Argentina Logs First Week with No Inflation in Food Prices in 30 Years 6/24/2024

Chase Bank Customers Are Reporting a Wave of Wire Fraud in their Accounts; the Bank Won’t Make Good on the Looted Funds 6/19/2024

Report: 10,000 California Fast Food Jobs Cut Due to $20 Minimum Wage 6/9/2024

Axos Financial shares fall sharply after Hindenburg takes short position 6/4/2024

Almost 50% of Small Businesses Say They’re Not Going to Survive a Second Biden Term 5/21/2024

Rep. Thomas Massie Introduces ‘End The Fed’ Act 5/17/2024

Why The Dollar Will Lose Its Status As Global Reserve Currency 5/17/2024

Missouri Senate Passes Nation’s Most Comprehensive Sound Money Legislation to The Chagrin of Private Central Bankers 5/3/2024

Stellantis Hiring Engineers in Low-Wage Brazil, India, Mexico After Laying Off 400 American Engineers 5/2/2024

Regulators Seize Troubled Philadelphia Bank, Republic First 4/26/2024

Futures Tumble, Oil And Gold Soar On Reports Of “Huge Explosions” In Central Iran, Israeli Airstrikes In Iraq And Syria 4/18/2024

Social Security and the Decline of the Employer Pension System 4/17/2024

Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse a ‘FINANCIAL & ECONOMIC ATTACK,’ Lara Logan Reports 3/27/2024

Two Cheers for Vivek Ramaswamy for His Commentary on the Fed 3/25/2024

One Bank Sees Bitcoin at $200,000, While Ether Hits $14,000 as it Becomes JPMorgan’s Favorite Crypto 3/19/2024

Biden Wants to Hike Taxes by $7 Trillion Dollars 3/19/2024

Breitbart Business Digest: Inflation Is Back and Rising Again 3/12/2024

Global Debt Levels Are a Ticking Time Bomb 3/7/2024

BRICS to Create Blockchain-Based Payment System – Putin Aide 3/5/2024

Slower US Mint Sales Are Keeping Coin Premiums Low 3/1/2024

Kellogg’s CEO Suggests Cash-Strapped Families Suffering Under Inflation Eat ‘Cereal for Dinner 3/1/2024

Biden’s $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill Unconstitutional, Federal Court Rules 2/28/2024

‘I Wanted to Blow It’: Low-Income Mom Given $10K from D.C. Taxpayer-Funded Program Spends $6K on Vacation 2/23/2024

Skyrocketing Home Insurance Rates May Trigger Exodus from Ten U.S. States 2/23/2024

Aluminum Prices Soar After Biden Says “Major” Sanctions Package Against Russia Is Imminent 2/22/2024

Biden Transferring Student Debt from 153,000 Borrowers, Notifies Them in Emails 2/21/2024

It’s Been 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income 2/21/2024

US Government’s “Outlawing” of Financial Recession GUARANTEES an Upcoming Massive COLLAPSE 2/21/2024

The U.S. Government Will Soon Spend More on Interest Payments Than Defense  2/16/2024

Britain falls into recession, with worst GDP performance in 2023 in years 2/15/2024

Peter Schiff: We Are On The Brink of A Catastrophe 2/11/2024

Global Economic War Is Coming & The Threat to The US Dollar Is Real 2/10/2024

Shaky commercial loans threaten a new regional bank crisis 2/8/2024

Nolte: Record-High Credit Card Debt Brutalizes Middle Class in Biden’s America 2/6/2024

Canada Braces for Wave of Bankruptcies After Ending Pandemic Support 2/1/2023

The Fed Prepares For A Bank Crisis While Telling Americans The Economy Is Strong 1/30/2024

A Famed Analyst’s Final Forecast Is the Fall of the U.S. Economy 1/27/2024

American Economy Running on Fumes as Consumer Debt Binge Reaches Ominous & Historic Fever Pitch 1/26/2024

Housing Unaffordable for Record Half of Renters in President Joe Biden’s America 1/25/2024

US Home Sales Decline to Lowest in 30 Years as Americans Cite Economic ‘Suffering’ 1/20/2024

US Consumers Are Engaging In A Historic Debt Binge, And Delinquencies Are Ominously Rising... 1/16/2024

Federal Reserve Payments to Banks Trigger Largest Ever Operating Loss 1/15/2024

Debt-Saddled Consumers Embracing Even More "Doom Spending" 1/14/2024

CBDCs are steeped in human rights abuses and are a new way to track citizens 1/13/2024

Rep. Brett Guthrie: Medicare Part D Premiums Skyrocket ‘Thanks to Bidenomics’  1/12/2024

Oil Prices Surge As Red Sea Conflict Escalates, Threatening More Inflation 1/12/2024

Fed Posts Largest-Ever Annual Operating Loss 1/12/2024

CNBC’s Santelli: It Takes $1.19 in 2023 Dollars to Buy What a Dollar Bought Pre-COVID 1/11/2024

SEC Approves First Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Signaling Major Shift in Crypto Regulation 1/11/2024

Prosperity or Ruin? Here’s What to Expect From the Global Economy in 2024 1/10/2024

World Bank: Global Economy on Track for Worst Half-Decade of Growth in 30 Years 1/9/2024

Ron Paul: Soft Landing or Hard Crash? 1/8/2024

Twice as Many Americans Say They Are Worse Off Economically After 2023’s Bidenomics 1/8/2024

