I will be including some short personal video clips where I express my views on various topics and other personal videos.

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First Apostolic Churh -  Frankfort, KY Website

Picture Slideshow - Pictures Taken By Me - 2015-2021        11/16/2021
Mostly Sunrise & Sunset Photos
Note: About 1000 Pictures - 50 Minutes Long

Why we should all be gazing at more sunsets 4/13/2023

Freedom and Liberty  7/3/2022

Perilous Times 2/27/2022

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Into the End Zone 2/13/2022

2022 Christmas with my Grandughters(Emma & Chloe) and their cousin Makai 1/3/2023

2021 Christmas With My Granddaughters (Unedited) 12/26/2021

2020 Christmas With My Granddaughters 12/26/2020