Mankind On Earth Has A History Of Violence
Genesis 6:12-13  And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.  And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth. 
2Timothy 3:13  But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived

Arkansas Teacher Whose Students Honored Her on National TV Gets Prison for Sex with 17-Year-Old Boy 5/20/2024

Police Chief Sounds Alarm After Felon, Charged with 105 Crimes, Now Charged with Kidnapping, Raping Female Amazon Driver 5/1/2024

Four Law Enforcement Officers Killed Serving Warrant in North Carolina 4/29/2024

California Teacher Pleads ‘No Contest’ to Sex with Middle Schooler in Locked Classroom 4/26/2024

Indiana Judge ‘Reluctantly’ Frees Woman Who Admitted to Smothering Baby While High on Meth 4/18/2024

Breaking: Police Arrest Trans Student For Planning Multi-School Shooting 4/18/2024

Chicago Woman Accused of Stabbing 80-Year-Old Uber Driver over Simple Mistake 3/31/2024

VIDEO: Former Washington Teacher Avoids Jail After Having Sex with 17-Year-Old Student 3/30/2024

Ex-MTV Star Nabbed on Child Solicitation Charges After Evading Police for a Year 3/30/2024

Woman Accused of Trying to Kidnap Baby from Louisiana Children’s Hospital 3/29/2024

Sheriff: Texas 12-Year-Old Charged After 2 Children Stab Woman in Driveway 3/24/2024

Transgender Teen Sent to Prison for Killing 12-Year-Old Girl 3/24/2024

Russia Announces 11 Arrests After Moscow Concert Hall Terror Attack That Left At Least 115 Dead 3/23/2024

11 Shot in 24 Hours in Democrat-Controlled Atlanta 3/23/2024

Police: Texas High School Teacher Sexually Abused Up To 12 Boys 3/20/2024

18 Shot, 4 Killed, During Weekend in Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Chicago 3/18/2024

Police: Tennessee Woman Dies of Fentanyl Overdose, Dealer Charged with ‘Death by Delivery’ 2/15/2024

Police: Ohio Women Prop Up Man’s Dead Body to Withdraw Money from Bank, Dump Him at Hospital 3/9/2024

NYPD: We’re Arresting People with 50, 100 Arrests ‘All the Time’ 3/7/2024

New York State Sending National Guard to NYC so Commuters ‘Feel Safe’ 3/6/2024

Sanctuary State Washington: Illegal Alien Charged with Killing 27-Year-Old State Trooper Christopher Gadd 3/6/2024

Report: 8 Wounded After 3 Suspects Open Fire at Philadelphia Bus Stop 3/6/2024

Police investigate killing of 23-year-old pregnant Amish mother 2/29/2024

Officials: Las Vegas Agents Seize 90,000 Fentanyl Pills from Dealer with Child in Back Seat 2/24/2024

Kentucky Police Seize Enough Fentanyl to Kill Two Million Americans 2/21/2024

East Texas DA Announces Capital Murder Charges: Body of Missing 11-Year-Old Girl Found in River 2/20/2024

Two Officers and a Medical First Responder Shot, Killed in Minnesota 2/18/2024

Police: Pennsylvania Judge Shoots Ex-Boyfriend in Head, Shot Ex-Husband 5 Years Earlier 2/17/2024

Chicago Gang Member Misses Attempted Murder Court Date While Allegedly Attempting to Kill Someone Else 2/17/2024

WATCH: NYC Subway Cellist Clobbered in Random Attack, Suspect Still at Large 2/16/2024

Five-Time Deported Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 10-Year-Old Boy Walking Home from School 2/15/2024

UPDATE: 10 People Shot Near Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade 2/14/2024

Police: Silicon Valley Engineers and Twin Children Found Dead in Murder-Suicide 2/14/2024

Baby Overdoses on Fentanyl in Florida, Mother Arrested 2/13/2024

Lakewood Church shooting: Shooter used long gun, threatened explosives 2/12/2024

Shooting at Greek Shipping Company Leaves Four Dead, Including Owner and Suspected Gunman 2/12/2024

Ax-Wielding Iranian Migrant Shot Dead During Hostage Standoff Aboard Swiss Train 2/10/2024

Kenya Cult Leader Charged With Murdering Nearly 200 Children 2/6/2024

Police: Texas Parents Blew Fentanyl Smoke in Newborn’s Face to ‘Pacify Her Cries’ 2/3/2024

Italy: Seven Teenage Egyptian Migrants Arrested After 13-Year-Old Girl Gang Raped in Front of Boyfriend 2/4/2024

Denver 13-Year-Old Boy Accused in Fatal Shooting of 60-Year-Old Man Whose Leg Blocked Bus Aisle 2/3/2024

Police: Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend, Leaves Body at Boston Airport Before Being Arrested in Kenya 1/31/2024

Online ‘Sextortion’ is Fastest-Growing Crime Targeting Minors 1/29/2024

Ex-IRS contractor sentenced to 5 years in prison for leaking Trump tax records 1/29/2024

Newborn Found Behind Mississippi Dumpsters, Two in Custody 1/28/2024

Muslim Man in Chicago Suburb Charged with Murdering Wife and Three Daughters 1/28/2024

Woman Killed, Family Injured at French Farmer Protest by Car Driven Into Activists 1/23/2024

Police: Georgia Pageant Queen Murdered 18-Month-Old Baby 1/21/2024

Four Las Vegas high school students indicted on murder charges in deadly beating of schoolmate 1/20/2024

Mexico marks another record-breaking year for murders 1/17/2024

‘She Was Taken from Us’: Suspected Gilgo Beach Serial Killer Charged in Fourth Woman’s Death 1/16/2024

Prosecutors: Chicago Woman Left Brain Dead After Eight-Time Felon Attacked Her on Train 1/15/2024

‘He Is a Demon’: Louisiana Teen Convicted in Fatal Carjacking of Grandma Sentenced to Life in Prison 1/14/2024

Ohio Parents Charged After Four-Year-Old Son’s Fentanyl Overdose on His Birthday 1/14/2024

Police: Carjacker Kills Michigan Parents of 6 Children in Wrong-Way Crash (

American Journalist Who Exposed Biden Crime Family & Volodymyr Zelensky Killed In Ukrainian Custody 1/12/2024

Police: Texas ‘Teacher of the Year’ Groomed Female Student in Sexual Relationship for Years 1/11/2024

Bills Fan Killed Outside of Dolphins’ Stadium After Last Weekend’s Game, Police Say 1/10/2024

Food Network Star Darnell ‘SuperChef’ Ferguson Charged with Felony Burglary, Strangulation 1/10/2024

‘Inexcusable’: Missouri Dad Accused of Letting 16-Year-Old Son Have Sex with Math Teacher 1/9/2024

Houston Rapper Lee Arthur Carter Accused of Holding Homeless Woman Captive for Four Years 1/9/2024

Watch: More Than 300 Pro-Palestinian Protesters Arrested for Blocking NYC Bridges, Holland Tunnel 1/8/2024

Police: Nashville Man Kills Wife with Hammer on New Year’s Day, Buries Her on Property 1/7/2024

Nebraska Mother Accused of Child Abuse After Baby Tests Positive for Meth, Cocaine 1/7/2024

Police: World of Warcraft Leads to Missing Ohio Teen Being Found at Florida Man’s Home 1/6/2024

Officials: Louisiana Teacher Accused of Molesting 15-Year-Old Boy Worried She Would Not Be His ‘First’ 1/5/2024

Police: Homeless Man Knocked Philadelphia Train Passenger to His Death 1/5/2024

African Migrants Charged in Brutal Beating, Gang-Rape of Husband and Wife in Berlin Park 1/4/2024

Video: Nevada Judge Attacked by Defendant in Las Vegas Courtroom 1/4/2024

Police: Chicago Father Killed Two Women, Wounded an Infant, then Turned Gun on Himself 1/4/2024

Iowa School Shooter: 17-Year-Old With Shotgun, Handgun 1/4/2024

Report: Nation’s Capital Recorded More Homicides in 2023 than Any Year Since 1997 1/2/2024

Video: Man in Paper Crown Stabs South Korean Opposition Leader in Neck at Political Event 1/2/2024

Police: Two Killed When Driver in Car Filled with Explosives Barrels into New York Concertgoers 1/2/2024

Colorado Mother Accused of Killing Her Two Children Arrested in United Kingdom 1/1/2024

Police: North Carolina Off-Duty Cop Killed While Trying to Stop Crime at Gas Station 12/31/2023

Woman Walking Her Dog Killed In Sledgehammer Attack on L.A. College Campus 12/28/2023

NYC Man Who Allegedly Stabbed Teen Girls and Yelled ‘I Want All the White People Dead’ Had Been Freed Weeks Before by Judge 12/28/2023

Epic Fail: Chicago Man Arrested Numerous Times Under Cashless Bail Busted 3 More Times in Five Days 12/28/2023

Prague Mayor Laments Mass Shootings “Cannot Be Solved Preventively” After Sniper Kills At Least 15 12/21/2023

Deranged Student Attacks Las Vegas High School Teacher Before Choking, Raping Her 12/11/2023

Police: Nebraska Catholic Priest Stabbed to Death in Church 12/11/2023

Democrat-run San Francisco Faces Worst Year Ever of Overdose Deaths 12/6/2023

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Accused of Gang-Raping 17-Year-Old High School Girl in Explosive New Lawsuit 12/6/2023

Report: UNLV Shooter Was 67-Year-Old College Professor 12/6/2023

Sheriff: Arkansas Football Coach and Wife Tried to Have Sex with ‘Child’ Who Was Undercover Detective 12/5/2023

Police: Unarmed Security Guard Fatally Stabbed at Philadelphia Macy’s 121/5/2023

New York Woman Accused of Shaking Baby Charged with Murder 12/3/2023

At Least Four Dead, Two Officers Injured in NYC Mass Stabbing 12/3/2023

Police: Two Nevada State Troopers Killed in Line of Duty by Hit-and-Run Driver 12/1/2023

