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Milei Urges Europe to Reject ‘Cancerous’ Socialism at Madrid Populist Conference Ahead of EU Parliament Elections 5/19/2024

Cuba Bans Holy Week Processions, Fearing More Anti-Communist Protests 3/29/2024

‘Blood Money’: House Panel Launches ‘Government-Wide’ Investigation into Chinese Communist Subversion of U.S. 3/14/2024

YAF Students Use Schweizer’s ‘Blood Money’ to Warn Students About the CCP’s Subversion of America 3/13/2024

‘California Republic of the CCP’: ‘Blood Money’ Billboard Truck Bashes Newsom for Ignoring Fentanyl Crisis 3/9/2024

‘Blood Money’: Chinese Government Documents Reveal Detailed Plan to Subvert American Culture Using Tech and Hollywood to Target American Children 3/9/2024

China Executing ‘Delete America’ Plan to Remove U.S. Hardware from Tech Industry 3/8/2024

Chinese National Arrested in U.S. For Stealing Google AI Technology 3/6/2024

U of Florida YAF Leader Urges Student Government to Condemn CCP for Fentanyl Crisis 3/6/2024

Peter Schweizer: Fentanyl a ‘Chinese Operation Much More than It Is a Mexican Drug Cartel Operation’ 3/2/2024

Peter Schweizer: Chinese Strategy Is Defeat U.S. ‘Without Firing a Shot’ 3/2/2024

‘Blood Money’: Gavin Newsom Partnered with Triad-Linked Businessman on Initiative That Brought Chinese Mafia-Linked Businesses to California 3/1/2024

Brazilian Journalist Banned From Brazil By Communist Leadership Explains Why America Can’t Take Four More Years Of Democrats 2/28/2024

‘Blood Money’: 5 Direct Ties Between Xi Jinping and Chinese Organized Crime 2/28/2024

In Their Own Words: Hear How CCP Propagandists Are Using TikTok to Indoctrinate America’s Youth 2/28/2024

‘Blood Money’: The Secret Chinese Military ‘Disintegration Warfare’ Manifesto to Rip America Apart Using Drugs, Social Chaos, and More 2/26/2024

CCP Arrests More Than 1,000 Tibetans After Protests Against Dam Construction Project 2/26/2024

Evidence Indicates Slaves Built Giant Volkswagen Test Track in China-Occupied Uyghur Region 2/14/2024

Trudeau Gov’t Acknowledges Inviting Ukrainian Nazi to Event With Zelensky After Months of Deflections 2/8/2024

China unveils plan for chilling ‘zombie’ BRAIN CHIPS to be implanted into skulls to rival Elon Musk’s Neuralink 2/2/2024

FBI Director Christopher Wray: Chinese Hackers Are ‘Targeting Our Critical Infrastructure’ 1/31/2024

‘National Security Risk’: Investigation Reveals Biden Admin Failed to Track Foreign Ownership of U.S. Farmland 1/20/2024

Communist Death Spiral: Cuba Greenlights Euthanasia as Population Craters 12/26/2023

My Socialist Hell: The Neverending Story of ‘Free and Fair Elections’ in Venezuela 12/25/2023

China, Accused of Political Prisoner Live Organ Harvesting, Hosts Organ ‘Donation’ Summit 12/11/2023

Microsoft Inked Deals With Chinese Communist Party Propaganda Outlets, Documents Show 12/4/2023

Noem: We Need to ‘Wake Up’ — China’s Agenda Is to ‘Destroy’ the U.S.12/3/2023

Report: Gov. Ron DeSantis Provided $90K in Tax Relief to a Chinese Subsidiary in Florida Despite Denials 12/1/2023

China’s Manufacturing Continues to Plummet Under ‘Xiconomics’ 12/1/2023

Outgoing Socialist President Alberto Fernández Will Move to Spain, Leaving Argentina to Deal with His Mess 11/27/2023

Chinese Activists Commemorate One-Year Anniversary of ‘White Paper’ Protests 11/27/2023

Xi Jinping Tells Chinese Women to Get Married and Make Babies 11/27/2023

Populist Libertarian and Anti-Socialist Javier Milei Wins Presidency of Argentina in Landslide

Chinese Police Raid Christian Worship Service, Arrest 13 Believers 11/18/2023

Young Americans Go Viral on China’s TikTok Spreading Ideas of Osama bin Laden 11/16/2023

Argentina Socialists Weaponize Taylor Swift Against Conservative Presidential Frontrunner 11/10/2023

