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Democrats Push Green Card Giveaway for Fortune 500 Execs, Foreign Workers 11/22/2022

\Feds: Nearly 140 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Arrested in Nationwide Sting 11/21/2022

Democrats Beg Joe Biden to Open Taxpayer-Subsidized Obamacare to DACA Illegal Aliens 11/20/2022

Report: Senate Republicans Start Amnesty Talks with DACA Illegal Aliens 11/18/2022

Seven-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Five Rapes over Two Decades 11/10/2022

Cape Cod Elects Democrat Sheriff Promising to Shield Criminal Illegal Aliens from Deportation 11/10/2022

Massachusetts Becomes 17th State to Give Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens 11/9/2022

Biden Welcoming at Least 6.2K Illegal Aliens into U.S. Every Day at Border 11/6/2022

Big Business, Corporate Donors Seek Farmworker Amnesty Amid Midterms 10/24/2022

Democrat Senate Candidates Across America Reject Border Security 10/24/2022

Feds: 175 Illegal Aliens, Including Those Who Killed Americans, Arrested in Nationwide Sting 10/23/2022

Alleged Murderer of 12-Year-Old French Girl Lola Had Deportation Order 10/20/2022

Three Illegal Aliens Charged with Murdering 28-Year-Old Man in Texas 10/16/2022

Illegal Aliens, Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS, Linked to Robbery Gang in Sanctuary State New York 10/16/2022

Illegal Immigrants Arrested For Looting After Hurricane Ian As Florida Sheriff Issues New Warning 10/6/2022

Billionaires Demand Fast-Track Amnesty After DACA Decision 10/6/2022

Watch: Migrants Arrive on Buses to VP Kamala Harris’s D.C. House from Texas 10/6/2022

GOP Senate Pick Stays Mute as Vermont Democrat Promises More Migration 10/4/2022

Blake Masters Launches Ad Blasting Mark Kelly for Voting Against Border Patrol Agents but for IRS Agents 10/3/2022

Republicans Demand Border Agency Answer How It Prevents Chinese Forced Labor Imports 10/3/2022

U.S. Border Arrests of Migrants with Criminal Histories Up 350% Since 2020 10/3/2022

Monica De La Cruz: Illegal Immigration a ‘Gut Punch’ for Working Class Wages as the Rich Face ‘Virtually No Impact’ 10/3/2022

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Deputy Michael Hartwick Is One of Nearly 1M Illegal Got-Aways in U.S. Under Biden 9/25/2022

Biden Makes Securing U.S. Jobs Easier for Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens 9/25/2022

Poll: Plurality of Swing Voters Back Ron DeSantis Flying Illegal Aliens to Martha’s Vineyard 9/25/2022

Texas DPS Busts Human Smuggling Attempt at Border-City Airport 9/24/2022

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Sheriff’s Deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz One Week Before Her 25th Birthday 9/20/2022

9/11 Hijackers Overstayed Visas, Remained in U.S. Thanks to Loophole Now Used by 685K Illegal Aliens 9/11/2022

Joe Biden Asks Congress for $ Billions More to Fund His Catch-and-Release Network 9/10/2022

Mexican Migrant Gets 14 Months in Prison for Assaulting Border Agent in Arizona 9/4/2022

J.D. Vance: Tim Ryan Claims to Back ‘The Working Man’ But Has No Plan to Secure Border, Tackle Fentanyl Crisis 9/1/2022

Poll: Half Give Biden a ‘Poor’ Rating on Handling Illegal immigration, Consider It an ‘Important’ Midterm Issue 8/31/2022

TX Gov. Abbott: Most of America Didn’t Understand ‘Magnitude’ of Border Crisis Until We Started Bussing Immigrants 8/25/2022

Illinois: Illegal Immigrants Accused of Child Trafficking After 16-Year-Old Miscarries, Apparent Sexual Abuse 8/25/2022

DOJ: Texas Farm Discriminated Against Americans to Hire Foreign Visa Workers 8/24/2022

NPR Poll: 54% of Americans Agree Biden’s Border Crisis an ‘Invasion’ — Including 40% of Democrats 8/19/2022

Border Farce: Over 50 Migrants over 30 Years Old Registered as ‘Children’ 8/19/2022

Republicans: Biden May Use Amtrak to Send Illegal Aliens to American Towns 8/19/2022

U.S. Marshals Service Drafts Federal Sanctuary Policy to Release Criminal Illegal Aliens 8/18/2022

NYC to Give 6K Luxury Hotel Rooms to Border Crossers as Rents Skyrocket for Americans 8/17/2022

Dale Wilcox: Democrats Using Sanctuary Cities to ‘Import Voters’ as Their Voter Base Shrinks 8/17/2022

Police: Illegal Alien, Accused of Murdering a Mother and Son, Held Girl Captive to Sexually Assault Her 8/10/2022

Arizona Police Chief Sounds Alarm Over Fentanyl ‘Pandemic’ at Border 8/9/2022

Gallup Shows Rising Opposition to Immigration 8/9/2022

Sen. Roger Marshall to Push Senate to Declare Biden’s Open Border an ‘Invasion’ 8/3/2022

Previously Deported Killer Caught Sneaking Around Texas Border Checkpoint with Migrants 8/1/2022

Open Borders Activists Balk at Red States Busing Illegal Aliens to Blue States 8/1/2022

Arms Smuggler Busted near Border in Texas with 15 Firearms Headed to Mexico 7/18/2022

Soros-Linked Group Wins $172M Contract from Biden to Help Border Crossers Avoid Deportation 7/17/2022

Detectives Say Illegal Alien Admitted To Twice Raping 10-Year-Old as Girl’s Mother Defends Him 7/14/2022

Let’s Talk America: Michele Swinick says everything that’s happening at the border is designed to destroy America – Brighteon.TV 7/14/2022

‘Defund the Cartels’ — Rep. Mayra Flores Talks Border Crisis in Exclusive Interview 7/13/2022