Police: Florida Substitute Teacher Committed Sex Offenses Against Students, Sent Explicit Snapchats 12/1/2023

14-Year-Old Charged with Murder in Deadly Stabbing at North Carolina High School 11/28/2023

Alleged Hate Crime Victim in Texas Charged with Burning Down His Own House 11/28/2023

Suspect Freed from Jail without Bail in Memphis After Allegedly Murdering 15-Year-Old Boy on Thanksgiving 11/28/2023

Democrat ex-Maryland Mayor Patrick Wojahn Gets 30 Year Prison Term over Child Porn Material 11/21/2023

At Least 4 Injured After Shots Fired in Beavercreek, Ohio, Walmart 11/20/2023

IDF Reveals: Hamas Murdered Noa Marciano in Shifa Hospital; Abducted Hostages There 11/19/2023

D.C. Issues Public Emergency as Juvenile Crime Spikes 10% from Alarming Rate in 2022 11/18/2023

Rapist Ex-Cop Charged with Human Smuggling near Border in California 11/18/2023

Gunman Dead, One Innocent Injured in New Hampshire Hospital Shooting 11/17/2023

Former Editor of Left-Wing Site The Recount Arrested for Child Pornography 11/15/2023

UK Police Arrest ‘Man’ For Manslaughter in Hockey Throat Slashing Death of Adam Johnson 11/14/2023

Arson Blamed for Massive Los Angeles Freeway Blaze as Commuters Told to Stay Home 11/14/2023

Las Vegas Teen Beaten to Death by Mob of 15 After Standing Up for Smaller Friend 11/13/2023

Mob of Looters Ransacks Memphis Gas Stations, FedEx Truck 11/13/2023

Canadian-Israeli Peace Activist Vivian Silver Confirmed Murdered by Hamas 11/13/2023

Four Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Employees Found Dead by Suicide in 24 Hours 11/8/2023

Bonfire Night Chaos as Black-Clad Youths Attack Police with Petrol Bombs, Fireworks in Edinburgh 11/6/2023

Video: St. Louis Man Accused of Trying to Steal Baby Before Breaking 82-Year-Old’s Arms 11/5/2023

Shock: LAPD Discovers Body of Pregnant Model Maleesa Mooney Bound and Gagged Inside Her Refrigerator 11/5/2023

Salesforce CEO Demands Return Of ‘Law And Order’ Across Crime-Ridden San Fran 10/31/2023

Slew of Chilling Armed Robberies Around Temple University in Philly 10/31/2023

Report: Police Alerted in Mid-September that Alleged Maine Shooter Could ‘Snap’ 10/30/2023

Police: Ohio Social Worker Threatened to Kill Mom of 13-Year-Old Boy She Allegedly Sexually Abused 10/30/2023

Maine Governor: 18 Killed, 13 Injured in Wednesday Shootings 10/26/2023

Feds Uncover $30 Million Bitcoin Laundering Scheme in New York City 10/25/2023

Detroit Synagogue President Samantha Woll Stabbed to Death 10/22/2023

NYC Family Found Guilty of Operating Sex Trafficking Ring Since 2002 10/22/2023

Exclusive: D.C. Residents Fear Crime Surge Turning Area into U.S. War Zone 10/22/2023

Video Shows ‘Wrongfully Imprisoned Man’ Killed by Cop During Traffic Stop TRIED TO CHOKE COP — SPLC, Media Blamed ‘Anti-Black Policing’ 10/20/2023

Judge Shot and Killed Outside Home in Gun-Controlled Maryland 10/20/2023

Victim “Fighting for Her Life” After Being Shoved Into Moving NYC Train 10/19/2023

Organizers Behind Pro-Palestinian ‘Insurrection’ at Capitol Have Pro-terror History 10/19/2023

Nolte: Ferguson II – Media Spread Hamas Hospital Hoax to Create More Violence 10/19/2023

Hamas Kills Palestinian Civilians Trying to Flee; Won’t Let Americans Leave 10/15/2023

Democrat-Run St. Louis Ranked Most Dangerous City in America 10/15/2023

MOB RULE Executions, bombings & child assassins – how Sweden became a gangland hell ruled by druglords Kurdish Fox & The Greek 10/15/2023

Illinois man charged with hate crime in stabbing 6-year-old Muslim boy to death and wounding boy’s mother over ongoing Mideast conflict, police and relatives say 10/15/2023

Woman Burned Alive in Austin, Texas, Suburb by Unknown Perpetrator 10/12/2023

Black Lives Matter Organization Shows Support for Hamas Amid Terror Attack on Israel 10/10/2023

Violent Crime Is Surging in D.C. This Year: ‘We Just Stood There and Screamed’ 10/6/2023

Nolte: Horror Video Shows Social Justice Activist Stabbed to Death in Democrat-Run New York 10/4/2023

Father and Daughter Charged With Murder and Incest After Three Dead Babies Found in Basement in Poland 9/16/2023

Pennsylvania Police Confirm Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante in Custody 9/13/2023

D.C. Crime So Intense That Locals Are Afraid to Walk Places, Go out at Night 9/13/2023

Shopkeeper Beaten to Death During Violent Robbery at San Fran Market 8/30/2023

Florida Woman Allegedly Killed Two Kids, Herself in Murder-Suicide After Custody Battle Loss 8/29/2023

Police: Alabama Teen Who Said Newborn ‘Cost Too Much Money’ Left Baby to Die in Dumpster 8/29/2023

Eight Stabbed, Police Assaulted and 275 Arrested at London’s Multicultural Notting Hill Carnival 8/29/2023

Man killed in FBI raid after alleged threats against Biden, other officials 8/9/2023

Olympic Boxer Found Guilty of Kidnapping, Killing Pregnant Girlfriend Who Refused to Get an Abortion 7/30/2023

Police: Man Posing as UPS Worker Beats Woman with Weighted Sock in Manhattan Elevator 7/30/2023

Oakland NAACP: People Are Afraid to Walk to Mailboxes Due to Crime Spawned by Defunding Police, Lax Prosecution 7/29/2023

‘Heartbreaking’: Body of Missing Toddler Wynter Cole Smith Found Dumped in Detroit Alleyway 7/6/2023

30 Shot at Block Party Sunday in Gun-Controlled Baltimore 7/2/2023

Groups of Chicago Teens Continue Wandering Neighborhoods Destroying Property, Terrorizing People 6/29/2023

Ohio Woman Accused of Impersonating a CPS Worker and Luring a Child 6/21/2023

Support for the Black Lives Matter Movement Has Dropped Considerably From Its Peak in 2020 6/14/2023

6 Shot Outside Club in Democrat-Controlled Houston 6/11/2023

Syracuse: 4 Shot, 4 Stabbed, 5 Run Over with Vehicles 6/11/2023

Four Wounded When Gunmen Open Fire on Chicago Funeral Procession 6/11/2023

Report: Elderly Man and Woman Beat, Robbed in Subway Stop Elevator 6/11/2023

Teacher Allegedly Posed as Teen Online to Obtain Naked Images of Girls 6/11/2023

Woman Allegedly Fought Off Attempted Rapist Aboard a NYC Subway Train 6/11/2023

PHOTOS: Cops Arrest, Charge 14 in Las Vegas Child Sex Predator Sting 6/8/2023

Maryland Mother and Daughter Dismember Grandma’s Remains with Chainsaw and Burn Them on Grill 6/8/2023

Minnesota Couple to Pay $5 Million After Siphoning Off Money Meant to Feed Needy Children During Pandemic 6/7/2023

VIDEO: Man Allegedly Tried to Snatch Child from Mom in NYC 6/4/2023

11-Year-Old Charged with Armed Assault in Washington, DC 5/30/2023

Sheriff – Florida Man Allegedly Tossed Gas on Victim and Set Him on Fire: Such Behavior ‘Will Never Be Tolerated’ 5/30/2023

Man Let Go by Gascón After Stabbing Construction Worker Arrested for Murder 5/30/2023

Police: Two Pro-Life Advocates Beaten Outside Planned Parenthood in Baltimore 5/30/2023

Soccer Coach Accused of Molesting Girl Under 10-Years-Old 5/28/2023

Youth Violent Crime Up in NYC, Blame Pointed at ‘Raise the Age’ Law 5/27/2023

Police: Oklahoma Teen’s Ex-Boyfriend Raped, Murdered Her — Family Laments ‘Terrible Tragedy’ 5/26/2023

Maryland Father Killed Protecting His Son From Bullies 5/23/2023

Report: Teen Girl Confesses to ‘Sexual Activity’ with Boys Aged 10 and 14 5/23/2023

Florida Man Allegedly Beats Grandmother to Death with Hammer, Asks Housekeeper to Clean It Up 5/21/2023

Former California ‘Teacher of the Year’ Accused of Sex with 16-Year-Old 5/21/2023

GUILTY: Texas Man Purchased Gun Used by Cartel for Kidnapping, Murder of U.S. Citizens in Mexico 5/20/2023

Masked Thieves Steal $120,000 in Purses from Dior Store in New Jersey 5/18/2023

African Migrants Arrested for Raping Disabled Elderly Woman at Her Home in France 5/17/2023

Cops: Woman Defecated On Church Altar 5/17/2023

Target expects organized retail crime-fueled losses to jump by $500 million this year 5/17/2023

Suspects in Michigan Child Pornography Ring Allegedly Fed Victims THC-laced gummies 5/16/2023

Ohio Man Allegedly Sets Father’s Girlfriend on Fire: ‘I Don’t Know What Happened’  5/14/2023

Iowa Daycare Provider Convicted in 11-Week-Old Baby’s Death 5/10/2023

Veteran Prosecutor Leaves Democrat-Run Chicago with Blistering Farewell: ‘I Will Not Raise My Son Here’ 5/10/2023