Biden Cozies Up to China in Disturbing Oil Plot 11/7/2023

China Buys Foreign EV Battery Manufacturers to Prevent Competition 11/2/2023

China Confirms Communist Purge Has Targeted Nearly Half a Million Officials in 2023 10/31/2023

Gavin Newsom Commits California to ‘Cooperate’ with China on Climate Crisis 10/31/2023

Exclusive – Rep. Chris Smith: Gavin Newsom’s China Trip Will Have ‘Long-Term Negative Ramifications’ for Human Rights 10/30/2023

Report: Democratic Socialists of America to Rally, Cheer Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israe 10/8/2023

Parliament gives standing ovation to Ukrainian Nazi 9/25/2023

Argentine Presidential Front-Runner Javier Milei: Biden a ‘Threat to Western Values’ 8/30/2023

Xi Jinping Defends Uyghur Genocide in Surprise East Turkistan Visit 8/29/2023

Michigan community leads fightback against Chinese takeover of US agriculture as Beijing-backed companies now own $2bn of American farmland, with more acreage than Bill Gates 3/13/2023

China Passes Law to Enhance ‘Extraterritorial Application’ of Communist Law 6/29/2023

Bill Gates Unveils $50 Million Partnership With Chinese University That Conducts Military Research 6/16/2023

China Holds ‘Human Rights Forum’ While Conducting Genocide 6/15/2023

Study: Socialist Darling Venezuela Experienced 86 Oil Spills in 2022 6/7/2023

House China Chief: United States Deep into ‘New Cold War’ with Chinese Communist Party 6/2/2023

Microsoft: Chinese Hackers Compromised U.S. Communications to Allies in Pacific 5/26/2023

ADL Ran An ‘Extensive, Multi-Dimensional Counterintelligence Operation’ to Destroy The John Birch Society 3/18/2023

Colombia: Thousands of Retired Police, Soldiers Protest Socialist President 5/11/2023

Peter Schweizer: ‘Ban All China Lobbying!’ Washington’s Revolving Door Harms America 5/10/2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Legislation to Curb Influence of the Chinese Communist Party 5/8/2023

Bernie Sanders: Confiscate Wealth Above $1 Billion — ‘I Think People Can Make It on $999 Million’ 4/30/2023

California Power Companies Propose to Bill Electricity Partly by Income 4/16/2023

Alleged Pentagon Leaks: Fake Chinese ‘Civilian’ Ships Hurt U.S. Ability to Monitor Around Taiwan 4/17/2023

Alleged Chinese Agents Arrested for ‘Operating a Police Station in the Middle of New York City’ 4/17/2023

China Announces 2023 Internet Purge: ‘Special Campaigns to Cleanse Cyberspace’ 3/29/2023

House Passes Bill to Sanction China’s Organ Harvesting Trade, Which Kills Up to 100,000 People a Year 3/28/2023

Xi Jinping says China ready to ‘stand guard over world order’ on Moscow visit 3/20/2023

China-proposed initiative on global civilization hailed 3/16/2023

Chinese Rocket that Delivered Military Spy Satellites Breaks Up Over Texas 3/9/2023

Chinese Province Requires Government Approval to Attend a Church Service 3/8/2023

China Hikes 2023 Defense Budget to $225 Billion: Largest Increase Since Pre-Pandemic 3/6/2023

Rubio: Most Favored Nation Status Gives China an Advantage, It Should End 3/1/2023

Beijing To Fast-Track Taiwan 'Reunification' Plans After "Extraordinary" Year Of Tensions 3/1/2023

Former Deputy National Security Adviser: CCP-Linked Platforms Give CCP ‘Ability to Manipulate Our Social Discourse 2/28/2023

Republicans to Hold First Primetime Hearing on the Threat from the Communist Chinese Party 2/28/2023

My Socialist Hell: Remembering the Time Venezuela’s Socialists Made Eggs Disappear 2/27/2023

500,000 Mexicans Protest Socialist President Gutting Election Integrity Agency 2/27/2023

China’s ‘White Hair’ Senior Protesters Begin Disappearing 2/23/2023

Marco Rubio: ‘No Federal Funds’ Should Enrich Chinese Communist Party-Linked Firm Working with Ford on U.S. Plant 2/16/2023

China-Based Firm, Partnering with Ford on U.S. Plant, Linked to Front Group for Chinese Communist Party Spies 2/15/2023

Report: 37% of Deals to Fund China’s AI Sector Included American Investors 2/7/2023

Democrat Rep. Judy Chu Named ‘Honorary Chairwoman’ of Alleged CCP Front Group 2/6/2023

