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Idaho Nurse Surprised with Car from Secret Santa Outside Hospital 11/21/2020

Missing 9-Year-Old Boy Found Alive After 3-Day Search in the Woods 11/18/2020

First Responders Organize Surprise Parade for Boy with Cancer 9/24/2020

Domino’s Pizza Donates $110 Million to St. Jude Children’s Hospital 9/16/2020

Man Plans to Donate Kidney to Man He Has Never Met 9/15/2020

Thousands of Bikers and Truckers Ride to New York ‘Back the Blue’ Rally 8/17/2020

Oldest Living U.S. Marine Celebrates 105th Birthday 8/1/2020

Man who was dead for 20 minutes after being electrocuted shares his survival story 8/15/2019

Tornado Destroys Indiana Home, but Leaves Family Bible Unscathed 5/30/2019

'God is real': Two teens stranded in the ocean rescued by a boat named 'The Amen' 5/2/2019

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek's special Thanksgiving message 11/26/2020

Boy tries to stop intruders during home invasion 10/12/2020

Sheriff’s Office Replaces Vietnam Veteran’s Stolen Medals 10/1/2020

After he suffered a heart attack, 60 neighbors showed up to help a local farmer 9/21/2020

First responders surprise young boy who has cancer 12/9/2017

200 farmers stay silent during auction so man can buy back his beloved family farm 8/25/2020

Kentucky Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday: ‘I Feel Wonderful
’  8/3/2020

The wisest man I ever met was a third grade dropout 10/9/2017
                               Grandpa Surprises Ten Grandkids with School Bus 12/23/2019

Deputies Give Boy with Heart Condition Truckload of Christmas Gifts 12/21/2019

 Single mom Receives Free Car Im The Drive Through After Being Nominated For A "Christmas Wish" 12/16/2019

Texas DPS trooper prays with couple headed to Dallas to bury family member 12/17/2019

Tennessee Nurse and Cancer Patient Sing Duet of ‘O Holy Night’ 12/18/2019


BIG BUCK DOWN!! 1st Kansas Buck | The Virtue TV 10/1/2019

Community Attends Funeral of WWII Veteran Who Died Without Family 2/14/2019

The heartbreaking story of the greatest walk-on ever, Brandon Burlsworth | College GameDay

Open the Eyes of My Heart (Duffley) 3/14/14

After naming worst place to live in America, reporter makes a correction, of sorts 3/31/2017

Ex-NFL star finds new passion in farming 11/14/2014

Powerlifting 82-Year-Old Grandma Takes Down Home Intruder 11/25/2019

Mom Hears Disabled Son Say ‘I Love You’ for First Time in 19 Years 11/29/2019

Veteran Saves Child from Dog Attack 11/26/2019

Son of fallen deputy tries to buy his dad's squad car 5/13/2015

Dallas police officers attend senior night in support of fallen officer's daughter 10/30/2019

Firefighters in Buffalo, New York, put aside their suits and helmets on Sunday to throw a birthday party for a six-year-old boy whose house was destroyed just days before. 7/16/2019

On the Road: Secret Santa saves Christmas 12/7/2012

Wisconsin Farmers Come Together To Help One of Their Own 11/20/2012

Singing Flash Mob Overwhelms Soldier 10/7/2011


Flash mob of over 60 a cappella singers sing gospel song in Chick-fil-A  7/12/2018

Try Not To Cry Happy Tears Part 1(US Troops Coming Home) 2014

Young couple facing hardship breaks down when they receive a gift 12/3/2018

Cop hijacks intercom at local Kmart for unexpected announcement 12/14/2017

A little good news for your day

Inspirational story about Reds' bat boy with down syndrome 5/5/2013

Doctor becomes colleagues with nurse who cared for him in NICU 9/11/2018

How two bitter enemies became friends 4/17/2015

After losing parents, 6-year-old boy seeks smiles 8/7/2015

11-year-old throws "Thank You" party for police 2/19/2016

Little girl gives 82-year-old widower new lease on life 11/18/2016

Watch An Entire Team Of Teenage Football Players Do Something Very Unexpected 11/6/2013

Ernest Ogg shares his story and contemplates what it means to have a "purpose in life."  3/18/2018