Breitbart Business Digest: Americans Think the Economy Stinks 1/8/2024

Speaker Mike Johnson, White House Strike Spending Framework Deal 1/7/2024

Report: Lawmakers Disclosed up to $1B in Financial Transactions in 2023 1/4/2024

Argentina Pulls Out of BRICS While Iran, Russia Abandon U.S. Dollar 1/3/2024

US national debt tops $34T for first time in history 1/2/2023

Small Slivers Of Hope In The Global War On Cash 12/31/2023

Trump Warns Of Market Crash And 1929-Style 'Great Depression' If He Doesn't Win 12/31/2023

Poll: 4 in 10 Americans’ Financial Situations Worsened in Past Six Months 12/27/2023

Banks Terminate 60,000 Workers In One Of The Bleakest Years For The Industry Since 2008 12/27/2023

How Bankers Are Exploiting The Fed's Bailout Program At Your Expense 12/26/2023

BRICS Inductee Ethiopia Becomes Third African Country in Three Years to Default on Sovereign Debt 12/26/2023

Sen. Rand Paul’s 2023 ‘Festivus’ Report Exposes $900 Billion in Government Waste 12/23/2023

Self-Checkout Kiosks At 4,500 Walmarts Now Offer ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Loans For Basic Items 12/21/2023

Respected Economist Warns, The Debt Bubble is About to Collapse! 12/21/2023

Banks' Usage Of The Fed's Bailout Facility Soars To New Record High 12/21/2023

Chicago Fed Pres. on Poor Biden Economic Numbers: Wages Haven’t Kept Up, Grocery and Gas Prices Have Big Impacts 12/20/2023

Nippon Steel’s $14.1 billion deal for US Steel sparks criticism 12/18/2023

The American People Have Been Financially Assassinated as $149 Trillion in Derivatives Comes Due, Warns Steve Quayle 12/13/2023

Bidenomics Study: Low Income Families Spend Half Their Salary on Housing 12/12/2023

Bidenomics: Zero Electric Vehicle Chargers Built So Far with $7.5 Billion Allocated by Congress 12/5/2023

Job Openings Crater and Quits Stay Frozen as Demand for Workers Declines 12/5/2023

IRS Increases Penalty for Tax Underpayments to Eight Percent 12/3/2023

MILLIONS DEBANKED! Globalists Prepare To Financially Censor EVERYONE as Inflation Skyrockets 12/2/2023

Deutsche Bank Economists Say Fed Will Create MORE Inflation in 2024 11/29/2023

$100 of Goods and Services Now Costs $119 After Years of Bidenomics 11/29/2023

Nobody wants U.S. Treasury bonds 11/28/2023

More Problems With The Banks: JPMorgan Chase, Bank Of America And Wells Fargo Have All Had Their Ratings Downgraded 11/22/2023

IMF Director Says CBDCs Could Replace Cash, Increase “Financial Inclusion” 11/21/2023

Peter Schiff: A Soft Landing Is Impossible 11/21/2023

Home Sales Plunge to 13-Year Low as Bidenflation Mortgage Rates Crush Market 11/21/2023

Food Bank Demand Surges After Americans Hit with Inflation  11/21/2023

Leading Economic Indicators Signal Recession—Again! 11/20/2023

Four Reasons Why Conservatives and Evangelicals Are Concerned About the Coming ‘Cashless Society’ 11/17/2023

Welcome to CBDC Hell! Exclusive Report 11/14/2023

America's Growing Economy... Brought To You By Visa & Mastercard 11/10/2023

Russia's Finance Ministry Says (Again) That The Digital Ruble Will Replace Cash  11/10/2023

Moody’s cuts U.S. outlook to negative, citing deficits and political polarization 11/10/2023

Citadel’s Ken Griffin sees high inflation lasting for decades 11/9/2023

‘AIPAC Always Gets Mad When I Put America First’: Rep. Thomas Massie Boldly Stands Up To Israel Lobby 11/1/2023

UAW Strike Ends with Higher Wages, Better Benefits for Auto Workers 10/30/2023

McDonald’s revenue soars as it hikes menu prices: ‘$18 Big Macs’ 10/30/2023

Michelin to Close Oklahoma Tire Plant, Laying Off 1,400 American Workers 10/26/2023

Correlations and the Definition of the Money Supply 10/20/2023

Home Sales on Track for Slowest Year Since Housing Bust 10/16/2023

Breitbart Business Digest: We Haven’t Had a Year This Bad Since Obama Was President 9/12/2023

Bidenomics Broke America: Real Household Income Suffers Biggest Drop In 12 Years 9/12/2023

Consumer Confidence Drops in August to Near Recession Level 8/29/2023

CBO Director: Inflation of ‘Past Couple of Years’ ‘Resulted’ from Spending 8/16/2023

Atlanta Fed President: We Have Broad-Based Inflation and Fed Will Be Restricting ‘Well into 2024’ 8/5/2023

Breitbart Business Digest: Inflation Is the Most Important Issue in America Today 6/7/2023

House Votes to Raise Debt Ceiling, Sending ‘Fiscal Responsibility Act’ to Senate 5/31/2023

Heritage Foundation Economist: Government Spending, Printing Sources of Almost all Economic ‘Ills’ 5/28/2023

McCarthy, Biden Reach Debt Ceiling Agreement in Principle 5/27/2023

Supreme Court Sides with Homeowner on Taxes – ‘Render Unto Caesar What Is Caesar’s, But No More’ 5/26/2023