Three Migrants Rescued from Drowning in South Texas Border River 7/13/2022

Texas Police Apprehend 300 Migrants in Single Group 7/13/2022

Ohio 10-year-old's alleged rapist is Guatemalan illegal immigrant: ICE source 7/13/2022

Illegal Alien Gets $15K Bail After Allegedly Plotting July 4th Mass Shooting with Another Illegal Alien 7/8/2022

Illegal Aliens Plotted July 4th Mass Shooting, Thwarted by American ‘Hero Citizen’ 7/7/2022

Biden Admin Flies Illegal Alien Minors out of Texas for Abortions 7/7/2022

U.N. Says Joe Biden’s Border Is ‘Deadliest Land Crossing in the World’ 7/3/2022

GOP Rep. Babin: Democrats Complained about Trump’s Border Policies, But Biden’s Are Getting People Killed and Enriching Cartels 6/28/2022

DEADLY JOURNEY San Antonio cops find 46 migrants dead in ‘150F’ truck & rescue 16 others after chilling cry led to ‘STACKS of bodies’ 6/27/2022

Indentured Servitude: Democrats Advance Plan to Hire DACA Illegal Aliens for Capitol Hill Jobs 6/23/2022

First Guns, Now It’s Immigration”: GOP TX Senator John Cornyn Advances Gun Control Bill, Plans Mass Amnesty Next 6/22/2022

Border Agents Encounter Nearly 150 ‘Child Migrants’ Among Massive Groups of Illegals 6/22/2022

Migrant Caravan Headed to USA Grows to 12K 6/8/2022

Mexican President Calls for American Superstate, Open Borders 6/6/2022

Pair of Illegal Aliens, Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS, Charged with Operating Debit Card Fraud Scheme 6/1/2022

Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Accused of Drugging, Raping Woman 5/30/2022

Joni Ernst: Joe Biden Paying Contractors $3M Every Day to Not Build Border Wall 5/26/2022

Illegal Alien, Accused of Sexually Assaulting Child, Charged with Trying to Kidnap 4-Year-Old Boy 5/25/2022

Exclusive – Colorado Conservatives: State Giving Illegal Aliens Health Care Makes Citizens ‘Second Tier’ 5/25/2022

Judge Orders Biden to Keep Title 42 Barrier 5/21/2022

SCOTUS Rules 5-4 Against Illegal Alien Seeking to Evade Deportation from U.S. 5/17/2022

1700-Foot Drug Tunnel Found Connecting Tijuana with San Diego 5/17/2022

1200 Migrants Apprehended in Single Day in West Texas near Border 5/16/2022

Katie Britt: Congress Should ‘Finish Building the Wall’ Before Sending Ukraine $40 Billion 5/15/2022

2600 Migrants Apprehended, Six Bodies Recovered in Texas over Mother’s Day Weekend 5/10/2022

Koch Network Cheers Biden’s Extending Work Permits for Illegal Aliens as 12M Americans Are Jobless 5/10/2022

Poll: Nearly Half of Republicans Say Democrats Using Mass Immigration to Import New Voters 5/9/2022

Darrell Issa Blasts Biden for Leaving Holes in Border Wall: ‘It Costs Money Not to Finish This’ 5/5/2022

Sen. Ted Cruz Bill: Keep Title 42 Until Biden Drops Coronavirus Restrictions 5/5/2022

Cartel Gunmen Kill Female Mexican Border State Cop During Kidnapping Bust 5/2/2022

Two Smugglers from Mexico Sent to U.S. Prison for Leaving Migrants to Die 5/1/2022

Report: Illegal Aliens in U.S. Up 1M Under Biden, Total now 15.5M, Costing Taxpayers $143.1 Billion a Year 4/27/2022

Illegal Alien Gets 10 Years for Stabbing 33-Year-Old Man to Death 4/27/2022

Kevin McCarthy: Texas Guardsman Risked His Life for Someone He Did Not Know 4/26/2022

Biden’s DHS Acts as ‘Full Service Travel Agency’ for Illegal Aliens Arriving at Southern Border 4/26/2022

Four Military-Age Syrian Males Arrested in West Texas near Border, Says Source 4/20/2022

26 Governors Mobilize Against Migration Chaos at Border 4/20/2022

Can Texas declare a border 'invasion' and return migrants to Mexico? 4/20/2022

Border Agents Intercept 85 pounds of Fentanyl — Total of 4,249 Pounds in FY 2022 4/13/2022

Joe Biden Keeps Mask Mandates for Americans Traveling, Ends Coronavirus Restrictions for Border Crossers 4/13/2022

Republicans Warn of ‘Biggest Migration Crisis in U.S. History’ as Joe Biden Nixes Title 42 4/5/2022

Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty to Helping Murder Legal Immigrant Who Exposed $3.5M Illegal Hiring Scheme 4/3/2022

Migrants march from south Mexico as US lifts COVID ban 4/1/2022

Border State Democrats Beg Biden: ‘Consider Dangerous Impact’ Illegal Immigration Has on Our Communities 3/30/2022

AP: Joe Biden Will Drop Title 42 Border Protection 3/30/2022

George W. Bush Meets with Illegal Aliens to Promote Amnesty, Snubbing Angel Families 3/30/2022

Migrants Shoved from Moving Human Smuggling Vehicle near Border in AZ 3/30/2022

Over 3,000 Illegal Migrants Land in March, with Nearly 400 Arriving on Monday Alone 3/30/2022

WATCH: Texas Trooper, National Guard Arrest Smugglers After Children Left in Moving Truck 3/25/2022

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Texas to Complete Border Wall Section this Week 3/24/2022

Overflow Detention Centers in Texas Pack Migrants Shoulder-to-Shoulder 3/23/2022

4-Yr-Old Girl Found Abandoned by Smuggler in Texas on Border Riverbank 4/22/2022

Trump-Appointed Judge Blocks Biden’s ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Protecting Illegal Aliens from Deportation 3/22/2022

