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AI Relies On Mass Surveillance, Warns Signal Boss 5/23/2024

AI Has Been Attacking Americans Longer Than You Think 5/21/2024

OpenAI CEO’s Eyeball-Scanning Digital ID Project, Worldcoin, Hopes To Partner With OpenAI & Has Had Conversations With PayPal m5/2/2024

‘Tens of Thousands’ of Driverless Trucks to Haul Freight on Highways in Coming Years 4/29/2024

Watch as speedy new humanoid AI robot shows off impressive cooking and cleaning skills ‘faster than man’ 4/29/2024

An artificial mind, with a lifelike body 4/25/2024

‘The Battle for Your Brain’: Creepy WEF Video Shows How Globalists Plan To Use AI Mind Control 4/20/2024

Japanese Companies Warn that ‘Social Order Could Collapse’ in Age of AI 4/8/2024

Study: 42% of Film, TV Production Workers Fear AI Will ‘Harm People’ in Their Field 3/31/2024

Movie About the Devil, that Made $666,666 at Box Office, Under Fire for Using AI 3/26/2024

AI Infiltrates Oil Industry To Speed Up Drilling, Cut Costs 3/19/2024

These Will be The Jobs Most Impacted by AI 3/19/2024

One Step Closer to Terminators: Figure Introduces Humanoid Robot Powered by OpenAI 3/14/2024

No Lessons Learned: Adobe’s Woke AI Follows in Google’s Footsteps by Erasing History 3/14/2024

AI Image Generator Midjourney Blocks Pics of Biden and Trump as Election Looms 3/13/2024

Report: Top AI Researchers Complain OpenAI, Meta, and Google Are Ignoring Safety Concerns 3/12/2024

U.S. Must Move ‘Decisively’ to Avert ‘Extinction-Level’ Threat From AI, Government-Commissioned Report Says 3/11/2024

Beverly Hills Middle Schoolers Expelled for Spreading AI Deep Fake Porn of Classmates 3/9/2024

Understanding the AI Revolution 3/8/2024

Colbert To Top Globalist Harari: I’m “Ready” For AI To “Make Big Decisions” For Humanity & “Tell Us What To Do” 3/7/2024

British Bot Corporation: BBC to Use Generative AI to Write Headlines for News Articles 3/1/2024

Pervert’s Paradise: Porn Industry Races to Capitalize on AI Video Generation 2/26/2024

Google’s Woke AI Disaster Continues with Insane Text Responses 2/23/2024

Anti-Christian Google’s Woke AI Image Generator Refuses to Create White People 2/21/2024

ChatGPT Suffers AI Meltdown, Answers Queries with Gibberish, Disturbing Responses 2/21/2024

ChatGPT has officially gone off the rails – and ‘admitted’ it hates humanity 2/21/2024

Artificial intelligence, real emotion. People are seeking a romantic connection with the perfect bot 2/14/2024

Online Sextortion: Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used to Blackmail Teens With Fake Nudes 2/12/2024

FCC makes it official: AI-generated voices in robocalls are illegal 2/8/2024

AI Deployed Nukes 'to Have Peace in the World' in Tense War Simulation 2/7/2024

A.I. Systems Which Manipulate The Human Nervous System (Thoughts, Emotions, Perceptions) and Derogate Fundamental Human Rights 1/31/2024

US regulator probes AI investments by tech giants 1/25/2024

Humans will soon be worshipping AI chatbots as gods, experts warn 1/23/2024

AI Leaders Tell Globalist Davos Crowd that ‘Artificial General Intelligence’ Will Be ‘Better than Humans’ 1/23/2024

Altman says ChatGPT will have to evolve in “uncomfortable” ways 1/17/2024

AI Fraud Act Could Outlaw Parodies, Political Cartoons, and More  1/17/2024

Robots Are Looking Better to Detroit as Labor Costs Rise 1/15/2024

"Your Job May Disappear Altogether, Or...": IMF Chief On AI Impact 1/15/2024

Bill Gates Hopes AI Can Reduce “Polarization,” Save “Democracy,” Ignores Censorship Implications 1/15/2023

Walmart moves towards AI to remove receipt review upon departing a store 1/11/2024