U.S. Military Monitoring Suspected Chinese Spy Balloon 2/2/2023

My Socialist Hell: Your Guide to Speaking Socialist Venezuelan 1/31/2023

Chinese Spy on Student Visa Who Enlisted in U.S. Army Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison 1/26/2023

Far-Left Colombian President Tells Davos Humanity Must ‘Overcome Capitalism’ 1/19/2023

Peru: Police Say ‘No Doubt’ Marxist Terror Group Shining Path Involved in Deadly Riots 1/17/2023

Communism: Cubans Living in Partially Collapsed Building Fear They Will Die Next 1/16/2023

Chinese Communists Endorse the ‘Davos Spirit’ 1/16/2023

Philippines: Supreme Court Declares China Oil Exploration Deal Unconstitutional 1/11/2023

Rep. Gallagher Puts Disney, NBA on Notice for CCP Ties, Calls for Heads to Appear Before New China Committee 1/11/2023

Chinese Protesters Flip Police Car in First Major Anti-Communist Riot of 2023 1/4/2023

Report: Cubans Held Nearly 4,000 Anti-Communist Protests in 2022 1/3/2023

Home Depot Cofounder Bernie Marcus Blames Socialism for ‘Lazy,’ ‘Fat,’ ‘Stupid’ Labor Force 12/31/2022

Nobody works. Nobody gives a damn'Billionaire Home Depot co-founder, 93, blames socialism for destroying capitalism 12/29/2022

Socialist Christmas: Venezuela Gives Users of Its Social Credit System Card $2.67 12/23/2022

Peru Arrests Communist President for Coup Attempt, Inaugurates Sixth President in as Many Years 12/8/2022

iCrickets Chirping: Apple CEO Tim Cook Remains Silent When Questioned About Ties to Communist China 12/2/2022

Chinese Ambassador to U.S. Schmoozes at Republican Jewish Coalition 11/20/2022

FBI director 'very concerned' by Chinese 'police stations' in U.S 11/17/2022

DOJ Highlights Chinese Government Agents Infiltrating U.S. Technology, Business, Politics 10/25/2022

Cuba: Communists Arrest Dozens, Including 12-Year-Old, During Hurricane Protests 10/3/2022

Chinese National on Student Visa Convicted of Spying for China Before Enlisting in U.S. Army 10/3/2022

Denver allocates $2M in taxpayer funds to provide homeless women, trans and non-binary people with $12,000 in no-strings-attached cash - as a last-ditch effort to lift them out of destitution, combat soaring crime and clean up encampments 9/19/2022

Poll: In Socialist Venezuela, Large Majorities are Christian, Social Conservatives 8/31/2022

My Socialist Hell: Venezuela’s Mass Wiretapping Campaign to Silence Dissent 7/13/2022

Joe Biden Sold Nearly One Million Barrels from U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to CCP-Owned Oil Company Linked to Hunter Biden Firm 7/7/2022

Colombia: Marxist Incoming President Kickstarts Friendship with Venezuelan Dictator Maduro 6/23/2022

Washington Nationals’ Sean Doolittle Speaks at American Socialists Event 6/6/2022

China Takes a Break from Genocidal Forced Sterilization to Worry About Women’s Rights in U.S. 5/5/2022

Former Hong Kong Political Prisoners: Chinese Communists ‘Brainwashing’ Us 4/19/2022

Union, Democrats Seek Investigation into $207M Hollywood Development Paid for by 414 Chinese Investors 3/15/2022

Joe Biden Seeking Oil Deal with Socialist Venezuela, Russia’s Best Friend 3/7/2022

Marco Rubio Slams Biden Administration’s ‘Secret’ Oil Meeting with Venezuelan President Maduro 3/7/2022

China Warns U.S. Against Forming Pacific NATO and Backing Taiwan 3/7/2022

‘Red-Handed’: Bill Gates Developed Nuclear Reactors That Help China Overtake the U.S. Military 3/3/2022

Survey: Majority of Democrats Support Justin Trudeau’s Crackdown on Freedom Convoy Protesters 2/22/2022

‘Red-Handed’: 20 Republicans Who Sold Out to China 2/17/2022

‘Red-Handed’: Blackstone Founder Pumped $100M into Marxist Education for American and Other Students Studying in China 2/8/2022

Argentine President Lays Wreath at Tomb of Mass Murderer Mao Zedong 2/8/20202

Plight of Chinese mother of eight chained outside in winter causes public outrage despite official explanations 2/8/2022

‘Red-Handed’: 23 Former U.S. Senators and Congressmen Who Lobby for Chinese Military or Chinese Intelligence-Linked Companies 1/31/2022

Pelosi Family ‘Has Done a Lot of Business in China Since the COVID Outbreak’ — Won’t Allow Hearings on COVID Origins 1/26/2022