Two African Nationals Given Probation for Raping 14-Year-Old Girl in Utah 3/18/2022

Texas National Guard to Begin ‘Turn Back’ Program at Rio Grande, Says Governor 3/17/2022

Ashley Hinson: Biden Is Surging Illegal Immigration While Driving Down Deportations 3/17/2022

Report: Biden Frees More Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. Communities Thanks to ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders 3/17/2022

Georgia Senate Rejects Education Bill for Illegals 3/15/2022

New York Democrats Seek $345M for Health Insurance for Illegal Aliens 3/15/2022

Feds: Missouri Farm Imported Foreign Workers to Cut Labor Costs, Housed Them in Former Jail 3/14/2022

Congress, Biden Reauthorize EB-5 Visas for Mostly Wealthy Chinese Nationals 3/13/2022

Sanctuary State New Jersey Seeks More Stimulus Checks for Illegal Aliens 3/13/2022

Large Migrant Group Apprehensions Increase in Remote West Texas Border Sector 3/7/2022

Federal Judge Orders Joe Biden to Stop Mass Release of Illegal Migrant Children at Border  3/7/2022

Sacramento County Sheriff: Sanctuary City Policy Led to Illegal Alien Killing His Daughters 3/7/2022

Nine-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl 3/7/2022

Biden Resettles Over 146,000 Border Crossers Across U.S. in First Year 3/4/2022

Sanctuary State Oregon to Spend $15M in Taxpayer Dollars Helping Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation 3/4/2022

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl 3/4/2022

Despite 3000 Breaches, Border Walls Still Slow Smugglers as Intended 3/3/2022

Bush Center, Chamber of Commerce, Koch Network Unite to Lobby for Mass Immigration Expansion 3/2/2022

Poll: GOP Voters Focused on Illegal Immigration, Not Ukraine’s Borders 2/24/2022

Soros-Linked Mass Migration Lobby: U.S. Must Open Borders to Ukraine Refugees 2/24/2022

Report: Biden to Divert Agents from U.S. Southern Border, Send Them to ‘Assist’ with Russia-Ukraine Conflict 2/24/2022

Migrant Group with Small Children Apprehended near Border in Arizona 2/22/2022

Tom Cotton: Biden Bringing ‘Suspected Bomb-Makers and Terrorists’ to U.S. 2/20/2022

House Republicans Ditch the 2013 Pro-Amnesty ‘Autopsy’ Plan 2/20/2022

George W. Bush Deputy Urges Removal of Title 42 Anti-Migration Barrier 2/14/2022

Sanctuary State: Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Guilty of Triple Murder 2/13/2022

Democrats: Fix Inflation with Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, More Immigration 2/13/2022

State of Texas Makes Deal to Build Border Fence on Tribal Lands 2/9/2022

132 Migrants Found Locked in Tractor-Trailer in Far West Texas near Border 2/9/2022

Illegal Alien, Wanted for Raping Girls, Freed into U.S. During Obama Years 2/9/2022

Kellogg Foundation Bankrolls $500 Monthly Income for Illegal Aliens 2/8/2022

720 Migrants Apprehended Per Day in West Texas near Border 2/8/2022

GOP Rep. Salazar, Six House Republicans Unveil Amnesty Plan for Illegal Aliens 2/8/2022

Exclusive: Group of 170 Mostly Nicaraguan Migrants Cross Border into Texas 2/1/2022

WATCH: Agents Confront Border Patrol Chief, DHS Secretary over Biden’s Border Policies 1/29/2022

Globalists Unite: Biden Resettles Over 66K Afghans Across U.S. with Help from Clinton, Bush, Obama 1/27/2022

Accused Texas Cop-Killer in U.S. Illegally, Says ICE 1/26/2022

WATCH: Biden Admin Mass Releases Single Adult Migrants into Texas Border City 1/25/2022

Illegal Alien Gets 20 Years in Prison for Murdering 24-Year-Old Alabama Woman 1/21/2022

Watch: UN Debit Cards Being Given to US-Bound Migrants 1/20/2022

Man with 5 Pounds of Fentanyl on His Body Caught at Arizona Border Check 1/18/2022

Murderers, MS-13 Members Arrested with Migrant Groups in Texas near Border 1/13/2022

TX AG Ken Paxton: Biden Administration Is ‘Willing to Let People Die of COVID or Drug Overdoses’ 1/13/2022

Human Smugglers Earn $1B from U.S.-Mexico Border in December 2021 1/13/2022

DHS: 6-in-7 Illegal Aliens Released into U.S. by Biden Are Evading Deportation 1/12/2022

Illegal Aliens from South America Are Burglarizing Rich Asians in D.C. Suburbs 1/12/2022

Chamber of Commerce CEO: Flood U.S. with Twice as Much Legal Immigration, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens 1/11/2022

Multiple Child Sex Offenders, Criminal Aliens Arrested After Crossing SW Border 1/11/2022

DHS Quietly Opens ‘Overstay’ Door to Economic Migrants 1/11/2022

40 Migrants from ‘Special Interest’ Countries Arrested in West Texas Border Sector 1/11/2022

DHS Cannot Account for 50K Migrants Released in 2021 1/11/2022

Ron DeSantis Agenda: Blacklist Companies Facilitating Illegal Immigration to Florida 1/11/2022

California governor proposes tax cuts, expanded health care (Including Illegals) 1/11/2022

Report: State and Local Governments Spent $5.6 Million on Lawyers for Illegal Immigrants 1/11/2022

NYC Democrats Grant Voting Rights to Nearly 1 Million Noncitizens 1/9/2022

GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Dump 9 Bodies in Coastal State, Implicate Government Officials 1/8/2022

Biden Frees Record Number of Illegal Aliens into U.S. via ‘Catch and Release’ 1/7/2022

