Mark 13:6-8  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.  And when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, be ye not troubled: for such things must needs be; but the end shall not be yet.  For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows. 

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Magnitude won’t be the horror determinator of California’s big earthquake — location will be 6/17/2024

Is "The Big One" Coming to SoCal? Six Earthquakes in One Week 6/17/2024

(3rd LD) Nation jolted by this year's strongest quake; 15 aftershocks reported 6/12/2024

String of earthquakes rattle L.A.: Are they telling us something bigger? 6/10/2024

Col. Macgregor Warns NATO Trying To Start WWIII, Sending US TROOPS To Fight Russia On Front Line 6/5/2024

USGS upgrades earthquake recorded close to Missouri-Arkansas state line Wed. night 5/30/2024

Strongest Earthquake in 40 Years Forces Thousands to Spend Night on Streets 5/21/2024

Caruthersville residents react to recent M3.8 earthquake 5/16/2024

3.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Dyersburg, Tennessee; no damage, injuries reported so far 5/16/2024

Magnitude 3.0 earthquake hits Australia as residents feel the rattle 5/12/2024

Major earthquake strikes close Australian neighbour 5/8/2024

Earthquake Map Shows Biggest Global Tremors in 2024 So Far 5/6/2024

Mansfield, Texas earthquake: 3.0-magnitude quake rattles area before second hits New Mexico 5/1/2024

Earthquake felt near Dell, Arkansas, Wednesday afternoon 4/17/2024

The world stands on the brink of all-out war 4/13/2024

Earthquake jolts Berkeley, Oakland; epicenter near Claremont Canyon 4/6/2024

6.8 magnitude earthquake registered near Mariana Islands; so far no tsunami threat issued 4/5/2024

Earthquake felt by 42 million people, USGS estimates. Map shows where it was strongest 4/5/2024

Minor quake recorded along New Madrid Seismic Zone 4/5/2024

CIA 'warns Iran will attack Israel within 48 hours' as revenge for consulate strike 4/4/2024

Taiwan's strongest earthquake in 25 years kills seven, traps 77 4/3/2024

Putin: Everyone Behind Moscow Terror Attack Will Be Punished 3/23/2024

32 Chinese Warplanes Detected Around Taiwan: Taipei 3/20/2024

World on the brink as Taiwan admits US troops are now stationed on Chinese border 5/20/2024

Armageddon Alert! Putin Threatens “Full-Scale WW3” If NATO Sends Troops to Ukraine – Watch LIVE 3/19/2024

Nato Troops Active In Ukraine 3/19/2024

Ukraine Conflict Won’t End This Year – Türkiye 3/19/2024

EU Boss Calls for ‘War Economy’ 3/19/2024

Pakistan Bombs Afghanistan, Claiming Taliban Is ‘Actively Patronizing’ Terror Across Border 3/18/2024

Haiti Descends into Street Warfare Between Barbecue’s Militias and What Is Left of Police 3/18/2024

Italy Warns Sending NATO Troops Into Ukraine Could Lead to a ‘Third World War’, Accuses Macron of Exploiting Conflict for Political Purposes 3/18/2024

Special Report: France Prepares Bombs To Drop On Russia 3/16/2024

Polish Foreign Minister Says Sending NATO Troops Into Ukraine ‘Not Unthinkable’ 3/9/2024

NATO fighter jets get green light to carry nukes as tension with Russia soars 3/8/2024

Alarm Bells For The U.S. Food Supply 3/7/2024

Germany Appears to Have Inadvertently Revealed the UK and France have Soldiers in Ukraine 3/1/2024

'Bible prophecy is coming true' as claims billionaires build huge underground bunkers 2/13/2024

5.7-magnitude quake rattles Hawaii Island; shaking felt across state 2/9/2024

Magnitude-4.6 Malibu earthquake shakes Southern California from coast to inland areas 2/9/2024

USGS records 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma 2/3/2024

Volcano with world's 'deadliest eruption' in last millennium tipped to boil ove 2/3/2024

