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World’s Worst Polluter China Promotes Climate ‘Compensation’ – But Won’t Pay 11/10/2022

Tropical Storm Nicole Sweeps Roads Away on Florida’s Coast 11/10/2022

Before and after: See how the Mississippi River and its tributaries have dropped to record lows 10/22/2022

Hurricane Ian batters Florida's Gulf Coast with catastrophic fury 9/28/2022

CO2 Has Almost No Effect on Global Temperature, Says Leading Climate Scientist 9/26/2022

More Signs That Illinois' Green "Industrial Policy" Is Failing 9/5/2022

Another Green Disaster: Amazon Took Solar Rooftops Offline Following Major Fires, Electrical Explosions 9/5/2022

California’s New Gas Vehicle Sale Ban ‘Could Be’ a National Model 9/3/2022

Energy Emergency: Britain Planning for Days of Winter Blackouts 8/10/2022

Triple-digit temps scorch the Midwest, smash a host of records 6/15/2022

Extreme drought prompts closure of Joshua Tree trail to ensure water for bighorn sheep 6/8/2022

Carbon dioxide “has almost nothing to do with climate,” says World Climate Declaration signatory 5/4/2022

15 inches of snow makes Nebraska look like 'middle of winter' in early May 5/3/2022

Colorado River Reservoirs Are So Low, Government Is Delaying Releases 5/3/2022

Drought: Severe Water Restrictions Begin in Southern California 4/27/2022

Trump at Heritage Foundation Dinner: ‘Climate Hysteria Hoax’ Destroying Economy 4/21/2022

Western heat wave sets records, fuels fire near Boulder, Colo. 3/27/2022

Deadly Tornado Barrels Through New Orleans Metro Area — 1 Dead, Multiple Injuries 3/23/2022

It’s 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica. Scientists are flabbergasted. 3/19/2022

Dangerously hot conditions’ prompt rare February heat alert in Los Angeles 2/8/2022

Bone-chilling cold makes it feel like 88 below zero in remote Alaskan town 2/8/2022

Governors Using Federal Coronavirus Funds to Fight ‘Climate Change’ 1/16/2022

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 8, 2022, #335

Human Forecasters Predict Bad Weather More Accurately than AI 1/6/2022

‘Unprecedented Warmth’: Alaska Records Highest December Temperature Ever 12/30/2021

Colorado wildfires burn hundreds of homes, force evacuations 12/30/2021

California Methodist Church Uses Nativity Scene to Feature Climate Change Agenda 12/22/2021

Killer tornadoes rip through swath of Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois: Two reported dead and dozens injured as roof collapses at Amazon distribution center 10/11/2021

We're a Step Closer to Geoengineering the Oceans 12/8/2021

At least 13 dead after Indonesia's Mount Semeru volcano erupts 12/5/2021

Rare blizzard warning in Hawaii, up to 12 inches of snow expected 12/3/2021

Cloud seeding gains steam as West faces worsening droughts 11/21/2021

Los Angeles Potentially Exposed to Radioactive Dust After Explosive Demolition at Old Nuclear Test Site 11/13/2021

G20 Members Commit to Carbon Neutrality ‘by or Around Mid-Century’ 10/31/2021

SUN DAY Halloween solar flare headed for Earth could trigger Northern Lights this weekend – and disrupt power grid 10/29/2021

Crazy tornado barrels across Orange County, Texas, highway sparking blinding explosions leaving drivers stunned 10/27/2021

Fox Weather is Stockpiling Meteorologists and Taking on the Weather Channel 10/22/2021

Pipeline Leak Off the Coast of Huntington Beach Dumps 126,000 Gallons of Oil into Pacific 10/3/2021

Potomac River contains “astronomical levels” of forever chemicals, studies say 9/10/2021

Personal Carbon Allowances – Your Next Stop on the Road to Global Tyranny 9/10/2021

Elon Musk Calls for Carbon Tax 5/14/2021

Racing the Sun to Protect America  5/14/2021

Bill Gates wants to release massive amounts of chalk into the stratosphere to block the sun – what could go wrong? 3/26/2021

‘Violent’ Tornadoes Raking Alabama, Nearby States Bracing for Impact 3/25/2021

Scientists stunned to discover plants beneath mile-deep Greenland ice 3/15/2021

California and Texas Blackouts Show Risks of Ideology 2/21/2021

Texas Power Grid Was ‘Seconds or Minutes’ from Catastrophic Failure, Say Officials 2/18/2021

Millions Without Power in Texas as Snow Storm Slams U.S. 2/15/2021

Climate ‘official’ says gov’t has to ‘TURN the SCREWS’ to ‘BREAK the WILL’ of average Americans over emissions 2/6/2021

Biden Executive Order Creates ‘Civilian Climate Corps’ to Fight Climate Change 1/27/2021

Lockdown Proponent Bill Gates Quietly Funding Plan To Dim The Sun’s Rays 1/3/2021

UN calls on humanity to end ‘war on nature,’ go carbon-free 12/5/2020


Hurricane Laura Pounds Louisiana Coastline 8/27/2020

And There It is: WHO Director Uses COVID to Push Worldwide Climate Change Agenda 8/22/2020

Death Valley Hits 130 Degrees, Hottest Temperature on Earth Since 1913 8/13/2020

The Fast, Cheap and Scary Way to Cool the Planet 6/3/2020

Experts Say California Wildfires Not Caused by Climate Change 1/10/2020

U.N. Warns U.S. It Cannot Escape Paying Punitive Climate ‘Reparations’ 12/11/2019

Exposing The Promoters Of Climate Anxiety 12/10/2019

UNICEF Ignores Child-Killing Air Pollution to Target ‘Climate Change’ 12/10/2019

Danish Academic: U.N. Might Use Military to Enforce Climate Agenda 12/3/2019

Fires explode across California, from wine country vineyards to Southern California subdivisions 10/24/2019

City has snowiest October in 44 years as storm strengthens over northern US 10/9/2019

Climate Change Protesters Block Students from Going to School 9/23/2019

Hudson: Greta Thunberg, Take Your Climate Tour to China; America’s Reduced Its Carbon Emissions for Decades 9/18/2019

U.N. Silences Critics, Bans Coal-Supporting Economies from Climate Summit 9/19/2019

Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions 9/18/2019

Global Warming or Bad Data? 9/3/2019

Whopping 18 inches of hail accumulates in parts of Michigan 8/15/2019

Throwing cold water on extreme heat hype 8/7/2019

Climate scientists drive stake through heart of skeptics' argument 7/24/2019

Teachers Inserting Climate Change into Curriculum Without Training, Textbooks 7/7/2019

Heat wave to keep breaking records in Southeast into, beyond Memorial Day 5/26/2019


Greenpeace Founder: ‘Climate Change Crisis’ Is a ‘Completely Made-Up Issue 3/21/2019