Report: Texas Mall Shooter Removed from Army in 2008 over Mental Health Issues 5/8/2023

GRAPHIC VIDEO: 7 Killed in Possibly Intentional Crash Into Bus Stop near Border Homeless Shelter, Say Texas Cops 5/7/2023

James Comer Subpoenas FBI Record Alleging Criminal Bribery Scheme Involving Then-VP Joe Biden 5/3/2023

Seven Bodies, Including Teen Girls and Sex Offender Discovered in Oklahoma 5/2/2023

Body of Kindergartner Dumped in Bucket at Her Mom’s House Allegedly by Dad’s Girlfriend 5/1/2023

Manhunt Underway 26 Hours After Illegal Alien, Accused of Killing K9 Officer Ned Byrd, Escapes from Jail 5/1/2023

More people are getting away with murder. Unsolved killings reach a record high 4/30/2023

Michigan Democrat Sentenced to House Arrest for 2020 Ballot Sabotage 4/25/2023

Three High School Seniors Face Murder Charges for Rock Attacks on Cars Ending in Death of 20-Year-Old 4/26/2023

‘Demonic’ MS-13 gang member accused of savagely killing and chopping up Uber Eats driver 4/26/2023

Crime is Making Americans Flee Democratic States 4/20/2023

FDA clears extra COVID booster for some high-risk Americans 4/18/2023

Regular Churchgoer Stabbed Outside Easter Sunday Mass, Suspect Arrested 4/10/2023

Police: Suspect Who Opened Fire in Louisville Had Connection to Bank 4/10/2023

Brazil: Man Hacks Four Children to Death in Daycare Axe Attack 4/6/2023

Four Florida Strip Club Operators Arrested for Allegedly Allowing a Minor to Perform 4/6/2023

Colorado Police Arrest Transgender Person Who Allegedly Planned to Shoot Up Schools 4/6/2023

Study: Over 72% of NYC Violent Crime Suspects Freed Without Bail Go On to Commit More Crimes 4/5/2022

Man Arrested in Connection with 2022 Firebombing of Wisconsin Pro-Life Organization 3/28/2023

Suspect Arrested in Second Attack on Buffalo Pregnancy Center 2/28/2023

Police: Suspect in Christian School Shooting Identified as Transgender 3/27/2023

Sen. Rand Paul staffer stabbed multiple times in DC, suspect arrested 3/27/2023

Oklahoma Mother Sentenced for Starving 8-Year-Old Son Who Dug in Dumpster for Food 3/26/2023

Louisiana Man to Be Chemically Castrated After Juvenile Rape Conviction 3/17/2023

‘Believe All Women’ — Woman Jailed for Eight Years for False Rape and Trafficking Allegations 3/17/2023

Black Lives Matter Movement Received Nearly $83 Billion from Corporations 3/14/2023

‘Allahu Akbar!’ – Migrant Knifeman Attacks Police 3/12/2023

Dad Accused of Killing Sex Offender with Shovel, Moose Antler 3/12/2023

Chicago Police: Woman Fatally Stabbed on CTA Platform; Suspect Identified 3/11/2023

San Diego ‘Teacher of the Year’ Accused of Having ‘Inappropriate Relationship’ with 13-Year-Old 3/11/2023

High School Cheer Coach Arrested After Having Sex with Daughter’s Underage Boyfriend over 300 Times 3/11/2023

North Carolina Paramedic Accused of Sexually Assaulting Teenager Released 37 Minutes After Arrest 3/11/2023

Poll: Americans Say Courts Putting Too Many Criminals Back on the Streets 3/8/2023

Lawsuit: 19-Month-Old Girl Dies of Fentanyl Overdose While Staying in Florida Airbnb 3/8/2023

Southern Poverty Law Center Attorney Charged with Domestic Terrorism for Allegedly Rioting with Antifa 3/6/2023

Democrat-Run Atlanta’s ‘Cop City’ Hit with Antifa Terrorist Attack 3/6/2023

FBI Confirms Four U.S. Citizens Shot, Kidnapped in Mexican Border City 3/6/2023

Walmart Closing Portland Stores amid Crime Wave: ‘Theft Is an Issue’ 3/5/2023

California Teacher Accused of Planting ‘Hidden Recording Devices’ in School Restroom 3/3/2023

Georgia Middle School Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Being Caught in Closet with Student 3/3/2023

Jury Finds Alex Murdaugh Guilty of Murdering Wife and Son 3/2/2023

Democrat Maryland Mayor Arrested on 56 Child Porn-Related Charges 3/2/2023

Cleveland rabbi sentenced to prison for soliciting underage sex 3/2/2023

Chicago Officer Shot, in Critical Condition After Shootout 3/1/2023

House Judiciary Republicans Launch Inquiry into Illegal MS-13 Gang Member Accused of Murdering Kayla Hamilton 2/28/2023

Swedish Police Officer Speaks Out on Out-of-Control Crime 2/21/2023

Study: 70% of Suspects Freed from Jail Without Bail Arrested for More Crimes 2/20/2023

One Person Dead After Shots Fired in El Paso Mall 2/15/2023

Four ‘Antifa’ Extremists Arrested Following Brutal Street Attack in Budapest 2/14/2023

Three dead, 5 wounded in US campus shooting: police 2/13/2023

California Man Accused of Stabbing Cyclist to Death Allegedly Talked About ‘White Privilege’ 2/10/2023

Second NJ Republican Councilperson Shot Dead in One Week: ‘A Dedicated and Loyal Friend’ 2/9/2023

Suspect on Probation Shoots, Kills Milwaukee Police Officer 2/8/2023

Student Accused of Beating 9-Year-Old on Florida School Bus Charged with Battery 2/8/2023

Florida Teen Who Allegedly Stabbed Cheerleader 114 Times Pleads Guilty 2/6/2023

NJ Republican Councilwoman Fatally Shot Outside Home: A ‘Huge Loss for the Community’ 2/2/2023

Colombian Cocaine Seizures Shatter Records in 2022  2/1/2022

Ex-ABC News Journalist Arrested, Accused of Transporting Child Pornography 2/1/2023

Representative Carter Introduces Bill to Classify Those Who Died of Fentanyl Poisoning as Crime Victims 1/31/2023

Video of Tyre Nichols Beating Leaves Unanswered Questions 1/28/2023

5 Memphis Cops Charged with Murder for Death of Tyre Nichols After Traffic Stop Altercation 1/26/2023

Deputies: Woman Accused of Stabbing Boyfriend Who Urinated in Bed 1/20/2023

France: Woman Raped by African Suspect - Elderly Victim Raped Hours Later in Same City 1/16/2023

Police Union: Over 330 Officers Shot in 2022, 62 Killed 1/15/2023

California Deputy Killed in Friday Afternoon Shootout 1/14/2023

Texas Sheriff: Man Arrested for Repeatedly Hitting Wife as She Held Their 1-Year-Old 1/11/2023

Manhunt Underway After Mass Stabbing Inside Maryland McDonald’s 1/10/2023

Police: Delivery Driver Robbed at Gunpoint near Chicago Mayor’s Home 1/10/2023

Police: 9-Year-Old Boy Stabbed to Death by 12-Year-Old Sister in Oklahoma 1/9/2023

Police: NYC Thieves Steal $300K While Distracting Guard at Bank 1/8/2023

VIDEO – Parents of Murdered Idaho Student Kaylee Goncalves Want Death Penalty for Suspect: ‘Justice Is When You Leave the Planet’ 1/6/2023

Pregnant LA woman, 25, is shot and killed in 'targeted' drive-by execution as she waited in car for her father to pick up a birthday cake: Heartbroken mom calls for 'justice for grandbaby' 1/4/2023

Pennsylvania Police Chief Shot, Killed During Pursuit 1/3/2023

California Deputy Shot, Killed by Man with ‘Extensive Criminal History’ 12/30/2022

Off-Duty Deputy Shot, Killed in Atlanta Area Thursday 12/30/2022

Woman Accused of Shoving 3-Year-Old onto Train Tracks in Portland 12/30/2022

NYC Dad Accused of Mowing Down, Stabbing Wife with Children in Car: ‘Very Disturbing’ 12/29/2022

Police: NYC Career Criminal Arrested for Stabbing Spree that Left 2 Dead, Including Pediatrician 12/28/2022

Tennessee Mother Accused of Armed Carjacking Using Her 5-Year-Old as Shield 12/27/2022

Homeless Daughter of Ex-Red Sox Pitcher Dennis Eckersley Allegedly Abandoned Newborn Son in Woods on Christmas 12/27/2022

Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Shot, Killed on Christmas Eve 12/25/2022

GRAPHIC EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Gunmen Leave Six Bodies in Van at Tijuana Shopping Center 12/23/2022

Philadelphia Man, Exonerated After 25 Years on Death Row, Fatally Shot at Funeral 12/22/2022

Two Men Convicted, Sentenced in Florida for Fraudulently Registering Voters by Forging Their Signatures 12/21/2022

Antifa terror cell arrested, found with BOMBS… while Bloomberg News headline calls for climate terrorists to carry out “property destruction” nationwide 12/19/2022

Police: Woman Stabbed to Death Inside New York City Homeless Shelter 12/19/2022

5 Dead After 73-Year-Old Allegedly Goes on Shooting Spree in Toronto 12/19/2022

Officials: Man Damaged Police Station with Chainsaw, Dangled Children Near Window 12/19/2022

16-Year-Old Hospitalized After Being Shot on Train in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago 12/18/2022

Fourteen and 16-Year-Old Dead After Shooting over Social Media in Democrat-Run Atlanta 12/18/2022

Florida pastor and his son are arrested in alleged $8 million Covid scam 12/14/2022

FTX CEO John Ray on Scandal: ‘This Is Just Plain Old Embezzlement’ 12/13/2022

Nigerian Army Massacred Children, Forced Abortions During Battle with Boko Haram 12/12/2022