US to Deploy Nukes in the UK for the First Time in 15 Years 1/30/2024

RINOs Call For WWIII: GOP Senators Ask Biden To ‘Hit Iran’ & ‘Target Tehran’ 1/29/2024

‘Largest Ever’ NATO Exercise To Rehearse Russian Attack On Europe 1/29/2024

4.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Southern California 1/24/2024

New map shows where earthquakes could strike with 75% of US at risk of deadly shocks 1/22/2024

All Of A Sudden, Leaders All Over The World Are Warning That World War III Is Very Close 1/20/2024

Moment world came minutes from World War 3 as scientists set to update Doomsday Clock 1/19/1024

Pentagon insider warns 'we are on the brink' of World War 3 after latest Iran attack 1/17/2024

Residents Panic As Southern California Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles1/16/2024

Britain is facing wars in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea in five years but there are still no plans to grow the Army, said Grant Shapps 1/15/2024

Leaked German Military Docs Warn of WWIII with Russia by 2025, Hundreds of Thousands of Troops Deployed in Europe 1/15/2024

Iceland Volcano Maps Show Danger Areas After Eruption 1/14/2024

Why is Oklahoma having earthquakes? Does the state have a major fault line? 1/13/2024

What Do You Call A War With China Plus A War With Russia Plus A Colossal War In The Middle East? 1/12/2024

Southern California Earthquake Shakes Los Angeles 1/5/2024

1.7-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Queens, Officials Say 1/3/2024

Another earthquake recorded in central New Hampshire 1/3/2024

2.4-magnitude earthquake reported in Lake County 1/3/2024

Minor earthquake reported in Madison on New Year’s Day 1/2/2024

 Earthquake felt in D.C. suburbs, startling residents 1/2/2024

Earthquake recorded in Northeast Arkansas 1/2/2024

Earthquake Hits Southern California Before The Rose Bowl 1/1/2024

Massive 7.6-magnitude earthquake strikes Japan destroying buildings and trapping victims under rubble - as country braces for 16ft tsunami and terrified residents are told to flee to higher ground 1/1/2024

Another earthquake reported in South Carolina 12/30/2023

3.5 magnitude quake strikes east of Bakersfield12/29/2023

Earthquake ‘lightly felt’ in southeast Michigan this week 12/28/2023

Small earthquake detected off Rockport 12/27/2023

Earthquake reported in Mid-South 12/27/2023

Strongest earthquake since 2012 rattles parts of Northeast Arkansas and West Tennessee 12/27/2023

6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Kills over 120 in Northwest China, Displaces Thousands in Sub-Zero Temperatures 12/19/2023

Locusts swarm skies of Mexico leaving people fearing the world is ending 12/7/2023

Disneyland Closes 35 Rides as Nearby Earthquake ‘Shook Things Up’ 12/5/2023

Tsunami Warning Issued After 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Near the Philippines 12/2/2023

Four Reasons Why Conservatives and Evangelicals Are Concerned About the Coming ‘Cashless Society’ 11/17/2023

5.3-magnitude earthquake hits western Texas 11/8/2023

Israeli military intensifies strikes on Gaza including underground targets 10/29/2023

Defense Secretary Issues Prepare-to-Deploy Orders for U.S. Troops to the Middle East 10/22/2023

Netanyahu tells Israel ‘We are at war’ after Hamas kills at least 22 in an unprecedented attack 10/7/2023

West Must Prepare for a ‘Long War in Ukraine’ Says NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg 9/17/2023

Powerful quake in Morocco kills more than 2,000 people and damages historic buildings in Marrakech 9/9/2023

Eight earthquakes in 4 weeks proves old fault exists near NC mountain town, USGS says 6/16/2023

Earthquake Rattles Parts of Westchester County, NJ in Middle of Night 5/19/2023

Nuclear Expert Warns: China’s Invasion Of Taiwan Is Inevitable 5/17/2023

5.5 magnitude earthquake, large aftershock hit Northern California; minor damage reported 5/12/2023

Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada  4/1/2023

‘Felt that earthquake in my sleep.’ Cluster of quakes rattles Northern California awake 3/28/2023

