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First Amendment/Free Speech Links/Censorship


Time for Action: Chase Bank Denies Service to Conservatives 2/24/2019

Lindsey Graham: We Will Take a ‘Long Hard Look’ at Social Media Censorship of Conservatives 2/28/2019


Second  Amendment/ Gun Rights Organizations Links

The National Rifle Association (NRA)

Gun Owners of America (GOA)

Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)

Oath Keepers

Law Enforcement Support

Officer Down Memorial Page

C.O.P.S. - Concerns of Police Survivors

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund


National Alliance For Law Enforcement Support

FLETC - Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers

COPLINE - National Law Enforcement Officers Hotline

National Alliance On Mental Illness - Law Enforcement Officers Support

NCBI - Peer support in law enforcement: past, present, and future.


National Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation

International Conference of Police Chaplains

Charities That Support Veterans

Fisher House Foundation

Thanks USA

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Homes For Our Troops

Puppies Behind Bars

Wounded Warriors Family Support

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

United Service Organization

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans (IAVA)

Hope for the Warriors

Wounded Warrior Project


Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019? NY Times

The U.S. Debt Clock in Real Time

Dave Ramsey - daveramsey.com


Bank Bail-Ins

Why Bank Bail-Ins Will Be the New Bailouts

The Bail-In: Or How you Could Lose Your Money in the Bank

Here’s Where the Next Bank Deposit “Bail-In” Will Strike…

Too Big to Bail: How Much Can We Really Trust Banks?

How Depositor Funds Can Be Legally Confiscated for Bank “Bail-Ins”…

Your” Money Doesn’t Belong to You! The Truth About … “Bank Bail-Ins”

“Bail-Ins” And The War On Cash: Will Your Money Be Safe?

Bank Bail-Ins, The $297 Trillion Monster Hiding In Your Closet

Financial Advisors/Commentators
Martin Armstrong - Armstrong Economics
Doug Casey - Casey Research
Gerald Celente - Trends Research
Danielle DiMartino Booth
Catherine Austin Fitts - Solari Report
Bill Holter - silverdoctors.com
Greg Hunter - USAWatchdog
Rob Kirby - kirbyanalytics.com
Gregory Mannarino - TradersChoice.net
Chris Martenson - PeakProsperity
Michael Pento  pentoport.com
Naomi Prins nomiprins.com
James Rickards - James Rickards Project
Jim Rogers - The Millennium Adventure
John Rubino - Financial Sense
Peter Schiff - Euro Pacific Capital
Jim Sinclair - MineSet
David Stockman - Contra Corner
Lynette Zang