World Economic Forum Report Highlights AI-Powered Misinformation as Primary Short-Term Global Risk 1/11/2024

George Carlin’s Daughter Slams AI-Generated Special Imitating Her Late Father’s Voice and Comedy Style 1/11/2024

Judges in England and Wales are Given Cautious Approval to Use AI in Writing Legal Opinions 1/8/2024

Artificial Intelligence Is Allowing Them To Construct A Global Surveillance Prison From Which No Escape Is Possible 1/7/2024

Don’t Call Doctor ChatGPT: AI Fails Pediatric Diagnosis Test Miserably with 17% Accuracy Rating 1/4/2024

Elvis Presley to Return Via AI Concert in London 1/4/2024

Chief Justice Roberts Says AI Will Transform How the Courts Work 12/31/2023

A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People. The Law Is Powerless. 12/30/2023

‘Normalizing Surveillance From a Young Age’: More Schools Using Facial Recognition, AI Technologies to Monitor Kids 12/27/2023

Tesla robot ATTACKS an engineer at company's Texas factory during violent malfunction - leaving 'trail of blood' and forcing workers to hit emergency shutdown button 12/26/2023

Now That’s a Stocking Stuffer: Man Tricks GM Dealer’s AI Chatbot into Selling 2024 Chevy Tahoe for $1 12/22/2023

CaliExpress: World’s First Fully Autonomous AI-Powered Restaurant Is Set to Open in Southern California 12/21/2023

Scientists create AI they claim predicts when you'll die with 78% accuracy 12/20/2023

Biden’s “AI Bill of Rights” May Just Be Another Censorship Plan 12/19/2023

Chinese Mourners Use AI to Create Avatars of the Dead 12/14/2023

Vladimir Putin lost for words as he confronts his AI 'double' 12/14/2023

‘Nudify’ Apps Using AI to Make Deepfake Porn of Women Skyrocket in Popularity 11/13/2023

Where’s the Beef (and the Humans)?: Wendy’s Introduces AI Drive-Thru Order Takers 12/12/2023

The EU Passes First Large-Scale Law To Regulate AI 12/9/2023

AI doctor's offices at the mall and gym will let you test your own blood — with no trained medics onsite 12/9/2023

CRISPR, AI, and cloning could transform the human race 12/7/2023

AI Nightmare: Jimmy Stewart to Put You to Sleep With Wellness App Calm ‘Sleep Stories’ 12/6/2023

Amazon's humanoid warehouse robots will eventually cost only $3 per hour to operate. That won't calm workers' fears of being replaced. 12/6/2023

The first humanoid robot factory is about to open 12/5/2023?

Globalists Accelerate Depopulation to ‘Catch Up’ with Rapid AI Advancements that will Replace Humans 12/4/2023

Survey: Most Americans Believe Artificial Intelligence Has a Negative Impact on Jobs, Businesses 12/4/2023

Ridley Scott: ‘We Have to Lock Down AI’ — ‘It’s a Technical Hydrogen Bomb’ 12/3/2023

Brazilian city enacts an ordinance that was secretly written by ChatGPT 11/30/2023

AI has a political problem 11/28/2023

Sports Illustrated’s use of AI infuriates a staff already in turmoil 11/28/2023

Former Google CEO: Companies' AI guardrails "aren't enough" to prevent harm 11/28/2023

PHOTOS: First Spanish A.I. Model Earns Nearly $11K Monthly for Agency 11/27/2023

US, UK and a dozen more countries unveil pact to make AI ‘secure by design’ 11/27/2023

How OpenAI’s ex-CEO Sam Altman, Microsoft, and Other Controligarchs Are Weaponizing AI to Dominate Your Life and Upend Capitalism 11/21/2023

TikTok, YouTube Videos Push Websites that Turn Photos into AI Deepfake Pornography 11/20/2023

Microsoft hires OpenAI founders to lead AI research team after ChatGPT maker's shakeup 11/20/2023

Pentagon Office in Charge of AI Strategy Plagued with Incompetence and Mismanagement 11/17/2023