Global War On The Horizon? 2/16/2023

Elon Musk: "Most Are Oblivious" To The Danger Of World War 3 2/8/2023

Hope fading as deaths in Turkey, Syria quake pass 11,000 2/8/2023

Food Shortages Are Starting To Become Quite Serious All Over The Planet 2/7/2023

America Sleepwalks Into War With Russia 2/7/2023

California hasn't seen a catastrophic earthquake recently. But 'quiet' period won't last 2/7/2023

Buffalo, NY Residents Shaken Awake by 3.8 Magnitude Earthquake 2/6/2023

SECOND mega earthquake hits Turkey, hours after record 7.8-magnitude tremor kills more than 1,700 people 2/6/2023

McCaul: Chances of China-Taiwan Conflict ‘Very High’ if Biden Continues to Project ‘Weakness’ 1/29/2023

Exclusive – Lt. Col. Daniel Davis Warns of Nuclear War: U.S. Has ‘No Plan’ in Ukraine, This Is Not a ‘Video Game 1/29/2023

Air Force General Believes U.S. Will Be at War with China in 2025: ‘My Gut Tells Me We Will Fight’ 1/28/2023

Russian Orthodox Church Issues “End of the World” Warning 1/20/2023

Earthquake recorded in central Kentucky, felt throughout several cities 1/12/2023

Bomb cyclone slinging high-impact atmospheric river into California 1/5/2023

Northern California Welcomes New Year with Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake 1/1/2023

At least 2 dead as 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocks Northern California 12/20/2022

Netanyahu vows to forge historic peace treaty with Saudi Arabia to end Arab-Israeli conflict once and for all – but says fresh thinking is needed 12/16/2022

Earthquake hits Mexico City, no immediate reports of damage 12/11/2022

Restricted Republic: WEF uses “public health safety” to impose “mark of the beast” technology and control the world 12/9/2022

Lava begins to flow out of Mauna Loa as it erupts on Hawaii's Big Island for first time in 38 years: Experts warn of 'serious' situation if magma from world's largest active volcano seeps into rift zones 11/29/2022

5.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Mentone 11/16/2022

The Food Crisis Of 2023 Is Going To Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine 10/20/2022

Deadly Earthquake Hits China's Southwestern Sichuan Province 9/5/2022

UN chief warns of ‘catastrophe’ from global food shortage 6/24/2022

Earthquake kills at least 280 in Afghanistan 6/22/2022

As water crisis worsens on Colorado River, an urgent call for Western states to 'act now' 6/20/2022

Dams, taps running dry in northern Mexico amid historic water shortages 6/20/2022

Swarm of earthquakes rattles Arkansas, geologists say. ‘Woken up by my bed shaking’ 6/6/2022

Early-morning earthquake rattles dozens near Tennessee-Missouri border, geologists say 5/31/2022

Global Food Crisis: Shortages Pose ‘Apocalyptic’ Threat to UK Citizens 5/17/2022

Global Food Crisis: ‘Perfect Storm’ of World Hunger Thanks to the Ukraine Crisis and COVID Could Starve Millions 5/5/2022

Food Shortages Surge to Record High, Food Price Inflation 2nd Highest Ever 5/2/2022

Kim Jong-un Tells North Korea to Be ‘Fully Prepared’ for Nuclear War at Massive Military Parade 4/26/2022

Russian foreign minister warns 'do not underestimate threat of nuclear war' 4/26/2022

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue Warns of ‘Global Food Crisis’ 4/26/2022

When blood spills on Passover and Easter, it’s time to build the Temple 4/18/2022

Six extremist Jews arrested for planning animal sacrifice atop Temple Mount 4/14/2022

A Swarm Of 12,000 Earthquakes Rattles Azores Island, Sparks Speculation Of Volcanic Eruption 3/27/2022

UN Director Warns Europe of ‘Hell on Earth’ Migrant Crisis Amid Global Food Shortage 3/26/2022