Freezing Migrants Found in Sealed Trailer near West Texas Mountains 1/6/2022

Migrants Account for 1 in 4 Births in Southern Mexican Border Hospital 1/6/2022

Illegal Alien, On the Run for 20 Years, Arrested for Raping 5-Year-Old Boy 1/6/2022

Armed Migrant Assaults Agent in Remote Texas Border Sector 1/5/2022

2200 Migrants Cross into One Texas Border Sector over New Year’s Weekend 1/4/2022

Lou Barletta: Biden Continues Flying Illegal Aliens to Eastern Pennsylvania 1/4/2022

Texas GOP Candidate Ditches Pro-Amnesty Thesis, Champions Hardline Immigration Agenda 1/4/2022

2021: Number of Migrants Found Dead in Texas County 80 Miles from Border Up 280 Percent 1/3/2022

Illegal Alien Charged with Killing Missouri Man Weeks Before Christmas 1/2/2022

2021: Border Patrol Agents Faced Historic Level of Line-of-Duty Deaths 1/1/2022

2021: 1.9M Migrants Apprehended Along Southwest Border, 500K ‘Got Aways’ 12/30/2021

Police: Illegal Alien Killed 76-Year-old Philanthropist in Drunk Driving Crash 12/22/2021

Photos: Filthy Conditions of Migrant Stash Houses Found Along Southwest Border 12/21/2021

Analysis: Biden on Pace to Bring 2M Illegal Aliens to U.S. by Year End 12/21/2021

1 Million Migrants Apprehended in Texas-Based Border Sectors Since Biden Inauguration 12/20/2021

Texas Begins Building Border Wall — But Feds Won’t Sell Leftover Panels To Texas, Leaves Them Sitting Around 12/18/2021

Angel Families Praise Ron DeSantis for Fighting Biden’s Open Borders: ‘We Need Every Governor to … Stop this Invasion’ 12/13/2021

DeSantis Seeks $8M to Bus Illegal Aliens Out of Florida to Biden’s Delaware, Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard 12/13/2021

Khanna: ‘We Need’ Work Permits for Illegal Immigrants ‘At a Time of Supply Chain Shortages’ 12/6/2021

Sanctuary State New Jersey: Illegal Alien Charged with Raping Pre-Teen 12/3/2021

Jim Banks: Democrats Want $13B to Resettle Afghans Across U.S. After Spiking Border Wall Funding 12/2/2021

Biden’s DHS Chief: Sanctuary Country Orders Ensure ‘Majority’ of Illegal Aliens Not Deported 11/29/2021

United Nations Handing Out $800 Debit Cards To Migrants Headed Towards U.S. Border 11/27/2021

Biden’s Welcome Gifts for Illegal Aliens Include Bypassing Airport Security, Free Airfare into U.S. 11/20/2021

Cruz: Border ‘Catastrophe’ Not an Accident, It’s by Design 11/17/2021

Mexican President Threatens U.S. Congressmen to Support Amnesty for 11 Million Migrants 11/17/2021

Sanctuary State NJ: Illegal Alien Accused of Luring 13-Year-Old Girl 11/17/2021

Joe Biden’s Administration Resettling 4,000 Afghans Across U.S. Every Week 11/17/2021

Biden’s DHS Chief Seemingly Defends $450K Payouts to Border Crossers 11/16/2021

Illegal Immigrants Would Get Up To $10.5 Billion From Reconciliation Bill 11/16/2021

Rep. Ralph Norman: If Vaccine Mandates Are Based in Science, Why Are They Letting Unvaccinated Illegals into the Country? 11/15/2021

Illegal Alien Accused of Trying to Murder Co-Worker with Box Cutter 11/15/2021

Texas Police, National Guard Nab Teen Human Smuggler at Border 11/13/2021

U.S. Travelers Kidnapped by Cartel Gunmen in Mexico near Texas 11/13/2021

75 Migrants, Including Small Child, Found Locked in Refrigerated Trailer near Border in Texas 10/31/2021

Clark: Don’t Get Distracted — Cartels Move More Than a Migrant Caravan Daily into U.S. 10/29/2021

Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Budget Includes Amnesty for at Least 7M Illegal Aliens 10/28/2021

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Migrant Caravan Marches to U.S. on Mexican Highway 10/28/2021

Report: Biden Considers Paying Border Crossers $450K Each in Reparations 10/28/2021

Biden Gives Illegal Aliens ‘Protected Areas’ Where They Can Evade Arrest 10/27/2021

Texas braces for the 'mother of all caravans': 1,000 state troopers and Texas Rangers deploy to the border as 3,000 migrants prepare to arrive in days 10/25/2021

Texas Ag Ken Paxton Sues Joe Biden Over Border Wall: ‘Let’s Go Brandon, We’ll See You In Court’ 10/22/2021

MONTANA: Police Say Afghan Refugee Imported By Biden Raped 18-Year-Old, State Officials Slam Administration 10/22/2021

Significant Spike in Migrant Traffic Headed to Arizona Border 10/8/2021

Migrants Stream into South Texas Border Town at Night 10/7/2021

GOP Governors Say Border Crisis is Drug Crisis — Killing Youth 10/6/2021

Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Open Borders,’ ‘Globalism,’ ‘Tribalism’ Are Reminiscent of Rome’s Collapse 10/6/2021

GRAPHIC: 120 Migrants Die in Texas County 80 Miles from Border in 2021 10/4/2021

White House: Illegal Aliens Do Not Need Proof of Vaccination Because ‘Not Intending to Stay’ 9/20/2021

CDC: Afghans Arriving in U.S. Infected with Measles, Malaria, Tuberculosis 9/20/2021

‘Not the Same’: Residents of Del Rio Feel the Impact of the Migrant Crisis 9/20/2021

Determined migrants unfazed as deportations begin from Texas border 9/20/2021

Leftists Rage After Senate Parliamentarian Blocks Pathway to Citizenship 9/19/2021