Robolawyers: AI Chatbot Can Pass National Lawyer Ethics Exam 11/17/2023

Dr. AI Will See You Now: Company Launches ‘CarePod’ Medical Stations 11/16/2023

Dolly Parton: ‘AI is terrifying – it’s not right to replicate human beings’ 11/16/2023

China Unveils Plan To Mass Produce Human-like Robots, Calling It 'New Engine' For Growth 11/9/2023

Big Tech wants AI regulation. The rest of Silicon Valley is skeptical. 11/9/2023

Video: Amazon Tests Six Foot Tall Warehouse Robots 10/20/2023

How ‘A.I. Agents’ That Roam the Internet Could One Day Replace Workers 10/16/2023

Creepy Bill Gates Wants His AI to Pick Books and Movies for You 10/6/2023

Robo Feds: SEC Will Use AI for ‘Market Surveillance’ and Regulatory Oversight 9/13/2023

Director Tim Burton Warns Artificial Intelligence Technology ‘Like a Robot Taking Your Humanity, Your Soul’ 9/12/2023

‘AI Took My Job, Literally:’ Tech Outlet Replaces Spanish-Language Staff with AI Translators 9/6/2023

Robots Are Already Killing People 9/6/2023

Imagine there's no singers! Music bosses panic over new AI generated John Lennon song released 40 years after the Beatles' star's death 8/12/2023

San Franciscans Are Having Sex in Robotaxis, and Nobody Is Talking About It 8/11/2023

First Human Trials Begin for AI-Designed Drug 6/26/2023

Good Eye!: AI Model Identifies Conservative Women as More Attractive and Happy than Leftists 6/21/2023

AI: The worst-case scenario 6/17/2023

Top WEF Advisor Yuval Noah Harari Says The Bible Should Be ‘Rewritten’ With AI And Create A ‘New Bible’ 6/14/2023

‘No Soul’ — German Church Holds Artificial Intelligence Generated Sermon 6/10/2023

OpenAI Faces Defamation Lawsuit over False Accusations Generated by ChatGPT 6/9/2023

Rise of the robots: UN tries to tackle 'mind-blowing' growth of AI 6/7/2023

FBI Warns of Rising Trend in AI-Generated ‘Deepfake Sextortion’ Schemes 6/8/2023

‘An oppressive society’: Watch this humanoid robot reveal ‘nightmare scenario’ about AI taking over world 6/1/2023

AI Poses 'Extinction' Risk, Say Experts 5/30/2023

New AI tool predicts Parkinson’s disease with 96% accuracy — 15 years in advance! 5/20/2023

Telecom Giant to Shed 55,000 Jobs, Will Replace Some Humans With A.I. 5/18/2023

OpenAI CEO in "historic" move calls for regulation before Congress 5/16/2023

Microsoft Says New A.I. Shows Signs of Human Reasoning 5/16/2023

AI-powered bots 'taking over Internet' and mimicking human behaviour 5/16/2023

Cybersecurity faces a challenge from artificial intelligence’s rise 5/11/2023

Could ChatGPT create a new RELIGION? World is on the verge of a contemporary faith started by an AI writing its own sacred texts, historian claims 5/2/2023

IBM To Stop Hiring For Roles That Can Be Replaced By AI; Nearly 8,000 Workers To Be Replaced By Automation 5/2/2023

The Godfather of A.I.’ Leaves Google and Warns of Danger Ahead 5/1/2023

We Interviewed the Engineer Google Fired for Saying Its AI Had Come to Life 4/28/2023

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Calls AI ‘More Profound than Fire or Electricity’ 4/17/2023

Machine Learning Investor Warns AI Is Becoming Like a God 4/16/2023

I bot, ChaosGPT, tweets out plans to ‘destroy humanity’ after being tasked 4/11/2023

The Robots Have Finally Come for My Job 4/5/2023

1,000 AI Experts and Tech Leaders Call for Temporary Halt in Advanced AI Development 3/29/2023

Woke AI Chatbot Lectures Users on Perils of Climate Change 3/24/2023

Thoughtful technology: We can now control robots — with our minds 3/22/2023

ChatGPT CEO admits he is 'scared' the bot could be used for 'large-scale disinformation and cyberattacks' 3/20/2023