WATCH: 14-Year-Old Boy Almost Stabbed in Broad Daylight amid Vicious Attack in NYC 12/11/2022

Michigan doctor facing sexual conduct charges in relation to alleged assault of 14-year-old boy 12/8/2022

Report: Colorado Gay Nightclub Shooter Identifies as Non-Binary, Uses ‘They/Them’ Pronouns 11/22/2022

Survivor of Colorado Springs gay club shooting that left five dead and 25 injured says he mistook gunshots for music before hiding - as cops consider hate charges against 22-year-old suspect who was arrested for bomb threat last year 11/21/2022

Paul Pelosi Attacker Lived in Berkeley Hippie Commune 10/29/2022

Carlson: Rise in Crime by Design — ‘An Attempt’ to Destroy the American Middle Class 10/25/2022

VIDEO: Elderly NYC Man Attacked, Robbed of $17K amid Crime Wave 10/16/2022

Report: Georgia Inmate Accused of Stealing $11 Million by Impersonating Billionaire from Prison 10/16/2022

Officer Sustains Multiple Gunshot Wounds During Shootout with Alabama Suspect 10/16/2022

Ohio Softball Coach Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with 17-Year-Old Student 10/15/2022

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Claims Critics ‘Misrepresenting’ Bail Abolishment Law Set to Free Murder, Burglary Suspects 10/5/2022

Illinois Officials Say It Is Not Their Fault Two Suspects Freed from Jail Allegedly Killed Vietnam War Vet 10/4/2022

Men Allegedly Kill 6-Year-Old Boy in 'Human Sacrifice' for 'Prosperity' 10/2/2022

Colorado Man Convicted of Killing Woman with AK-47 over Dog Poop 9/25/2022

Mom Sentenced to Prison for Sex Trafficking Her Little Girl in Exchange for Cash, Shoes 9/24/2022

Sex Offenders Arrested at North Carolina Fair When Recognized at Gate 9/24/2022

Watch: Man Terrorizes NYC McDonald’s with Axe, Released Without Bail Same Day 9/18/2022

Police: 21-Year-Old Female Tourist Raped at New York City Subway Station 9/10/2022

Wounded Indiana Police Officer Moved to Hospice 9/5/2022

Felon Accused of Kidnapping Teacher Stalked Area Before Her Disappearance 9/5/2022

Police: Dad Charged with Murder for Intentionally Leaving Baby in Hot Car 9/4/2022

Canada: Series of Stabbings Leave 10 People Dead, 15 Wounded 9/4/2022

Suspect Who Allegedly Pushed Man onto Chicago Rail Tracks Was Arrested Twice Later that Day 8/24/2022

NYC Frees South Sudan Diplomat on ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ Grounds After Rape Arrest 8/24/2022 8/24/2022

Daughter of Russian Nationalist Philosopher Alexander Dugin Killed by Car Bomb 8/21/2022

Suburban Philadelphia Cemetery: 90 Percent of New Burials Are Victims of Violent Gun Crime 8/19/2022

NYPD: Man Arrested After Allegedly Sucker Punching Victim Outside Bronx Restaurant 8/18/2022

Wendy’s Worker Charged with Murder After Punching Elderly Man, Police Say 8/18/2022

U.N. Staff Impregnated Girls as Young as 10 in Democratic Republic of Congo 8/17/2022

Watch — NYPD: Man Arrested After Allegedly Sucker Punching Victim Outside Bronx Restaurant 8/17/2022

At Least 45 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 8/15/2022

14 Shot, 3 Killed, Friday into Saturday Across Jim Kenney’s Philadelphia 8/15/2022

Arizona Gunmen Raid Home While Falsely Claiming to Be U.S. Marshals, Says Sheriff 8/14/2022

Watch: MMA Fighter Takes Down Man Allegedly Sucker-Punching Random People in New York City 8/4/2022

Watch – NYPD: Suspect Attempts to Rape Woman in Broad Daylight in Brooklyn 8/1/2022

21 Shot During Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 7/18/2022

Harvard Law School Instructor Calls for Harassment of Supreme Court Justices 7/13/2022

‘Allahu Akbar’ Afghan Illegal Arrested While Trying To Stab Multiple People 7/8/2022

6 dead, more than two dozen hospitalized in mass shooting at Highland Park Fourth of July parade; shooter sought 7/4/2022

Mob attacks man during robbery in Brooklyn subway station 6/30/2022

Georgia: Over 100 Sheriffs Slam Stacey Abrams on ‘Defund the Police,’ ‘Soft on Crime Policies’ 6/28/2022

Atlanta Subway customer shoots dead female worker for putting too much MAYO on their sandwich 6/27/2022

Arizona road rage man is arrested for murder of female UberEats driver, 60, after police find photo of him on her phone: Victim took snap of him when he pulled up alongside her and was acting weird 6/27/2022

Woke Teacher Busted For Grooming, Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old at School 6/18/2022

Nolte: Armed Man Arrested Who ‘Wanted to Kill’ Brett Kavanaugh Over Abortion 6/8/2022

Berlin: Several Injured, One Dead, One Arrest After Driver Ploughs Vehicle Into Crowds 6/8/2022

WATCH: Man Hurls 52-Year-Old Woman off New York City Subway Platform 6/7/2022

59-year-old rabbi indicted on 7 counts of rape 6/6/2022

After Repeatedly Proclaiming His Innocence and Claiming He Was ‘Framed,’ Megachurch Pastor Pleads Guilty to Child Sexual Abuse 6/4/2022

Minneapolis Crime Wave: Twin Cities Suburbs See Rise in Violence 6/1/2022

3 Killed in Shooting in Tulsa Medical Facility 6/1/2022

Seattle police stopped investigating new adult sexual assaults this year, memo shows 6/1/2022

VIDEO – Man Randomly Stabbed on New York City Sidewalk: ‘The City Is Out of Control’ 5/29/2022

Texas school shooting live updates: Three student victims ID’d by families 5/25/2022

The deadliest school massacre in U.S. history took place 95 years ago 5/24/2022

VIDEO – California Tree Trimmer Found Guilty in Throat-Slashing Attacks: ‘Truly Evil Man’ 5/21/2022

At Least 8 Shot, 2 Fatally, Outside a McDonald’s in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago 5/20/2022

Police Investigating Bloody Wrestling ‘Death Match’ Performed in Front of Kids 5/15/2022

Hero’ Security Guard Killed in Gunfight with Buffalo Mass Shooter, Police Say 5/15/2022

Multiple People Shot at Church in Gun-Controlled California 5/15/2022

Buffalo shooter targeted Black neighborhood, officials say 5/15/2022

Convicted Transgender Child Molester, Given Light Sentence by Soros-backed D.A Gascón, Booked for Murder in CA 5/10/2022

Report: Antifa Attacks a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Portland: ‘F*ck CPC’ 5/5/2022

Mother of NYPD Officer Ambushed, Shot Dead in Broad Daylight 5/5/2022

California Mother Sentenced to 25 Years to Life for Fatally Pushing Infant off Parking Garage 5/5/2022

WATCH: Antifa Attacks Oregon GOP Rally, Police Slow to Respond 5/2/2022

Deputy Wounded in Ambush Now in Critical Condition 5/2/2022

VIDEO: Search for Killer Underway After Child Found Dead in Wisconsin 4/26/2022

Police: Georgia 4-Week-Old Dead After Father Spiked Bottle with Alcohol 4/21/2022

US rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend; 2 dead 4/18/2022

NYC Subway Shooting Suspect: ‘Motherf**king Jews Bring Death & Destruction’ 4/14/2022

Report: Man Free on Bond Accused of Murdering Parents at Chicago Senior Living Center 4/14/2022

VIDEO: NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Taken into Custody 4/13/2022

Oregon Teacher and Track & Field Coach Arrested on Sexual Abuse, Incest Charges 4/13/2022

NYPD identifies person of interest in NYC subway shooting and reveals he made 'concerning posts' on social media about homelessness, New York and Mayor Eric Adams: Cops say 62-year-old rented the U-Haul connected to the attack 4/13/2022

GRAPHIC VIDEO: 60-Year-Old Man Beaten with Brick in NYC 4/5/2022

Police: Man Slashed with Box Cutter at NYC Subway Station amid Rising Crime 4/5/2022

Man Arrested in Connection to Sacramento Shooting Was Released Early from Prison Despite DA Opposition 4/5/2022

Report – 101 Officers Shot in Line of Duty This Year: ‘A Real Crisis’ 4/3/2022

Judge Jackson Sentenced Those in Possession of Child Porn to Nearly 60 Percent Less Time than National Average 3/30/2022

Eight Indicted For Raping and Filming Rapes of Two 13-Year-Old Girls 3/30/2022

Nigeria: Terror Spree Targets Airport, Trains, Priests 3/30/2022

Two Ukrainians, Two Fathers and Arab Christian Cop Killed in Terror Attack in Israel 3/30/2022

Officials: Suspect Allegedly Shot, Killed Policeman Before Running Over His Body 3/26/2022

VIDEO: Father, Son Shot at Car Wash During Fatal Ambush in Houston 3/26/2022

NYPD: Assailants Batter Woman on New York City Train in Unprovoked Attack 3/26/2022

Rotherham: Child Rape Gangs Epicentre Brands Itself ‘Children’s Capital of Culture’ 3/26/2022

Florida Counties Open Investigations into Felons Voting in 2020 Election 3/24/2022

Man Stabbed, Brutally Beaten in Mob 'Lynching' in France 3/24/2022

Miami Beach banning alcohol sales after 6 p.m. this weekend amid violent spring break season 3/24/2022

Florida: Illegal Alien Charged with Slashing Bike-Riding Couple to Death 3/20/2022

Troopers: At least 24 injured, one dead in shooting at Dumas car show 3/20/2022

Search Continues for Teenager Possibly Abducted in Parking Lot: ‘We Have to Stay Optimistic’ 3/19/2022

