We report on so much bad news in the world, but we want to show you some good news stories and acts of kindness by individuals and organizations.

2 Peter 1:5-7  And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;  And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness;  And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. 

    Some Good News, Human Interest Stories


Heroic Michigan Cop Rescues Elderly Woman from Burning Truck 12/20/2023


Kidnappers CAUGHT: Heroic Truck Driver Rescues Over a Dozen Children Trapped in Padlocked Cage in Pickup Truck 8/30/2023

Cocco's Pizza delivery driver Tyler Morrell joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to discuss how he stepped in to help officers make an arrest in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. 4/20/2023


Teen Praised for Rescuing Little Sister from Knife Attack: ‘A Super Hero’ 1/22/2023

Oldest living Pearl Harbor veteran celebrates 105th birthday at National WWII Museum 1/11/2023

                     ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky Prays for Damar Hamlin’s Recovery Live On-Air 1/4/2023

Feel Good Friday surprise for a deputy who helped a stuck cat inside a car at Walmart 12/30/22

                    Orlando garbage collector reunites with triplets who was their 'hero' 12/22/2022
Rogers Arkansas middle schooler gifted a new wheelchair 12/20/2022

South Carolina US Army veteran gets gift of lifetime: paid-off mortgage 12/20/2022

Sweet woman raising grandchildren after her 3 kids died gets Secret Santa surprise 12/20/2022
                            Single mom with son nearly killed in ATV accident gets a surprise from a Secret Santa 12/18/2022

Single mom of 4 battling cancer moved to tears with a Secret Santa surprise 11/30/2022

Man with wife and son in different hospitals following horrible crash gets a Secret Santa surprise 11/25/2022

Hero Security Guard Praises God for Helping Him

School Bus Drivers Rescue Toddler Who Was Taken During Carjacking 10/10/22

Off-duty firefighter catches baby from second-floor window during house fire 7/17/2022

Deputies Save Boy Trapped in House Fire

Cancer patient's son adopted by her nurse after she died 3/25/2022

Combat-wounded veteran receives new mortgage-free home 3/24/2022

Good Samaritan pulls children from toppled school bus 2/24/2022

Hero surfers save elderly man dragged out to sea | Today Show Australia 2/22/2022

  Victoria’s Secret makes history casting gorgeous model with Down syndrome 2/16/2022

Boater who fell into the Santa Barbara Channel helped by nudging seal, swims to oil rig safely

Bengals fan saves Raiders fan's life outside PBS before kickoff 1/18/2022

Woman Rescues Two Children from Icy Pond: ‘They Were Babies and Needed Help’ 1/11/2022

Detroit DoorDash Driver Saves Toddler Roaming Streets in Frigid Temperatures 1/10/2022

Cops Save Pilot From Train After Plane Crashes Near Tracks 1/10/2022

Good Neighbors: Niagara County girl makes chemo comfort bags 1/5/2022

School custodian gets a surprise from a Secret Santa 12/23/2021

56 years later, Vietnam War veteran gets to thank the man who saved him 12/22/21

McDonald's worker weeps when surprised with a car from Secret Santa 12/22/2021

Good Samaritan honored after stopping purse thief 12/16/2021

Meet Henry the hero dog 12/16/2021

Man who needs heart transplant and his wife are overwhelmed with Secret Santa gift 12/17/21

Stranger returns hope with discarded Army uniform 11/12/2021

Pastor Tackles Man With Gun During Sunday Service 11/8/2021

Good Samaritans Thwart Alleged Attempted Abduction 10/31/2021

George Strait - The Weight Of The Badge (Official Music Video) 10/28/2021

Marine Corps Veteran and Family Gifted Home: ‘A Dream Come True’ 10/29/2021

5 Men Rescue Elderly Couple from Burning Car: These Guys Are Heroes 9/10/2021

Role model inspires boy with Down Syndrome to complete mini-triathalon 6/18/2021

50 years after adoption, woman learns her birth mother starred in her favorite childhood TV show 6/1/2021

Eight-Year-Old Girl Named Citizen of the Year for Saving Toddler from Drowning 5/6/2021

Good Samaritan Rescues Baby Thrown Into Maryland Bay After Crash 5/4/2021

Community Holds Parade ‘Fit for a Princess’ for Girl Diagnosed with Cancer 8/13/2018

Community Hosts 100 Car Parade for WWII Veteran’s 100th Birthday 4/12/2021

Police deliver surprise Easter baskets to Michigan family 4/2/2021

Son Raises Money to Take Terminally Ill Mom on Dream Vacation 3/26/2021

Ohio Trooper, Cleveland Police officers honored for saving elderly couple from burning home 3/23/21