REVEALED: Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Husband Partly Owned a Chinese Company That Sold Spyware to U.S. Military 1/26/2022

Madrid: Thousands of Farmers Protest Against Spain’s Socialist Green Agenda 1/232022

The Chinese Communist Party is Still Buying Up American Land. 1/20/2022

Release of book by six-time New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer titled Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win. 1/12/2022

Prominent Chinese Communist Party Members Serve on Board of Yale Beijing Center 1/11/2022

Former Trump Intel Official Cliff Sims Calls Out Big Tech, Wall Street for Aiding Communist China’s Rise 1/4/2022

China harvests masses of data on Western targets, documents show 12/31/2021

Report: 33 Members of Congress Sit on Advisory Board of Group with Ties to CCP-Affiliated Organization 12/21/2021

Alex Marlow: ‘Cultural Marxism’ a Virtue Signaling ‘Hack’ Woke Corporations Use to ‘Operate Unencumbered’  12/21/2021

Report: 33 Members of Congress Sit on Advisory Board of Group with Ties to CCP-Affiliated Organization 12/21/2021

The one and only thing that can stop the Marxist revolution currently engulfing America 1/20/2021

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Helps Conn. Communist Party Celebrate 102nd Anniversary of CPUSA 12/13/2021

Poll: Democrats Increasingly Favor Socialism over Capitalism 12/6/2021

Austin Defunded Police, Now Voters Will Decide if City Needs More Cops 10/31/2021

Biden’s mandate madness is socialist tyranny 10/28/2021

Pandemic driving up demand for exorcisms - Catholic priest 10/26/2021

Trevor Loudon: 'Manufactured Economic Collapse' Could Trigger Final Stage of Marxist Revolution Followed by Gun Confiscation 10/20/2021

‘Feminist’ Newsweek Reporter Quotes Communist Chinese Propaganda in Sen. Blackburn Hit Piece 8/11/2021

Xi Jinping Vows to Bash the Heads of ‘Foreign Bullies,’ ‘Utterly Defeat’ Taiwan 7/1/2021

China Floods Churches with Communist Propaganda Ahead of Party’s 100th Anniversary 6/10/2021

Bombshell Photos Reveal Years of Meetings Between Bloomberg Executives and Chinese Propagandists in Beijing 5/17/2021

Disney chairman reveals he’s ‘inspired by vision’ of the Chinese Communist Party. 5/13/2021

Biden family accused of helping Chinese spies infiltrate American government 3/17/2021

The Socialist Revolution Expects Venezuela’s Elderly to Live Off $0.63 a Month 3/10/2021


Masks, social distancing and virtual learning are really about the installation of COMMUNISM in America 2/21/2021

DOJ: China Military Member Lied to Secure J-1 Visa, Conduct Research at Stanford University 2/21/2021

Farage: China Launching ‘Communist Takeover’ as CCP-Linked Firms Buy UK Schools 2/21/2021

Burgess Owens: Americans Can See ‘Downside of Socialism’ Under Joe Biden, Democrat Congress 2/8/2021

Polish Government to Breitbart: Big Tech’s ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Bolshevik, Not Democratic 2/2/2021

‘Let Us Break the Chains’: Cuban Priests Urge Rise Against Communism 1/25/2021

China Calls D.C. Riot ‘Karma,’ Celebrates ‘the Fall of the Beacon of Democracy’ 1/7/2021

Venezuelan Socialist Leaders Celebrate D.C. Chaos: ‘We Will Triumph!’ 1/7/2021

GOP Rep.-Elect Spartz on Socialism: ‘It Never Brought Anything Good to Any Country’ 12/30/2020

What Happens When a Communist Regime Penetrates Our Government 12/12/2020

Cuba: Rapper Arrested After Planning Pro-Democracy Sit-In 12/1/2020

Whole Foods CEO Warns: 'Capitalism Cannot Be Replaced With Disastrous Socialism'  11/29/2020

Socialism: Maduro Marks Birthday with Giant Venezuelan Flag Cake as His People Starve 11/24/2020

Organization of American States: Socialists Rigging Venezuela Election  11/18/2020

Loeffler: ‘Everything’s on the Line’ in GA Runoff — ‘We’re the Firewall Against Socialism in This Country’ 11/18/2020

China’s Huawei Looks for ‘Reset’ Boost Under Biden White House 11/16/2020

Report: China to Debut ‘Blacklist’ of Taiwanese Government Leader 11/16/2020

Thousands Protest Against Socialism in Argentina 11/9/2020

Biblical worldview giving way to socialism among young evangelicals 10/29/2020

Money in Misery: Chinese Internet Tycoons Soar in Coronavirus Pandemic 10/20/2020