NYPD: Gunman Shoots Two Corrections Officers at Queens Bar 3/19/2022

A dentist broke his patients' teeth on purpose so he could fix them. Prosecutors say he made millions. 3/16/2022

Violent Crime Forces Amazon to Flee Democrat-Run Downtown Seattle 3/14/2022

Police: NY Woman Hit 125 Times, Stomped While Returning Home 3/14/2022

Texas Border City Woman Accused of Running Underage Sex Trafficking Operation for 23 Years 3/11/2022

Ohio Nursing Assistant Accused of Raping, Sexually Assaulting Dementia Patients 3/7/2022

Des Moines mourns ‘dark day’ after 1 teenager dies, 2 in critical condition from shooting near East High School 3/7/2022

Supreme Court Reinstates Death Penalty for Boston Bomber: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ‘Committed Heinous Crimes 3/4/2022

‘American Idol’ Season 20 Premiere Features Black Lives Matter Ballad 2/28/2022

Hammer-Wielding Subway Attacker Fractures Woman's Skull, Kicks Her Down Stairs: Official 2/25/2022

Atlanta Crime: Homicides Spike 43 Percent, Rapes 236 Percent 2/22/2022

Watchdog Says Woman ‘Seriously Injured’ By Horse Despite Ottawa Police Denial 2/21/2022

Florida woman allegedly stabbed husband 140 times, fractured skull with meat cleaver: police said 2/21/2022

Investigators: Driver Killed Retired Michigan Woman for Sex Acts with Body 2/20/2022

Black Lives Matter Funds Bond for Accused Kentucky Mayoral Candidate Assassin 2/17/2022

Thirteen Police Officers Shot Across the Country During 24-Hour Time Frame 2/14/2022

France Begins Trial for Jihadists Who Murdered Catholic Priest Jacques Hamel 2/14/2022

Heather Mac Donald: Democrat Soft-on-Crime Policies a ‘Recipe for Destroying Civilization’ 2/14/2022

BMX Biker Stabs 11 in Albuquerque Rampage, Say Police 2/14/2022

Louisville Mayoral Candidate Shot at in ‘Attempted Assassination,’ Officials Say 2/14/2022

Poll: 75% of Americans Believe Defunding Police Has Contributed to Rising Violent Crime 2/9/2022

Cori Bush Continues to Push ‘Defund the Police’ as Democrats Shy Away From Movement 2/7/2022

Report: Violent Crime in Seattle Reaches 14-Year High 2/7/2022

Pro-Mask Mob Beat and Hospitalise Girl Without Mask in Berlin 2/7/2022

NYPD Prepares to Honor Murdered Hero Wilbert Mora with Funeral Service 2/2/2022

Sex Offender, 26, Gets Juvenile Sentence Thanks to Soros-backed D.A. George Gascón 2/1/2022

Massive Brawl Breaks Out In Bensalem Golden Corral Over Alleged Steak Shortage 2/1/2022

 German Woman Claimed to Have Taken Six-Year-Old to Watch ISIS Stoning Execution Charged 1/28/2022

4 People in Custody After 2 Officers Shot in Ferguson, Missouri 1/26/2022

Ky. family robbed at gunpoint after stopping on side of road due to car trouble 1/26/2022

Crime Wave: Five Police Officers Killed in Line of Duty in First 24 Days of 2022 1/24/2022

Texas Deputy Gunned Down, Killed During Traffic Stop Ambush 1/23/2022

Over 100 Carjackings in Philadelphia During First 3 Weeks of 2022 1/22/2022

2 NYPD Officers Dead After Shooting During Domestic Call 1/21/2022

Ivy League Prof. Glenn Loury: BLM, Media Have ‘Buckets of Blood’ on Hands for Law Enforcement ‘Delegitimization’ 1/21/2022

SIEGE ENDS Colleyville synagogue hostages latest – Rabbi says he’s ‘grateful to be alive’ as captives are freed and gunman killed 1/17/2022

Former Obama Education Adviser Pleads Guilty in Wire Fraud Case: ‘Robbing Those He Promised to Help’ 1/16/2022

Shocking photos show sea of discarded boxes from train robberies as thieves steal items bound for consumers, worsening supply chain crisis 1/16/2022

VIDEO: Man Allegedly Sucker Punches 79-Year-Old in NYC 1/16/2022

Deranged man pushes Asian woman to death at Times Square subway station 1/15/2022

At Least 90 Carjackings in Philadelphia in First Two Weeks of 2022 1/15/2022

Off-Duty LAPD Officer Shot, Killed While House Hunting in the City 1/12/2022

Miami couple accused of kidnapping, torturing man for 3 days 1/12/2022

Bronx Suspect Shoots at Man and Girlfriend Hits Man with a Hammer 1/12/2022

85 Per Cent Of Sweden’s Fatal Shooting Suspects Come From Foreign Backgrounds 1/12/2022

Indiana Man Arrested in Rapper Young Dolph Shooting; 2nd Man Charged with Murder 1/12/2022

Sheriff: 3 dead, 1 wounded in Boone County stabbing 1/10/2022

19-Year-Old Cashier Shot, Killed During East Harlem Burger King Robbery 1/9/2022

Career Burglar, Arrested 11 Times in 2021, Calls Radical Criminal Justice Bail Reform Laws ‘Great’ 1/8/2022

Child kidnapping, killing cold case coming to close as police arrest suspect 35 years later 1/7/2022

Arbery Killers Get Life in Prison; N0 Parole for Father, Son 1/7/2022

Alleged Head of Child Exploitation Ring Accused of Prostituting Own Daughter 1/7/2022

Illinois: Two Charged with Aggravated Battery of Police Officer, Firefighter 1/7/2022

Report: TX Judge Sets Child Sex Offender’s Bond at $50k After Another Judge Recommends $1M Bond 1/6/2022

George Floyd’s 4-Year-Old Niece Shot in Houston Apartment 1/6/2022

Father Shot Dead While Carrying Birthday Cake into Chuck E. Cheese 1/5/2022

Prosecutor: Illinois Police Sgt. ‘Was Desperately Pleading for Her Life’ When She Was Fatally Shot 1/4/2022

346 Police Officers Shot in Line of Duty During 2021 1/4/2022

Utah Man Kidnapped and Tortured Woman for Weeks, Carved a ‘6’ in Her Hand Because ‘She Had Six Months to Love Him or Be Killed’: Police 1/3/2022

Thousands of prisoners released because of COVID – another way the Biden regime is flooding society with violent criminals 1/2/2022

Man dies after being pushed into oncoming train in unprovoked attack 1/2/2022

Khan’s London: 2021 Was Record Year For Youth Murder 1/2/2022

337 Murders During 2021 in Democrat-Run Baltimore 1/2/2022

Democrat-Run Philadelphia Set Homicide Record in 2021 1/2/2022

2021 Deadliest Year in Quarter of a Century in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 1/2/2022

Pennsylvania Democrat Commissioner Charged with Raping 15-Year-Old Boy 1/2/2022

Two Suspects Arrested for Allegedly Killing Illinois Police Sergeant, Wounding Partner 1/1/2022

Mom Finds Wanted Sex Offender Naked In Apartment Wearing Daughter’s Shoes, Police Say 12/30/2021

VIDEO: Cops Identify 14-Year-Old Wanted in Triple Murder at TX Gas Station 12/30/2021

Two Men Executed Cartel-Style in Texas Border City 12/30/2021

VIDEO: Carjacking, Robbery Suspect Turned in by Mom Who ‘Did Not Raise Him Like That’ 12/30/2021

Justice Dept. Drops Felony Case Against Trans Portland Antifa Rioter Accused of Assaulting Officers 12/30/2021

Illinois Sheriff’s Deputy Shot, Killed While Responding to ‘Motorist Assist’ Call 12/29/2021

Fairfax County Police: Former Jake Tapper Producer Under Investigation by Child Exploitation Squad  12/28/2021

Former Coach Accused of Having Sex with 17-Year-Old Student 12/28/2021

Biden Allows Thousands of Convicts to Evade Federal Prison After Pandemic 7/21/2021

Man Charged with Murder, Cannibalism After Body Parts Found in Microwave 12/21/2021

Police: Man Arrested When Missing Student Found Naked, Covered in Coal 12/20/2021

National Fraternal Order of Police Blasts NFL’s Donations to ‘Defund the Police’ Groups 12/17/2021

Report: CNN Producer Interacted with Children During Investigation of Sex Abuse Allegations 12/17/2021

Teacher Arrested After Snapchat Video Allegedly Showed Sex with Teen 12/14/2021

Man Accused Of Burning Fox Christmas Tree In NYC Released On No Bail Thanks To Democrat Policies 12/9/2021

ABC News Shows Murder Surging in 12 Cities, Doesn’t Acknowledge They Are All Democrat-Controlled 12/8/2021

Cartel Gunmen Arrive on Jet Skis for Cancun Beach Shootout 12/8/2021

Antifa Groups Charged with Violently Countering California ‘Patriot March’ 12/7/2021

Bus Driver Beaten in Chicago; 21 Juveniles Arrested in Loop Chaos 12/6/2021

Report: 60 Police Officers Shot, Killed This Year as Ambush Attacks Skyrocket 12/5/2021

Crimes Against News Crews in Oakland, California Cause Rethinking of Live Coverage 12/5/2021

Ocasio-Cortez Blasted for Dismissing ‘Organized Retail Theft’ Crimewave 12/5/2021

Prosecutor Charges Parents in Michigan School Shooting; Says They Should Have Searched Son’s Bag 12/3/2021

Detroit-Area Schools Closed Due to ‘Threats of Violence’ Following Oxford School Shooting 12/2/2021

Michigan teen charged in Oxford High School shooting 12/1/2021

Cook County Surpasses 1,000 Homicides For First Time Since 1994 11/30/2021

In Haiti, rise of gangs leads to another horror: gang rape 11/29/2021

Newly released Jan. 6 footage appears to show Capitol Police kicking young woman to death 11/23/2021

