

Proposed legislation in Brazil threatens to imprison people for refusing mandatory covid “vaccination” 2/24/2023

ONS has finally released Deaths by Vaccination Status data for England – and its flawed 2/22/2023

German Press Discusses Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud. Will “Covid Reckoning” Follow? 2/18/2023

Vials of Pfizer and Moderna are Contaminated with Large RNA Fragments and Antibiotic Resistant Genes for Kanamycin and Neomycin 2/18/2023

Canadian Sniper: Military Booted Me for Refusal to Comply with Vaccine Mandate 2/16/2023

Here’s How the U.S. Government Is Tracking the Unvaccinated 2/15/2023

US government has been secretly tracking those who are not covid injected through health records 2/16/2023

Over 60 Scientists & Drs. confirm Covid Vaccines contain ‘Toxic Substances’ that cause strange & dangerous changes to Blood 2/15/2023

The more covid injection doses the higher the risk of hospitalisation and death 2/14/2023

House Republicans Press DOD for Answers on Vaccine Mandate Reversal and Damage Done 2/13/2023

Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early 2/8/2023

Cleveland Clinic conclusively proves COVID Vaccines progressively destroy the Immune System 2/8/2023

CDC Data confirms COVID Vaccination knocks up to 24 years off a Man’s life 2/8/2023

Thailand to BAN Pfizer Jab After Vax Puts Princess in Coma, Insider Claims 2/6/2023

Victory! California Quietly Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for School Kids 2/6/2023

How The "Unvaccinated" Got It Right 2/6/2023

US Department of Defence has been running the “covid vaccine” fraud worldwide 2/6/2023

Experienced Pathologist confirms COVID Vaccination causes giant Blood Clots, Cancer & Infertility 2/6/2023

Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Depopulation & we now have evidence it was the plan all along 2/5/2023

Those who promote vaccines have the responsibility to prove they are safe 2/5/2023

Covid Related News: ICD codes have been changed to track uninjected people and Bill Gates isn’t entirely sure whether he’s God 2/4/2023

Pfizer executive says company is purposely mutating covid through “directed evolution” to keep profit stream flowing; “covid is going to be a cash cow for us” 1/29/2023

Truth be Told: Vaccine injured have been left to fend for themselves 1/27/2023

Covid jabs are already killing one out of every 874 vaccine recipients… and the numbers keep growing 1/27/2023

Paul Offit pens letter to NEJM calling for immediate end to COVID “boosters” 1/26/2023

National Guard Leader Says Unvaccinated Troops Excited to Drill Again After Mandate Reversal 1/25/2023

57% Want Congress To Investigate CDC As Poll Suggests ‘Major’ Vaccine Side Effects Now ‘Common’ 1/21/2023

Victim of vax genocide tells his story before he dies: Bluntly warns his body is deteriorating, organs failing, nerves dying and his slow motion murder being carried out before our eyes 1/19/2023

Here comes the next plandemic: UK media says “makeshift morgues” being deployed as hospitals overflow with sick patients 1/19/2023

Watch – ‘Digital Infrastructure’ Needed to ‘Know Who’s Been Vaccinated and Who Hasn’t Been,’ Ex-UK PM Tony Blair Tells Davos 1/19/2023

Secret Pfizer & Gov. Documents confirm Millions have died Worldwide as ADE and VAED due to COVID Vaccination sweeps the Globe 1/19/2023

Large study of J&J’s HIV vaccine stopped after shot found ineffective 1/18/2023

Brazil Gives Dozens Arrested for Anti-Socialist Riot Coronavirus Vaccine Products 1/18/2023

VERY URGENT: After four shots, Covid jabs sharply REDUCED immune function in mice 1/18/2023

Top Scientist on COVID Vaccines: “Withdraw Them Immediately” 1/18/2023

Fauci Lied; Children Died: Secret CDC Report confirms nearly 120k Youngsters ‘Died Suddenly’ in the USA by Oct. 2022 following roll-out of COVID Vaccines 1/17/2023

BioNTech began developing its Covid “vaccine” before a pandemic was declared and skipped major safety testing before Pfizer marketed it 1/17/2023

Saudi Cardiologist Calls For Suspension of Covid Vaccine Over Heart Injuries 1/16/2023

Mother Fights Back As UK Gov Attempts to Force Covid Jab on Special Needs Son 1/16/2023

CDC and FDA say they're investigating possible link between Pfizer's bivalent Covid booster and strokes in seniors over age of 65 — but officials have 'no concerns at this time' 11/13/2023

Peer-reviewed research author who re-examined Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA trials calls for IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION of covid “vaccines” 1/12/2023

Young priest develops HEART ISSUES after getting injected with COVID vaccine 1/12/2023

Former ESPN Employees File Lawsuit over Vaccine Mandate 1/12/2023

Republicans Introduce Bill to Reenlist Service Members Discharged Due to Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate 1/12/2023

FDA vaccine advisers ‘disappointed’ and ‘angry’ that early data about new Covid-19 booster shot wasn’t presented for review last year 1/11/2023

Pentagon Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Troops 1/10/2023

ReFounding America: Lipid nanoparticles in COVID-19 vaccines are the true pathogen, says Maj. Sam Sigoloff – Brighteon.TV 1/10/2023

DNA from AstraZeneca’s non-mRNA covid “vaccine” found in vital organs of recipients 1/10/2023

FDA Deviated From Normal Process In Pfizer Vaccine Approval, Documents Show 1/9/2023

Damar Hamlin contagion? Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien clutches chest, collapses mid-game 1/9/2023

Researchers are testing biometric recognition of newborns for vaccinations 1/5/2023

Cardiologist Dr. McCullough On Damar Hamlin: ‘Leading Concern Here Is Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis’ 1/4/2023

With Roughly 1.7 Million NFL Hits in Last 50 Years Why Have We Never Seen an “Arrhythmia” Cardiac Arrest Before? 1/4/2023

London Professor of Oncology Calls for Urgent Stop to Covid-19 Boosters Over ‘Aggressive’ Cancer Relapses 1/4/2023

17,000 Physicians & Scientists Call For an End to mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines 1/3/2023

Dr. McCullough claims 1,598 suffered cardiac arrest since vaccination compared to 1,101 in prior 38 YEARS…1/3/2023

Report: At Least 769 Recently Vaxxed Athletes Collapsed Last Year During Competition 1/3/2023

Mom Of 5 Dies Following Johnson & Johnson Vaccine But Her Family Still Supports The Shot 12/31/2022

Warning from Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EACH DAY as vax jabs take heavy toll… USA imploding under “decivilization” assault 12/29/2022

Cleveland Clinic Publishes Study Showing that mRNA Jabs INCREASE Covid Risk with Each Subsequent “Boost” 12/28/2022

16-Year-Old Hockey Player Dies Suddenly on Christmas Following Stroke 12/28/2022

Musk Calls Out Fauci’s Gain-of-Function: ‘Should be Called Bioweapon Research As Function Referred is Death!’ 12/28/2022

Dr Peter McCullough: “Genetic Code For The Covid-19 Shots Could Be Passed Down From Parent to Child” 12/28/2022

Media blackout': Executive producer at ABC News dies suddenly at age 37 12/26/2022

            (Network 'forced all of its employees, including remote, to get vaccinated

Military vaccine mandate overturned, but unvaxxed troops could still be booted 12/26/2022

VP of German Parliament calls for full investigation into covid “vaccine” injuries and deaths 12/23/2022

Florida high court OKs grand jury probe of COVID-19 vaccines 12/22/2022

Pentagon Says It Opposes Vaccine Mandate Repeal, but ‘We Will Comply’ 12/20/2022

VAERS Shows a 4070% Increase in Miscarriages and Stillbirths Since mRNA Roll-out 12/19/2022

German insurance data shows 88 fully vaccinated people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly every day 12/19/2022

Doctors Admit Autopsies Prove Covid Injections Deadly 12/19/2022

mRNA covid injections causing some recipients to experience drastic personality changes: WHY? 12/18/2022

DeSantis says covid jabs being used by “globalist elites to depopulate the planet” 12/16/2022

U.S. Government confirms COVID Vaccination caused a 1433x increase in reports of Cancer to CDC Database 12/15/2022

There’s microcircuitry inside the Covid injections, says Australian doctor 12/15/2022

HOSPITAL HOMICIDE: Newborn baby DIES from “huge blood clots” following pre-surgery transfusion of covid vaccine-tainted blood 12/15/2022

Senate Passes Defense Bill that Repeals Military Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate 12/15/2022

Coroner: ‘Fit and Healthy’ 27-Year-Old Man’s Death from Blood Clot ‘Direct Result’ of AstraZeneca Covid Jab 12/14/2022

FDA Records Show Significant Number of mRNA Test Rats Born with Skeletal Deformations 12/13/2022

DeSantis Petitioning FL Supreme Court to Impanel a Statewide Grand Jury to Investigate Coronavirus Vaccines 12/13/2022

People Died from mRNA-Vaccine-Damaged Hearts, New Peer-Reviewed German Study Provides Direct Evidence 12/12/2022

DeSantis Warns He Will Hold Vaccine Manufacturers Accountable 12/9/2022

Uganda receives 1,200 doses of experimental Ebola vaccine 12/9/2022

Duke University leaves 14-year-old girl to DIE, denies life-saving transplant because she’s unvaccinated 12/9/2022

Dr. David Martin blasts health authorities for turning roughly 4 billion people into “bioweapons factories” 12/9/2022

FL Surgeon General Highlights Risks Associated Between Coronavirus mRNA Jabs and Myocarditis 12/8/2022

Tom Renz: Vaccine shedding is NOT a conspiracy theory 12/8/2022

Dr. Ryan Cole: Spike protein in COVID shots can cause serious damage to arteries 12/8/2022

Fundamental Rights Could Be in Danger: COVID-19 Unvaccinated Face Prejudice Around the World 12/8/2022

4 Takeaways From Sen. Johnson's Panel On COVID-19 Vaccines 12/7/2022

New Zealand takes custody of baby whose parents refused ‘vaccinated blood’ 12/8/2022

Excess Deaths Rising After Citizens Worldwide Forced To Get Covid Injections 12/7/2022

Thomas Massie: Next Step Is Eliminate ‘All COVID Vax Mandates’ 12/7/2022

Sir Rod Stewart reveals his 11-year-old son was rushed to hospital with suspected heart attack 12/7/2022

Confidential Pfizer Documents & New Study Confirm COVID ‘Vaccine Shedding’ Has Been Occurring with Shocking & Dangerous Consequences 11/29/2022

One in 500 children who gets jabbed for covid ends up hospitalized, study finds 10/25/2022

G20 Leaders Issue Joint Declaration Promoting Global Health Passport to ‘Facilitate International Travel’ 11/17/2022

Newly Obtained Emails Shed More Light On CDC's False Vaccine Safety Monitoring Statements 10/6/2022

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Sought Medical Care After COVID-19 Vaccination: CDC Data 10/6/2022

Biden Thanks Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer He’s Kicking Out over Vaccine Mandate 10/1/2022

Court rehears fight over vaccine mandate for federal workers 9/13/2022

Judge Grants Relief to Marines Denied Religious Exemption from Vaccine Mandate 8/19/2022

Federal Court Nixes Vaccine Mandate, Citing Religious Liberty 8/19/2022

Casket Salesman Confirms Bulk Orders for Child-Size Coffins 7/31/2022

Health Care Workers Settle COVID Shot Mandate for $10.3 Million 7/31/2022

Dr. Birx Admits She Knew the Dangerous mRNA Vaccines Would Not Work – Half of the People Who Died Were Vaccinated 7/24/2022

Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Goes into Liver and Changes into DNA, Swedish Study Finds 7/24/2022

Canadian Court Rules it Was Legal To Deny Unvaccinated Person Organ Transplant 7/15/2022

Court: Air Force Cannot Discharge Troops Who Filed for Religious Exemptions from Vaccine Mandate 7/14/2022

FDA grants full approval to untested Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents 7/14/2022

More than 260,000 Troops Not Fully Vaccinated, Many Face Discharge Under Biden Administration Mandate 7/13/2022

New York stresses monkeypox vaccine 'urgency' as cases rise 7/13/2022

Canadian mRNA expert SUSPENDED for criticizing COVID vaccine for children 7/8/2022

Disabilities spiked big time following rollout of covid jabs: DATA 7/8/2022

COVID Boosters Might Be Less Than 20% Effective After a Few Months: Study 7/8/2022

Left Pushes Vaccines on Children: ‘Elmo Got the COVID Vaccine Today’ 6/28/2022

ALL covid vaccines destroy natural immunity, including in pregnant women and their babies 6/24/2022