Biden Says to Expect ‘Real’ Food Shortages Due to Ukraine War 3/24/2022

NOAA Warns US Megadrought Will Persist; May Impact Food Supply Chains  3/19/2022

Strong earthquake felt in Japan, tsunami threat issued 3/16/2022

Russia-Ukraine conflict could trigger global food shortage – UN 3/12/2022

Radical Christians reckon Ukraine war is 'sign of Jesus's return' and the 'end of times' 3/8/2022

Here’s What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan (Repeat) 3/7/2022

Experts: Central U.S. needs to be ready for next earthquake 3/4/2022

'It could happen tomorrow': Experts know disaster upon disaster looms for West Coast 3/3/2022

Pat Robertson: Putin is "being compelled by God" to invade Ukraine and fulfill biblical prophecy 3/1/2022

Taiwan Military ‘Combat Ready’ Due to Increased China Invasion Risk 2/24/2022

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, explained 2/24/2022

We are heading back to the days of beans & rice quickly’ says grocery store manager as we see the ‘ultimate gauge of inflation’ and food shortages 2/23/2022

West megadrought worsens to driest in at least 1,200 years 2/13/2021

Shaken by fracking quakes, Texas is forced to act 2/8/2022

The Tsunami Could Kill Thousands. Can They Build An Escape? 2/7/2022

Earthquake in northwest Oklahoma felt in multiple states 1/30/2022

'Mark of the Antichrist': Greek holy men sow vaccine mistrust 1/30/2022

Another low magnitude earthquake reported in South Carolina's midlands Friday afternoon 1/22/2022

Part of Great Wall of China Collapses After Earthquake 1/11/2022

Earthquakes reported in northern Ohio 2 days in a row 1/5/2022

"Walls Creaked, Buildings Shook": Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits Off The Coast Of Taiwan 1/3/2022

The sixth earthquake in four days rocks the Midlands. What to know 12/30/2021


Scary' 6.2 earthquake strikes area near Eureka in Northern California 12/20/2021

Amid drought, conflict and rocketing prices, a global food crisis could be approaching, top expert warns 12/14/2021

Earthquake reported in Ohio; 3.47 magnitude 12/13/2021

Quake Swarms In Japan Raise Fears "The Next Big One Will Happen This Month" 12/12/2021

A swarm of more than 40 earthquakes in 24 hours is causing a buzz in the northwest US 12/8/2021

At least 13 dead after Indonesia's Mount Semeru volcano erupts 12/5/2021

Six small earthquakes reported in a week in North Carolina county, geologists say 11/28/2021

Earthquakes haunt tiny South Carolina community. What's causing the tremors? 11/3/2021

Turkey Looks To Unite Muslim World Under Islamic Mahdi 10/20/2021

At least 700 tremors recorded off La Palma, Spain: New magma may be rising, warn experts 9/20/2021

5 Bizarre New Plagues That Have Made Headlines In The US Within The Last 30 Days 7/2/2021

This is NOT a drill: Countdown to mass FAMINE has begun, and people you know will starve and die 5/12/2021

Mass evacuations as large quakes spark Pacific-wide tsunami alert 3/4/2021

Greece rocked by new quake near city of Larissa 3/4/2021

A volcanic eruption on Iceland 'could be imminent' after more than 18,000 earthquakes hit the island in the past week alone, authorities warn 3/4/2021

Strange Seismic Rumblings in Utah Reveal Volcanic Activity Lurking Below the Desert 3/4/2021

Apocalyptic locust plague turns sky black as swarms ravage Middle East 3/1/2021

Second earthquake this month rattles Tennessee-North Carolina border, geologists say 2/22/2021

Swarm of earthquakes, including 4.2-magnitude quake, rattle Oklahoma, geologists say 2/5/2021

Human barcode’ could make society more organized, but invades privacy, civil liberties  6/1/2012

"For your safety and security" Emerges the Nano Mark, then Sudden Destruction 10/29/2020

Netanyahu Welcomes Senior UAE Delegation: ‘Today, We Are Making History’ 10/20/2020

With Even The Mainstream Media Now Warning Of Food Shortages And Panic Buying Ahead Of The Election, America's Countdown To Chaos Is In Full Swing  10/15/2020