Alleged suspect in Waukesha SUV incident has posted violent anti-white threats and BLM slogans and rhetoric 11/23/2021

Will he go free again? Fury at judge for setting $5M bond for Xmas parade 'killer' Darrell Brooks after he was charged with five counts of murder for SUV rampage 11/24/2021

Retailers sound alarm on organized theft as states warn of rise 11/23/2021

D.C. records 200th homicide of the year, a mark not seen since 2003 11/23/2021

Driver of rampaging SUV that tore through Christmas parade leaving at least FIVE dead and 40 injured was 'fleeing a knife crime' – as cops arrest suspect and 'refuse to rule out terror' 11/21/2021

Anti-Rittenhouse Protesters Riot in Oregon, Shut Down Bridge in New York 11/20/2021

One Child Dead, Another Injured After Suspected of Having Been Thrown from 50-Foot Building 11/16/2021

At Large NYC Suspects Fatally Shoot Bronx Father and Wound His Friend in Mugging 11/15/2021

BLM leader threatens ‘riots, fire, bloodshed’ in NYC if Eric Adams gets tough on crime 11/11/2021

‘Dark HunTor:’ Police Arrest 150 Following Closure of Dark Web’s Largest Illegal Market 10/31/2021

Three Women Found Padlocked Inside Home in Vermont Human Trafficking Incident 10/30/2021

Cricketer Drops Out of World Cup Game After Team Ordered to Kneel for BLM 10/28/2021

Jury Sentences Ex-Nurse to Death for Killing Four Patients 10/28/2021

Three Florida teens killed a classmate with a knife and a sword in a surprise attack, police say 10/27/2021

Double Amputee Mugged Hours After Waking from 6-Week Coma 10/7/2021

New York City: Assaults, Robberies Jump as Bill de Blasio Plans Run for Governor 10/6/2021

1 Teen Killed, 2 Wounded In Kentucky Bus Stop Shooting; Suspect Still At Large 9/22/2021

One Houston Police Officer Killed, 2nd Wounded While Serving Warrant, Suspect Killed 9/20/2021

On the front lines of the U.S. homicide epidemic: Milwaukee faces historic violence 9/19/2021

Two K-9 Officers Shot While Apprehending Car Jacker in Florida 9/15/2021

8 Shot Tuesday, 14 Shot Monday, in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 9/15/2021

San Francisco to Fight Rising Gun Crime by Paying People Not to Shoot Each Other 9/1/2021

Kabul airport attack kills 60 Afghans, 13 US troops 8/27/2021

Robbery at Upscale Houston Restaurant Patio Leaves Off-Duty New Orleans Cop Killed, Another Patron Wounded 8/22/2021

Gun Battle Breaks Out in Downtown Portland Antifa Protest 8/22/2021

Gunshot Victims Up 90% in Democrat-Run Minneapolis 6/21/2021

Jack Posobiec: Antifa ‘on the Upswing,’ ‘Getting Everything They Ask For’ 6/21/2021

67-Year-Old Grandmother Shot, Killed on Chicago Expressway 8/19/2021

Photos Show BLM Co-Founder Builds Wall Around $1.4M Home After Resigning Amid Lavish Lifestyle Criticism 6/11/2021

Virginia Tech Football Player Says He Killed Tinder Match After Discovering He Was a Man 6/10/2021

Looting, Riots Break Out in Minneapolis After Police Return Fire, Kill Wanted Felon 6/5/2021

Minneapolis Activist Whose Granddaughter Was Shot and Killed: ‘We Need Police’ 5/30/2021

Muslim Radical Shot Dead After Stabbing Policewoman, Stealing Gun, Taking Hostage 5/30/2021

Former NYPD Chief Bratton Warns Crime Surge ‘Going to Get Worse’ 5/27/2021

Rep. Cori Bush Praises BLM Activist Who Reportedly Wished Death to Police 5/17/2021

French Riot Police Fire Tear Gas, Use Water Cannons During Violent Anti-Israel Protests in Paris 5/16/2021

FBI Reclassifies Congressional Baseball Shooter as ‘Domestic Violent Extremist’ 5/16/2021

‘Rockets over Riots’: Jews Hunker Down Amid Arab Violence in Jaffa 5/16/2021

Texas Police Arrest Suspected Killer After Child’s Body Found in Street 5/16/2021

BLM now trying to shake down nation for cash, demanding “direct cash payments” from government or cities will burn 5/12/2021

National Toll: Four Police Officers Shot, Killed, in Less than 24 Hours 5/12/2021

Farrakhan Muhammad ID’d, Arrested in Connection with Times Square Shooting 5/12/2021

Israeli Arabs Attempt to ‘Lynch’ Jew, Again; Jewish Leaders Condemn Reprisal Attacks 5/12/2021

Herschel Walker warns that NBA, NFL and MLB are supporting BLM groups that burn Bibles and the American flag 5/9/2021

Soros-backed Los Angeles DA George Gascón Drops Death Penalty in Murder, Torture of       10-Year-old Boy 5/7/2021

Suspect in Nashville Police Ambush ID’d as Salman Mohamed 5/5/2021

Ex-BLM Leader Charged With Interfering In Homicide Investigation Of Man Killed In His Home 5/4/2021

Democrat-Run Portland Basically Legalizes Rioting by Not Prosecuting Rioters 5/4/2021

GUILTY: BLM Protester Admits Plan to Cut Brake Line on NYPD Van 5/2/2021

Teen Stabbed 10 Times While Allegedly Trying to Rob Citizens at Philadelphia Playground 4/29/2021

Suspect Steals Off-Duty LAPD Officer’s Gun, Shoots Him Multiple Times 4/29/2021

Florida 3-Year-Old Dead After Suspect Opens Fire at Birthday Party 4/26/2021

Silicon Valley Titans Have Donated $7.5M to Black Lives Matter Co-Founder 4/26/2021

BLM Organization: ‘Communities Terrorized at Greater Rate’ Under Joe Biden than Donald Trump 4/21/2021

UK: Youths Try to Set 10-Year-Old Girl on Fire in 'Unprovoked Attack' 4/20/2021

Texas Congressman Unveils Bill to Designate Certain Mexican Cartels as Terrorist Organizations 4/16/2021

BLM Activist Calls ‘Rioting & Looting’ ‘Legitimate’ Response to ‘State Violence’ 4/16/2021

2nd Night of Looting Begins in Minneapolis Suburb After Police Shooting 4/12/2021

Portland City Council Approves $1.4 Million for ‘Unarmed’ Patrols to Combat Gun Violence 4/8/2021

Suspect ‘Down’ Following Active Shooter Report Near Fort Detrick 4/6/2021

CNN Admits Crime Wave, Highlights Violence in Democrat-Run Citie 4/6/2021

Police: Woman Allegedly Shoots at Burger King Workers over Drive-Thru Wait Time 4/4/2021

At Least 30 Shot over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 3/29/2021

Ghislaine Maxwell Charged With Sex-Trafficking 14-Year-Old Girl, Grooming To Recruit Other Minors 3/29/2021

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Antifa ‘Occupies’ Abandoned Police Station in London in Latest #KillTheBill Unrest 3/25/2021

Boulder Shooter is ISIS Sympathizer, Leftists Hardest Hit 3/24/2021

BLM protesters shut down grocery store, accuse it of 'white supremacy' for using cops as security 3/23/2021

Gunman, 21, with an 'AR-15-style' rifle shoots and kills at least 10 people at a Boulder grocery store - including hero father-of-seven cop, 51, who was first to respond 3/22/2021

Police: Unruly Passenger Punches Flyers, Forces Plane to Land Mid-Flight 3/20/2021

Chicago Sergeant Shot in Broad Daylight While Standing in Police Parking Lot 3/15/2021

Black Lives Matter Leader Arrested for Drunk Driving, Resisting Police 3/4/2021

AP Exclusive: Black Lives Matter opens up about its finances 2/25/2021

Antifa Extremists Hospitalise Populist German Politician at Campaign Stall 2/23/2021

Baby Beaten by Panhandler on NYC Subway After Mom Refused to Cough Up Cash 2/23/2021

Police: 37 Arrested During ‘Operation Broken Hearts’ Child Sex Trafficking Investigation 2/19/2021

Police: Newborn Found Dead in NYC Dumpster; Woman Arrested 2/18/2021

New York Lawmakers Demand Justice in Nursing Home Coverup: Cuomo ‘Must Be Prosecuted Immediately’ 2/12/2021

NM State Police Officer Killed, More Wounded — Suspect Dead in I-10 Shootout 2/4/2021

Anti-Police Protest Turns Violent After Dark in Rochester, NY 2/1/2021

'Black Lives Matter' Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize 1/30/2021

Four Girls Accused of Murdering 15-Year-Old at Louisiana Walmart 1/26/2021

Muggers Allegedly Pummel Victim, Fracture His Jaw in Broad Daylight in NYC 1/14/2021

Woman Charged with Operating Massive Ballot Harvesting Scheme in Texas 1/13/2021

Armed Antifa Attack Trump Supporters, Cops in San Diego 1/9/2021

Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Arthur Chu Calls Death of, Ashli Babbitt, Veteran Killed During Capitol Riot a ‘Good Thing’ 1/8/2021

REPORT: Violence at Capitol Likely Caused by Antifa Terrorists 1/6/2021

Anarchist Antifa Take Credit for Arson Attack Against German Army Vehicles 1/5/2021

BLM Flies Somali Flag over Scene of Minnesota Police Shooting 1/5/2021

Three Texas Deputies Shot, 1 Woman Killed in Nightclub Fight 1/3/2021

One Dead, Others Injured in Texas Church Shooting 1/3/2021

Antifa Firebomb, Shoot Fireworks at Portland Police on NYE 1/1/2021

Sadiq Khan Lights Up London Sky with BLM Fist for New Year Fireworks 1/1/2021

Homicide Rate in District of Columbia Highest Since 2004 1/1/2021

Black Lives Matter given $16 million in taxpayer-funded grants to continue hating Whites 1/1/2021