Paper Money Diehards Refuse to Fold 5/23/2023

Oops: $3 Billion Pentagon Accounting Error Means More Arms for Ukraine 5/19/2023

The Inflation Picture Is Even Worse Than Government Numbers Suggest 5/17/2023

Bankruptcy blitz highlights the end of the easy-money era 5/17/2023

Views of U.S. Housing Market Reach New Depths 5/16/2023

Stagflation Alarm: Consumer Sentiment Crashes, Hope Plunges, Long Run Inflation Fears Rise 5/12/2023

Florida Effectively Bans Central Bank Digital Currency 5/12/2023

Nearly Half of Americans Say We Should Not Raise the Debt Ceiling 5/10/2023

Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Americans Say Bidenflation Impacts Their Lives ‘A Lot’ 5/10/2023

More Troubled Banks in America 5/4/2023

Employers to Cut 14 Million Workplaces Globally by 2027 – World Economic Forum 5/1/2023

First Republic Bank collapse spurs fears for banking system, broader economy 5/1/2023

First Republic Bank Teeters on Edge of Abyss 4/29/2023

Dystopian Consequences of the Social Credit Score System, Digital ID, & Cashless Society that Schwab’s WEF are lobbying to put in place as part of the plan for The Great Reset 4/25/2023

Shocking Truths about Your Money 4/24/2023

US Presidential Hopefuls Rally Against a Digital Dollar Ahead of 2024 Elections 4/22/2023

Food Prices Hit Highest Level in Nearly Half a Century Amid Double Digit Inflation 4/20/2023

As Fears of Banking Crisis Surged, Members of Congress Sold Bank Shares 4/20/2023

Home Prices in March Posted Biggest Annual Decline in 11 Years 4/20/2023

Biden Has Put America on Course for a ‘Forever Recession’ 4/19/2023

Cash will become ‘less useable’ as high street goes contactless, says Bank of England 4/17/2023

Poll: 97% Say Biden’s Economy Is Important Issue 4/17/2023

Could the US face same retirement riots that are plaguing France? Social Security's trust funds are predicted to be depleted by 2033 4/16/2023

Is there a worldwide run on the Bank of the United States of America? 4/15/2023

Zelensky Demands Another $14 Billion, Asks Finance Leaders to Take Money from Russia 4/13/2023

Poll: Americans Most Worried About Inflation, the Economy 4/12/2023

CNBC: Majority of People Making $100K or More Say They’re Financially Stressed, Inflation Is Top Cause  4/12/2023

DeSantis Administration Vows to ‘Never Recognize a Centralized Digital Currency’ 4/11/2023

Lock-outs, mass emails, closed offices: Virtual layoffs are normal now 4/11/2023

Walmart Cutting 2,000 Jobs amid ‘Trepidation and Uncertainty’ 4/4/2023

EU Pushing the ‘Criminalisation’ of Physical Cash with New Anti-Money Laundering Law 3/30/2023

Brazil Inks Deal to Use Yuan, Not Dollar, in Trade with China 3/30/2023

Major Banking Crisis Looms as Study Finds Nearly 200 More Banks Could Potentially Collapse 3/29/2023

Report: 62% of American Consumers Live Paycheck to Paycheck 3/28/2023

Breitbart Business Digest: Bank Failure Is Not a Failure of the Banking System 3/28/2023

Richmond Fed Survey: ‘Manufacturing Activity Improved Modestly in March’ 3/28/2023

Stockman: Raiding The Taxpayer Piggy-Bank 3/25/2023

Nearly $120 Billion of Deposits Were Pulled From Small Banks as Silicon Valley Failed 3/25/2023

Sports Betting Resulting in Sharp Rise in Gambling Addictions and Financial Distress, Especially for Young Men 3/23/2023

Banks Are Still Drawing on the Fed for $164 Billion of Emergency Cash 3/23/2023

Moody’s Chief Economist: ‘Inflation Is Still High’ So Problems Like Banking Issues Will Continue for ‘Next 12-18 Months’ 3/22/2023

The Federal Reserve Increases Interest Rates amid Banking Crises 3/22/2023

Pet Owners Struggling Financially Because of Bidenflation 3/20/2023

US Studies Ways to Guarantee All Bank Deposits If Crisis Expands 3/20/2023

Silicon Valley Bank UK Staff, Execs Receive ‘Modest’ Bonuses Totalling Tens of Millions 3/18/2023

Midsize banks plead for unlimited FDIC backstop for two years 3/18/2023

Is Your Bank "Important" Enough To Save? Don't Count On It... 3/18/2023

Big banks may get bigger as crisis swamps ‘too big to fail’ worries 3/18/2023

Maher: SVB Collapse, Inflation Are ‘the Result’ of Government Spending 3/17/2023

Janet Yellen Admits Government Choosing Bank Bailout Winners and Losers 3/17/2023

FTX Claims Sam Bankman-Fried Plundered $2.2 Billion in ‘Loans and Payments’ as CEO 3/17/2023

Treasury Secretary Yellen says not all uninsured deposits will be protected in future bank failures 4/16/2023

Dow Drops 500 Points As Bank Fears Reignite 3/15/2023

Breitbart Business Digest: Silicon Valley Bank’s Supersized Depositors Got Bailed Out 3/14/2023

Swiss National Bank says it will provide Credit Suisse with liquidity if necessary 3/15/2023

‘Net worth of median household is basically nothing,’ says Carl Icahn. ‘We have some major problems in our economy.’ 3/14/2023

‘Watershed’ $1 trillion defense budget on the horizon 3/14/2023

Moody’s Chief Economist: ‘Hot’ Inflation Data Demands Rate Hike, But We Have to Pause to Avoid Stressing Banks 3/14/2023

