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The AncientBiotics Project 3/30/2020

Dr. Dave Janda: Bad Medicine 5/15/2016

Tucker Carlson on the EPA Loosening Oversight of Atrazine & It's Harmful Effects 1/19/2020

Big Tech About To Ban All Content That Promotes Healthy Living  3/13/2019

Edmond man says cheap drug for dogs cured his cancer 4/26/2019


The Starch Solution - John McDougall MD (FULL TALK) 9/5/2018

Cure Type 2 Diabetes With Sugar & White Rice - Dr. McDougall 2/23/2019

Dr. McDougall's Webinar: How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes, Part 1 11/12/2015

Dr. McDougalls Webinar: How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes, Part 2, Webinar: 11/19/15

he Biopharmaceutical Industry's Ties To The FDA. Is This A Problem?

Why is the FDA funded in part by the companies it regulates? 5/13/2021

How the FDA & Big Pharma Collusion Can Kill Us While Taking Our Money (No Date)

For Big Pharma, the revolving door keeps spinning 7/11/2019

Trust issues deepen as yet another FDA commissioner joins the pharmaceutical industry 7/1/2019

The Connection between the FDA, Pharmaceutical Companies, and Addiction 6/26/2019

FDA medical adviser: 'Congress is owned by pharma' 3/13/2019

Candidate to Lead FDA Has Close Ties to Big Pharma 2/19/2019

Investigation Examines Big Pharma Payments to FDA Advisers 7/6/2018

Hidden conflicts? Pharma payments to FDA advisers after drug approvals spark ethical concerns 7/5/2018

The Biopharmaceutical Industry Provides 75% Of The FDA's Drug Review Budget. Is This A Problem? 6/28/2018


Regular exercise can significantly cut the risk of developing anxiety 9/14/2021

Cancer’s ‘Achilles’ heel’ discovered by scientists 8/29/2021

Digital detox: Can taking a break from tech improve your well-being? 8/25/2021

Diabetes surges among American youth, study shows 8/24/2021

A plant-based diet is the best way to avoid heart disease, according to a new report 8/12/2021

PETA Slams NIH for Grants Dooming Beagles to Parasite Experiments 8/11/2021

New Gel Treatment Shows Promise For Skin Cancer 8/9/2021

Time to ditch the wine? Drinking ANY amount of alcohol is harmful to the brain, study warns 5/19/2021

Brink of a fertility crisis: Scientist says plummeting sperm counts caused by everyday products 5/18/2021

Florida residents claim 'pest control trial' that will release up to a BILLION genetically engineered mosquitos in the Keys to reduce species carrying diseases is 'TERRORISM' 4/26/2021

FDA orders Dr. Mercola to stop writing about health benefits of vitamin D… because knowledge is the enemy of every totalitarian regime 4/6/2021

US Military Ordered 'Clandestine Burning' Of Toxic Chemicals In Poor Neighborhoods: Study 3/26/2021

Here’s another health benefit of flaxseed: Improved gum health 3/26/2021

Preservative in Pop-Tarts, Cheez-Its, hundreds of popular foods may harm immune system 3/25/2021

Harvard study says 2 fruits, 3 vegetables ‘right’ number of daily servings for a longer life 3/1/2021

Study reveals Bayer’s Roundup linked to “a host of chronic and mental illness” 2/8/2021

Davos Unleashes Food Control Tied to Pharmacutical Companies 1/29/2021

Engineering Famine through Food Profiling 12/29/2020

Study: Cortisone injections for hip and knee pain can speed up joint disintegration, which results in patients needing joint replacements 12/15/2020

Government Muzzled Media on Birth Defects in Children of Gulf War Veterans 11/9/2020

Toxic chemicals in Kentucky tap water part of broader problem; 200 million Americans at risk 11/10/2020

Study: Religious Practice Drastically Reduces ‘Deaths from Despair’ 5/12/2020

OCK HIM UP Coronavirus patient under 24/7 armed guard after REFUSING to self-isolate 3/14/2020

The Worst-Case Estimate for U.S. Coronavirus Deaths 3/13/2020

China Threatens to Cut Off Medicine, Throw America into ‘Mighty Sea of Coronavirus’ 3/13/2010

Fauci said that he was 'not sure' if the US would reach full shut-down mode but that it's not off the table 3/13/2020

This Is A Test: How Will The Constitution Fare During A Nationwide Lockdown? 3/10/2020

Army’s Top Infectious Diseases Scientist to Everyone: ‘Wash Your Hands’ 3/5/2020

Patient Released from Texas Coronavirus Quarantine Later Tests Positive 3/2/2020

Bill Gates Warns Coronavirus Might Be ‘Once-in-a-Century Pathogen’ 3/1/2020

Coronavirus: Over 87,000 Infected Globally, Nearly 3,000 Dead 3/1/2020

Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus 2/28/2020

UK Government Document Warns Coronavirus Could Infect 80%, Kill Half A Million Brits 2/27/2020

Scientists Discover HIV-Like "Mutation" Which Makes Coronavirus Extremely Infectious 2/27/2020

Poor quality Western diet kills sperm count and lowers male testosterone, study says 2/24/2020

