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Man Who Destroyed Satanic Shrine In Iowa Capitol Charged With 'Hate Crime' 1/31/2024

Bizarre Satanic Tapestry Displayed at WEF Davos Summit 1/29/2024

‘Realm of Satan’: Meet the Church’s Magicians, Porn Stars, and Broomstick Makers1/22/2024

Amazon Previews Series Celebrating Demons and Lucifer One Day Before Announcing Deal with Christian Filmmakers 1/18/2024

Independent Journalist Infiltrates Freemason Lodge, Exposes Bizarre Rituals 11/17/2023

Seven Pedophile ‘Witches & Wizards’ Found Guilty Of Raping, Torturing Kids As Part Of Satanic UK ‘Beastie House’ 11/14/2023

Catholic Priest Warns Ouija Boards Lead to ‘Demonic Possession’ 10/30/2023

A U.K. University Will Confer a New Title: A Master’s Degree in the Occult 10/13/2023

The Satanic Temple: Think you know about Satanists? Maybe you don't 5/20/2023

Masked Neo-Nazis Crash World’s Largest Satanic Event 4/29/2023

Satanic Temple to open free abortion clinic in New Mexico 2/8/2023

CBS Quietly Deletes Grammy Tweet Saying ‘We Are Ready to Worship’ Satanic Sam Smith Performance 2/7/2023

Non-Binary Pop Star Sam Smith Performs BDSM, Devil-Themed ‘Unholy’ at the Grammys 2/5/2023

Young sacrifice belief in God on altar of Satanism1/14/2023

Ancient occult societies at the heart of America’s intelligent agencies 1/10/2023

Video: Disney Show Has Kids Hold Up Sign Saying “WE LOVE YOU SATAN” 11/29/2022

Tattoo-covered man has chunks of flesh removed from head to spell out devilish message 7/14/2022

Pro-Abortion Satanic Temple Calls Itself ‘Leading Beacon of Light’ as Roe v. Wade Overturned 6/24/2022

‘After-School Satan Club’ planned at Illinois elementary school. District explains why 1/13/2022

Satanic Boy Scout 'obsessed with death' knifed mum before drawing pentagram on floor 1/11/2022

Illinois State Capitol Approves Satanic Monument 12/23/2021

Satanic Temple Display Features ‘Deity’ Baphomet as Babe in Manger 12/20/2021

'Possessed' woman, 28, undergoes nine-hour exorcism to rid her of 'the devil' after she attacked Italian priest during confession and started speaking Latin in three different voices 12/8/2021

Astroworld Fallout: Exorcists And Demonologists Break Down The Satanic Influence At Travis Scott’s Deadly Concert 11/10/2021

Astroworld disaster fuels wave of satanic conspiracy theories on TikTok 11/9/2021


Satanists convince Delaware County, Pennsylvania school district to alter dress code 10/26/2021

Terrified grandma finds‘demon standing over toddler’s bed(Real or Fake?) 3/22/2021

Ex-NFL Football Great with the Kansas City Chiefs Says Super Bowl Half-Time Show Was Satanic 2/9/2021

Board-certified psychiatrist witnessed hundreds of REAL “demonic possessions” 11/10/2020

SACRIFICED TO SATAN ‘Devil-worshippers’ carve out man’s heart and hack off head ‘while he’s still alive’ for ‘Satanic ritual’ in Argentina 10/27/2020

San Francisco Archbishop Performs Exorcism at Protest Site 10/20/2020

EVIL AMONG US: Leftist Antifa Performs Satanic Ritual in Street and Eat a Heart Symbolic of President Trump (VIDEO) 10/19/2020

This DC-Area Lawyer Set the Internet Ablaze With Her Essay About Joining the Satanic Temple 9/25/2020

Transsexual Satanist anarchist’ whose slogan is ‘f*** the police’ wins GOP nomination for New Hampshire county sheriff 9/12/2020

Satanists Vandalize Statue of Jesus in Northern Italy 8/30/2020

HELLUVA NAME Couple win battle to name son Lucifer after registrar tried to bar them because it is another name for the devil 7/21/2020

Satanic Temple Threatens to Sue Mississippi if Flag Says ‘In God We Trust 7/9/2020

'Satanic' sect kills pregnant woman and six children in violent 'exorcism' 1/17/2020

Driver 'possessed by the devil' smashes his car into a Spanish church 1/9/2020

Italian exorcist says society risks collapse due to ‘aggressive Satanism’ 12/22/2019 

The secret séance rituals of America’s largest Spiritualist community  10/26/2019

Cartel Drug Lab with Rocket Launchers, Witchcraft Altars Found in Mexico City 10/23/2019

Witches Are Having Their Hour 10/11/2019

Inside The Satanic Temple’s Salem headquarters  10/10/2019

Satanism At The US Naval Academy 10/9/2019

Student Who ‘Did Cocaine with the Devil’ Pleads Guilty to Murder 10/8/2019

Hail Satan?: The Satanists battling for religious freedom 8/23/2019

Satanic Temple in Ottawa to Hold First Public Black Mass in Canada 8/15/2019

As Satanists take Scottsdale to court, Surprise City Council adds prayer to start meetings 7/12/2019

Satanic Temple Recognized as ‘Church’ with Tax-Exempt Status 4/26/2019

‘Hail Satan’ Prayer at Alaska Government Meeting Sparks Outrage 6/21/2019

The working witches of Los Angeles just want you to be your best self 6/11/2019

Satan's Kids - Satanism Leads Teens to Murder, Suicide 2/14/1988