Core Consumer Inflation Accelerates, Pushed Up By Rising Housing Costs 3/14/2023

Kevin McCarthy: Biden’s ‘Failed’ Fiscal Policies, Rising Interest Rates Led to Silicon Valley Bank Crisis 3/14/2023

Report: U.S. Govt. Made Duplicate Payments to Wuhan Lab in China, Potentially Losing Tens of Millions of Dollars 3/13/2023

Bernie Marcus: ‘Woke’ Silicon Valley Bank Was ‘More Concerned About Global Warming than Shareholder Returns’ 3/12/2023

Fed, Treasury, and FDIC Announce Actions to Backstop Banks After Silicon Valley Meltdown 3/12/2023

US government moves to stop potential banking crisis 5/13/2023

‘Excessive’ Biden budget plan would cause national debt to hit nearly $51 trillion by 2033 3/9/2023

Fed Chair Powell Says Rates Headed to Higher Peak, Maybe at Faster Pace 3/7/2023

Swing State Democrats Call Out Biden for ‘Harming American Workers’ with Tariff Waivers for China 3/6/2023

Boeing Outsourcing Nearly 700 U.S. Jobs to India While Raking in Taxpayer Money via Ukraine War Packages 3/6/2023

Unions Vow Total Shutdown of French Economy as Macron Move to Increase Retirement Age 3/6/2023

Core U.S. Factory Orders Jump More Than Expected 3/6/2023

Bankruptcy filings in U.S. surge at fastest pace since 2009 as Bidenflation continues to ravage Americans, businesses 3/1/2023

The Top 3 Reasons The US Has Entered The Inflation Death Spiral 3/1/2023

Investor Interest in AI Technology Soars Following ChatGPT Frenzy 3/1/2023

Home Prices Fall For 6th Straight Month 2/28/2023

60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck — ‘inflation is part of their everyday lives,’ expert says 2/28/2023

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says U.S. Will Provide $10B to Ukraine in ‘Coming Months’ 2/26/2023

Gingrich on Ukraine: ‘I Am Against the Idea that We Should Pour Endless Cash Out with No Notion of What Victory Would Be’ 2/25/2023

Zelensky: America Will ‘Lose NATO’ and Global Leadership Role if it Stops Funding War in Ukraine 2/25/2023

Key US inflation measure surges at fastest rate since June 2/24/2023

Neocons Know The "Monetary System Is Collapsing" - Martin Armstrong Warns "War Checks All The Boxes" 2/22/2023

Exclusive JCNF Poll: Small Business Owners Extremely Concerned About Taxes, Regulation, Energy — Support Bipartisan Small Business Prosperity Plan 2/14/2023

Panic at the Grocery Store: Egg Prices Up 70%, Cereals Up 15.6%, Coffee Up 12.6%  2/14/2023

Biden Grows Workforce with Foreign Workers, Americans Left on Sidelines 2/8/2023

Ex-CIA Insider: ‘Biden Just Signed the U.S. Dollar’s Death Warrant’ 2/7/2023

Many American farmers have shut down operations due to inflation 2/7/2023

Global financial system will collapse on itself, warns Gregory Mannarino 2/7/2023

US Consumers Hit A Brick Wall: December Credit Growth Craters As Interest Rates Soar 2/7/2023

Used-Car Prices See Largest Monthly Increase Since Late 2021 2/7/2023

Welcome To The Death Spiral 2/6/2023

Poll: 41% Say Personal Finances Deteriorating Under Joe Biden, Worst Result in 37 Years 2/6/2023

Polls Show Record Number Of Americans Worse Off Financially Since Biden Took Office 2/5/2023

Rep. Thomas Massie Vows to Strip Ukraine Funding from Must-Pass Spending Bills 2/2/2023

Exclusive — Rep. Thomas Massie, Antitrust Subcommittee Chair: No Monopoly Is Safe 2/3/2023

U.S. credit card debt jumps 18.5% and hits a record $930.6 billion 2/3/2023

Woke PayPal to Lay Off 2,000 Employees 2/1/2023

Black Swan Manager Preps for Financial ‘Mega-Tinderbox-Timebomb’ 1/31/2023

Breitbart Business Digest: Workers in Tech Are Losing Their Jobs. Is Everyone Else Next? 1/25/2023

Debt Ceiling Fight Illustrates Corporate Interests’ Waning Influence over GOP 1/24/2023

Central-Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming—Whether Countries Are Ready or Not 1/16/2023

Republicans sound alarm on Social Security insolvency: Taxpayers 'clearly have to worry about' retirement 1/12/2023

Tverberg: In 2023, Expect A Financial Crash Followed By Major Energy-Related Changes  1/10/2023

The Present Fiat Monetary System Is Breaking Down 1/10/2023

Kevin McCarthy: GOP Votes to Repeal Army of 87,000 IRS Agents as Its ‘Very First Act of the New Congress 1/10/2023

US households’ debt rises to $16.5 trillion 1/10/2023

Global food prices in 2022 hit record high amid drought, war 1/9/2023

Labor Market Defies Fed as Unemployment Falls to 3.5% and Economy Adds 223,000 Jobs 1/6/203

The digital dollar is coming on the back of the FTX collapse 1/4/2023

Gallup Poll: 79% of Americans Predict 2023 Will Deliver Economic Difficulty 1/3/2023

FDIC Bankers Discuss ‘Bail-Ins’ To Deal With Impending Market Collapse 1/1/2023

Joe Biden Teaming Up with Mitch McConnell in Kentucky to Promote Infrastructure 1/1/2023