Pfizer CEO says yearly COVID vaccines for Americans “almost certain” 6/24/2022

GOPs Call for Firing Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin over Vaccine Mandate — Dems and Cheney Opposed 6/23/2022

Canada threatens to bring back vaccine passports 6/22/2022

UK Government Admits New Polio Outbreak ‘Likely’ Caused By Oral Vaccine 6/22/2022

“Shameful”: American Academy of Pediatrics Shills Covid Vaccine for Children 6/22/2022

San Francisco Firefighters Who Refused Coronavirus Vaccine Are Being Axed 5/19/2022

Quadruple Vaxed Sheila Jackson Lee Tests Positive for the Coronavirus 5/17/2022

Air Force Admits All Granted Religious Accommodations for Vax Were for Airmen Already Leaving Service 5/10/2022

Study shows mRNA in COVID-19 vaccines enter liver cells and alter human DNA 5/5/2022

Army officer convicted in first known COVID court-martial 5/3/2022

Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among unvaccinated as toll on elderly grows 4/29/2022

Vaccine expert warns DELUGE of COVID-19 vaccine complications will soon COLLAPSE the healthcare system 4/26/2022

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine had a shocking DEATH rate of 3.7% during early trial – but the FDA approved it anyway 4/26/2022

Rhode Island Dems Rush to Mandate Covid Jabs 4/26/2022

Are COVID Vaccines Causing Liver Failure? 4/26/2022

769 Athletes Collapsed This Year During Competition. What’s Going On? 4/20/2022

Joe Biden Gets Fourth Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Shot and Reboots Response 3/30/2022

High court gives Biden win for now in Navy vaccine case 3/25/2022

Frontline Doctor: Millions Will Get AIDS From COVID Vax By The Fall 3/23/2022

UK coroners confirm 2 women died of BRAIN BLEED due to AstraZeneca COVID vaccine 3/23/2022

Moderna Seeks Urgent Approval to Vaccinate Very Young children 3/23/2022

Pope Francis REMOVES Puerto Rican bishop for opposing satanic vaccine mandates 3/19/2022

Fourth vaccine offers little protection against COVID-19 - study 3/17/2022

Maduro Demands Venezuelans Get Coronavirus Booster Shots Every Four Months 3/17/2022

Catholic Nun Sues Washington, DC, for Refusing Religious Exemption from Vaccine Mandate 3/11/2022

Mayor Lori Lightfoot warns police and other city employees will lose pay if they don’t get 1st COVID-19 vaccine by Sunday 3/11/2022

Unvaccinated MLB players can’t travel to Canada to play Blue Jays, won’t be paid 3/11/2022

Deaths fall among Unvaccinated but rise among Fully Vaccinated, with Triple Jabbed now accounting for 8 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England 3/10/2022

Conservatives Demand Defunding of Vaccine Mandates, Lower Energy Prices in Omnibus Bill 3/7/2022

Leaked Audio Reveals Former NIH Director Francis Collins Touting Vaccine Mandates, Threatening Unemployment 3/7/2022

Self-spreading vaccines being developed right now could put society at grave risk of an uncontrolled, endless plague 3/4/2022

Nearly 1,500 Service Members Discharged over Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate 3/3/2022

Shocking study finds covid vaccines REWRITE your DNA… criminal CDC proven to have repeatedly LIED about this very issue to deceive and harm the public 3/3/2022

The fully vaccinated makeup 90% of covid-19 fatalities in England; the majority are triple vaccinated 3/3/2022

Leaked top-secret Pfizer document shows COVID-19 vaccine is FAR MORE DANGEROUS than the world knows 3/3/2022

Liberté! France Announces ‘Suspension’ of Vaccine Pass Regime 3/3/2022

A National Vaccine Pass Has Quietly Rolled Out – And Red States Are Getting On Board 2/24/2022

Doctors testify that Covid-19 Vaccines cause Cancer and AIDS 2/24/2022

Tom Renz slams Pentagon for HIDING vaccine injury data – Brighteon.TV 2/24/2022

CDC refuses to publish covid “booster” shot data as promised, claims it will deter people from getting injected 2/24/2022

Veteran NBA Referee Says He Lost His Job Due to Coronavirus Mandate 2/23/2022

Getting jabbed with Pfizer’s covid shot increases teenage boys’ risk of heart inflammation by 1,330% 2/23/2022

Pfizer manipulated legal immunity for itself against covid “vaccine” adverse effects caused by negligence, fraud or malice 2/23/2022

Dr. Zev Zelenko: Vaccination giving rise to more dangerous COVID variants 2/18/2022

Marine Corps Announces 640 Marines Discharged over Vaccine Mandate 2/17/2022

Vaccinated people around the world are showing AIDS-like symptoms 2/17/2022

Four Senate Republicans Fail to Show Up for Vote on Amendment Defunding Vaccine Mandates, Ensuring Failure 2/17/2022

Report: 4 of every 5 COVID deaths in Australia are among VACCINATED people 2/17/2022

Female Air Force Officer Becomes First to Win Court Injunction Against Covid Vaccine Mandate on Religious Grounds Over the Jab’s ‘Connection to Abortion’ 2/17/2022

Payouts begin under Australia’s vaccine injury claims scheme 2/17/2022

FDA Executive Officer on Hidden Camera Reveals Future COVID Policy: ‘Biden Wants To Inoculate As Many People As Possible…Have to Get an Annual Shot’ 2/15/2022

The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” 2/13/2022

“We are Human Guinea Pigs”: Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action 2/13/2022

Sen. Ron Johnson Demands Answers from DOD on Medical Database 2/10/2022

Canada: Alberta Will End Mandated Vaccine Passports at Midnight 2/8/2022

CDC Considers Increasing Time Between Vaccines to Cut Risk of Heart Inflammation 2/8/2022

Shock Video: Comedian Brags About Being Vaxxed Seconds Before Fainting On Stage 2/8/2022

High Recorded Mortality in Countries Categorized as “Covid-19 Vaccine Champions”. The Vaccinated Suffer from Increased Risk of Mortality 2/5/2022

MANDATORY VAX: Austria Enacts COMPULSORY Jabs for All Adults on Saturday 2/5/2022

CDC finally admits natural immunity is SUPERIOR to vaccines 2/3/2022

Doctors are testifying that COVID-19 vaccines are giving people cancer and AIDS 2/4/2022

Nurse claims Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s COVID-19 vaccination was faked, points out red flags 2/3/2022

Illinois Democrat demands concentration camps for anti-vaxxers and those who refuse forced government medications (op-ed) 2/2/2022

50,000 truckers vow to stay in Ottawa until government lifts vaccine mandates 2/2/2022

Thousands take to the streets in protest of COVID-19 vaccine passports in France 2/2/2022

Army to ‘Immediately’ Begin Separating Soldiers Not Complying with Vaccine Mandate 2/2/2022

Austria Starts Criminalizing Vaccine Holdouts in Divisive Gamble 2/1/2022

Doctor use Bluetooth applications to detect MAC address network signals in people “vaccinated” for covid 2/1/2022

Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' vows to stay in Ottawa as tens of thousands of protesters pledge to 'create chaos' until government reverses vaccine mandates: Vital US border route is blocked after Trudeau flees city and Elon Musk backs truckers 1/31/2022

Authoritarian Madness: The Slippery Slope From Lockdowns To Concentration Camps 1/28/2022

Orwellian Vaccine Registry Could Be Coming to the U.S. Warns Canadian Trucker  1/28/2022

Kid Rock Cancelling Concerts on His Tour over Vaccine, Mask Mandates: ‘I Won’t Be Showing Up’ 1/28/2022

New mother fights for life against COVID, despite being vaccinated 1/24/2022

Government data show 'vax-free' LESS likely to get COVID 1/24/2022

Alberta government deletes data showing that 56% of “unvaccinated” covid deaths are actually NEWLY VACCINATED deaths 1/25/2022

How the Covid Vaccines Damage the Body 1/25/2022

Biden administration to withdraw Covid-19 vaccination and testing regulation aimed at large businesses 1/25/2022

Highly vaccinated Israel has the most COVID-19 cases per capita IN THE WORLD 1/22/2022

Poll: Nearly One-Third of Americans Say They Have Not Gotten a Coronavirus Vaccination 1/22/2022

Hospital Denies Lifesaving Medical Treatment to Patient Just Because He’s Unvaccinated 1/21/2022

Belgium drops Moderna vaccine for young people due to heart inflammation risks 1/21/2022

Over a Million People Injured by Covid Vaccine, Billboard Campaign Warns 1/21/2022

Aaron Rodgers Blasts Joe Biden for Calling Covid ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,’ Mocks His Public Speaking 1/21/2022

Czechs scrap mandatory COVID-19 jabs, daily cases hit record 1/19/2022

Early Omicron Breakthroughs Show MRNA Vaccines’ Weakness 1/19/2022

No Vax, No Food! NYPD Tickets Wheelchair-Bound Woman With Cerebral Palsy, Arrests 11 Other Activists On MLK Day 1/18/2022

Truckers Block Highways On Canadian Border To Protest Vaccine Mandate 1/18/2022

UK Tells Royal Navy Sailors: Get Jabbed or Get Out 1/18/2022

EU ADMITS repeatedly taking COVID-19 vaccine boosters could destroy the immune system 1/18/2022

Claim: Life insurance company denied payment to man who died from covid vaccine 1/18/2022

Hawaii Will Require Visitors to Have Booster Shots to Be Fully Vaccinated 1/17/2022

Investigation proves Pfizer vaccine offers less than 1% protection against COVID-19 1/17/2022

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon declares NO PAY for unvaccinated workers: Not allowed to come to work and not allowed to stay home, either 1/16/2022

Europe's loud, rule-breaking unvaccinated minority are falling out of society 1/16/2022

MIT Research Scientist Says Kids Should Not Receive COVID Vaccines 1/15/2022

General Electric Halts Vaccine Mandate After Supreme Court Ruling 1/15/2022

Ron DeSantis Stands Against CMS Mandate: ‘What They’re Trying to Do Is Insane’ 1/14/2022

Marines OK first religious exemptions for COVID-19 vaccine 1/14/2022

Former head of UK’s Vaccine Task Force calls for end of mass vaccination 1/14/2022

Ivermectin documented as “miracle drug” for COVID-19 that could save millions of lives – so why aren’t health officials endorsing it? 1/13/2022

Italy’s expanded COVID-19 vaccine mandate BANS unvaccinated people from work and public life 1/13/2022

Supreme Court blocks Biden Covid vaccine mandate for businesses, allows health-care worker rule 1/13/2022

Quebec to ‘Significantly’ Tax Unvaccinated Canadians 1/12/2022

Police Ask Austrian Minister to Oppose Compulsory Vax in Open Letter 1/12/2022

Rep. Chip Roy: Military’s Vaccine Mandate May Hurt Recruiting People of Faith 1/11/2022

Ikea Says It Will Cut Sick Pay For The Unvaccinated 1/11/2022

Pfizer using children as legal human shields to protect itself from covid vaccine lawsuits 1/10/2022

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Latest bombshell about COVID vaccines will dismantle Big Pharma 1/10/2022

Former Pfizer VP Mike Yeadon declares covid vaccines are “toxic by design” – they’re weapons to reduce global population 1/10/2022

mRNA inventor Dr. Malone describes FULL-ON MEDIA WARFARE as the Covidian Complex cons the majority of Americans into getting deadly Fauci Flu injections 1/10/2022

Another Blue State Announces Plans For ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated 1/9/2022

NYU “ethicist” wants all unvaccinated to be penalized by insurance companies even though the fully vaccinated are the ones flooding hospitals with illness 1/9/2022

It Worked: Over 100,000 French Protest Vax Pass After Macron Vowed to ‘Piss Off’ Unvaxed 1/9/2022

Biden Touts Vaccines for Children, Yet 0.00%-0.02% of Child Coronavirus Cases Fatal 1/8/2022

Iowa Labor Commissioner Refuses to Enforce Biden Vaccine Mandate: ‘It Is Not Necessary’  1/8/2022

Greece Considers Imposing Vaccine Mandate on All Over-50s 1/9/2022

Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize ‘Strike Force’ To ‘Involuntarily Detain’ Unvaccinated Families: ‘They Have Already Set Up The Internment Camps’ 1/8/2022

7-Year-Old Dies 11 Days After Pfizer Shot, VAERS Report Shows 1/7/2022

Nolte: Mandates Are Especially Stupid When the Vaccinated Can Spread Coronavirus 1/7/2022

Macron Stands by Vulgar Remarks on Unvaxed, Accuses Them of ‘Curtailing Others’ Freedom’ 1/7/2022

Fact Check: Jen Psaki Lies About Ron DeSantis and Coronavirus Vaccinations 1/7/2022