14 Migrants Rescued in 110+ Degree Heat of California Border Mountains 9/15/2021

Democrats Open Amnesty Plan to Illegal Gang Members, Sex Offenders 9/14/2021

500 Migrants Apprehended After Illegally Crossing into Arizona Desert 9/14/2021

Texas Border Wall Construction May Begin This Week 9/13/2021

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Girl Riding Her Tricycle 9/1/2021

Joe Biden Opens U.S. Borders to Nearly 24K Afghans in Last Two Weeks 9/1/2021

Migrant Apprehensions Occur Daily, Says Texas Sheriff 200 Miles from Border 8/23/2021

Texas Judge Blocks Biden’s ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders for Illegal Aliens 8/19/2021

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Assaulting Florida Officer 8/19/2021

Democrats Beg Joe Biden: Open U.S. Borders to Flood of Afghan Refugees 8/16/2021

Released Migrants Are Busing from Border to Texas Cities Without COVID Tests, Says Laredo Mayor 8/11/2021

Senate Democrats Open Amnesty Plan to Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens 8/11/2021

Biden Admin Holds Migrants in ‘Inhumane Outdoor Pen,’ Says ACLU 8/9/2021

Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering 24 Senior Citizens Escapes Death Penalty 6/30/2021

GOP Senator John Cornyn Negotiating Amnesty Deal for Illegal Aliens with Democrats 6/23/2021

Biden’s ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Freeing Criminal Illegal Aliens from Florida Jails 6/21/2022

Criminal Aliens Getting Free Pass, Say ICE Agents 6/6/2021

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Deploys Mobile App for Foreign Nationals to Quickly Be Released into U.S. 6/4/2021

Trump admin lawyer: Biden '100 percent' broke federal law by withholding funds for border wall 6/2/2021

Biden Admin Releases 10K Migrant Children into U.S. in May 5/29/2021

10 Deported Sex Offenders Busted in a Week Crossing into 1 Texas Border Sector 5/28/2021

300 Migrants Rescued from Tractor-Trailers in Southwest Texas in One Week 5/28/2021

Joe Biden: DHS Is for Migration, Not Homeland Security 5/28/2021

GOP Rep. Palazzo: ‘We Have an Invasion at Our Southern Border’ — ‘We’re All Going to Be Border States if We Don’t Get a Handle on This’ 5/28/2021

Texas’ Most Remote Sector Sees Unprecedented Border Crossings, Says Chief 5/27/2021

Mollie Tibbetts Trial: Jury Deliberation Begins, Illegal Alien Faces First-Degree Murder Charge 5/27/2021

Report: Biden Plans to Hide Gang History of Foreign Nationals Seeking Green Cards in U.S. 5/27/2021

New Jersey Democrats Seek Ban on Police Handing Criminal Illegal Aliens Over to ICE Agents 5/27/2021

Biden Creates Pathway to Citizenship for Same-Sex Couples’ Children Born Abroad, Changes Need for Biological Parent 5/20/2021

CBP Chief Defends Releasing Illegal Migrants Into U.S. Without Court Dates: It Cuts Admissions Processing Time 5/20/2021

Sen. Tommy Tuberville Plan Would Allow Local Police to Enforce U.S. Immigration Law 5/20/2021

Joe Biden Diverts Healthcare Cash to Help Illegal Migrants 5/16/2021

Poll: Nearly 2-in-3 Voters Say Joe Biden Is ‘Encouraging’ Illegal Immigration 5/12/2021

Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering Mollie Tibbetts Seeks to Hide Criminal Record from Jury 5/11/2021

Migrant Encounters at Southwest Border Jump 944 Percent over April 2020 5/11/2021

GOP Rep. Van Drew: Border Crisis ‘Everything that Is Wrong with Public Policy’ 5/5/2021

50 Migrants Apprehended, Armed Smuggler Arrested in Failed Smuggling Attempts near Border in Texas 5/5/2021

U.S. Bishops Praise Joe Biden’s Refugee Resettlement Hike 5/5/2021

Biden’s DHS Plans No Deportations for Illegal Alien Murderers, Sex Offenders 5/5/2021

5 Foreign Nationals Charged in Texas Human Smuggling Stash House Operation 5/4/2021

Sanctuary State: Illegal Alien Gets Five Years in Prison for Killing 24-Year-Old 5/2/2021

 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Freed into U.S. Due to Biden ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders 5/2/2021

Illegal Alien Allegedly Murders Woman in Front of Her Kids 4/29/2021

1100 Venezuelans Cross into West Texas Border Town Within 2 Weeks 4/28/2021

Coronavirus-Positive Border Crossers Traveling into U.S. After Release by DHS 4/28/2021

42 Migrants Apprehended While Trying to Avoid Border Patrol in South Texas 4/28/2021

Sanctuary State Colorado: Convicted Illegal Alien Gang Member Arrested Five Years After Release into U.S. 4/26/2021

 Mexican Cartel Proofs of Human Smuggling Payments Litter South Texas Border 4/19/2021

Illegal Aliens on Hunger Strike to Win Taxpayer-Funded Benefits 4/19/2021

George W. Bush Renews Amnesty Push for Illegal Immigrants 4/16/2021

Joe Biden Trying to ‘Remake Demographics of America’ with Mass Immigration Policies 4/16/2021

Biden Cuts Arrests of Criminal Illegal Aliens Up to 80 Percent 4/16/2021

Steve Scalise Presses Fauci, CDC Director: Tell Biden He Is ‘Violating’ CDC Guidance at Border 4/15/2021

Photos: Border Wall Materials Neglected After Joe Biden Halts Construction 4/14/2021

Sanctuary State California: Illegal Alien Repeatedly Raped Child After Failing to Be Deported 4/14/2021

1.2M Illegal Aliens Projected to Reach Southern Border this Year 4/12/2021

Illegal Alien Charged with Killing Father of Two in Drunk Driving Crash 4/11/2021

