The influence of mass media has an effect on many aspects of the human life. This can include: voting a certain way, individual views and beliefs, or even false information that can skew a person's knowledge of a specific topic. Media is an ever-changing field and is being critiqued now more than ever by the general public. The overall influence of mass media has increased drastically over the years, and will continue to do so as the media itself improves. Media influence is the actual force exerted by a media message, resulting in either a change or reinforcement in audience or individual beliefs. (Wikipedia)

Television certainly has much to offer, and without a doubt is a great innovation. But when it comes to relying on it, whether to be informed or entertained, it can certainly affect people negatively. Television programming is designed in such a way to get our all attention, it is a big time business, and like drugs for mind control. (DigitalTrends)

How does Media change your perception of culture? Nowadays, because of social media the way we look at an image and receive a piece of information have changed. (Min Kim | TEDxLehighU )

Does the media control our brains?.... Probably not, but you can’t argue that the media–news, entertainment, even educational media–is able to handily deliver messages which impact the way we see the world. We learn our personal values from our parents, friends, colleagues, and authority figures but we also gain tons of insight about ourselves and the world from the arts, sciences, politics, entertainment, journalism... much information about this stuff gets to us through the media. The question is: as the media is bringing information and insight to us, and that info-slash-insight is having some kind of impact on our thoughts and actions, how exactly does that happen?                           (PBS Idea Channel)

Television has a big impact on the way we spend our free time. It probably affects younger people more than adults, as they watch more TV.  Critics of television claim that TV takes away too much of our free time so that we lack time for other activities like family conversations, reading, getting exercise etc.. It also shows us a world that is not real.  Television often encourages us to think that the world is more violent than it really is. Through TV we perceive the glamorous life of people and believe that they are better off than we are. Television contributes to our education and knowledge. Documentaries and information programs give us insight on nature, our environment and political events. Television has a huge impact on politics. In election years, discussions, speeches and campaign news of candidates are broadcast almost every day. Political parties buy TV time to present their views and bring ideas to the audience. Sports attract the biggest audiences on television.  TV stations pay enormous amounts of money to broadcast big sport events, like the Super Bowl, Olympic Games, or professional basketball, football and baseball. Because of television some sports have gained popularity and more and more people engage in them.

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               Media's Influence on the Culture

In my lifetime I have seen significant changes in the culture and attitudes of people. Television and later  the internet played a major role in changing people's mindset and values. Lifestyles once considered sinful or abnormal are now considered normal. Mainstream media has played  a role in influencing our values as to what is right or wrong.

"Americans still watch an absolutely astounding amount of traditional television. In fact, television viewing didn’t peak until 2009-2010, when the average American household watched 8 hours and 55 minutes of TV per day. And the ’00s saw the greatest growth in TV viewing time of any decade since Nielsen began keeping track in 1949-1950: Americans watched 1 hour and 23 minutes more television at the end of the decade than at the beginning. Run the numbers and you’ll find that 32 percent of the increase in viewing time from the birth of television to its peak occurred in the first years of the 21st century."  (The Atlantic)


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