Philippines: Manila Bans Unvaccinated from Leaving Homes, Duterte Threatens Arrest 1/7/2022

Brnovich: If Vax Mandate Stands, We’ll Never Get that Power Back from Feds, They Could Have Diet Rules Next 1/7/2022

Enes Kanter Freedom on Vax Mandates: ‘People Should Have Freedom to Choose’ 1/7/2022

Judge Rejects FDA's 75 Year Delay On Vax Data, Cuts To Just 8 Months 1/7/2022

Mayo Clinic Fires 700 Unvaccinated Employees Weeks After Nurses' Warning 1/7/2022

Citi To Fire All Unvaxx'd Unless They Comply With Mandate By Jan 14  1/7/2022

CNN Medical Ethics 'Expert' Calls For Denying Health Insurance To Unvaccinated "Jerks" 1/6/2022

French National Assembly Approves Twice-Blocked Vax Pass Law Despite Controversy 1/6/2022

Italy Makes Vax Mandatory for Over-50s, Ban Unvaxxed from Various Workplaces 1/6/2022

Appeals Court Declines to Lift Vaccine Mandate Ban for Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee 1/6/2022

Trump: Government ‘Must Be Reined In,’ People Must Have ‘Freedom to Decide Whether They Want to Be Vaccinated’ 1/5/2022

25-Year-Old Woman a ‘Shell of What I Used to Be’ After Taking Gardasil Vaccine 1/5/2022

UK Vaccine Chief Says Constant Booster Shots Is ‘Not Sustainable’ 1/5/2022

Medical Ethics Prof on CNN: ‘Penalize’ Unvaccinated Americans—Deny Them Affordable Health Insurance 1/5/2022

GLOBAL ALERT: An estimated 10 million people PER DAY are set on irreversible countdown to vaccine death that could exterminate BILLIONS if not stopped in the next year 1/4/2022

Teacher arrested for allegedly giving teen COVID-19 vaccine 1/4/2022

COVID Coup: French National Assembly Rejects Macron’s Vaccine Passport in Shock Vote 1/4/2022

U.S. Navy SEALs v. Biden Ruling: Military Vax Mandate Illegal 1/4/2022

Gov. Greg Abbott Will Sue Biden Admin over Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate for TX National Guard 1/4/2022

Starbucks Tells Employees to Get Vaccinated or Submit Negative Test 1/4/2022

Australia Caves, Grants Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic Vaccine Mandate Exemption 1/4/2021

Federal Judges Hear Arguments in United Airlines Vaccine Mandate Case 1/4/2022

Research: Autopsy Analysis shows 93% of Post-Covid Vaccination Deaths are caused by the Jabs 1/4/2022

Fully Vaccinated 24-Year Older Missionary Dies “Unexpectedly” During Sleep 1/4/2022

Healthy 57-Year-Old Nashville Doctor Dies Shortly After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine – Media Blames Death on Covid-19 1/3/2022

White House Releases Creepy Video Pushing Vaccines on Kids Who Have 99.995% Chance of Surviving COVID 1/3/2022

Dr Bhakdi – “Covid-19 Vaccines are killing people by causing an autoimmune attack of killer Lymphocytes” 1/3/2022

Supreme Court to Hold Special Session on Legal Challenges to Biden Vaccine Mandates 1/3/2022

Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Pass 1 Million Mark, FDA Signs Off on Pfizer Booster for Kids 12 and Up 1/3/2022

Triple-Vaccinated Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Positive for Coronavirus 1/3/2022

Opponents of vaccine mandates score victory in federal court 1/3/2022

Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines 1/2/2022

Autopsy analysis: 93% of post-vaccination deaths are caused by the jabs… “killer lymphocytes” attack organs like the heart and lungs 1/2/2022

Fauci Discourages Fully Vaccinated Going to Restaurants 1/2/2022

Explosive Video from Group Representing 500 Doctors and Scientists Exposes Pfizer Vaccines 12/31/2021

More Evidence the COVID Fake-Vaccine is Embedding MAC Addresses 12/30/2021

Kat Cammack: White House Wants to Cause Class Warfare Between Vaccinated, Unvaccinated 12/30/2021

Over 200 Marines Kicked Out for Not Taking Coronavirus Vaccine 12/30/2021

More hospital nurses blow whistle on “overwhelming” number of heart attacks, blood clots occurring in the fully vaccinated 12/29/2021

REVELATION: Only the “vaccinated” died during the 1918 Spanish Flu 12/29/2021

France Forges Ahead with Stripping Unvaxed of Rights in New Year Lockdown 12/29/2021

Fauci: Officials Keeping an ‘Open Mind’ to Domestic Vaccine Requirement 12/29/2021

Aaron Rodgers Blasts NFL’s ‘Two-Class System’ for Vaxed and Unvaxed Players 12/29/2021

Fully vaccinated cruise ships becoming hotbeds of coronavirus spread 12/28/2021

Video: Fauci Admits Mandates Are ‘Just a Mechanism’ To Get More People Vaccinated 12/28/2021

Boston Police Union ‘Exploring’ Legal Options to Fight Mayor Wu’s Vaccine Mandate 12/28/2021

Austria is Hiring Hitmen to Track Down Covid-19 “Vaccine Refusers” 12/27/2021

Study: At least 400,000 people in America have died from covid “vaccines” 12/27/2021

Rep. Gohmert: Fauci must be “held responsible” for unleashing mass death on the world 12/27/2021

Israel Considers 4th Vaccine Dose, but Some Experts Say It’s Premature 12/23/2021

US military to roll out Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID vaccine (SpFN) that we fear is designed to kill active duty troops and weaken America’s military defenses 12/23/2021

FDA Releases More Data On "Adverse Reactions" To Pfizer Vaccine 12/23/2021

"No Country Can Boost Its Way Out" - WHO Warns Biden Plan Could "Prolong" Pandemic 12/23/2021

In highly vaccinated New England, hospitals are under unprecedented strain as coronavirus surges 12/23/2021

Delingpole: ‘If You Don’t Get Vaxxed You’re an Idiot!’ Says Satan’s Envoy, Blair 12/23/2021

Scott Kesterson says COVID vaccine is a bioweapon that poses a threat to humanity – Brighteon.TV 12/22/2021

Children 5 and Older Must Provide Proof of Vaccination to Enter Buffalo Sports Venues 12/22/2021

University Of California Fires Director Of Ethics Program for Defying COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 12/22/2021

Get Jabbed, Win Cash Prizes: NYC Offers $100 Booster Shot Payments 12/22/2021

Pfizer pill becomes 1st US-authorized home COVID treatment 12/22/2021

Jabs 4 Jesus? Refusing Vaccination Goes Against Christianity, Says Archbishop 12/22/2021

Intel Will Put Unvaccinated Employees on Unpaid Leave 12/22/2021

Chaos: D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Mandates Patrons Show Proof of Vaccination to Enter Indoor Venues  12/22/2021

Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Two Biden Vaccine Mandates 12/22/2021

Trump’s vaccine-pimping rhetoric proves BOTH parties are prostitutes to pharma and the central banks 12/21/2021

Military Begins Discharging Service Members Declining to Take Coronavirus Vaccine 12/21/2021

Boston Bans Unvaccinated from Bars, Restaurants, Gyms, Theaters, Sports Arenas 12/21/2021

Joe Biden: Unvaccinated Cannot Celebrate Holidays Safely – ‘Putting Other People at Risk’ 12/21/2021

Omicron Chaos: Chicago Joins Boston, NYC in Barring Unvaccinated from Restaurants, Bars, Gyms  12/21/2021

COVID COMMUNISM: CNN lead propagandist, “doctor” Leana Wen, says unvaccinated people should NOT be allowed to travel in US from state to state (op-ed) 12/20/2021

Fauci as Gestapo chief: Regime will “mandate” COVID vaccines if “hardcore group” of patriots continue refusing the jab 12/20/2021

Pfizer to Test 3rd COVID Shot in Kids Under 5 After Two Doses Fall Short 12/20/2021

Biden Administration Bypasses Vaccine Experts + More 12/20/2021

CDC Monitoring 8 Cases of Heart Inflammation in 5- to 11-Year-Olds Who Got Pfizer Vaccine 12/20/2021

Fauci Urges Vaccinated Americans to Do More: ‘It Is More than Just Getting Vaccination’ 12/20/2021

Businesses, 27 States to Supreme Court: Strike Down Biden OSHA Vaccine Mandate 12/20/2021

Covid “vaccines” don’t stop infection or spread, so what are they actually good for? 12/19/2021

New Zealand links 26-year-old man's death to Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 12/19/2021

Troops find religious exemption for vaccines unattainable 12/19/29021

Court allows Biden employer vaccine mandate to take effect 12/18/2021

Navy begins kicking out 5,731 active-duty sailors as Army prepares to ax 3,800 soldiers for refusing to get the COVID vaccine after Air Force became first US military branch to fire 27 service members for rejecting the jab 12/17/2021

Fully Vaccinated Mother Gives Birth To Baby Bleeding From Nose and Mouth, Infant Dies Day Later 12/16/2021

Kroger punishes unvaccinated employees with insurance surcharge penalties and removal of COVID benefits 12/15/2021

Forcing People Into COVID Vaccines Ignores Important Scientific Information 12/14/2021

SCOTUS Declines to Block New York’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers 12/14/2021

J&J Shot Loses Antibody Protection Against Omicron in Study 12/14/2021

Google Tells Employees to Get Vaccinated or Be Fired 12/14/2021

Omicron may be no worse than flu, says former government adviser 12/14/2021

Austrians who refuse COVID vaccines to face MONTHLY fines under new law 12/13/2021

Atheists are among the most likely to be vaccinated for COVID — and white evangelicals are among the least 12/13/2021

US pilot deaths increase by 1,750% after covid vaccine rollout 12/13/2021

After you are vaccine damaged, if you complain about symptoms you will be REQUIRED to take psychiatric medications until your “disorder” is cured (i.e. you stop complaining) 12/13/2021

Another Study Finds That Natural Immunity Protects Better Against Infection Than Pfizer Vaccine 12/13/2021

German Schoolchildren Subjected To 'Ritual Humiliation' Over Their Vaccine Status 12/12/2021

The UK Gov. released a report confirming the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19 Deaths in England since August 12/11/2021

Alert: Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on 'Vaccines' - Requires Informed Consent 12/10/2021

Navy commander fired over vaccine refusal 12/10/2021

‘Experts’ Claim Vaxx Refusers Need to be Deradicalized or Reeducated Like Cult Members and Terrorists 12/10/2021

Singapore takes away health coverage of unvaccinated and partially vaccinated residents 12/10/2021

Molecular biologist: We could potentially be sterilizing an entire generation with COVID vaccines 12/10/2021

Most reported US Omicron cases have hit the fully vaccinated -CDC 12/10/2021

552 COVID-19 deaths among fully vaccinated in Oregon as WHO warns of “false sense of security” from vaccines 12/9/2021

Vaccine expert warns the unvaccinated to never take COVID vaccines 12/9/2021

Parents: Los Angeles Public Schools Vaccinated Children Without Parental Consent, Said Not to Tell 12/8/2021

Illinois lawmaker proposes bill to forcefully strip insurance coverage from unvaccinated people, make them pay higher prices 12/8/2021

New York Hospital Fires 100 Unvaccinated Employees Who Claimed Religious Exemption 12/7/2021

W.H.O. Official: Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates Should Be a ‘Last Resort’ 12/7/2021

113 Los Angeles Firefighters Suspended Without Pay Due to Vaccine Mandate 12/7/2021

Baltimore to Pay Vaccinated City Employees $1,000 After Mandating Vax in October 12/7/2021

NEA Board Member Suggests Unvaccinated with Religious Exemptions Deserve to Die 12/7/2021

Study: COVID-19 vaccines increase risk of heart attack by 127% 12/7/2021

8-year-old girl suffers stroke and brain hemorrhage less than a day after getting Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine 12/7/2021

Italian Govt Strips Unvaccinated of Freedoms over Christmas Holidays 12/6/2021

Ron DeSantis: Doctor Suspended Because of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Reinstated 12/6/2021

Officials Push Vaccines on 5-11 Year Olds, 0.00%-0.03% Coronavirus Cases in Children Fatal 12/6/2021

South Korea Prompts Nationwide Parent Outrage with Child Vaccination Mandate 12/6/2021

A History Lesson About Petty Tyrants & Vaccine Mandates 12/6/2021

Unvaccinated to be DENIED Access to LIFE-SAVING Surgery, Australian Gov’t Declares 12/6/2021

Bill de Blasio’s Ultimatum: Parents, ‘Get Your Child Vaccinated’ or He Cannot Go to Indoor Restaurants 12/6/2021