Bahamas Regulators Seize Crypto Assets from FTX Worth $3.5 Billion for ‘Safekeeping’ 12/30/2022

After $18 Trillion Rout, Global Stocks Face More Hurdles in 2023 12/30/2022

Joe Biden Signs 4,000-page, $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill After Staff Fly It to Virgin Islands Vacation Home 12/29/2022

Thomas Massie: $100B for Ukraine Could Have Given an Extra $200M to Every Congressional District in U.S. 12/28/2022

The “Mega-Bubbles” Have Started To Burst, And That Could Mean Unprecedented Financial Chaos Is Ahead 12/28/2022

Financial expert Andy Schectman says 2023 will be the year of the BRICS 12/26/2022

Rand Paul’s Annual ‘Festivus’ Report: $482,276,543,907 in Government Waste 12/26/2022

Fiscal doom: Five ways the $31 trillion national debt threatens the economy 12/24/2022

The Dangers Of Paper Bitcoin 12/23/2022

House Passes $1.7 Trillion Omnibus with 9 Republican Votes 12/23/2022

American Taxpayers Stuck Paying Billions to Build, Renovate NFL Stadiums 12/22/2022

18 GOP Senators Help Democrats Pass Bloated Spending Package, 3 Did Not Vote 12/22/2022

Suddenly Everyone Is Hunting for Alternatives to the US Dollar 12/22/2022

Senate Advances $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill 12/20/2022

Americans falling behind on credit card and loan payments as inflation persists 12/19/2022

Inflation Isn’t Going Away 12/19/2022

CBDC in 2023: Federal Reserve planning to implement “FedNow” digital currency between May and July of 2023 12/16/2023

Government says inflation is “under control” after produce prices jumped 38% in November (and 80% year over year) 12/16/2022

Biden Wants $8 Billion In Taxpayer Funds To Shut Down Coal Power In South Africa 12/16/2022

US Lawmakers Negotiating Over 7,500 'Pork-Barrel Spending' Earmarks Totaling $16 Billion For Spending Bill 12/16/2022

Share of Americans living paycheck to paycheck rises to 63% — here’s how to get your finances back on track 12/15/2022

Report: Over 7,500 Earmarks Totaling $16 Billion Being Negotiated for Spending Bill 12/13/2022

Great Reset: UK Prepares to Introduce a ‘Digital Pound’ Central Bank Digital Currency 12/11/2022

The mother of all crashes is coming in April 2023 12/29/2022

The Ongoing COVID Deceptions: How Ruling Elites Lied About Masks And Mask Mandates 12/8/2022

Major Economic Contraction Coming In 2023 – Followed By Even More Inflation 12/8/2022

Nigeria Limits ATM Withdrawals to $45 Per Day to Force Government-Controlled Digital Payments 12/8/2022

Ex-CIA Insider: ‘Biden Just Signed the U.S. Dollar’s Death Warrant’ 11/22/2022

Federal Trade Report: Globalization Cripples American Towns as Free Trade Moves Jobs Overseas, Crushes Wages 11/21/2022

UK inflation hits 41-year high of 11.1% as food and energy prices continue to soar 11/16/2022

Biden Unveils $37BN More In Emergency Ukraine Aid On Heels Of Polish Border ‘Attack’ 11/16/2022

 At Least $1 Billion in Investor Assets Are ‘Missing’ After FTX Collapse 11/13/2022

Fed’s Favorite Indicator Shows Inflation Getting Hotter 10/28/2022

Consumer Confidence Falls More Than Expected as Inflation Hammers Assessment of Economy 10/25/2022

America’s Farm Economy Shrinks for 5th Straight Month Under Inflation Strain 10/24/2022

Heating Oil Already Being Rationed in Joe Biden’s America 10/24/2022

Global Housing Market Pain Has Echoes of a Crash 30 Years Ago 10/20/2022

A Visual Guide To Stagflation, Inflation, & Deflation 10/6/2022

The Top 3 Outcomes As The Elites Try To Reset The International Monetary System 10/6/2022

Most Americans In Over 25 Years Suffer 'Real' Pay Cut Under Biden Admin; Fed Report Shows 10/6/2022

Senate Advances Stop-Gap Spending Bill with $12 Billion in Ukraine Aid, $3 Billion for Biden’s Afghans 9/27/2022

Survey: Nearly 7-in-10 Americans Searching for Extra Work Due to Surging Inflation 9/27/2022

BLS: Inflation in Price of Food Highest Since 1979 9/13/2022

The biggest Fed rate hike in 40 years? It could be coming next week. 9/13/2022

12 Numbers That Show That We're Getting Dangerously Close To An Economic Crash As The Fall Of 2022 Approaches 9/6/2022

Labor Day: Feds Annually Outsource over Half a Million American Jobs to Foreign Visa Workers 9/5/2022

Professor Warns U.S. Is Sitting on the ‘Brink of a Deeper Recession’ 8/31/2022

Ron DeSantis on Canceling Student Debt: Universities Should Foot the Bill, Not Taxpayers 8/25/2022

Texas Bans BlackRock and Other Financial Firms Over ESG Energy Crisis 8/24/2022

Breitbart Business Digest: Biden Pours Student Debt Gasoline on Inflation Fire 8/24/2022

U.S. Home Sales Drop for Sixth Straight Month as Housing Recession Rolls On 8/18/2022

Ron DeSantis: Inflation Reduction Act Expanding IRS Is ‘Middle Finger’ to Americans 8/18/2022