Griffin’s Gambit | Chess Documentary - After undergoing a left functional hemispherectomy (a surgery removing most of the left side of the brain to avoid the spread of seizures), Griffin McConnell learns to cope with his disability as he challenges the traditional mold of what a chess master could look like. 1/12/2021

Arkansas cancer clinic forgives $650K in patient debt 12/31/2020

Nonprofit Helps Donate Roof to Grandma Raising Five Kids: ‘God Answers Prayers’ 12/31/2020

Seven-Year-Old Boy Rescues Baby Sister from House Fire: ‘I Got Her, Dad’ 12/29/2020

Secret Santa Gives Mom of Ten Fighting Breast Cancer $6K in Gift Cards 12/15/2020

Secret Santa gives farmer truck after daughter writes touching letter 11/26/2020

Girl Released from Hospital Fulfills Dream of Riding Medical Helicopter 11/29/2020

Secret Santa Surprises McDonald’s Worker with Car, $5,000 in Gas Cards 11/29/2020

riends Surprise Louisville Girl Outside Hospital Window Before 48th Surgery 11/29/2020

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek's special Thanksgiving message 11/26/2020

Boy tries to stop intruders during home invasion 10/12/2020

Sheriff’s Office Replaces Vietnam Veteran’s Stolen Medals 10/1/2020
After he suffered a heart attack, 60 neighbors showed up to help a local farmer 9/21/2020

First responders surprise young boy who has cancer 12/9/2017

200 farmers stay silent during auction so man can buy back his beloved family farm 8/25/2020

Kentucky Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday: ‘I Feel Wonderful
’  8/3/2020

The wisest man I ever met was a third grade dropout 10/9/2017
                               Grandpa Surprises Ten Grandkids with School Bus 12/31/2019

 Single mom Receives Free Car Im The Drive Through After Being Nominated For A "Christmas Wish" 12/16/2019

Texas DPS trooper prays with couple headed to Dallas to bury family member 12/17/2019

Tennessee Nurse and Cancer Patient Sing Duet of ‘O Holy Night’ 12/18/2019

BIG BUCK DOWN!! 1st Kansas Buck | The Virtue TV 10/1/2019

The Pro-Life Reply to: "Babies with Disabilities Are Better Off Aborted" 7/23/2019

Community Attends Funeral of WWII Veteran Who Died Without Family 2/14/2019

The heartbreaking story of the greatest walk-on ever, Brandon Burlsworth | College GameDay

This Taxi Driver Has an Amazing Life Story You'll Want to Hear 5/14/2017

Open the Eyes of My Heart (Duffley) 3/14/14

After naming worst place to live in America, reporter makes a correction, of sorts 3/31/2017

Ex-NFL star finds new passion in farming 11/14/2014

Powerlifting 82-Year-Old Grandma Takes Down Home Intruder 11/25/2019

Mom Hears Disabled Son Say ‘I Love You’ for First Time in 19 Years 11/29/2019

Veteran Saves Child from Dog Attack 11/26/2019

Son of fallen deputy tries to buy his dad's squad car 5/13/2015

Dallas police officers attend senior night in support of fallen officer's daughter 10/30/2019

Firefighters in Buffalo, New York, put aside their suits and helmets on Sunday to throw a birthday party for a six-year-old boy whose house was destroyed just days before. 7/16/2019

  Secret Santa saves Christmas  12/14/2014

Wisconsin Farmers Come Together To Help One of Their Own 11/20/2012

Singing Flash Mob Overwhelms Soldier 10/7/2011

Flash mob of over 60 a cappella singers sing gospel song in Chick-fil-A  7/12/2018

Try Not To Cry Happy Tears Part 1(US Troops Coming Home) 2014

Young couple facing hardship breaks down when they receive a gift 12/3/2018

Cop hijacks intercom at local Kmart for unexpected announcement 12/14/2017

Boy with Autism shoots 6 Three Pointers in Basketball Game  when given a chance 11/3/2011

Inspirational story about Reds' bat boy with down syndrome 5/5/2013

Doctor becomes colleagues with nurse who cared for him in NICU 9/11/2018

How two bitter enemies became friends 4/17/2015

After losing parents, 6-year-old boy seeks smiles 8/7/2015

11-year-old throws "Thank You" party for police 2/19/2016

ttle girl gives 82-year-old widower new lease on life 11/18/2016

Ernest Ogg shares his story and contemplates what it means to have a "purpose in life."  3/18/2018