NJ State GOP Lawmakers DEFY Jab Mandate and WIN In Court 12/6/2021

NYC Announces First-In-The-Nation Vaccine Mandate For Private Companies 12/6/2021

The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” 12/5/2021

Poll: Majority of Voters ‘Concerned’ About ‘Potential of Harmful Side Effects’ of Vaccines 12/4/2021

Criminal conspiracy unraveling: Pfizer and the government concealed thousands of deaths, mass injuries caused by experimental covid jabs 12/3/2021

Excess mortality in UK children observed after vaccine rollout… the shots appear to be causing children to die 12/3/2021

New York City Mandates Vaccines for Religious, Private School Employees 12/3/2021

Nevada’s unvaccinated state workers to pay insurance surcharge 12/2/2021

Mike Lee: American People ‘Have Right to Know’ If Senators Oppose Biden Vaccine Mandate 12/2/2021

Mark Levin: CDC Ignores Natural Immunity as Democrats Push Vaccine Mandates, Registries 12/2/2021

Senate Blocks Amendment to Defund Biden Vaccine Mandate 12/2/2021

House Republicans Divided on Purpose of Vaccination Database Bill 11/2/2021

FDA Document Deems Pfizer Vaccine “Favorable” Despite Long List of Adverse Events From Jab, Including Death 12/1/2021

Thousands of Sailors, Marines Remain Unvaccinated After Deadline 12/1/2021

NE Gov. Ricketts Calls for End to Vaccine Mandates — ‘Horrible Policy’ 12/1/2021

Tool to Enforce Orwellian Rules’: 80 House Republicans Help Pass Bill to Fund Federal Vaccination Database 12/1/2021

Some Swedes Are Getting Vaccine Passports On IMPLANTABLE MICROCHIPS 12/1/2021

These Countries Are Slapping the Unvaccinated With Fines and Bans 12/1/2021

Sununu: Mandates Were for When We Didn’t Have Tools to Combat COVID, Now It’s Up to People to Protect Themselves 11/30/2021

THE REAL AGENDA: Leading doctor says covid “vaccines” are intentionally designed to reduce world population 11/30/2021

CNBC’s Cramer Calls on White House to Require Vaccination for All Americans — ‘Have the Military Run It’ 11/30/2021

Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated People Over 60 11/30/21

New “Omicron” variant so far detected ONLY in the “fully vaccinated” 11/30/2021

Israeli scientists document rapid FAILURE of covid vaccines, push booster shots anyway 11/30/2021

AR Gov. Hutchinson Pushes Back Against Biden Vaccine Mandate — ‘People Buck Up,’ ‘Offer More Resistance’ to Government Orders 11/29/2021

Judge Strikes Down Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for Healthcare Workers 11/29/2021

Marine Corps Reaches Vaccine Mandate Deadline with Thousands Unvaccinated 11/29/2021

Supreme Court refuses to block vaccine mandate for Massachusetts hospital workers 11/29/2021

GM vaccines: Humans didn’t learn the lessons from dangers of agricultural GMOs 11/29/2021

Big Three US Automakers Agree To Not Mandate Vaccines For UAW Union Members 11/27/2021

German Politicians Refuse To Rule Out Mandatory COVID Vaccination 11/23/2021

Whistleblowers expose 13 stillborn deaths in 24 hours at Lions Gates Hospital caused by covid “vaccines” 11/23/2021

Swedish study finds that covid vaccines deplete the immune system, INCREASE all-cause mortality by 20% 11/23/2021

Police officer in Western Australia suffers blood clots, stroke after taking Pfizer shot 11/23/2021

COVID shots intended to reduce world’s population by poisoning ‘billions’: South African doctor 11/23/2021

Flight attendants share about bad reactions to COVID-19 vaccine 11/23/2021

Navy shipbuilder suspends vaccine mandate after employees threaten to quit 11/23/2021

Actor Steve Burton let go from 'General Hospital' over vaccine mandate 11/23/2021

The Benefit Of SARS-CoV-2 Natural Immunity In The Armed Forces 11/22/2021

Shortage of vaccinated nurses prompts closure of ER on Long Island 11/22/2021

Austria first Western country to force covid “vaccines” on all citizens … dissent will not be tolerated 11/22/2021

Africa is only 6% vaccinated, and covid has practically disappeared… scientists “baffled” 11/22/2021

TICK TOCK, DOC: Vaccine-pushing doctors “dropping like flies” after getting covid jabbed 11/22/2021

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age 11/22/2021

German Health Minister Jens Spahn says all citizens will be “vaccinated, cured or dead” by winter’s end 11/22/2021

European governments impose lockdowns targeting unvaccinated individuals 11/22/2021

Worldwide protests erupt against deadly vaccines that are KILLING people at an alarming rate 11/22/2021

Idaho legislators advance bill to expand compensation benefits for workers injured by covid “vaccines” 11/22/2021

Fauci Says Babies Could Be Eligible for Coronavirus Vaccine Early Next Year 11/20/2021

European Medicines Agency Data Shows 1,163,356 Adverse Drug Reactions and 30,551 Fatalities by COVID-19 Vaccinations 11/19/2021

Ohio House GOP Passes Vaccine Mandate Ban After Months of Effort  11/19/2021

Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed against humanity… the spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATION 11/19/2021

Bayer executive says covid mRNA shots are “gene therapy” falsely marketed as “vaccines” 11/18/2021

Inside the Austrian lockdown - We explore the world's first lockdown for the unvaccinated 11/18/2021

Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data 11/18/2021

Nearly One Third Of Healthcare Workers In U.S. Hospitals Are Still Not Vaccinated Against Covid-19, CDC Study Finds, As Vaccine Mandate Looms 11/18/2021

Over 160 Republican Lawmakers Rally Behind Resolution to ‘Nullify’ Biden’s Vaccine Mandate 11/17/2021

Disney Cruise will Require Children 5-Years-Old and Up to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine 11/17/2021

Freedom Caucus to Pelosi: We Will Oppose Funding Federal Government While ‘Unconstitutional’ Vaccine Mandates Continue 11/17/2021

Teen left with Blood Clots in her Lungs after having the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine 11/17/2021

Ronna McDaniel: RNC Will Fight Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate 11/16/2021

Are we seeing some new form of Covid-19 Vaccine induced Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome? – Official Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated are on the precipice of disaster as their Immune Systems are being decimated 11/16/2021

Brits Will Need 3 Jabs To Be Considered "Fully Vaccinated": UK PM Johnson 11/16/2021

Latvia Bans Unvaxed Politicians From Voting, Suspends Pay 11/16/2021

No matter how old you are, two shots of Pfizer vaccine don’t last – study 11/16/2021

Here come the tattoo marks – Scientists want to stamp children with invisible ink to prove they’ve been vaccinated 11/16/2021

Mandatory Vaccination & The Failure Of Modern Constitutional Law 11/15/2021

Mounting Death Toll from COVID-19 Injections, Mandates Imposed in the Name of “Safety in the Workplace”. Non-consenting Airline Employees Push Back. 11/15/2021

Austria BANS two million unvaccinated citizens from leaving home: New Covid lockdown is rolled out nationwide affecting more than 20% of the population after angry anti-lockdown clashes in Holland 11/14/2021

The governor of Tennessee signed a sweeping bill into law that prohibits businesses from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations and imposes limits on schools 11/14/2021

Florida Surgeon General Ladapo: ‘We Can Expect More of the Same and Worse’ if People Don’t Speak Up Against Mandates 11/13/2021

Oklahoma Guard goes rogue, rejects COVID vaccine mandate after sudden change of command 11/12/2021

Federal appeals court halts Biden administration’s vaccine requirement, delivering policy a major blow 11/12/2021

Australia says covid shots will be FOREVER… every 6 to 12 months until you die 11/12/2021

Moderna Defends Covid Shot as Questions on Heart Risks Mount 11/11/2021

Virginia pharmacy incorrectly administers Covid vaccine to 112 kids, officials pull remaining doses 11/11/2021

Austrian leader says lockdown for the unvaccinated is likely 11/11/2021

BREAKING – 35,924 people died within 21 days of having a Covid-19 Vaccine in England during the first 8 months of 2021 according to ONS data 11/10/2021

Vikings OL Dakota Dozier hospitalized due to COVID-19 complications  11/10/2021

British Medical Journal Report Reveals that Pfizer Falsified Covid-19 Vaccine Data in Clinical Trials 11/9/2021

Austria: Brothel Offers Free ‘Sex Session’ to Clients Who Get Vaccination on-Site 11/10/2021

Ingo Rademacher: 'General Hospital' star leaves show after refusing to comply with vaccine mandate 11/9/2021

Australia has Fallen – Premier announces two-tier society by banning the Unvaccinated from all social, hospitality, and care settings whilst “rewarding” the Fully Vaccinated 11/9/2021

School Shuts Down After “Large Number of Staff” Suffers Adverse Reactions from Covid Booster Jab 11/9/2021

Navy SEALS File Federal Lawsuit Against Biden For Rejecting Religious Objections to Vaccine Mandate 11/9/2021

Three shots and 1 booster later, this man has little protection against Covid-19 11/9/2021

COVID-19: People under 30 should not get Moderna vaccine - France 11/9/2021

Thousands of intel officers refusing vaccine risk dismissal 11/5/2021

San Francisco Becomes First City in the WORLD To Mandate COVID Injection For Children 5-11 11/3/2021

US mandates vaccines or tests for big companies by Jan. 4 11/4/2021

FDA Whistleblower Confirms Pfizer in FULL CONTROL of FDA & Suppressing Evidence of Massive Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects 11/3/2021

STUDY: Covid “vaccines” inhibit DNA repair, cause cancer 11/2/2021

STUDY: In order to “save” 14 children from covid, 28 MILLION kids have to get “vaccinated” with experimental cocktail posing severe long-term risks 11/1/2021

Doctors blow the whistle on vaccine deaths and injuries 11/1/2021

INSIGHT-From Boeing to Mercedes, a U.S. worker rebellion swells over vaccine mandates 11/1/2021

Mom’s Twitter Timeline Shows Transformation from Pro-Vax To Pro-Informed Consent Following Teen Son’s Vaccine Injury 11/1/2021

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signs executive order directing all state agencies to ignore Biden’s vaccine mandates 11/1/2021

Commerce Secretary Raimondo: Putting Off Vaccine Mandate Until After Holidays Would Be ‘Mistake’ 11/1/2021

Baker’s vax mandate leads to state worker suspensions, quitting 11/1/2021

Tennessee Legislature passes sweeping COVID rules bill overnight 11/1/2021

Stefanik: NYC Vaccine Mandate ‘Unconstitutional’ — ‘Makes New York Less Safe’ 11/1/2021

Bombshell Swedish study finds covid jabs provide no lasting protection, immunity plunges to ZERO in mere months 11/1/2021

Nearly everyone who holds a job in New Zealand now required to get “vaccinated” for covid 11/1/2021

FASCISM IN ACTION: Multiple FDA committee members who green-lighted Pfizer “vaccines” for children have financial ties to Pfizer 11/1/2021

NYC Braces for Fewer Cops, More Trash as Vax Deadline Looms 10/31/2021

Reports: NYC Suffers from Shortage of Firefighters and EMS Stemming from Vaccine Mandate 10/31/2021

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Warns of Mass Exodus, Staff Shortage over City Vaccine Mandate 10/31/2021

Harvard medicine professor warns that children should not get vaccinated against COVID-19 10/29/2021

FDA Adviser Explains Why He Abstained From Vote On Pfizer's COVID-19 Vaccine For Kids 10/29/2021

THE VACCINE-CANCER ATROCITY: Like clockwork, most vaccinated Americans will lose immune function by Christmas and start growing accelerated CANCER tumors that will kill them over the next ten years 10/29/2021

Police officers across the US resist vaccine mandates 10/28/2021

FDA declares biological war on children with “final sacrifice” of the innocent 10/28/2021

Victoria, Australia, to become a “vaccinated economy” with endless boosters – no unvaccinated allowed to function in society 10/28/2021

Big Pharma now targeting the mentally ill with clot shots that WORSEN mental illness – nation’s leading mental health advocacy organizations applaud the abuse 10/28/2021

USDA turns down vaccine exemption request for FSA employees… decision will degrade food harvests for years to come 10/28/2021

Judge rules Southwest Airlines vaccine mandate is lawful, tosses out pilot union’s petition 10/28/2021

Truckers Warn Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Worsen Shortages Across the Country 10/28/2021

Border Patrol Union on Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: ‘We Cannot Afford to Lose Employees’ During ‘Largest Border Crisis in Nation’s History’ 10/28/2021