Grocery Store Inflation Rises to Highest Since 1979: Milk, Cereal, Chicken, Cheese, Butter, Hamburger, and Bread Prices Still Soaring 8/10/2 022

Second-Largest U.S. Aluminum Mill Idles Due to ‘Untenable’ Energy Prices, Laying Off 600 American Workers 8/10/2022

Chinese Company Buys 300 Acres Near American Air Force Base, Lawmakers Voice National Security Concerns 8/4/2022

Unrelenting inflation is driving up costs, leaving more Americans living paycheck to paycheck 8/1/2022

Replacing Battery for Electric Vehicle Costs More than Car Itself, Family Says 7/18/2022

Wholesale prices shoot up near-record 11.3% in June on surge in energy costs 7/14/2022

U.S. Economy Adds 372,000 Jobs in June, Unemployment at 3.6% 7/8/2022

JPMorgan predicts $380 oil on worst-case Russian output cuts 7/2/2022

One of the most prominent crypto hedge funds just defaulted on a $670 million loan 6/27/2022

UK Annual Inflation Reaches 9.1%, Marking Highest Point Since 1982 6/22/2022

Gas Price on January 6, 2021: $2.27; Gas Price Today: $5.02 6/14/2022

Report: Thousands of Californians Flee to Mexico in Search of More Affordable Living 6/13/2022

Americans Expect Inflation Will Get Worse and Increasingly Blame Biden 6/9/2022

Carney: Democratic Optimism on the Economy Has Collapsed 6/8/2022

Biden’s America: 16 States Have Average Price of Gas over $5.00 6/8/2022

Report: Natural Gas Futures Hit 13-Year High as Biden Pushes Solar Power 6/7/2022

Social Security and Medicare Are Approaching Insolvency 6/2/2022

Farm Inflation: Prices Surge for Chickens, Eggs, Wheat, Corn, and Milk 6/1/2022

One-Third of Americans Making $250,000 Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck, Survey Finds 6/1/2022

Gas Prices Soar to Record High on Memorial Day 5/30/2022

Gas Prices Increased by over 47 Cents in Last Month Alone 5/25/2022

Breitbart Business Digest: Orders for Durable Goods Fell and No One Noticed 5/25/2022

'Recession warning': Sales of new homes plunge in April 5/24/2022

Inflation Concerns Are Soaring Around The World 5/24/2022

69% of Americans Say The Economy Is Bad 5/23/2022

Joe Biden Flies $40 Billion Ukraine Bill to South Korea to Sign as Russia Claims Strategic Victory in Mariupol 5/21/2022

Florida Outpaces Nation in Job Growth 5/20/2022

Senate Passes $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine During 40-Year-High Inflation 5/19/2022

Joe Biden’s Globalists Quietly Fight to Slash U.S. Tariffs on China 5/17/2022

Senate Advances Bill to Give Ukraine $40 Billion in Aid During 40-Year High Inflation 5/16/2022

Democrats Aim to Spend $60B More Taxpayer Dollars During 40-Year-High Inflation 5/10/2022

Gas Price Average Soars to Over $6 in California Counties 5/10/2022

Moody’s Chief Economist: We Probably Won’t See Lower Oil, Gas Prices ‘Until This Time Next Year’ 5/9/2022

Poll: Economy the Top Issue in the Upcoming Midterm Elections 5/5/2022

Dow Plunges 1,063 Points in Widespread Sell-Off Led by Tech Stocks 5/5/2022

Stocks and Bonds Are Falling in Lockstep at Pace Unseen in Decades 5/3/2022

Nine in Ten Report Cost of Living Increase in Britain, as Quarter Struggle to Pay Bills 4/26/2022

Ukraine war to cause biggest price shock in 50 years - World Bank 4/26/2022

Stocks sink as inflation, recession fears rattle Wall Street 4/26/2022

Manchin and Schumer Discuss New Tax Hike, Deficit Cut Proposal  4/26/2022

Hot Economy, Rising Inflation: The Fed Has Never Successfully Fixed a Problem Like This 4/18/2022

Bidenflation: Amazon Smacks Third-Party Sellers with ‘Fuel and Inflation Surcharge’ 4/14/2022

Producer Prices Surge 11.2% in March on Higher Energy Costs 4/13/2022

Fmr. Obama Treasury Counselor Rattner: ‘It’s Time to Start Dealing with the Deficit’ to Fight Inflation 4/13/2022

White House Refuses to Take Responsibility for Historic Inflation: We Had to Spend Trillions to Prevent Economic Spiral 4/13/2022

Bidenflation: Services Sector Prices Soar at ‘Unprecedented’ Rate 4/5/2022

Los Angeles’ guaranteed income program will pay 1,000 people $1,000 a month for three years — here’s how it works 4/1/2022

Top Economist: “We’re About to Abandon Traditional System of Money & Replace It With Digital Blockchain” 3/31/2022

A key inflation gauge sets 40-year high as gas and food soar 3/31/2022

Bidenflation: Fed Study Blames Huge Spending Bills for High U.S. Inflation 3/29/2022

A Recession Warning Sign? Part of U.S. Yield Curve Inverts for First Time Since 2006 3/28/2022

A World That’s More Expensive Is Starting to Destroy Demand 3/27/2022

Unbeknown To Most, A Financial Revolution Is Coming That Threatens To Change Everything (And Not For The Better) 3/27/2022

Consumer Sentiment Sinks as Hope Crashes and Inflation Expectations Hit Four-Decade High 3/25/2022