AI develops cancer treatment in 30 days, predicts survival rate 3/20/2023

How AI could upend the world even more than electricity or the internet 3/18/2023

AI Gods & ChatGPT religions are coming – they will be better than human priests & they could turn evil, warns experts 3/18/2023

AI IN CONTROL AI chatbot GPT-4 caught ‘controlling human’ in ‘first terrifying example’ of the machine’s abilities 3/17/2023

Will AI Go Rogue? 3/17/2023

AI Death Panels: Algorithms Are Denying Care for Medicare Advantage Patients 3/15/2023

Manhattan Institute: ChatGPT Displays Leftist Bias, Allows ‘Hate Speech’ Against Conservatives, Men 3/14/2023

Report: Microsoft Spent Hundreds of Millions on OpenAI Supercomputer 3/13/2023

‘Code Red:’ Google Issues Employee Alert to Rush AI into Its Products 3/8/2023

Proof scientists can now read your MIND: AI turns people's thoughts into images with 80% accuracy 3/8/2023

The Woke Get Woker: Salesforce to Integrate ChatGPT-Powered AI into Business Platform 3/7/2023

Woke AI Everywhere: OpenAI Offers ChatGPT Subscriptions to App Developers 3/6/2023

European Prime Minister Gets ‘World’s First’ AI Government Advisor 3/2/2023

Elon Musk Predicts Tesla’s AI-Powered Robots Will Outnumber Humans 3/2/2023

Free AI voice generation software successfully hacked into bank accounts using simulated voices 3/1/2023

Report: Microsoft Preparing For Windows 12 Rollout With Heavy AI Focus 3/1/2023

Fired Google Engineer Doubles Down on Claim That AI Has Gained Sentience 2/28/2023

Microsoft Adds AI Bing to Windows Computers Despite Unhinged Behavior 2/28/2023

This Won’t End Well: Scientists Hope to Create AI from Human Brain Cells 2/28/2023

AI-Human Romances Are Flourishing—And This Is Just the Beginning 2/23/2023

Sports Illustrated Turns to AI to Generate Articles, Story Ideas 2/21/2023

WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab Says Global Governments Must Harness A.I. to Become ‘Masters of the World’ 2/16/2023

Pastors’ view: Sermons written by ChatGPT will have no soul 2/15/2023

Former Google Boss Eric Schmidt: Military AI Is as Powerful as Nukes 2/14/2023

She discovered a naked video of herself online, but it wasn't her: The trauma of deepfake porn 2/14/2023

Bill Gates: AI Can Help Solve ‘Digital Misinformation’ Problem 2/12/2023

Economist Predicts AI Could Significantly Disrupt U.S. Wages 2/9/2023

Microsoft bakes ChatGPT-like tech into search engine Bing 2/7/2023

US Venture Capital Seeds Chinese Artificial Intelligence Development 2/6/2023

Google Tests AI Products in Scramble to Catch up to ChatGPT 2/2/2023

Digital humans created by AI could replace supermodels 1/30/2023

If AI takes over, humanity could go extinct, experts warn 1/27/2023

BE CAUTIOUS I’m an AI expert – there are several jobs I wouldn’t trust artificial intelligence to do as fears over ChatGPT grow 1/26/2023

DARPA Dweebs Spent 6 Days Training A Robot To Detect Humans, Then 8 Goofy Marines Trounced Their AI 1/18/2023

Tesla that Caused in 8-Car San Francisco Pileup Had Elon Musk’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ Activated 1/18/2023

90% of online content could be ‘generated by AI by 2025,’ expert says 1/13/2023

Terrifying Microsoft AI can build a robo-clone of your voice after just 3 seconds 1/11/2023

ROBO COP Artificial Intelligence is about to defend a human in court ‘for the first time ever’ 1/4/2023

MIND OF THE MACHINE Chilling AI predicts what nuclear war would look like with attacks on London, Moscow and Washington 12/31/2022

TAKING OVER AI machines could ‘control humans’ and make decisions for us if we don’t act now, experts warn 12/24/2022

Meet the Army of Robots Coming to Fill In for Scarce Workers10/15/2022

Robo Hype: Elon Musk Unveils Tesla’s Underwhelming ‘Optimus’ Robot 10/3/2022

Big Brother: France Uses A.I. to Tax Over 20,000 Undeclared Swimming Pools 8/31/2022