Mark Levin: Joe Biden’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ Will Destroy Every Aspect of Our Culture and Society 10/16/2020

University of Wisconsin prof: the return of college football is a 'reflection of racism & capitalism' 10/12/2020

AOC and Other “Squad” Members Reveal Radical Vision for a Biden Presidency 10/10/2020

Communists Warn Citizens: ‘Christianity Does Not Belong in China’ 10/7/2020

North Carolina Secretary of State Praised the Chinese-Sponsored Confucius Institute’s ‘Reach’ Throughout the State 10/6/2020

Pope Francis Pushes Globalist Communism as Solution for COVID-19 Pandemic in Latest Encyclical 10/5/2020

Hong Kong Protesters Detained While Fleeing to Taiwan 8/27/2020

Exposing The Challenge Of Marxism 8/21/2020

Money for Nothing: Merkel’s Germany to Trial Universal Basic Income 8/19/2020

Why Socialism Is The Pursuit Of Unhappiness 8/14/2020

Michelle Obama: Coronavirus an Opportunity to Change ‘How Wealth Is Distributed’ 8/6/2020

Teen Vogue Reposts Their 2018 Article Glorifying Marxism, Promotes Sunshine Movement Aimed At Radicalizing Teens 6/17/2020

Fundamental Transformation 6/15/2020

Communism Is Reborn with a New Name in America 6/11/2020

Mao’s Red Guard Conservatives Jump on the Revolutionary Bandwagon 6/10/2020

Counter-Terror Expert: Feds Unaware of Antifa, Black Lives Matter Communist Connections, Objectives 6/4/2020

McCarthy: Democrats Are Using Coronavirus as ‘Opportunity to Enforce Their Socialism’ 5/18/2020

A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China 5/4/2020

Cuban Ex-Political Prisoners to DNC: Bernie Sanders Should Apologize for Praising Castro 2/25/2020

Feds: U. of Kansas Prof. Funneled Research to Communist China 1/23/2020

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus Challenges CEOs to Fight U.S. Flirtation with Socialism 1/22/2020

Democrat CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Seeking $750,000 in Taxpayer Money to Pay Rent for Homeless 1/8/2020

Venezuela Rings in New Year with Nationwide Gasoline Shortages 1/2/2020

How socialism causes atheism 12/11/2019

Sen. Rick Scott Pens Letter Warning of Chinese Influence on Campus 12/9/2019

Mark Ruffalo Calls for Economic Revolution Because Capitalism Is ‘Killing Us’ 12/2/2019

‘Cultural Genocide’: Leaked Documents Reveal How China Uses AI, Mass Surveillance to Run Concentration Camps 11/24/2019

My Socialist Hell: Living in Post-Electricity Venezuela 11/10/2019

Sebastian Gorka’s ‘The War for America’s Soul’: The Plotters and Their Plan to Destroy America 10/28/2019

Rand Paul Makes ‘The Case Against Socialism’: ‘History is Replete With Examples of Socialism Gone Awry’ 10/15/2019

Ana Navarro Erupts When Challenged by Rand Paul over Maduro, Socialism — ‘Don’t Mansplain Me! 10/11/2019

ESPN Caves to China, Silences Hosts on Hong Kong Protests 10/8/2019

China Warns Brands to Accept Communism, Freedom of Speech ‘Ridiculous’ 10/8/2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Responds to ‘Eat the Babies’ with a ‘Thank You’ 10/5/2019

Chinese Foreign Minister at U.N.: Communism Made Us ‘Masters of Our Country’ 9/27/2019

Climate Strike Activist Says Climate Change Activism and Socialism Are ‘Inseparable’ 9/20/2019

Colorado Communists Protest Outside ICE Warden’s Home: ‘No Borders, No Nations!’ 9/20/2019

New group launches to warn young people about socialism 8/25/2019

Activists from Chicago Teachers Union Go to Venezuela in Support of Maduro’s Socialist Regime 7/31/2019

Over 7,000 Venezuelans Have Died in Prison Under Socialist Regime 7/26/2019

Tacoma ICE Attacker Urges Leftists to Ignore Laws, Arm Themselves 7/15/2019

China killing prisoners and harvesting their organs for transplants 6/18/2019

Vast gasoline lines form in oil-rich Venezuela 5/19/2019

Revolutionary Communists Descend on UCLA - Advocate "Overthrow of the System 5/14/2019

Apple Music Censors Songs about Tiananmen Square Massacre for Chinese Government 4/10/2019