Biden Giving Federal Employees Paid Leave to Help Border Crossers 4/11/2021

Migrant Apprehensions Jump 72 Percent in One Month — Up 450 Percent from Last March 4/8/2021

Cuomo’s New York: Illegal Aliens to Get $15,600 in Taxpayer-Funded Checks 4/8/2021

275 Sheriffs: Joe Biden ‘Unleashed a Predictable’ Illegal Immigration Crisis 4/8/2021

DHS Erases Report About Illegal Aliens on FBI Terrorism Watch List Crossing U.S.-Mexico Border 4/6/2021

Illegal Alien Hit with Rape, Murder Charges in Killing of Newborn Baby 3/29/2021

Report finds illegal immigrants to receive about $4 billion in stimulus checks 3/26/2021

Report: Border Patrol Releases 2K Illegal Migrants In Texas Without COVID Test 3/25/2021

Mexican Cops Report Record-Breaking Child Smuggling Busts near Texas Border 3/25/2021

Joe Biden: My Administration’s Border Conditions are ‘Unacceptable’ 3/25/2021

Gallup CEO Warns Joe Biden: 42 Million Migrants Want Entry to U.S. 3/24/2021

Arizona Border Town Declares State of Emergency After Biden Admin Ignores Pleas for Help 3/24/2021

‘Biden Should Be Ashamed’: GOP Says Border Crisis Feeding Child Sex Trafficking 3/19/2021

AZ Sheriff Says Biden's Border Crisis Is Even Worse Than Under Obama: 'Every Time We Go Out We’re Finding 20 People' 3/17/2021

Democrats Block GOP Bill to Test Illegal Immigrants for Coronavirus 3/16/2021

Southwest border crossings on pace for highest levels in 20 years, Biden admin says 3/16/2021

64K Migrants Apprehended in Texas-Based Border Sectors in Feb. — Up 27 Percent from Jan. 3/11/2021

Jen Psaki: ‘We Recognize’ Joe Biden Policy Changes Enticing Children to the Border 3/11/2021

Federal Judge Blocks Joe Biden from Implementing Halt on Deportations 2/24/2021

ICE to Release Migrants Further into U.S. — Away from Texas Border Cities 2/21/2021

Border Patrol Rescues Migrants in California after Smugglers Abandoned Them 2/20/2021

FL AG Moody: ‘No Reason’ for Biden to Terminate Operation Targeting Sex Offenders in Country Illegally 2/20/2021

Cuccinelli: Biden Admin Opening the Door for Dangerous Immigrants to Enter the U.S. 2/15/2021

Allen West: Joe Biden’s Release of Thousands Migrants Is ‘an Imminent Danger’ to Texas 2/15/2021

Biden’s DHS Releasing Border Crossers into U.S. Without Coronavirus Tests 2/15/2021

Biden regime: If corporations hire Americans instead of non-citizens, they will be criminally investigated by the DOJ 2/14/2021

Senate Complicit in Providing Cover for Biden’s Open Border Plans 2/15/2021

Ayanna Pressley: Cancel $50K in Student Debt, Provide $2K Monthly Payments to Americans and Illegal Immigrants 2/12/2021

Open Borders Lobby Urges Joe Biden to Consider Freeing Nearly Every Illegal Alien in ICE Custody 2/11/2021

Biden Executive Order Gives Return to Normalcy for Cartel Human Smugglers, Says Fmr. Border Patrol Agent 2/4/2021

Biden Just Ended the National Emergency at Our Southern Border Despite an Impending Border Crisis 2/4/2021

Joe Biden’s ‘Catch and Release’ Policy Opens the Southern Border 4/4/2021

DREAM Act Would Offer Amnesty to Illegal Aliens with Criminal Convictions 2/4/2021

Swing State Democrats Join Senate Republicans to Block Stimulus Checks for Illegal Aliens 2/4/2021

Deported Sex Offender Arrested After Illegally Crossing Border into Texas 2/1/2021

Second Wave of Haitian Migrants Arrive at West Texas Border 2/1/2021

House Democrats Seek to Include Amnesty for Illegal Aliens in Coronavirus Relief Package 2/1/2021

NYTimes: Joe Biden’s Migrant Wave Is Building 1/29/2021

ICE Agents Ordered to Stop Using Term ‘Illegal Alien’ 1/28/2021

14.5M Illegal Aliens Living in U.S., Costing Americans $134B a Year 1/27/2021

DHS Ordered to Stop Border Wall Construction by January 27 1/26/2021

ICE Agents Ordered to Free All Illegal Aliens in Custody: ‘Release Them All’ 1/23/2021

Joe Biden’s Secretary of State Pick Praised Merkel’s Open Borders Policy 1/16/2021

Joe Biden’s Amnesty Strategy Hides the Money by Denying Border Safeguards 1/16/2021

Big Business: Joe Biden’s Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Is a Legislative Priority 1/16/2021

Joe Biden Weighs Amnesty Plan for Illegal Aliens in Meeting with Open Borders Lobby 1/14/2021

Sanctuary California Freed Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member Who Murdered Woman in Front of Daughter 1/11/2021

Migrant Caravan Heading to U.S.A. 1/11/2021

CBP: 450 Miles of New Border Walls Completed — Funding for 350 More Approved 1/5/2021

CBP Chief: Joe Biden’s Campaign Promises Have Caused a Migrant Flood 1/5/2021

129 Pounds of Meth Found in Car Crossing from Mexico into Texas 12/30/2020

Democrat Jon Ossoff Promises Illegal Aliens Amnesty at ‘Latinx Meet and Greet’ 12/30/2020

Two Illegal Aliens Arrested for Drug Trafficking After Being Freed into U.S. 12/30/2020

Deported Child Sex Offender Busted Illegally Crossing Border into Texas 12/29/2020

ICE Deports More Than 185K Illegal Aliens, 4.2K Gang Members in 2020 12/27/2020

Joe Biden: Two Million Migrants May Hit the Border 12/23/2020

CBP Commissioner: Joe Biden’s Border Policy Signals Open Borders to Migrants, Drug Cartels, Traffickers 12/18/2020