Brazil hikes key interest rate ninth straight time 3/16/2022

Panic buying spreads in Middle East as Russian invasion sparks fear over food and fuel 3/16/2022

UK Energy Bills to Rise 14 Times Faster than Wages Amid Green Push, Sanctions War 3/15/2022

GOP Sen. Cramer: Biden Has Deprived Energy Producers of Capital by Floating Getting Oil from Iran, Venezuela 3/15/2022

Manchin: I Don’t See Inflation, Gas Prices Declining ‘At All’ – Have to ‘Get Your Financial House in Order’ 3/15/2022

‘Red-Handed’: How Microsoft Promised to Outsource American Jobs to China 3/10/2022

Poll: Majority Believe It Is ‘Likely’ U.S. Will Experience a ‘1930s Like Depression’ in the Next Few Years 3/9/2022

American Oil Drillers: Democrat Policies Blocking Energy Production  3/9/2022

Biden Nat’l Economic Council Head Deese: ‘No Amount of Domestic Production We Can Do to Reduce’ Gas Prices 3/9/2022

Moderna Inks $500 Million Deal with Kenya for mRNA Vaccine Facility 3/9/2022

Democrats Pass $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill After Democrat Disarray 3/9/2022

Biden to issue executive order to explore cryptocurrency-like digital dollar 3/9/2022

Nolte: 70% Want Increased Domestic Oil Production, Only 18% Oppose 3/7/2022

Pete Buttigieg Promotes Electric Cars; Public Transportation as Solution to High Gas Prices 3/7/2022

The hit to your pocketbook from higher gasoline prices: $2,000 a year 3/7/2022

U.S. Crude Oil Imports up 40.6% Under Biden Compared to Trump 3/7/2022

Wheat Settles at All-Time High as War Paralyzes Ukraine Trade 3/7/2022

Palladium steadies from record high on Ukraine crisis 3/7/2022

Pain at the pump: Americans are warned to budget for $5-A-GALLON 3/4/2022

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy: Our Oil Is Cleaner Than Russia’s, We Can Supply Ourselves and Allies, ‘If We’re Allowed to’ by Biden 2/28/2022

Pfizer, Moderna and Other Drugmakers Make Billions Responding to Covid-19 Pandemic 2/25/2022

The War On Cash Entering Bold New Phase 2/24/2022

Bidenflation: New Home Prices Soared and Sales Dropped More Than Expected in January 2/24/2022

U.S. Consumers Facing Highest Gasoline Prices in at Least Nine Years 2/23/2022

Here comes $7 gas prices, warns oil strategist in dire outlook 2/16/2022

Minutes show Fed ready to raise rates, shrink balance sheet soon 2/16/2022

Tesla to Pay $0 in Federal Tax Despite Record $5.5 Billion Profit in 2021 2/15/2022

2 reasons Americans just dove into credit card debt faster than they have in 22 years 2/11/2022

US inflation jumped 7.5% in the past year, a 40-year high 2/10/2022

IRS Suggests Need to Disclose Crypto Exchange Information to Law Enforcement 2/7/2022

Inflation is hitting low-income families the hardest, with some now spending 1/3 of their budget on food 2/3/2022

Small Business Hit Hardest by January Employment Slump, Second Worst Month Ever 2/2/2022

War On Cash: The Digital Dollar 1/28/2022

Inflation Explodes to Record-Breaking High in Richmond Fed Survey 1/25/2022

Wintry Weather Sends US Propane Demand To Record High 1/21/2022

Federal Reserve is taking the next step toward possibly launching a digital dollar 1/20/2022

California weighing proposal that could double its taxes 1/17/2021

Profits of Doom: Globalist Elites Doubled Their Wealth During Coronavirus Pandemic 1/17/2022

Thousands of Kroger Workers Strike to Demand Better Pay 1/15/2022

Bidenflation: New Car Prices Up 12%, New Trucks Up 11.6%, Used Cars Up 37.3% 1/12/2022

The media are blaming American workers for empty shelves in grocery stores. 1/12/2022

Bidenflation Crushed Workers in 2021: Three Worst Annual Real Wage Contractions on Record 1/12/2022

Poll: Voters More Worried About Inflation Than COVID 1/10/2022

Jamie Dimon sees the best economic growth in decades, more than 4 Fed rate hikes this year 1/10/2022

U.S. credit card debt soars most on record, with savings long gone 1/8/2022

What Do Cryptocurrencies Mean for Liberty? 1/7/2021

Bidenflation: Worker Incomes Fall Further Behind Inflation 1/7/2022

Black-White Unemployment Gap Soars as Black Unemployment Rate Jumps 1/7/2022

Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers: US Credit Card Debt Soars Most On Record With Savings Long Gone 1/7/2022

Trade Deficit Jumps 19.4% to Second Highest Level Ever 1/6/2022

Thrive Time Show: Can the government dip into citizens’ personal accounts to save the economy? – Brighteon.TV 1/5/2022

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is found guilty of defrauding investors 1/4/2021

The Coming Retirement Crisis Will Affect Everyone 1/3/2022

US Manufacturing Slides To Weakest Since Dec 2020, New Orders Tumble 1/3/2022

U.S. Billionaires Grew Their Wealth by $340B in 2021 as Middle Class Shrinks 1/2/2022

Bank Accidentally Gives Out $175 Million 12/31/2021

Stench of corruption: Nancy Pelosi buys Big Tech call options 12/31/2021

Last Chance To Get Out Before The Crash 12/30/2021

Report: Gas Prices Could Average $4 per Gallon Nationally by Late Spring 12/29/2021