Protesters Attack Minneapolis Cops After Officer-Involved Shooting 12/30/2020

As Anti-Cop Protests Continue, Americans Are Murdering Each Other In Record Numbers 12/30/2020

Seattle Antifa Demand Government Pay for Rooms in Motel Takeover 12/30/2020

BLM Activist Sasha Johnson Calls For ‘Race Offenders’ Register’ For Microagressors 12/30/2020

Ted Nugent: Black Lives Matter Movement Protests ‘Soulless,’ ‘Stupid’  12/27/2020

Leftist Journalist, BLM Activists Charged in Firebombing of Arkansas Cop Cars 12/27/2020

Elderly Coronavirus Patient Beaten to Death While Praying in Hospital Room 12/26/2020

Explosion Rocks Nashville: ‘Intentional’ but Meant to Limit Casualties 12/25/2020

U.N.: ‘Hundreds of Civilians Killed’ in Ethiopia Tigray Conflict 12/24/2020

BLM Harasses Wisconsin Children’s Christmas Charity Event Attendees 12/19/2020

Portland Restaurant Set Ablaze After Owner Criticizes Antifa 12/16/2020

Christian Trump Supporter Attacked 3 Times by Antifa at Washington, D.C. Protest 12/12/2020

Portland Police ‘Aware of Weapons Stockpile’ in Expanding Autonomous Zone 12/11/2020

Two Brothers Arrested in Connection with Killing of Louisiana Gas Station Clerk 12/10/2020

Hunter Biden Tax Case Beginning of Unravelling of ‘Full Extent’ of the Biden-China Relationship 12/10/2020

Joe Biden’s Brother Under Federal Investigation for Role in Bankrupt Healthcare Firm 12/10/2020

 Shootings Approach 14-Year High in Mayor de Blasio’s NYC 12/8/2020

Kneel Down, Chicago Bears! Team Proudly Supports Player’s BLM-Themed Cleats 12/7/2020

Social Justice Bowl?: Ad Agency Predicts ‘Black Lives Matter’ Theme for Super Bowl LV 12/4/2020

12 Shot Monday Alone in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago 12/1/2020

Police: Five Teens Knock Woman Unconscious, Steal Car in North Philadelphia 12/1/2020

Man on Sex Offender Registry Accused of Raping 7-Year-Old at Home 12/1/2020

Majority of Britons Believe Black Lives Matter Has Increased Racial Tensions 11/29/2020

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Wears Black Lives Matter Jackets to International Match 11/27/2020

‘F**k Thanksgiving’ — Portland Antifa Attack BLM-Supporting Grocery, War Memorial 11/27/2020

Black Lives Matter Protester Who Spat in Cop’s Face Walks Free Because She Apologised 11/25/2020

Third Person Shoved Onto NYC Subway Tracks Within A Week 11/24/2020

History’s tipping points: When is violence the RIGHT answer to tyranny and oppression? 11/23/2020

15-Year-Old Arrested for Suburban Milwaukee Mall Shooting 11/22/2020

Teen Beaten Up by Trans People for ‘You Need a Fanny to be a Woman’ Remark 11/19/2020

VIDEO: Suspects Allegedly Beat 60-Year-Old Woman After Mask Dispute 11/19/2020

Former Raytheon Engineer Sentenced for Taking Missile Technology to China 11/18/2020

Young Man Attacked by Rioters After MAGA Rally: ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ 11/17/2020

Michigan ballot worker openly brags about destroying every Trump ballot he saw 11/10/2020

‘Terrorism’: Reports of Fatalities, Injured, and Multiple Perpetrators in Vienna Shooting 11/2/2020

Oregon Is On The Verge Of Decriminalizing Heroin, Cocaine, And LSD 11/1/2020

‘Allah Akhbar’: Man With ‘Handgun’ Shot Dead Just Hours After Nice Terror 10/29/2020

Obama Defends BLM Protesters: ‘This Country Was Founded on Protesting Against Injustice’ 10/27/2020

Violent left-wing rioters attack innocent children and families at “Jews for Trump” rally in NYC 10/26/2020

UK Child Abuse Inquiry Refuses to Investigate Pakistani Grooming Gangs 10/26/2020

BLM Blocks Major DC Freeway for ‘Black Education’ Demonstration 10/26/2020

North Carolina police officer viciously beaten as onlookers laugh, film for 11 minutes 10/25/2020

LM Demands Allegiance from Shoppers, Diners in Affluent Suburb 10/25/2020

Anti-Police Protesters Attack, One Cop Sent to Hospital with Head Injury in Rhode Island 10/20/2020

Sony Corporation (Net Worth $45 Billion) Endorses Black Lives Matter 10/19/2020

Trump Supporter Hospitalized By Black Lives Matter Thugs At Woman's March 10/18/2020

Steve Bannon Behind 'Roll-Out Plan' For Hunter Biden Emails, Says 'Multiple Stories From Multiple Media Sources' About To Hit 10/18/2020

Police High-Speed Extraction of Mobbed Free-Speech Activists at Twitter HQ 10/17/2020

Two Pennsylvania Postal Workers Federally Charged with Throwing Away Mail 10/15/2020

Slaughter in the Cities 10/14/2020

Nine Likely Tactics of Insurgents as they Push for their Marxist Revolution 10/13/2020

ortland Restaurant Shot At for Being Pro-Police, Says Owner 10/13/2020

Former U.S. Marshals Director on ‘Defund the Police’: ‘Organized Crime Will Come in and Seize the Moment’ 10/13/2020

Former Portland Democrat Congressional Candidate: We Brought Down Two Statues 10/12/2020

Billionaire Leon Black Wired at Least $50 Million to Jeffrey Epstein 10/12/2020

Former NYPD Commissioner: Democrats Gave Their Cities to Domestic Terrorists 10/12/2020

Left-wing Radicals Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close 10/12/2020

Police Make Mass Arrest Overnight in Riot-Torn Portland Oregon 10/11/2020

WaPo Buries News BLM Supporter Allegedly Tied to Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot 10/11/2020

Finnish Police Bust Huge Sex Trafficking Ring Led by Migrants 10/11/2020

Delaware’s Democrat governor in 2019 pardoned defendant in Michigan kidnap plot 10/9/2020

Our Society Is In The Process Of Breaking Down All Around Us 10/6/2020

 Suspect Shot Dead While Allegedly Stabbing Officer with Butcher Knife 10/2/2020

ederal agents bypass corrupt FBI to track and trace the top leadership at BLM and Antifa 9/29/2020

Second O'Keefe Video Drops: Alleged Cash-For-Ballot Transaction Caught On Tape, Ilhan Omar Accused Of Direct Involvement 9/28/2020

Police: Man Repeatedly Stabs Mom over Text Telling Him to Grow Up and Get a Job 9/28/2020

Mother, Daughter Plead Guilty in Murder of Five Family Members 9/28/2020

emocrat-Appointed Philadelphia Official Charged with Fraudulently Obtaining American Citizenship 9/27/2020

NFL Legend Joe Montana Fights off Intruder Allegedly Trying to Kidnap Grandchild 9/27/2020

At Least 24 Shot During Two Days in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 9/27/2020

Alleged Black Lives Matter Supporter Drives Through Counter-protesters; Arrested for Attempted Murder 9/27/2020

Nearly 500 NYPD Cops Injured Since May Due to Anti-Police Protests 9/27/2020

Seattle Rioters Hit Cop in the Head with Bat After He’s Knocked Down 9/24/2020

77-Year-Old California Veteran Assaulted for Wearing MAGA Hat, Back the Blue Mask 9/24/2020

Portland Protesters Threaten to Burn Down Home for Displaying an American Flag 9/22/2020

Canadian Woman Identified as Suspect in White House Ricin Incident 9/22/2020

Iraq Marine Vet Commits Suicide After Indictment for Shooting BLM Thug in Self-defense 9/22/2020

Homicides Surge Toward 50-Year High in Mayor Lyda Krewson’s St. Louis 9/21/2020

DOJ Lists New York City, Portland, Seattle ‘Jurisdictions’ Permitting Anarchy, Violence, Destruction of American Cities 9/21/2020

Watch: Philadelphia Rioters Attack Car with Dog Inside 9/20/2020

AZ GOP Sheriff Candidate: I Will ‘Line Up Jail Buses’ to Arrest Rioters 9/20/2020

Blue Checks Vow Violence If McConnell Tries to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘Burn the Entire F**king Thing Down’ 9/18/2020

Princeton Study: Black Lives Matter Responsible For 91% of Riots Over Last 3 Months 9/18/2020

ANGRY LEFTIST Smacks 84-Year-Old Female Trump Supporter Across the Face at Trump Rally in Aliso Viejo — Beats Another Senior  9/17/2020

Vandal Beheads Statue of Jesus in El Paso Cathedral for ‘Wrong Skin Color’ 9/17/2020

Rep. Andy Biggs Calls on Barr to Use RICO Act Against Rioters 9/17/2020

Oklahoma City: 262 Arrested, 5 Missing Children Found in Gang Crime Sweep 9/17/2020

60-Year-Old Black Man Arrested for Murdering White 19-Year-Old UC Berkeley Student Without Any ‘Warning or Provocation’ 9/16/2020

Chinese Organization With Communist Party Ties Funds Black Lives Matter Ventures 9/16/2020

BLM Riots Are Officially the Most Costly Manmade Damage to American Property in History 9/16/2020

GRAPHIC EXCLUSIVE: Cartel Gunmen Burn Rival’s Face Off in Mexico 9/16/2020

Pro-Communist China Group Funding Black Lives Matter-Linked Organization  9/16/2020

This BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up. Here’s Why. 9/15/2020