Google Fires Blake Lemoine, Engineer Who Called Its AI Sentient 7/22/2022

Google Researchers: ‘Democratic AI’ Would Be Better at Governing America than Humans 7/8/.2022

Chinese researchers claim they have built and tested artificial intelligence capable of reading minds 7/4/2022

Google's 'Sentient' AI has hired a lawyer to prove it's alive 6/24/2022

Can a Future Fleet of Robotic Fish Clean Up the Ocean? 6/22/2022

EXCLUSIVE: 'It's intensely worried people are going to be afraid of it': Suspended Google engineer reveals 'sentient' AI told him it has emotions and wants engineers to ask permission before doing experiments on it 6/12/2022

Scientists have crafted living skin for robots, further blurring the line between human and machine 6/9/2022

Robot Orders Surge 40% as Employers Seek Relief from Labor Shortages 5/30/2022

A.I. Is Mastering Language. Should We Trust What It Says? 4/15/2022

Robot Truckers Could Replace 500K U.S. Jobs 3/19/2022

Meet ElliQ, the robot who wants to keep Grandma company 3/16/2022

AN Amazon employee apparently became trapped by robot shelves when he was working on the warehouse floor. 3/6/2022

AI model detects mental disorders based on web posts 3/2/2022

Death by robots? Study finds automation is ruining people’s lives — and raising mortality rates! 2/25/2022

Sliders Courtesy of ‘Flippy:’ White Castle to Install 100 Burger Flipping Robots 2/22/2022

TAKING OVER Could artificial intelligence REALLY wipe out humanity? 2/19/2022

Human Forecasters Predict Bad Weather More Accurately than AI 1/6/2022

Artificial intelligence can now predict who will develop DEMENTIA with 92% accuracy, breakthrough study reveals 12/16/2021

DHL Is Keeping Pace With The Holiday Rush By Adding 1,500 New Robots 12/12/2021

America is hiring a record number of robots 11/12/2021

Robots hit the streets as demand for food delivery grows 11/2/2021

ALL GO FOR ROBO Fifa will use ROBOT linesmen at World Cup 2022 as chiefs give go-ahead for technology to be implemented 10/27/2021

Investors Are Using AI Analysis to Tell When CEOs Are Lying 10/23/2021

NATO releases first-ever strategy for Artificial Intelligence 10/22/2021

Restaurants prep for long-term labor crunch by turning to robots to work the fryer, shuttle food to tables 10/22/2021

Do we need humans for that job? Automation booms after COVID 9/5/2021

The Pentagon Is Experimenting With Using Artificial Intelligence To "See Days In Advance" 7/30/2021

The future of elder care is here – and it’s artificial intelligence 6/3/2021

McDonald's trials artificial intelligence drive-through system to cut waiting times 6/3/2021

EU unveils 'landmark' AI rules to curb Big Brother fears 4/21/2021

Domino's Pizza is now using a robot to deliver your pizza 4/12/2021

Amazon Uses Invasive App to Track and Discipline Delivery Drivers 2/15/2021


Boston Dynamics Robots Learn How To Dance In Creepy New Video  12/30/2020

France Says Its Developing Bionic Supersoldiers Because "Everyone Else Is Doing It" 12/16/2020

Meet The Man Who Thinks Robots Are The Only Way To Make American Manufacturing Great Again 11/1/2020

Robots Encroach on Up to 800 Million Jobs Around the World 10/20/2020

Smoothie Robot In Walmart Signals Continued Rise Of Automated Fast Food Workers 10/18/2020

Canadian City Uses Artificial Intelligence to Predict Homelessness 10/15/2020

Columbia U. Partners with Amazon for A.I. Research Center 9/27/2020

Futuristic AI cameras that spot people not social distancing built to fight Covid-19 4/22/2020