Gavin Newsom’s California: Convicted Illegal Child Murderer Freed into U.S. 12/17/2020

DHS Promises 450 Miles of Border Wall by 2021 12/15/2020

Two Texas Women Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling Meth, Fentanyl from Mexico 12/7/2020

Illegal Alien Arrested for Breaking into Woman’s Home as She Films TikTok Video 12/7/2020

Guatemalan Allegedly Assaults Border Patrol Agent in West Texas 12/1/2020

142 Pound of Meth, Heroin Found in Carrot Load at Texas Border Crossing 11/26/2020

Biden’s Secretary of State Nominee Previously Appeared on Sesame Street to Promote Refugee Immigration 11/24/2020

Border Patrol Reports Surge In Illegal Immigration Since Election 11/22/2020

580 Pounds of Meth Seized at Texas Border Crossing 5/18/2020

4-Year-Old Migrant Found Abandoned at Border in Texas 11/18/2020

Deported Sex Offenders Arrested After Illegally Crossing U.S. Border from Mexico 11/18/2020

Exit Polls: 5-in-6 Voters Say Closed Borders Are Vital to Slowing Chinese Coronavirus 11/17/2020

Democrats Want $5.5 Billion Bailout of New York City’s Illegal Population 11/17/2020

Stash House Raids Yield Arrests of 100 Migrants in Texas near Border 11/16/2020

Gulf Cartel Kidnaps Mexican Border City Shopkeeper near Texas 11/16/2020

NYT: Agencies File Blizzard of Lawsuits to Fill Gaps in Trump’s Border Wall 10/30/2020 

DHS Tightens Immigration Ban on Communists and Totalitarians 10/5/2020

White House: Border Wall Grows 10 Miles Per Week 9/29/2020

Contracts Awarded for 40 Miles of New Walls on Texas Border 10/1/2020

Deported Child Rapist Arrested in Texas After Illegally Crossing Border 9/28/2020

Migrants Rescued After Being Stuck on New Border Wall 9/21/2020

Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Ambushing Arizona Officers 9/21/2020

Virginia County Frees Over 900 Criminal Illegal Aliens in Less than Two Years 9/16/2020

42 Migrants Found in Horse Trailer near Inland Texas Checkpoint 9/14/2020

Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members Charged with Murdering 16-Year-Old 9/15/2020

9th Circuit Court Gives Trump Green Light To Deport 300,000 Illegal Immigrants 9/14/2020

Border-wall critic Gretchen Whitmer building 8-foot wall around Michigan governor residence 9/12/2020

Privately built border wall will fail, engineering report says 9/2/2020

ACLU Sues to Get Illegal Aliens Counted in Congressional Apportionment 7/24/2020

Cartel Leaves Headless Body in Mexico near Texas Border 7/24/2020

Trump Administration Rules Are Reducing Illegal Immigration at U.S./Canada Border 5/18/2020

Migration Advocates: Open the Borders to Asylum Seekers with Coronavirus 5/18/2020

South Asian Migrants Apprehended After Illegally Crossing Arizona Border from Mexico 4/20/2020

450,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Getting College Degrees 4/19/202

0Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering 14-Year-Old Girl for MS-13 Gang Initiation 4/11/2020

U.S. Southern Border Flooded with Nationals from Coronavirus Countries 3/13/2020

American Taxpayers Billed up to $133K per Refugee Resettled in U.S. 3/5/2020

Sanctuary Illinois: Illegal Alien Felon Allegedly Sexually Assaulted 3-Year-Old Girl in McDonald’s Bathroom 3/2/2020


$18 Million in Meth, Heroin, Cocaine Seized at Texas Border Crossing 2/23/2020

Trump’s Pentagon Secures $3.8B to Build 177 Miles of Border Wall 2/13/2020

U.S. Border Seizures of Meth, Fentanyl Set to Break Records in 2020 2/10/2020

Illegal Alien Charged with Murdering 92-Year-Old New York Woman Overstayed His Visa 1/15/2020

Contractor says he can build Trump's border wall faster and cheaper than the US can 1/15/2020

Donald Trump Will Transfer $7.2 Billion for Border Wall 1/13/2020

Illegal immigrants rescued from top of 30-foot border wall 1/9/2020

New York May Give Automatic Voter Registration to Illegal Aliens with Driver’s Licenses 1/7/2020

Alex Marlow, Brandon Darby Discuss Impact of Gaps in U.S. Border Wall 1/8/2020Illegal Alien Accused of Sexually Assaulting Fourth-Grade Girl 1/2/2020

4.3M Migrants Caught at SW Border in Decade-More Than Los Angeles Population 12/30/2019

Tennessee Counties Consider Rebuking Gov. Bill Lee’s Approval of More Refugee Resettlement 12/26/2019

New York Jailbreak: Illegal Alien Freed After Allegedly Killing Mother of Three on Christmas Eve 12/27/2019

Afghanistan Military Gets 3X the Taxpayer Funding as U.S. Border Wall 12/18/2019

Designate Mexican Cartels as Terrorists, Says Family of Massacred Mormons 12/14/2019

Six Illegal Aliens Accused of Raping, Sex Trafficking Underage Girl 12/15/2019

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Father of Two Freed into U.S. Again by Obama-Appointed Judge 12/15/2019

Construction of Texas Border Wall Stalls Over Fights With Landowners 12/12/201911 Chinese Migrants Found in Moving Truck at California Border 12/10/2019

Sanctuary State Colorado: Freed Illegal Alien Accused of Attempted Murder 12/1/2019

Pro-Trump group building border wall with private funds ordered to halt construction 11/19/2019

DACA Protesters in Country Illegally Promise to Stay in U.S. Regardless of High Court Decision 11/12/2019

Large Group of Guatemalans in Camouflage Caught After Sneaking into Texas 11/13/2019

