The most critical step in regard to helping in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering ( and thus helping in the fight for the greater good) is making the decision to get involved with the cause at hand. There is only one way forward in this battle, we MUST reach a critical mass of awareness, this effort will take all of us. The human race faces countless challenges, so one must prioritize. One must decide what the most critical priority battle is. Global geoengineering/weather warfare/biological warfare programs are the greatest and most immediate threat currently faced by the human race short of nuclear cataclysm (a threat that climate engineering is also exacerbating by making Earth more vulnerable to solar flares, electric grid shutdown, and thus nuclear meltdown). The ongoing weather warfare assault is completely derailing the planet's climate systems, completely contaminating our air (all precipitation), our soils and waters. Geoengineering is also shredding the ozone layer. No ozone layer, no terrestrial life on Earth. From countless directions climate engineering is pushing the human race and all life on Earth toward mathematically certain near term total extinction. The greatest single leap we could take toward changing our current course of biosphere implosion is to expose and halt the geoengineering insanity.

By Dane Wigington


Weather Events, Environmental Issues, Climate Change -   Scientific Fact? or Fiction

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