The telecommunications industry is actively promoting and marketing 5G (or 5th Generation) Technology and the Internet of Things with glossy ads and reassuring  television commercials. They promise that 5G will bring enhanced communications, jobs, and an economic boost to our cities and our nation.  Researchers, physicists,  biologists and physicians argue, however, that there are health, safety, environmental, privacy, security and energy use issues that have not been addressed before the widespread rollout. These scientists predict a biological, environmental as well as societal disruption resulting from this technology that will be difficult or impossible to reverse.The far-reaching Telecommunications  Act of 1996 helps businesses roll out wireless and simultaneously dismisses health or environmental concerns. (Physicians for Safe Technology)  

 Until now, mobile broadband networks have been designed to meet the needs of people. But 5G has been created with machines’ needs in mind, offering low-latency, high-efficiency data transfer. It achieves this by breaking data down into smaller packages, allowing for faster transmission times. Whereas 4G has a fifty-millisecond delay, 5G data transfer will offer a mere one-millisecond delay–we humans won’t notice the difference, but it will permit machines to achieve near-seamless communication. Which in itself  may open a whole Pandora’s box of trouble for us – and our planet. (Eluxe Magazine)

   The United States is in a race against countries including China, to lead the 5G revolution and the multibillion-dollar economies it will enable. Former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler stresses the billions of dollars 5G will bring the industry, states "we will not wait for standards" and demands that "people stay out of the way of technological advancement." (


5G/Cellphone Radiation/ Wireless  Risks

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