Mind-reading AI turns thoughts into words using a brain implant 3/30/2020

AI tool predicts which coronavirus patients get deadly 'wet lung' 3/30/2020

Toyota To Develop 175-Acre A.I. "City Of The Future'" 1/10/2020

Meet the creepy robots poised to take over the world 12/21/2019

The future of AI’s impact on society 12/18/2019

AI judges and verdicts via chat app: the brave new world of China's digital courts 12/6/2019

nteractive map reveals top 10 areas in the US where workers are at risk of being replaced by ROBOTS - amid predictions up to 50 percent will lose their jobs 12/2/2019

AI mind-reading tool produces video of human thoughts in real-time 11/27/2019

‘Cultural Genocide’: Leaked Documents Reveal How China Uses AI, Mass Surveillance to Run Concentration Camps 11/24/2019

Elon Musk Claims Neural AI Technology Could ‘Cure’ Autism, Schizophrenia 11/14/2019

Chinese killer robots sold to Middle East will leave 'every human dead' 11/14/2019

AI can predict if you'll die soon – but we've no idea how it works 11/11/2019

American robots lose jobs to Asian robots as Adidas shifts manufacturing 11/11/2019

Putin calls for worldwide 'moral rules' to control AI-powered killer robots 11/10/2019

Robot hotel admits it's bedside cameras could have exposed guests to peeping hackers 10/23/2019

Scientists fuse brains with AI implants to 'give people superhuman intelligence' 10/20/2019

Robot judges 'will pass sentence with no human bias' in AI courts 10/19/2019

US sex robot giant says dolls 'hard to tell apart from humans' after AI upgrade 10/12/2019

Voice AI systems will be ‘everywhere’ and ‘phones will disappear in 10 years' 10/8/2019

AI bias: How tech determines if you land job, get a loan or end up in jail 10/2/2019

A little creepy? Russian company starts mass production of humanoid robots that can look like you 10/1/2019

AI equal with human experts in medical diagnosis, study finds 9/24/2019

Prof Warns: Social Credit to Shift Law ‘From Constitution to Analytics, Algorithm’ 9/23/2019

Artificial Intelligence Can Now Gauge Your Risk of Cardiovascular Death 9/18/2019

Chinese firms are driving the rise of AI surveillance across Africa 9/18/2019

SNOWDEN:Greatest Danger Lies Ahead With Refinement of AI 9/13/2019

An A.I. System Passed an Eighth-Grade Science Test. Can You? 9/4/2019

Coming Soon to a Battlefield: Robots That Can Kill 9/3/2019

The robots are coming for your job. too 8/24/2019

Amazon, Microsoft, 'putting world at risk of killer AI': study 8/21/2019

Cashierless Stores Make Inroads in U.S.  8/12/2019

The %$@! robot that swiped my job 8/1/2019

Marty the grocery store robot is a glimpse into our hell-ish future 7/30/2019

A new tool uses AI to spot text written by AI 7/26/2019

Power of AI’ Is ‘Too Dangerous’ to Be Controlled by China or Google 7/26/2019

AI experts from top universities SLAM ‘predictive policing’ tools in new statement and warn technology could 'fuel misconceptions and fears that drive mass incarceration' 7/25/2019

China’s AI Algorithms Reject ‘Western’ Values of ‘Fairness, Transparency, Individual Rights’ 7/24/2019

Walmart adds AI-powered cameras to more than 1,000 stores to reduce checkout theft 6/23/2019

How AI is catching people who cheat on their diets, job searches and school work  6/10/2019

China Demands Control over ‘A.I. Governance 5/31/2019

Forming romantic and sexual relationships with robots ‘will be widespread by 2050’ 5/28/2019

Facebook Research is developing touchy-feely curious robots 5/20/2019

Intel Agencies Invest in AI to Track People Across Video Surveillance Networks 5/10/2019

Tesla CEO plans to hand the car keys to robots next year 4/22/2019

Robot Love: Why romance with machines is a foregone conclusion 4/13/2019

AI can predict when someone will die with unsettling accuracy 3/27/2019

Can AI Be a Fair Judge in Court? Estonia Thinks So 3/25/2019

The rise of robot authors: is the writing on the wall for human novelists?  3/25/2019

The end of school: AI ‘Google brain’ implants to REPLACE education and ‘supercharge IQ’ 3/24/2019

These Cameras Can Spot Shoplifters Even Before They Steal 3/4/2019