Reports of Dismembered Newborn Spark Terror in Mexican Border City 9/15/2020

DHS Official Called Portland Violence ‘Organized’ in Leaked Email 9/15/2020

Judge Sets Bail at $1 Million Each for Alleged Lancaster Rioters 9/15/2020

Insurrection and Violence: A Citizen’s Guide for Response 9/14/2020

Chicago gun store looter released, murders Walgreens clerk 9/12/2020

Man accused of firebombing offices of Republican women's group 9/11/2020

Herschel Walker: Out-of-Town Rioters Should Get Federal Charges for ‘Destroying Lives and Businesses’ 8/8/2020

Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses 8/8/2020

Antifa gunman wanted for shooting dead pro-Trump activist in Portland is killed in shootout with marshals after he 'opened fire with an assault rifle' as officers tried to arrest him 9/4/2020

U.S. Marshals Find 25 Missing Kids During First Weeks of Operation Safety Net 9/1/2020

St. Louis Police Officer Dies After Being Shot in the Head 8/31/2020

“Highly Organized Violent Operators” Are Behind Recent Riots in US Cities Says AG Barr – Senator Rand Paul Wants to Know Who Is Supporting Them 8/31/2020

Kenosha Protest Leader: ‘If You Kill One Of Us, It’s Time For Us To Kill One Of Yours’ 8/31/2020

DC BLM Terrorist: ‘Put Police In Graves, Burn The White House Down, Take It To Senators… Burn Them Down 8/30/2020

Suspect in Murder of Trump Supporter: “I’m 100% Antifa All the Way” 8/30/2020

Virginia Senate Approves Bill Reducing Many Assaults on Police Officers to Misdemeanors 8/28/2020

Marxist Leader Admits: BLM Riots Are ‘Rehearsals for USA Revolution’ 8/28/2020

Feds Step in to Prosecute Criminal Rioters in Portland as Local DA Stands Down 8/28/2020

Chaos Erupts In DC After GOP Convention; Rand Paul And Wife Chased Down Street By BLM Protesters 8/28/2020

Literal Battle Zones Are Erupting All Over America (WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT) 8/27/2020

Looting Breaks Out in Minneapolis After Homicide Suspect Commits Suicide 8/27/2020

Man Who Had His Arm Partially Blown Off Confesses to Friend: His Only Regret Was ‘Hesitating to Pull His Gun’ and “Not Killing” 17-Year-Old Rittenhouse 8/27/2020


GRAPHIC VIDEO: Mexican Cartel Gunmen Remove Rival’s Heart, Eat It 8/24/2020

Baptist Leaders Primed Their Followers For The Black Live Matter Movement & The Democratic Party 8/24/2020

Tennessee puts violent protesters on notice with new law that significantly increases criminal punishments 8/23/2020

What Happened in Sweden: Economist Notes Massive Surge in Severe Crime 8/21/2020

DNC Features Convicted Murderer Who Squeezed Victim’s Testicles with Pliers 8/21/2020

Downtown Portland Businesses Flee Due to BLM Riots 8/21/2020

BLM Mob Terrorizes Residential Area — ‘Wake Up, Motherf**ker!’ 8/21/2020

Leaked Audio Reveals Goodyear Lied, It Endorsed BLM And Banned Blue Lives Matter 8/20/2020

Black Lives Matter Protests ‘Contributed’ to a 38 Per Cent Rise in Attacks on London Police 8/20/2020

Thousands of Pounds of Meth Seized from ‘Super Panga’ Off California Coast 8/20/2020

Man Arrested for Attempted Murder After Ramming Sergeant’s SUV 8/19/2020

ix Correctional Officers Injured in Inmate Attack at California Prison 8/17/2020

Over 50 Shot, 7 Fatally, Since Thursday in de Blasio’s New York City 8/17/2020

At Least 50 Shot, 5 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago 8/17/2020

Antifa 'SECURITY' Mobs Truck Driver, Kicks Him in the Face, and Leaves Him Bleeding on the Pavement 8/17/2020

80 Nights in Portland: Rioters Chant ‘Kill a Cop, Save a Life’ as Two Officers Hospitalized 8/16/2020

Female Child Molester Charged with Human Smuggling During California Traffic Stop 8/16/2020

ame Lunatic Who Sucker-Punched TPUSA Member Last Year Was Arrested Sunday For Repeatedly Stabbing Husband Bike-Riding with His Wife 8/14/2020

Feds Stepping in to Prosecute Portland Rioters Charged with Crimes as Local DA Stands Down 8/14/2020

Couple’s Dead Baby Found Submerged in Bucket of Tar 8/13/2020

Chicago Looters Intent on Their 'Reparation' Terrorized Sick Kids at Ronald McDonald House 8/12/2020

NC Man Shot 5-Year-Old Neighbor Cannon Hinnant in the Head at Point-Blank Range 8/12/2020

Portland Prosecutor Likely To Drop Charges Against Rioters Who Injure Cops, Citing "Instinctive Reaction" To Police 8/12/2020

Police: Rioters Throw Rocks, Chunks of Concrete at Portland Officers 8/8/2020

Rape suspect who was freed due to coronavirus kills his accuser in Virginia 8/7/2020

Gang Member Participated in Three Shootings After Being Freed Without Bail 8/6/2020

Lebanese Red Cross: Over 100 Dead, 4,000 Injured, Hundreds Missing in Beirut 8/5/2020

Vandals Deface Tampa’s ‘Back the Blue’ Mural with Paint and Tar 8/5/2020

Crime Soars in NYC’s Wealthy Upper East Side as Democrats Move to Defund Police 8/5/2020

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Caves to Black Lives Matter, Grants Felons Voting Rights 8/5/2020

Rioters Target Local Police in Portland; Wall Street Journal Says ‘Mostly Peaceful’ 8/2/2020

Shakedown: BLM Demands Cut of Louisville Business Profits for Protection 8/2/2020

Minneapolis police tell residents to obey criminals and ‘be prepared’ to be robbed 8/1/2020

Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets 8/1/2020

Texas Parents Charged After Infant Suffered Broken Bones, Toddler Tested Positive for Meth 7/30/2020

Poll: Majority say they are concerned about rising crime in US cities 7/27/2020

Violent Crime Explosion Forces Minneapolis Residents to Form Militias 7/27/2020

US protests: More riots and lawlessness in cities across nation 7/26/2020

Los Angeles Protesters Body Slam & Wrestle With Cops, Pull Out Machete — In Broad Daylight 7/26/2020

Black Man Shot ‘Execution Style’ In ‘Broad Daylight’ After Giving Interview About Supporting Trump 7/25/2020

Seattle Riot: Police Arrest 25 After ‘Explosives’ Thrown at Officers 7/25/2020

Police: Father, Daughter Violently Beaten at NYC Deli 7/25/2020

Three Arrested, One with History of 230 Felonies, in Connection with Triple Murder in Florida 7/22/2020

A Nation Falling Apart 7/21/2020

Violence, Looting, Arson in Portland as Demonstrators Burn the City in Protest 7/21/2020

Virginia Pastor Stabbed During Bible Study at Church Led by Redskins Chaplain 7/20/2020

At Least 65 Shot, 10 Fatally, over Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago 7/20/2020

NYPD Chief Who Knelt With Protesters Ends Up Violently Assaulted By the Mob 7/15/2020

Black Lives Matter Protestors in D.C Shout, ‘Israel, We Know You, You Murder Children,’ ‘Palestinian Lives Matter’ 7/2/2020

At Least 23 Arrests as Seattle Police Clear Out CHOP: ‘Failure to Disperse, Obstruction, Resisting Arrest, and Assault’ 7/1/2020

American Jews Must Stand up to Structurally Anti-Semitic BLM 6/30/2020

Thugs in Brooklyn throw fireworks at sleeping homeless man 6/24/2020

Wisconsin BLM protesters brutally beat a gay Democratic state senator for taking a video of them 6/24/2020

Black Lives Matter Attempts to Topple Andrew Jackson Statue near White House 6/22/2020

Rioters Tear Down Statue Of Ulysses S. Grant… He Defeated The Confederacy, Devastated KKK 6/21/2020

The BLM Movement: An Existential Threat to America 6/18/2020

Seattle Protest Leader Implies Execution Is Needed for Opponents of the Revolution 6/16/2020

EXCLUSIVE: 'We prepare to stop these murders by any means necessary.' Black Lives Matter leader declares war on police and group is 'training our people to defend our communities' in Black Panther style armed 'patrols'  6/3/2020

Exposing The Black Lives Matter Movement For What It Is: Promotion of Cop Killing 9/2/2015

Black Preacher to CHAZ BLM Protesters: ‘Planned Parenthood #1 Killer of Black Population’ 6/19/2020

George Washington Statue Torn Down, Draped in Burning U.S. Flag 6/19/2020

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder: ‘Our Goal Is to Get Trump Out’ 6/19/2020

A man in his 30s is shot dead after two men 'ambush' him as he gets into his car on a Toronto street 6/19/2020

Shootings surge in NYC amid disbanding of NYPD’s plainclothes anti-crime unit 6/19/2020

slamic Republic of Iran depicts George Floyd as Shi’ite Muslim saint 6/19/2020

Minnesota Police: Man Pushed Pregnant Woman off 20-Foot Overpass 6/18/2020

rida Man with Machete Face Tattoo Arrested for Machete Attack 6/18/2020

rute accused of shoving elderly NYC woman has been arrested over 100 times 6/17/2020

Capital Hill Autonomous Zone Beefs Up Border Wall, Deports Conservative Visitors 6/13/2020

WRONG WRAY: Disturbing Photos Emerge of FBI Agents Taking a Knee to Appease Domestic Terrorists 6/15/2020

Beijing’s Revenge? Two Pro-China Communist Parties Coordinate Violent US Protests 6/14/2020

Police are searching for a man who shot and wounded 8 people outside a San Antonio bar after being denied entry 6/13/2020

Nearly 200 Looters Stole $100,000 Worth of Goods from Tampa Walmart 6/11/2020