Air Force is first to face troops’ rejection of vaccine mandate as thousands avoid shots 10/28/2021

NYPD preparing for potential crush of retirements ahead of vaccine mandate 10/28/2021

Western Australia now says 75% of workforce must get vaccinated for covid… or else 10/28/2021

FDA endorses murderous vaccine ATROCITIES against children … Emergency Rooms across America being filled with post-vaccine patients suffering serious illness 10/27/2021

Poll: Majority of Fully Vaccinated Are Still Wearing Masks 10/27/2021

COVID-19 Vaccinations in the United States As Of 10/27/2021 (From CDC)

Unvaccinated Canadians receive calls from health department reminding them to get coronavirus vaccines 10/27/2021

Another In-N-Out location shuts down after refusing to check customers' vaccination status 10/27/2021

3 people given accidental COVID-19 vaccines at JBLM 10/26/2021

NYPD top cop urges COVID vaccinations before Friday deadline that could send quarter of force home without pay 10/26/2021

Israel just nullified vaccine passports for all double jabbed people… now only the triple jabbed get “freedom” 10/26/2021

FDA Panel Votes In Favor Of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine For Children Aged 5 - 11 10/26/2021

Hillary Clinton Calls For Vaccine Mandate....In The UK 10/26/2021

NYPD's Largest Police Union Sues Mayor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 10/26/2021

Sweden halts Moderna shot indefinitely after vaccinated patient develops crippling heart condition 10/26/2021

U.S. senator drops bomb, says military members who refuse to get vaccinated risk dishonorable discharge and will lose right to vote, own guns 10/25/2021

Canadians will be required to present COVID vaccine passport when traveling by air, sea or train 10/25/2021

Major Australian supermarket chains adopt “no jab, no job” policy impacting hundreds of thousands of workers 10/25/2021

‘We will not comply!’: NYC workers protest vax mandate with march across Brooklyn Bridge 10/25/2021

NHS workers will have to be double jabbed by LAW as health chiefs battle against fresh Covid wave 10/24/2021

The Incidence of Cancer, Triggered by the Covid 19 “Vaccine” 10/23/2021

Two-Tiered Society: Austria Proposes Lockdowns for the Unvaccinated if ICU Numbers Rise 10/23/2021

Canada Requires ‘Vaccine Passport’ for Foreign and Domestic Travel 10/23/2021

Republican Michele Fiore Running For Nevada’s Governorship to End Vaccine Mandates and Stop CRT 10/23/2021

Arizona Requests Temporary Restraining Order to Halt Biden Vaccine Mandate 10/23/2021

“No Jab, No Job” – Aussie Supermarkets Demands 300K Workers Must Get Vaccinated Or Find Work Elsewhere 10/23/2021

mRNA Vaccines WEAKEN Immune System Even After Covid Recovery, According to UK Data 10/22/2021
Hundreds Of General Electric & Lockheed Martin Employees Walk Out In Protest Of Vax Mandate 10/22/2021

An OSHA Cover-Up Feeds Vaccine-Conspiracy Theories 10/22/2021
Florida AG Ashley Moody Warns Vaccine Mandates ‘Will Not Be Tolerated’ in the State 10/22/2021

CDC director: U.S. may change definition of "fully vaccinated" as boosters roll out 10/22/2021

Ron DeSantis Calls Special Session to Take Legislative Action Against Vaccine Mandates 10/21/2021

Pentagon Squares Off With Congressional Republicans Over Vaccine Mandate 10/20/2021

Pharmacy manager quits over store intercom: ‘I will not give this poison to people’ 10/19/2021

COVID vaccine injury claims mount, but recourse is lacking for those harmed 10/19/2021

Colin Powell Dead From Covid - Fully Vaxxed 10/18/2021

Media Now Claims That “Double Jabbed” Brits Who Have Bad Colds Are Actually Suffering From COVID 10/11/2021

Southwest Cancels 1,800 Flights Days After Pilots Fight Vaccine Mandates; Airline Claims ‘Bad Weathe 10/10/2021

Moderna Plans $500 Million Vaccine Factory for Africa 10/8/2021

American Airlines to Employees: Get Vaccinated or Face Firing 10/8/2021

Vaxxed 'Bridgerton' hairstylist, 53, dies 3 weeks after Emmy win, more stars we've lost to COVID-19 10/8/2021

Sweden, Denmark halt use of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for younger age groups 10/7/2021

Canadian university forcing online students to report their vaccination status or be PUNISHED 10/7/2021

Fully vaccinated patient sparks covid outbreak in Israeli hospital, proving yet again that vaccines don’t work as promised 10/7/2021

15-year-old California boy dies 2 days after second dose of COVID-19 vaccine 10 10/7/2021

Minister Says UK Will Not Have Canada-Style Vaccine Mandates, Despite Imposing Vaccine Mandate on Carers 10/7/2021

Joe Biden Frustrated by Opposition to Vaccine Mandates: ‘I Don’t Quite Get This’ 10/7/2021

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Will Not Enforce Vaccine Mandate 10/7/2021

YouTuber Denied Entry to Restaurant in Ireland Despite Being Double Jabbed 10/4/2021

Colorado Woman Denied Kidney Transplant Because She and Willing Donor Are Unvaccinated 10/6/2021

60% of senior citizens hospitalized with COVID were ‘fully vaccinated’: Medicare report 10/4/2021

NYC Teachers, Staff Must Receive Vaccine by Today or Face Unpaid Leave 10/4/2021

Republicans Shout Down Lindsey Graham for Pushing Vaccine 10/4/2021

To Prevent the Next Pandemic, Scientists Seek One Vaccine for Many Coronaviruses 10/4/2021

DeSantis Win: Gainesville Rescinds City Vaccine Mandate 10/2/2021

California first state in US to require students, staff be vaccinated for COVID-19 10/1/2021

Louisiana’s Ochsner Health Imposes Insurance Fee for Unvaccinated Spouses of Employees 10/1/2021

COVID SCIENCE-Delta increases COVID-19 risks for pregnant women; Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine antibodies gone by 7 months for many 10/1/2021

Biden Admin Spells Out Vaccine or Termination Process for Border Patrol 9/30/2021

NY governor appoints herself God’s messenger, egging congregation to get vaccinated because God told her so 9/29/2021

Whistleblower Alleges Border Patrol Agents Now Must Get Vaccinated or Face Termination 9/29/2021

ESPN’s Sage Steele: Disney’s ‘Sick’ Vaccine Mandate ‘Scary to Me’ 9/29/2021

Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Package Includes $700,000 Penalties on Companies Violating Biden Coronavirus Mandates 9/29/2021

Heartbreak as double-jabbed couple dies of Covid one minute apart while holding hands 9/28/2021

CRISIS FACTORY: New York to declare state of emergency due to staffing shortages caused by government’s covid vaccine mandates 9/28/2021

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Troopers Resigning Over COVID Vaccine Mandate, Union Says 9/27/2021

New study warns health risks of COVID-19 vaccines are too high in children 9/27/2021

Could DNA vaccines be the next tool in the world’s battle against COVID-19? 9/26/2021

CDC’s Rochelle Walensky Overrules Her Own Agency 9/24/2021

More Than Half Of US Companies To Impose Vaccine Mandates, New Survey Finds 9/22/2021

States embrace vaccine mandates despite potential worker exodus 9/21/2021

Denver Deputy Quits Over Vaccine Mandate, Says It ‘Was The Last Straw’ 9/21/2021

JAB AND DIE: Public Health Scotland data reveals 80 percent of Covid deaths happen to VACCINATED individuals 9/21/2021

Pfizer says its Covid jab safe for children aged 5-11 9/20/2021

Victoria’s Secret Model Doutzen Kroes Slams Vaccine Mandates: ‘I will Not Accept Exclusion of People Based On Their Medical Status’ 9/20/2021

Explosive! Public health data: 80% of COVID-19 deaths in August were vaccinated people 9/19/2019

Now 27 states are fighting Biden’s aggressive COVID-19 vaccine mandate 9/19/2021

Fauci says if you are concerned about Covid vaccine blood clots, heart attacks and deaths, you’re most likely an insurrectionist who hates authority 9/19/2021

J.D. Vance: Biden Vaccine Mandate Difference Between ‘Free Country and Medical Tyranny’ 9/19/2021

Italy to require vaccine passport for entire workforce in Europe’s most extreme mandate so far 9/18/2021

FDA panel recommends Pfizer’s Covid booster doses for people 65 and older after rejecting third shots for general population 9/17/2021

GOP County Lawmaker Promises to Veto Public Funds for New Bills Stadium if Vax Mandate Remains 9/15/2021

Arizona First State to Sue Biden Administration over Vaccine Mandate 9/15/2021

‘Thousands’ of LAPD Employees Reportedly Seek Exemptions from Vaccine Mandate 9/15/2021

Poll: Half Say Those with Natural Immunity Should Not Be Forced to Get Vaccinated 9/15/2021

Vaccine Passport Enforcement in NYC Began This Week, Violators Face Up to $5,000 Fines 9/15/2021

Joe Biden Teams Up with Disney, Microsoft CEOs to Promote Coronavirus Vaccine Mandates 9/15/2021

Democrats Reject Plan to Mandate Coronavirus Vaccines for Immigrants 9/15/2021

WHISTLEBLOWERS: Senior at Aegis Living center was “chemically restrained” and forced to take COVID vaccine, then DIED 9/14/2021

Biden’s federal vaccine mandate doesn’t really apply to everyone: Members of Congress, staff, postal workers are EXEMPT 9/14/2021

Idaho doctor reports “20 times increase” in cancer among those “vaccinated” for covid 9/14/2021

ISRAELI STUDY: Fully Vaxxed Are 27 Times More Likely To Get COVID Compared To People With Natural Immunity 9/14/2021

Globalism 101: Biden To Call On UN General Assembly To Vaccinate 70% Of The World 9/14/2021

NBA players won't be required to get COVID-19 vaccination 9/14/2021

LAPD Officers File Lawsuit Against City over Vaccine Mandate 4/13/2021

Tens of Thousands Could Lose Jobs Under Mandatory Vaccination for Carers and NHS Staff, Warns Union 9/13/2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis to Preview Florida’s Action Against Biden’s Overreaching Vaccine Mandates 9/13/2021

Ron DeSantis: Local Governments Mandating Vaccine for Employees Face $5,000 Fine per Infraction 9/13/2021

Navy Assistant Football Coach Fired for Refusing Vaccine 9/13/2021

COVID Shots: The Scientific And Ethical Case Against President Biden's Vaccine Mandate 9/10/2021

Human Rights Champion Reggie Littlejohn Slams Joe Biden over Vaccine Mandates 9/10/2021

Survey: Around 90% of San Diego Police Officers Oppose COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate 9/10/2021

Baptist International Mission Board Mandating Vaccines for Missionaries and Their Children 16 and Older 9/10/2021

White House Confirms Joe Biden Hypocrisy on Unvaccinated People Crossing Southern Border 9/10/2021

Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Opposes Biden Order to Mandate COVID Vaccine 9/9/2021

Republican Legislators Refuse Biden’s Dictatorial Vaccine Edicts: ‘Absolutely Unconstitutional 9/9/2021

Biden to Order Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Businesses with 100+ Employees 9/9/2021

Are covid vaccines part of the mark of the beast system? 9/6/2021

SHOCKER: Red Cross is warning all Americans that Covid-vaccinated humans are INELIGIBLE for donating plasma… does that mean their blood and organs are also contaminated with spike proteins? 9/5/2021

Refusing COVID vaccines is costing people their jobs, kids, life-saving medical treatments 9/2/2021

NFL career may be over for young defensive end who developed blood clots after being pressured into taking COVID-19 vax 9/2/2021

Fauci Suggests Americans Will Need To Be Triple-Vaxxed To Be Considered ‘Fully Vaccinated’ 9/3/2021

Leftists now calling to strip all medical licenses from doctors who question COVID vaccine safety 9/1/2021

New York abolishes religious exemption for covid vaccine mandate 9/1/2021

Baltimore City Schools to Mandate Vaccinations for High School Athletes 9/1/2021

PFIZER COLLUSION: Fauci says deadly spike protein injections should be mandatory for all children under age 12  8/31/2021

Bombshell: WHO Releases Plan for Global Digital Vaccine Passports Funded by Bill Gates & Rockefeller Foundation 8/31/2021

KY Democrat double-jabbed for covid dies in the hospital from extreme illness 8/30/2021

Federal and state officials intensify call for private sector to mandate COVID-19 vaccines 8/30/2021

NYC police union threatens to sue if city requires cops to get vaccinated 8/30/2021

A judge asked a mother if she got the coronavirus vaccine. She said no, and he revoked custody of her son. 8/30/2021