Top US Food Bank Warns Of Nationwide "Meal Shortages" In Next 12 Months 10/6/2020

An earthquake hit Florida on Thursday. How often does that happen? 9/3/2020

Powerful 5.1 magnitude earthquake jolts Charlotte area, strongest in NC in 104 years 8/9/2020

Is China Preparing An EMP Pearl Harbor Style Attack on America? 6/21/2020

"We Need To Act Now" - UN Warns World Faces Worst Food Crisis In 50 Years 6/12/2020

Swarm of earthquakes rattle area near Yellowstone National Park, USGS says 5/29/2020

More than 500 earthquakes rattle western Nevada after 6.5 hit less than a week ago 5/20/2020

Four earthquakes rattle Tennessee less than 10 hours apart, USGS reports 5/15/2020

6.5 magnitude earthquake hits Nevada near Area 51; quake felt from Utah to California 5/15/2020

Awakening volcanic region in Iceland 'could cause disruption for centuries' 4/10/2020

New, larger wave of locusts threatens millions in Africa 4/10/2020

Giant Asian hornets that can ‘kill with a single sting’ to invade virus-stricken US 4/9/2020

COVID-19 crisis heaps pressure on nation's food banks 4/7/2020

Swarm of 650 earthquakes rattles Utah, Idaho and California, experts say 3/30/2020

Bats mysteriously drop dead across Israel ‘fulfilling biblical prophecy’ 3/26/2020

Millions of locusts cover streets in Oman with footage showing ‘ground moving 3/25/2020

Seven earthquakes rattle Oklahoma in 24 hours, geologists say 3/6/2020

10 Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously 2/17/2020

Most devastating plague of locusts' in recent history could come within weeks, U.N. warns 2/9/2020

Early morning earthquake is latest to rattle Tennessee in a month, geologists say 2/4/2020

‘This is huge’: Locust swarms in Africa are worst in decades 1/24/2020

Apocalyptic dust storm blocks out sun in latest freak weather to hit Australia  1/20/2020


Biblical prophecy 'fulfilled' as floodwater 'flows from Jerusalem into Dead Sea' 1/13/2020

5.7-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Puerto Rico 1/6/2020

Very Unusual Seismic Activity On The West Coast Has Some Experts Extremely Concerned About What Could Happen 12/26/2019

Jewish prayer has returned to the Temple Mount - exclusive 12/12/2019

Mt. Rainier And The New Madrid Fault Zone Were Both Just Hit By Significant Earthquakes 12/3/2019

5 earthquakes in just two days shake a small Tennessee town, USGS reports 12/2/2019

Biggest California earthquake in decades ruptured on at least 24 faults 11/14/2019

Three earthquakes in less than 12 hours rattle western Texas, experts say  10/21/2019

A magnitude 3.7 earthquake rattled parts of the Los Angeles area early Friday. 10/18/2019

Unprecedented movement detected on California earthquake fault capable of 8.0 temblor 10/17/2019

Multiple Earthquakes Shake California 10/15/2019

Signs Of The Times? Earthquake Swarms Hit Texas, Oklahoma, San Francisco And The New Madrid Fault Zone 10/2/2019

Six earthquakes in five days reported near this Western North Carolina town  9/13/2019

This Isn’t Normal: Kansas And Oklahoma Have Been Hit By 65 Earthquakes Within The Last 7 Days 8/18/2019

Earthquake shook L.A. skyscrapers so hard some got vertigo  8/15/2019

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal  7/15/2019

Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards  7/14/2019

Videos Show Moment 6.4 Earthquake Hits Southern California 7/4/2019

Bank of America CEO Wants a ‘Cashless Society’ 6/21/2019

White House's Kushner unveils economic portion of Middle East peace plan 6/22/2019

A swarm of 1,000 earthquakes hit Southern California — how nervous should we be? 6/19/2019

Saudi Arabia Offered Abbas $10 Billion to Accept Trump’s Peace Plan 5/2/2019

Kushner: Middle East peace plan to be unveiled after Ramadan 4/23/2019