When Will We Admit Covid-19 Is Unstoppable And Global Depression Is Inevitable? 2/24/2020

Harvard Professor Says 40-70 Per Cent of People Worldwide Will Be Infected With Coronavirus 2/24/2020

"It's Total Panic" - Store-Shelves Empty As Virus-Spread Sparks Panic-Buying Food & Masks Across Italy 2/24/2020

Researchers Find 61.5% Of Coronavirus Patients With Severe Pneumonia Won't Survive 2/22/2020

Dozens of Italian Towns on ‘Effective Lockdown’ as Coronavirus Takes Hold 2/22/2020

When US Hospitals And Military Publicly Brace For A Pandemic, You Should Pay Attention 2/21/2020

Coronavirus-Infected Americans Were Flown Home Despite CDC Objections 02/20/2020

China deploys 40 incinerators to Wuhan amid fears of coronavirus death toll 'cover up' 2/19/2020

Wuhan Hospital Director Dies from Coronavirus 2/18/2020

Hubei Doctors Warn Of Even-Deadlier Coronavirus Reinfection Causing Sudden Heart Attacks 2/16/2020

"I Was Knocking On Hell's Door": 21-Year-Old Student Recounts 'Nightmare' Of Contracting Virus In Wuhan 2/16/2020

China Has ‘Global Chokehold’ on Medicine, Can Shut Down Our Pharmacies, Hospitals in Months 2/14/2020

CDC Director Warns Coronavirus Soon Widespread Throughout United States: ‘It’s Coming’ 2/14/2020

US Military Initiates "Global Campaign Plan For Pandemic" 2/13/2020

Shocking Admission, WHO Advisor Says Coronavirus May Infect Over 5 Billion People 2/13/2020

"All Disasters Are Not Created Equally" - CDC Powerless In Halting Spread Of Covid-19 2/12/2020

Where did they go? Millions left Wuhan before quarantine 2/9/2020

Eighty-six people die of virus in a DAY in China as Beijing starts rounding up sufferers 2/10/2020

Wuhan Province Cremating Hundreds per Day While China Reports Dozens of Virus Deaths 2/7/2020

Wuhan Mayor Admits: Five Million Left Before Virus Lockdown 1/27/2020

U.S. Hospitals Aren’t Ready for the Coronavirus 1/25/2020

China scrambles to contain 'strengthening' virus 1/26/2020

A leading medical institution created a simulation that shows how a new disease could kill 900 million people — and it reveals how unprepared we are 7/29/2018

Experimental HIV Vaccine Deemed ‘Ineffective’ in Stopping Virus 2/3/2020

Physicians Doubt CDC, WHO Readiness for Possible Coronavirus Pandemic 1/27/2020

China shuts down more cities in bid to contain deadly virus 1/23/2020

CDC Confirms First U.S. Case of Deadly China Virus 1/21/2020

Tired Nation: Americans Now Averaging Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep Per Night 1/20/2020

New virus prompts U.S. to screen passengers from Wuhan, China 1/17/2020

Chinese woman with mystery virus quarantined in Thailand 1/13/2020

The medications that change who we are 1/8/2020

Study estimates that half of US adults will be obese by 2030 12/18/2019

Paradigm Shift: 3 in 4 Believe Natural Remedies Like Cannabis Are Safer Than Prescriptions 12/12/2019

Thousands of Hospital Patients Exposed to HIV, Hepatitis Due to Botched Sterilization 11/21/2019

Mother of Baby Killed by Communist Cuban Doctors Launches Justice Campaign 10/23/2019

Newly discovered virus disturbs scientists who have no idea how it infects hosts 10/21/2019

FDA: Thousands of Deaths Linked to Puberty Blockers 10/2/2019

Smart Phones, Computers Creating Generation Of Porn Addicts; Some States Call It ‘Public Health Emergency’ 9/25/2019

Doctors took a newborn baby from her parents after they refused a vitamin K shot for her. Now the couple is suing the hospital and DCFS. 9/24/2019

Mosquito-borne virus victim went from healthy to brain dead in 9 days 9/18/2019

Deadly ‘super mosquitoes that are even tougher’ accidentally created by scientists after bungled experiment 9/17/2019

World faces increasing risk of pandemics that could kill millions, panel says 9/18/2019

Is a Dark Ages disease the new American plague threat?  9/8/2019

Coroner: Leader of large organic food scheme dies by suicide 8/20/2019

Study Links Fluoridated Water During Pregnancy to Lower IQs 8/19/2019

Why Some Doctors Purposely Misdiagnose Patients 8/15/2019

Can diet help cancer treatment? Study in mice offers clues 8/1/2019

LED light can damage eyes, health authority warns 5/14/2019

Tampa judge orders chemo for young cancer patient; 5/8/2019

All Signs Point to UN Imposed Medical Martial Law Coming to the Southern Border 4/17/2019

Mysterious Drug-Resistant Germ Deemed An “Urgent Threat” Is Quietly Sweeping The Globe 4/7/2019

Disturbing Increase in Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults 3/29/2019

US government approves experiment to create a type of bird flu that could 'could kill millions of people' 3/8/2019