Jesus or the Jab? Final Thoughts 8/29/2021

Invading Legion of Hydrogel & Quantum Dots Robotic Devils Revealed 8/28/2021

Pfizer covid vaccine caused woman’s skin to begin rotting off her face… with horrifying consequences 8/26/2021

Australian truckers planning major strike to protest authoritarian COVID lockdowns, advising citizens to stock up in advance 8/26/2021

Texas Gov Issues New Ban On Vaccine Mandates As FDA Fully Approves Pfizer Jab 8/26/2021

Delta Air Lines is raising health insurance premiums for unvaccinated employees by $200 a month to cover higher Covid costs 8/25/2021

Spain's Supreme Court Rules Against Using Vaccine Passports To Restrict Access To Public Spaces 8/25/2021

Pentagon: US troops must get their COVID-19 vaccines ASAP 8/25/2021

Several Anti-C19-Vax Presidents Assassinated, Mainstream Media Silent, Covid-19 Jabs “Coincidentally” Rolled Out Just Days Later 8/24/2021

RFK, Jr. to Journalists: Report the Truth About COVID Vaccine Risks, Injuries and Deaths 8/24/2021

Oxford University study finds fully vaccinated Healthcare workers carry 251 times viral load compared to the unvaccinated proving the Covid-19 jabs make you worse 8/24/2021

French government attempts to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by blocking their access to grocery stores… nation on the verge of REVOLT 8/23/2021

Sean Penn: Vaccines ‘Should Be Mandatory Like Turning Your Headlights on’ at Night 8/23/2021

Democrat Terry McAuliffe Demands ‘Every Virginia Employer’ Mandate Vaccines 8/23/2021

New York Judges Order Defendants in Minor Crimes Cases to Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus 8/23/2021

FDA vaccine authorization accelerated to unleash medical MARTIAL LAW as cover for collapse of the Biden regime 8/23/2021

Fully Vaccinated Jesse Jackson And His Wife Hospitalized After Testing Positive With Covid [VIDEO] 8/22/2021

The Vaccinated Are Worried and Scientists Don’t Have Answers 8/22/2021

Scientists Criticize Biden Administration’s Booster Shot Push: ‘There Isn’t Enough Data’ 8/20/2021

FDA approval of Pfizer Covid shot could come next week 8/20/2021

U.S. reviewing if Moderna shot tied to higher heart inflammation risk - Washington Post 8/20/2021

Double jabbed carry same viral load of Covid as unvaccinated 8/19/2021

FEMA documents describe large-scale rural isolation and quarantine operations; how to recruit obedient Americans to help ROUND UP dissenters 8/19/2021

Opinion: Mandated Vaccinations — Who is responsible for their risks? 8/19/2021

Louisiana AG Jeff Landry Calls Saints Vaccine Mandate ‘Completely Unacceptable’ 8/19/2021

US to recommend COVID vaccine boosters at 8 months 8/17/2021

Federal vaccine court hasn’t helped those whose lives were altered by COVID-19 shots 8/17/2021

Local Churches Offer Religious Exemption For Parishioners Who Don’t Want Vaccine 8/16/2021

Supreme Court won’t block Indiana University vaccine mandate as Justice Barrett rejects student plea 8/12/2021

Over 1 Million Americans Obtaining Moderna or Pfizer Unauthorized Vaccine Boosters 8/11/2021

L.A. City Council Unanimously Votes Vaccination Requirement for Indoor Public Spaces 8/10/2021

Anthony Fauci Says He Leans Strongly Toward Mandated Vaccines for Teachers 8/10/2021

Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as others 7/30/2021

Google And Facebook Announce MANDATORY Vaccines For Employees 7/29/2021

Tech CEOs were wary of vaccine mandates. That's changing. 7/6/2021

Compulsory jabs: Pressure grows on anti-vaxxers 7/5/2021

12-year-old girl bound to wheelchair with chronic illness thanks to covid vaccine 7/2/2021

New Study Links "Acute Chest Pain" In Male Soldiers To mRNA Vaccines 7/2/2021

DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions 7/1/2021

Dr. Peter McCullough: Covid vaccines are killing babies in the first trimester at an astonishing rate… an “atrocity” to vaccinate expectant mothers 7/1/2021

New report stuns the world: The vast majority of those now dying with covid are people who were VACCINATED against it 7/1/2021

VAX FAIL: Latest “covid” outbreak in Israel occurred mostly in “fully vaccinated” 7/1/2021

Ohio Judge Makes COVID Vaccination Condition Of Probation 7/1/2021

Fauci: "There Are Now Two Americas, The Vaccinated & The Unvaccinated" 7/1/2021

ESPN Requiring All Employees to Get Vaccination to Work Games 6/21/2021

Bills’ Cole Beasley Says He’d Retire Before Being Forced to Take Coronavirus Vaccine 6/21/2021

Cancer “hijacks” your cells and turns your body against itself, just like mRNA Covid-19 vaccines 6/20/2021

'HEAVIER BLEEDING' Vaccine watchdog ‘closely monitoring’ 4,000 women reporting period problems after getting their jab 6/20/2021

Unvaccinated Students ‘Numbered’ with Sharpie and Tracked at High School Prom 6/9/2021

New York’s Vaccine Passport Program Could Cost Taxpayers Up to $17 Million 6/9/2021

One cruise line has already reversed course on requiring vaccinations for passengers 6/6/2021

Anti-vaccine protesters, dressed up as Marvel superheroes, camp out in front of Disneyland 6/4/2021

At least 18 young people in Connecticut developed heart problems after taking coronavirus vaccine 6/2/2021

UK healthcare workers may be forced to get injected with covid vaccines containing deadly spike protein 6/2/2021

Soon NO JOBS available for the unvaccinated except for carrying the dead bodies of the previously vaccinate 6/2/2021

Woman expresses regret after J&J covid vaccine triggers potentially deadly blood clots in her lungs, stomach and brain 6/2/2021

Over 100 Houston Methodist Hospital employees sue over covid vaccine “mandate” 6/2/2021

Horrifying study reveals mRNA vaccine nanoparticles are circulated throughout the entire
body: Brain, heart, liver, ovaries, testes and more 6/2/2021

Israel sees probable link between Pfizer vaccine and myocarditis cases 6/2/2021

Texas Healthcare Workers Refuse to be “Human Guinea Pigs,” Sue Hospital Over COVID Vaccine Mandate 6/2/2021

Depopulation and the mRNA Vaccine 5/31/2021

Vaccine researcher admits ‘big mistake,’ says spike protein is dangerous ‘toxin’ 5/31/2021

Knicks to Refuse Admission to Unvaccinated Fans if They Advance in Playoffs 5/31/2021

Poll: 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Do Not Plan to Get Vaccinated 5/29/2021

Cruz Warns Vaccine Passports Have ‘Potential for Government Overreach’ — Vaccination ‘Should Be Your Personal Choice’ 5/28/2021

Alejandro Mayorkas: U.S. Taking ‘a Very Close Look’ at Vaccine Passports for International Travel 5/28/2021

Ron DeSantis Goes Head to Head with the CDC and Cruise Industry over Vaccine Passports 5/28/2021

California Offering over $116 Million in Prizes and Incentives to Convince People to Get Vaccinated 5/28/2021

22-Year-Old Woman Wins Ohio’s $1 Million Vaccine Lottery 5/28/2021

“We are Human Guinea Pigs”: Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines Warrant Urgent Action 5/27/2021

CDC yet to determine whether coronavirus vaccines are safe for kids, pregnant women 5/27/2021

CDC: Covid vaccine official death toll reaches 4,647, setting new 22-year VAERS record 5/27/2021

FDA document reveals 86% of children who participated in Pfizer covid vaccine trial experienced adverse reactions 5/27/2021

Over 10,000 Americans Got COVID Despite Being Fully Vaccinated, CDC Says 5/26/2021

Canadian Soldier Charged With ‘Mutiny’ After Calling on Troops Not to Distribute ‘Killer’ COVID Vaccine 5/26/2021

Model Dies Days After Receiving AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine 5/25/2021

Anthony Fauci: ‘We Will Almost Certainly’ Require a Coronavirus Booster Shot 5/20/2021

FDA recommends not using syringes from Chinese firm after safety issues with vaccine injections 5/20/2021

Lori Lightfoot: Vaccinated Chicagoans Should Still Wear Masks Despite CDC Guidance 5/17/2021

Joe Biden Announces Global ‘Arsenal of Vaccines’ to Fight Coronavirus Around the World 5/17/2021

Young engineer dies 3 weeks after first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine 5/12/2021

Woman, 35, dies from brain bleed days after getting COVID vaccine: Thousands have died so far but Biden admin continues to push the deadly injections 5/12/2021

West Virginia bribes residents to get them vaccinated 5/12/2021

Yankees, Mets to segregate fans according to vaccination status 5/12/2021

Norway’s Institute of Public Health Recommends Government Ban J&J, AstraZeneca Vaccines Due To Side Effects 5/11/2021
Vaccine Passports BANNED In Wyoming 5/11/2021

Doctor mocks vaccine skeptics, then DIES after covid vaccine, as media scrubs wrongful death case 5/11/2021

Vaccine Choice Canada demands Health Canada reverse authorization of experimental COVID shots for children 5/10/2021

Healthy Utah High School Athlete Develops Blood Clots in His Brain Following COVID Injection 5/10/2021

Pfizer, AstraZeneca COVID Vaccines Probed in Europe after Reports of Heart Inflammation, Rare Nerve Disorder 5/10/2021

CDC Reports 2 More Infant Deaths Following Experimental COVID Injections During Clinical Trials 5/10/2021

57 Top Scientists and Doctors: Stop All Covid Vaccinations 5/9/2021

No Vaccine Passports in Texas! Medical Doctors Testify Before State Senate to Oppose Mandatory COVID Shots 5/9/2021

SCIENCE promotes VIOLENCE: Journal “Nature” calls for violent arrest of anyone who won’t accept injections containing mercury, human abortion cells, and cell-altering mRNA sequences 5/9/2021

Covid-19 vaccine spike proteins are killing people, not merely the “virus” 5/9/2021

Whopping 80 Percent Who Refuse Covid Vaccine Say NOTHING Can Change Their Minds  5/8/2021

Dr. Lee Merritt warns: Forced vaccines are a Holocaust-level crime against humanity 5/8/2021

An army of Big Biotech companies is using psych tactics to ‘create vaccine demand’ 5/7/2021

Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘Latest CDC Guidance Is a Joke’ 5/5/2021

North Korea – Still Claiming Zero Cases – Says Coronavirus Vaccines ‘Cause Death’ 5/4/2021

GENOCIDE in the U.S. continues: 3,848 DEATHS and 118,902 injuries following COVID injections – Children now being reported as dying 5/3/2021

EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why vaccinated people are making HEALTHY people sick, Pfizer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon 5/3/2021

Wash. state OK’s ‘vaccinated-only’ sections to boost sports, church capacities 5/3/2021

15-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Heart Attack Two Days After Taking Pfizer Vaccine, Had No History Of Allergic Reactions 5/1/2021

Two-year-old baby DIES during Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine experiments on children 4/30/2021

Nashville woman PARALYZED after taking Pfizer’s experimental covid vaccine 4/27/2021

IBM, which provided punch card computing systems to power the Holocaust, now in charge of “vaccine passports” 4/27/2021

Covid-19 vaccine refusers should be crushed, says WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin, a medical fascist 4/27/2021

Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer confirmed to cause brain damage, neurodegenerative disease 4/27/2021

Globalist next move in the Marxist playbook: Ostracize the unvaccinated like Hitler ostracized the Jews 4/27/2021

New Wuhan coronavirus variants will make vaccines ineffective, according to global health experts 4/21/2021

COVID-19 vaccine safety in doubt as more than 56,000 adverse events reported 4/21/2021

New Army policies target service members who refuse to get inoculated with coronavirus vaccine 4/21/2021

New vaccine side effect? In Israel, six people develop herpes zoster 4/19/2021

Spike proteins in Pfizer, Moderna Covid-19 vaccines linked to deadly blood clots, brain inflammation and heart attacks 4/17/2021

Pfizer CEO: ‘Likely’ Third Coronavirus Shot for Fully Vaccinated People Will Be Necessary 4/15/2021

Hawaii Slated to Roll Out Vaccine Passport Program for Travelers 4/12/2021

Anthony Fauci: ‘We Very Well May Need’ Coronavirus Booster Shots After 6-18 Months 4/12/2021

Alaska woman caught COVID-19, got vaccinated, then became infected again 4/12/2021

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Says ‘No’ to Vaccine Passports 4/8/2021