Trump: Open Borders Threatens the Wage Gains of America’s Lowest-Income Workers 11/12/2019

Killers, Other Felons Arrested Sneaking Across Southwest Border 11/11/2019

Maryland Officials Drop Sanctuary Policy After Illegal Alien Sex Crimes 11/7/2019

Tulsi Gabbard to Breitbart News: ‘We Do Not Have a Nation If We Do Not Have Borders’ 11/7/2019

Report: Illegal immigrant population inside US surged 550,000 in 2019 11/6/2019

More non-Mexican migrants are being arrested at the border in San Diego than ever 11/2/2019

Sanctuary County: MS-13 Gang Threatens ‘Retaliation’ at High School 10/30/2019

74 Miles of Border Wall Completed, 158 More Under Construction 10/26/2019

Migrant Who Illegally Overstayed Visa Gets 10 Years for Underage Porn 10/24/2019

Feds: Sanctuary Los Angeles Releases 100 Criminal Illegal Aliens Every Day 10/24/2019

Angel Mom to Dianne Feinstein: Angel Families ‘Should Be Mattering,’ Not Illegal Aliens 10/24/2019

Migrant Group Assaults Border Patrol Agent, Shots Fired 10/23/2019

Two Previously Deported Sex Offenders Arrested Crossing California Border 10/23/2019

Elizabeth Warren: Transgender Border Crossers ‘Must’ Be Released into U.S. 10/20/2019

Cuccinelli cites 22 million illegal immigrants, nearly twice previous tally 10/16/2019

Health Care for Illegal Aliens Would Cost America $23 Billion a Year 10/10/2019

Trump Surges Deportations of Illegal Aliens by 453 Percent in Recent Months 10/9/2019

Most illegal crossings in 12 years: Border Patrol took 851,000 into custody during fiscal 2019 10/5/2019

Soros’s ACLU Sues Trump to Get Taxpayer-Funded ‘Mental Health Services’ for Border Crossers 19/4/2019

Trump to Protect U.S. Taxpayers from Subsidizing Health Care for Immigrants 10/4/2019

Billionaire Donors: Florida Must Give Illegal Aliens U.S. Jobs, Driver’s Licenses 10/3/2019

Sanctuary Police Chief Suspends Officer Who Helped Catch Illegal Alien Fugitive 10/1/2019

Illegal Alien Allegedly Operated Sex Trafficking Business in South Carolina 9/29/2019

Illegal Alien Allegedly Beat, Impregnated Girl After Crossing Border as ‘Family Unit’ 9/29/2019

Gang Members Arrested Illegally Crossing Border into Texas 9/26/2019

One deadly week reveals where the immigration crisis begins — and where it ends  9/24/2019

14.3M Illegal Aliens Living in U.S., Costing Americans $132B a Year 9/23/2019

Donald Trump Signs, Shows Off Newly Constructed Wall on San Diego Border 9/18/2019

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘I Don’t Support Open Borders … Without Secure Borders, We Don’t Have a Country’ 9/9/2019

Illegal Alien Sentenced to Six Years for Having Enough Fentanyl to Kill Half a Million Americans 9/10/2019

Eighth Illegal Alien Accused of Rape in Maryland Was Freed by Sanctuary City 9/10/2019

Illegal Alien Convicted of Stabbing 3-Year-Old Girl to Death on Halloween 9/6/2019

Poll: Increasing Immigration, Giving Illegals Right to Vote Most Unpopular 2020 Political Positions 9/4/2019

Pentagon Announces Plan to Shift $3.6 Billion to Build Border Wall 9/3/2019

Work on more border wall starts in Arizona, New Mexico 8/23/2019

Alabama GOP Senate Candidate Wants Illegals to Fill American Jobs, Hires Zuckerberg Cheap Labor Aide 8/19/2019

Sanctuary City New York Likely Freed 3K Criminal Illegal Aliens in Last Year 8/19/2019

Sanctuary County: Two Illegal Aliens Accused of Raping 11-Year-Old Girl 8/14/2019

Criminal Illegal Alien Kills Pro-Immigration Father of Five in Car Accident 8/9/2019

Illegal Alien Accused of Child Sex Abuse After Crossing Border This Year 7/26/2019

Supreme Court Lets Trump Build the Wall; Lifts Injunction 7/26/2019

DHS: 52 Miles of Fresh Wall Completed — But No New Sections Yet 7/26/2019

Illegal Aliens Charged with Murder, Rape, Drunk Driving Released by Sanctuary State California 7/15/2019

Angel Dad: How Many Need to Die Before AOC Stops Concentration Camp Rhetoric? 6/18/2019

Upstate New Yorkers Revolt Against Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens 6/17/2019

Two Illegal Aliens Accused of Gang-Raping 13-Year-Old North Carolina Girl 6/3/2019

Illegal Alien Released by Obama’s DHS Charged with Killing Father of Ten 4/17/2019

Arizona city overwhelmed by migrants declares state of emergency 4/16/2019

Congolese Migrants Monitored for Ebola Along Texas Border, Says Official 4/15/2019

Ex-Obama Border Patrol Chief: Immigration Crisis Is Worst ‘in the History of the Country 4/15/2019

Hundreds of migrants form caravan in Honduras to head for the US 4/10/2019

Trump Admin Cuts Off Aid To El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras Over ‘Massive Caravans’ 3/30/2019DHS data shows growing surge of migrants at the border 3/25/2019

Caravan of Migrants in Mexico Moving Towards U.S. 3/24/2019 

If 1 Million Migrants Flooding U.S. Not a Crisis, ‘What the Hell Would Be?’ 3/7/2019

After cold, busy month at border, illegal crossings expected to surge again 3/4/2019

Harvard/Harris Poll: Nearly 3-in-5 Voters Say Border Walls are Effective 2/28/2019


Illegal Alien Accused of Repeatedly Raping 15-Year-Old Girl in Kentucky 2/19/2019