Texas Governor Bans Vaccine Passports with Executive Order 4/6/2021

Saudi Arabia Bans People Not ‘Immunized’ Against Coronavirus from Mecca 4/6/2021

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Opposes ‘State-Mandated’ Vaccine Passports 4/6/2021

Army Dining Facilities, Gym Asking Soldiers to Present Vaccine Card Before Entering 4/5/2021

Rutgers U. Requires Students to Get Coronavirus Vaccine Before Returning to Campus in Fall 3/29/2021

Why Are We Vaccinating Children Against COVID-19? 3/29/2021

Here Come The Global Vaccine Passports 3/28/2021

Los Angeles: Bill Gates ‘Daily Pass’ Software Will Scan Kids to Attend School 3/26/2021

Los Angeles Unified School District Is Being Sued over Mandatory Vaccines and Digital Tracking 3/26/2021

Pfizer plans to raise prices and profit annually from their experimental vaccines after “pandemic” is rebranded as an “endemic seasonal illness” 3/26/2021

Shots in little arms: COVID-19 vaccine testing turns to kids 3/25/2021

VAX FRAUD: AstraZeneca fudging data to declare its coronavirus jab “safe and effective” 3/25/2021

FLOATING BIOWEAPONS LAB: Royal Caribbean requires all crew members and adult passengers to be vaccinated 3/25/2021

Coronavirus cases rise in states with high vaccination rates, proving yet again the vaccines don’t work 3/25/2021

Thailand suspends mass vaccinations with AstraZeneca jab, in wake of blood clot deaths 3/25/2021

Situation Update, Mar 25: Don’t go down with the left-wing VACCINE SUICIDE CULT 3/25/2021

Historic court case reveals that NO safety studies were conducted on any vaccine over thirty-two years, as was required by law 3/25/2021

Rutgers to require COVID-19 vaccination for students this fall 3/25/2021

3,964 DEAD 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” 3/24/2021

Boris Johnson Green Lights Pubs to Mandate Vaccine Passports 3/24/2021

Oregon wants to make COVID-19 restrictions permanent and track all vaccine refusers 3/23/2021

UK To Make Vaccines MANDATORY For Health Workers 3/23/2021

A group of Israeli Jews are suing the Netanyahu administration in international court, making the case that Israel is violating the Nuremberg Code by essentially making Israelis subject to a medical experiment using the controversial vaccines. 3/20/2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: Vaccine Passports ‘Terrible Idea’; State Mandate ‘Totally off the Table’ 3/19/2021

The ex-Pfizer scientist who became an anti-vax hero 3/18/2021

Top Vaccine Expert Calls for Global Moratorium on COVID Injections 3/18/2021

Utah woman dies four days after second dose of Moderna coronavirus jab 3/17/2021

Indiana PT dies TWO DAYS after getting mRNA Wuhan coronavirus vaccine 3/17/2021

Hong Kong reports third post-vaccination fatality in ongoing Sinovac immunization drive 3/17/2021

Are COVID Vaccines a Ticking Time Bomb? 3/16/2021

Moderna Is Testing Its Covid-19 Vaccine on Young Children 3/16/2021

20+ countries suspend use of AstraZeneca vaccine, but regulators insist ‘benefits outweigh risks’ 3/16/2021

Physicians to EU regulators: Address safety concerns or stop rollout of coronavirus vaccine 3/16/2020

Top vaccine scientist warns the world: HALT all covid-19 vaccinations immediately, or “uncontrollable monster” will be unleashed 3/15/2021

Hearns: Hagler Battled ‘After Effects’ of Covid Vaccine Before Death 3/14/2021

Poll: Almost Half Of Trump Supporters Will Not Take COVID Vaccine 3/12/2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries — Preventing Inequities in Compensation 3/11/2021

China Urges W.H.O. to Let It Run Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ System 3/10/2021

Bill Gates wants to deploy genetically modified mosquitoes to inject vaccines 3/9/2021

Richard Pan says Americans who refuse experimental coronavirus gene therapy injections are “domestic terrorists” 3/9/2021

Outbreak of DEATH occurs at Canadian nursing home following mass vaccination of patients and staff 3/9/2021

CDC: Fully Vaccinated People May Now Gather Without Masks 3/8/2021

Bill Gates, Microsoft, mRNA vaccines, and the global plot to turn human DNA, protein synthesis, and immune function into a programmable operating system 3/8/2021

More than 1,170 people have died after coronavirus vaccines in the U.S. alone (so far) 3/5/2021

Gretchen Whitmer conspired with former top health official to inflate coronavirus case numbers in exchange for cash 3/5/2021

Doctor who mocked coronavirus vaccine refusers dies days after getting jabbed 3/5/2021

UK Govt Planning to Force Healthcare Workers to Take Vaccine: Report 3/4/2021

‘Healthy’ 28-year-old mom dies suddenly following second Pfizer shot 3/3/2021

Rand Paul: No One Has Proven Vaccinated People Can Spread Virus, They’re Saying ‘Unless You Can Prove the Opposite, You Can’t Be Free’ 2/27/2021

220,000 Brits Sign Petition Against Vaccine Passports, Forcing Debate in Parliament 2/27/2021

Mandatory coronavirus vaccinations coming to Spain 2/26/2021

Pentagon reports ALMOST 75 PERCENT of troops turned down Wuhan coronavirus vaccine 2/25/2021

Switzerland REJECTS AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, citing lack of sufficient data to prove effectiveness 2/25/2021

President Biden Says the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines Are Safe. The Vaccines’ Fact Sheets Say Something Very Different. 2/24/2021

Hospitals in France forced to SLOW DOWN covid vaccinations as healthcare workers fall ill in droves 2/24/2021

SACRIFICE THE CHILDREN: Oxford Vaccine Group recruits children for coronavirus vaccine trials 2/23/2021

Immunologist Warns Pfizer and Moderna Coronavirus Vaccines May Cause Neurodegenerative Disorders Such as Alzheimer’s 2/23/2021

Report: Covid-19 Vaccine Found to Cause Neurological Disorders 12/23/2021

Georgia Mother of Two Dead After Receiving Covid Vaccine 2/23/2021

Can the Military Force Vaccinations? 2/22/2021

WHO green-lights mRNA vaccine experimentation on pregnant women and newborn infants 2/22/2021

Swiss President: 'Anyone Who Wishes to Travel Must Be Vaccinated' 2/22/2021

Italy: Dozens of Teachers Sick After Receiving Coronavirus Vaccine 2/22/2021

Experimental mRNA vaccines cause 600 new cases of eye disorders and leave 5 people blind, according to UK Government 2/19/2021

NYC Waitress Fired For Waiting To Take COVID Vax Over Pregnancy Concerns 2/19/2021

This Country Will Fine Anyone Who Refuses COVID Vaccine… 2/19/2021

Vatican employees could lose their jobs for refusing COVID vaccine 2/18/2021

Ohio: Local School District Cancels Classes After Many Employees Who Received the Covid-19 Vaccine Became Ill 2/16/2021

Giving the Covid-19 Vaccine Without Informed Consent is ‘Evil Deception”, Says British Doctor 2/16/2021

Corporations pushing mandatory coronavirus vaccines for customers, not just employees 2/16/2021

Elderly population suddenly dying off for unexplained reasons, and it’s no longer coded as covid-19 2/16/2021

Israel to Allow ‘Green Pass’ Holders to Access Public Spaces 2/16/2021

Do Mandatory Masks and Vaccines Break the 10 Points of the Nuremberg Code? 2/12/2021

CDC data show coronavirus vaccine has caused 501 deaths and over 11,000 adverse reactions (so far) 2/12/2021

Big Pharma wants to vaccinate you ANNUALLY for coronavirus … with no end, ever 2/12/2021

Fauci demands America use children as human guinea pigs for covid vaccine experiments 2/11/2021

Wisconsin doctor suffered miscarriage after covid vaccine, tweeted #VaccinesWork 2/11/2021

Elderly man perishes shortly after COVID-19 vaccine is administered in New York’s Javits Center 2/10/2021

UK Government Considering Knocking On Doors Of Vaccine Refusniks, Report 2/9/2021

South Africa Halts Vaccine Rollout As AstraZeneca Jab Ineffective At Combating Mutant COVID 2/8/2021

GPs could charge holidaymakers £30 for vaccine certificates – as experts says vax passports are ‘inevitable’ 2/8/2021

Merck drops out of coronavirus vaccine development race 2/8/2021

UK Govt Source: Bosses Could Sack Workers for Not Getting Vaccinated 2/8/2021

Investigation Underway After Elderly Man Died Shortly After Receiving COVID Vaccine At Javits Center 2/8/2021

Virginia woman dies shortly after Covid vaccination, though no link has been found 2/5/2021

Poll: Less than 30% of Hong Kong Residents Would Take China’s Coronavirus Vaccine 1/28/2021

60-Year-Old Father Dies After Receiving Second Dose Of Pfizer Vaccine 1/28/2021

Florida man develops and dies from rare autoimmune disorder days after receiving Pfizer coronavirus vaccine 1/25/2021

33 elderly people dead after first dose of coronavirus vaccine 1/25/2021

40% of L.A. Firefighters Decline to Show Up for Coronavirus Vaccine 1/16/2021

Pope Francis Condemns ‘Suicidal Denialism’ Behind Refusal to Get Coronavirus Vaccine 1/10/2021

UK Lockdown Cops To Stop People In The Street, Issue Fines, Target "Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Vaccine Protesters" 1/7/2021

Norwegian Nursing Home Patients Dead After Receiving First Dose Of Pfizer COVID Vaccine 1/7/2021

Fauci says forced coronavirus vaccination “on the table” as requirement for travel, education 1/7/2021

South Carolina Legislation Looks To Ban Mandatory Vaccines 1/6/2021

Physician in Mexico Admitted to Intensive Care Unit After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine 1/3/2021

After Receiving Vaccination, 240 Israelis Diagnosed with Coronavirus 1/3/2021

Ohio Governor Dewine Says 60% of Nurses and First Responders Are Refusing the Covid Vaccine 2/2/2021

Freedom of choice: New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu won’t mandate coronavirus vaccine 1/1/2021

Up to Half of Health Care Workers in Parts of California Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine 12/31/2020

Another Person Dies Hours After Taking COVID Vaccine 12/31/2020

Hesitations against coronavirus vaccination widespread – even in the medical field 12/30/2020


49-year-old struck with anaphylactic shock after receiving COVID vaccine 12/30/2020

“Mass Sterilization”: Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-fertility Agent in UN Tetanus Vaccine? 12/30/2020

Moderna starts testing coronavirus vaccine on kids aged 12 to 17 despite dangers of negative side effects 12/29/2020

Mandatory coronavirus vaccination bill introduced in New York State Assembly 12/28/2020

Tracking who gets vaccinated is vital for public health, but it's raising privacy concerns 12/28/2020

Red Francis Joins the CDC and the WHO in Pushing COVID Vaccinations 12/26/2020

France Forced To Postpone "Health Dictatorship" Vaccine Legislation 12/26/2020

Scientists Scramble To Identify Culprit Behind Covid Vaccine Allergic Reactions 12/26/2020

What’s Not Being Said About the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. “Human Guinea Pigs”? 12/25/2020

Beijing Boasts It Can Save the World: Says Trust China to Supply Coronavirus Vaccines 12/25/2020

Health care worker in NYC has serious allergic reaction to coronavirus vaccine 12/24/2020

You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either 12/23/2020

The Race To Save Lives: Comparing Vaccine Development Timelines 12/24/2020

COVID-19 vaccines may increase the risk of HIV infections 12/23/2020

Colorado congressman more worried about vaccine than COVID-19 12/23/2020

Pentagon to start vaccinating troops with the Pfizer vaccine 12/23/2020

Mandatory Vaccines & Woke Logic 12/23/2020

Brazil’s Supreme Court rules against human rights, supports mandatory coronavirus vaccines 12/23/2020

Hospital Workers Turn Down COVID Vaccine: "There's Too Much Mistrust" 12/23/2020

Whistleblower who exposed COVID-19 vaccine side effects slapped with lawsuit 12/22/2020

VACCINE EUGENICS: Elderly Americans should not be first in line for COVID-19 vaccine because they’re “too white,” claim medical experts 12/22/2020

Top Pollster Reports Only 49% Believe Coronavirus Vaccine Is Safe 12/22/2020

Southern Baptist head Al Mohler manipulates flock, suggests Christians have biblical obligation to take “Mark of the Beast” COVID-19 vaccine 12/20/2020

FDA is investigating allergic reactions to Pfizer vaccine in multiple states 12/20/2020

Less than 25% of Israelis prepared to take Covid-19 jab immediately, poll shows, as country heads for mass-vaccination campaign 12/20/2020

CDC Issues New Guidelines, Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination 12/20/2020

World Tourism Chief: Mandatory Vaccines Will “Kill” Travel Industry 12/18/2020

When the Elderly and Frail Die after Receiving the COVID Vaccine 12/18/2020

World Economic Forum wants big government, big banks, big corporations to vaccinate the world 12/18/2020

Brazil: Supreme Court Approves Limited Rights for People Not Taking Coronavirus Vaccine 12/18/2020

Pfizer COVID vaccine trial shows alarming evidence of pathogenic priming in older adults 12/18/2020

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler’s coronavirus research: COVID-19 vaccines contain ingredients known to cause autoimmune disease 12/18/2020

Four volunteers immunized with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine developed Bell’s palsy; FDA denies jab caused it 12/18/2020

100,000 doctors & medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine 12/18/2020

Tucker Warns Against ‘Slick’, ‘Social Control’ Vaccine Rollout 12/18/2020

UK to deploy “resuscitation facilities” in coronavirus vaccination centers to treat wave of allergic reactions caused by vaccines 12/18/2020

Vin Gupta says getting vaccinated doesn’t stop infections or the spread of COVID-19, so what’s the point? 12/18/2020

Minutes after receiving coronavirus vaccine, vax-brainwashed nurse loses consciousness and collapses on LIVE TV 12/18/2020

Andrew Yang Calls For Bar Codes to Identify People Who Have Been Vaccinated 12/18/2020

French professor abducted, thrown in psych ward for questioning COVID-19 vaccines 12/17/2020

Founder of vaccine safety website, ex-pharma insider found dead 12/17/2020

As vaccine shipments arrive, Department of Veterans Affairs will target blacks and Hispanics first 12/17/2020

Corona Passports: Ireland Considers Giving Vaccine Certificate Holders Extra Freedoms 12/17/2020

Biden says he would consider making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory 11/16/2020

COVID-19 vaccines contain deadly epitopes that cause autoimmune disease 12/16/2020

Unlike UK, U.S. FDA Allows Pregnant and Nursing Women to Receive Experimental Pfizer COVID Vaccine 12/16/2020

Alaska Health Worker Hospitalized After Experiencing ‘Serious Reaction’ to Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine 12/16/2020

World Economic Forum Wants Government, Central Banks, Big Business to Help ‘Vaccinate the World’ 12/16/2020

Alaska Health Worker Hospitalized After Experiencing ‘Serious Reaction’ to Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine 12/16/2020

STUDY: Vaccinated children “significantly less healthy” than unvaccinated children 12/16/2020

Bill Gates denies ever talking about digital vaccine passports, but there’s video proof he did 12/15/2020

COVID’s Covert Reengineering of Humanity. “Genetically Modified” Vaccines? 12/15/2020

U.S. Bishops Say Catholics Have ‘Moral Responsibility’ to Be Vaccinated Against Coronavirus 12/15/2020

New Jersey State Lawmaker: Coronavirus Vaccine Should Be Required for Children 12/12/2020


Prisoners in Nine States to Receive Coronavirus Vaccine Before General Public 12/11/2020

FDA Approves Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine 12/11/2020

UK Requires ‘Resuscitation Facilities’ at Corona Vaccine Centres After Allergic Reactions 12/10/2020

App Will Implement Vaccination Status; Allow Bars, Restaurants To Identify The Unvaccinated 12/10/2020

AirAsia CEO: Asian Nations ‘Won’t Let Anyone In Without A Vaccination’ 12/10/2020

NY Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Make Vaccination MANDATORY 12/10/2020

Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide 12/9/2020

Do Not Take Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine If You Have ‘Significant History of Allergic Reactions,’ UK Regulator Warns 12/9/2020

Poll: Majority Want Travel Bans For The Unvaccinated 12/9/2020

ANOTHER Travel Company Exec. Says Vaccine Passports Are Coming 12/9/2020

NY Gov Cuomo Calls For Pro-COVID Vaccine “Education Campaign” Directed At “Black, Brown and Poor Communities” 12/9/2020

Dr. Francis Boyle: “Bioweapon” mRNA Vaccines Violate Nuremberg Ruling Against Nazi Cruelty 12/8/2020

CNN: ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ if People Start Dying After Taking the Vaccine 12/8/2020

FDA Says 2 Participants In Pfizer COVID Vaccine Trial Have Died 12/8/2020

FDA Confirms Pfizer Vaccine 95% Effective, Warns Of 'Severe Adverse Reactions' After Dose 2 12/8/2020

AstraZeneca Vaccine Only 62% Effective; Impact On Elderly Unclear As More Data Needed 12/8/2020

Britain Ploughs Ahead: First Coronavirus Pfizer Corona Vaccines Administered, Elderly First in Line 12/8/2020

Cornell U. Offers Exemption to Mandatory Flu Vaccine Policy for ‘BIPOC’ Students 12/8/2020

Fauci: If Only 50% Get Vaccinated We Lack ‘Umbrella of Immunity over Us’ 12/8/2020

Survey: Majority of FDNY Firefighters Would Not Get Coronavirus Vaccine 12/8/2020

Urgent message from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Avoid the Corona vaccine at all costs 12/7/2020

Scientists have discovered a way to store a patient’s vaccination history “under the skin at the same time as the vaccine” 12/7/2020

Bush And Clinton Vow To Join Obama For Televised COVID Vaccination 12/4/2020

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around” 12/4/2020

Black Panther’ Star Letitia Wright Responds to Backlash After Posting Anti-Vaccine Video 12/4/2020

Americans to Get ‘Vaccination Card’ to Prove They’ve Taken the COVID Shot 12/3/2020

Companies in U.S. Unlikely to Make COVID Vaccine Mandatory Condition of Employment 12/3/2020

Welsh Government Says People Will Get ID Cards to Prove They’ve Been Vaccinated 12/2/2020

UK Minister Warns Brits Could Be Denied Normal Life Without COVID Vaccination 12/2/2020

"The Benefits Far Outweigh The Risks" - Pfizer COVID Vaccine Wins UK Approval 12/2/2020

UK PM Boris Johnson: COVID-19 Vaccine Won't Be Mandatory 12/2/2020

UK Minister: You Might Be Banned from Venues Without Vaccine Passport 12/1/2020

CDC Panel: Health Workers, Nursing Homes Should Get Covid Vaccine First 12/1/2020

Brazil's Bolsonaro Says He Won't Take Coronavirus Vaccine 11/27/2020

Dutch Study Involves Exposing Hundreds Of People To COVID-19 To Test Effectiveness Of Vaccines 11/27/2020

Doctors Warn Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine "Won't Be A Walk In The Park" 11/25/2020

COVID Vaccine Hesitancy Widespread, Even Among Medical Professionals 11/25/2020
Qantas Airways CEO Says COVID Vaccination Will Be Mandatory For Travel 11/23/2020

Facebook Plans To Promote COVID Vaccines To Curry Favor With Biden White House 11/23/2020
More Than 2/3rds Of Americans Oppose Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations 11/22/2020
United Nations Tells European Union to Give Vaccines to Migrants  11/22/2020
Vaccines - Too Little, Too Late? 11/19/2020

Top Virologist: “The Worst Thing You Can Do is Make the Vaccine Compulsory” 11/18/2020
Shock Poll: Majority of Conservatives Support Mandatory Vaccines in the UK 11/18/2020
UK Developing QR Code System To Only Allow Vaccinated People Into Events 11/18/2020

British Govt Refuses to Rule Out Mandatory Vaccines, Orders 5 Million Jabs From Moderna 11/17/2020

UK Citizens 'Could Be Banned From Going Into Work' Without Proof Of COVID Vaccination 11/17/2020

Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Abandoned After Public Protests 11/16/2020

Here's How The Pfizer And Moderna Vaccines Stack Up 11/16/2020

Only 46% Of Americans Would Receive COVID Vaccine As Soon As It Is Available 11/16/2020

COVID Censorship: 80 Per Cent of Brits Back Criminalising ‘Anti-Vax’ Posts 11/16/2020

UK PM Meets With Bill Gates To Discuss Implementing "Global" Vaccine Program 11/13/2020

What? Doctor Says People Who Question Safety of COVID Vaccine Must Be Mentally Ill 11/12/2020

How Ticketmaster Plans to Check Your Vaccine Status for Concerts + More 11/12/2020

Ron Paul: No Vaccine for Tyranny 11/2/2020

New York Bar Urges State to Consider COVID Vaccine Mandate 11/11/2020

Bill would allow children 11 years and older to be vaccinated without parental knowledge 10/29/2020

China Disappears Mother Protesting Faulty Chinese Vaccines 10/29/2020

Top UK Scientists Warn "Many, Or All" COVID-19 Vaccine Projects Could Fail, First Gen "Likely To Be Imperfect" 10/29/2020

Did the Gates Foundation Actually Sterilize Hundreds of Thousands of Young Girls in India? 10/26/2020

Coronavirus vaccine trial participants harmed by the experimental drug will find it difficult to be compensated 10/26/2020

Top 5 reasons NOT to get a flu shot 10/26/2020

Another 25 citizens pronounced DEAD from the flu shot in Korea 10/25/2020

The True Story About Hydrogel Mimicry That The Experts Don't Want You To Know 10/24/2020

Bill Gates and MIT unveil quantum dot technology to mark children’s skin so they can be scanned for vaccine compliance 10/19/2020

Medical Journal Calls For Mandatory Covid Vaccine: ‘Noncompliance Should Incur A Penalty’ 10/2/2020



Putin To Be Among First To Receive Sputnik Vaccine Ahead Of S.Korea Visit 9/28/2020

UN says new polio outbreak in Sudan caused by oral vaccine 9/2/20209

Virginians to Face Mandatory COVID Vaccination. Will They Resist? Who’s Next? 8/23/2020

W.H.O Issues Directive on Global Distribution for Coronavirus Vaccine 8/19/2020

Facebook Sued Over Warning Labels on Anti-Vaccine Posts 8/17/2020
Realistic’ to Have COVID-19 Vaccine in the Fall, ‘Very Credible’ to Have Millions of Doses by En of Year 8/5/2020
 Robert Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger of Using Largely Untested COVID Vaccines on Kids 7/27/2020

Trump Administration Lays out Plan for 100 Million Virus Vaccine Doses by Year’s End 7/22/2020

Melinda Gates - Covid-19 Vaccines Must Go To Blacks And People of Color Before Whites (6/16/2020)

Colorado Bill Would Require “Re-Education” Classes for Parents Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine 6/9/2020

Quarter Of Americans Have No Interest In Taking COVID Vaccine  5/21/2020

MILITARY vaccine mandates? Dept. of Defense purchasing 500 million ApiJect syringes to inject every person in America with coronavirus vaccine 5/13/2020

HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World 10/2017

To find a coronavirus vaccine, can we ethically infect people with a disease with no cure? 5/5/2020

Most Canadians Think COVID-19 Vaccine Should be Mandatory 4/29/2020

The anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown movements are converging, refusing to be 'enslaved' 4/24/2020

Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory -- lucrative! -- vaccine 4/8/2020

11-year-old boy dies of flu despite getting vaccine 1/16/2020

CDC: Season’s Flu Vaccine ‘Mismatch’ for Main Strain Hitting Children 1/17/2020

Seattle Forces Public School Students To Get Vaccinated During Winter Break 12/26/2019

Quantum dot "tattoos" could record a patient's vaccine history under their skin 12/18/2019

Never Trumper  Suggests Putting Anti-Vaxxers In "Re-Education Camps" 12/9/2019

MEDICAL HORROR: Genetic sequencing of common vaccine finds entire male human genome from aborted human baby… “a complete individual genome” with abnormal, modified genes… 560 genes linked to cancer 10/4/2019

Family Found to Have Met Burden of Proof that Gardasil Caused Daughter’s Death 2/20/2019

Almost 650 girls needed medical intervention after HPV vaccine 9/12/2017

U.S. court pays $6 million to Gardasil victims  12/31/2014

Doctor Fined $100,000 for ‘Anti-Vax’ Social Media Posts 7/5/2019

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., 120 others at Statehouse blast vaccinations 6/26/2019

New York ends religious exemption to vaccine mandates 6/14/2019

Healthy 14 Week Old Infant Gets 8 Vaccines and Dies Within 24 Hours 10/19/2018

First-Ever Peer-Reviewed Study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children Shows Vaccinated Kids Have a Higher Rate of Sickness, 470% Increase in Autism 5/7/2017

Robert Mendelsohn – The First Anti-Vaccine Pediatrician 10/5/2016

Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Speak Out: 'The Guilt Is Huge' 2/15/2015

Physicians for Informed Consent Link

Obtaining consent for the immunization of adults (National Institutes of Health)