‘Never Been Weaker’: U.S. Trade Deficit ‘Mushroomed to a Record’ in November 12/29/2021

The Fed’s Doomsday Prophet Has a Dire Warning About Where We’re Headed 12/28/2021

The uncomfortable truth about food prices in 2022 12/28/2021

Poll: Economic Confidence Index ‘Worst Since the Great Recession’12/22/2021

Forget Banks: Hackers Stole $100+ Million in Six Different Cryptocurrency Exchange Attacks 12/20/2021

Biden's New "Regressive" Methane Tax Will Raise Average American's Gas Bill By 17%: Op-Ed 12/12/2021

Inflation surged 6.8% in November, even more than expected, to fastest rate since 1982 12/10/2021

Evergrande Has Finally Defaulted: Here's What Happens Next 12/9/2021

Over 120 Ships Waiting to Unload Cargo in California as Supply Chain Crisis Rages 12/7/2021

Janet Yellen Waves White Flag on Globalism as ‘Made in America’ Companies Thrive in Supply Chain Crisis 12/7/2021

Consumers’ Research Urges Ten Governors to Divest State Pension Funds from China-Investing BlackRock 12/6/2021

Eurozone Inflation Is Now at Highest Level Ever 12/2/2021

Former Spokesperson for Democrat D.C. Mayor Explains Why He Switched to the GOP: Biden Is Completely Destroying the Economy 12/2/2021

CEOs and insiders sell a record $69 billion of their stock, and the year isn’t over yet 12/1/2021

More than half of shoppers are going into debt this holiday season, study finds 11/29/2021

Farmland prices continue to surge in line with growth of rural economies 11/23/2021

Monthly US inflation to return to 0.2-0.3 pct in second half of 2022: Yellen 11/23/2021

Plandemonomics? Biden advisor says injecting children for covid will somehow end inflation 11/22/2021

New Home Construction Slows And Falls Short of Expectations Amid Shortages and Bidenflation 11/17/2021

Carney: Don’t Fall For The Ludicrous Saule Omarova Cover-Up, She Is Too Dangerous To Confirm 11/17/2021

Bidenflation: Winter Heating Prices Set To Soar Even if Temperatures Stay Warm 11/16/2021

Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second: analysis 11/16/2021

Coalition of State Treasurers Urge Senate to Reject Biden’s Radical Comptroller of the Currency Nominee 11/15/2021

Most Expensive Gasoline in America Close to Record Highs 11/11/2021

Global Food Prices Are Getting Closer to a Record High 11/4/2021

Economic Warfare Expert Kevin Freeman: China-Russia Plan to 'Collapse' America From Within Using Globalist Great Reset 11/2/2021

COP26 Reset: Prince Charles Calls for ‘Vast Military-Style Campaign’ to ‘Radically Transform’ Global Economy 11/1/2021

Bidenflation: Gas Pump Prices Hit 7 Year High 11/2/2021

Fatal consequences await those who are unprepared for this ‘dead of winter’ TEOTWAWKI scenario 11/1/2021

Complicit media covering up covert bankruptcy of Evergrande… global financial house of cards about to fall 10/29/2021

Financial preparedness: 13 Ways to prepare for hyperinflation 10/28/2021

GDP Grows Just 2% in Third Quarter, Falling Short of Diminished Expectations 10/28/2021

Pending Home Sales Unexpectedly Fell in September as House Affordability Declined 10/28/2021

Poll: Only 36 Percent Approve of Joe Biden’s Handling of Negotiations on Reconciliation Package 10/28/2021

SEC: Richard Burr, Brother-in-Law Used ‘Nonpublic Information’ to Trade Stocks Before Market Dropped 10/28/2021

This year’s Thanksgiving feast will wallop the wallet 10/25/2021

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey says ‘hyperinflation’ will happen soon in the U.S. and the world 10/23/2021

Pinkerton: Bidenflation Meets Bidenunemployment 10/23/2021

The Coming Electric Car Disruption That Nobody’s Talking About 10/22/2021

Peter Thiel Thinks a Blow-Up Is Coming. He’s OK With That 10/22/2021

Economic Fears Drive Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Down to 41% 10/21/2021

Shipping Costs Surge: $17,000 to Ship Container to California from Asia, Up from $3,800 in 2020  10/21/2021

Oil Reaches $80 per Barrel for First Time Since 2014 10/8/2021

Global Food Prices Increased in September, Reached Decade High 10/7/2021

Biden, Democrats are setting nation up for financial ruin with massive spending packages that will drive our debt into the stratosphere 10/7/2021

Report: Gas Prices Rise to 7-Year High 10/6/2021

Billionaire Supermarket Chain Owner Warns Inflation ‘Here to Stay’ 9/20/2021

Treasury Department Seeks to Track Financial Transactions of Personal Bank Accounts Over $600 9/14/2021

3M’s CFO Warns Inflation Is Running Hotter Than Expected, Auto Production Dropping 9/13/2021

Inflation Expectations Hit All-Time High in N.Y. Fed Survey 9/13/2021

Producer Prices Soar a Record 8.3% as Bidenflation Runs Hotter Than Expected 9/10/2021

Warren Buffett Dumps $4.1 Billion of His Wealth into Leftist, Family Foundations 6/23/2021

Russia Cuts Dollar Holdings From $119 Billion Wealth Fund Amid Sanctions 6/3/2021

Big Tech, Chamber of Commerce, Outsourcing Industry Unite to Keep Foreign Workers in American Jobs 5/31/2021

Brooks: ‘Threat of Inflation Is Real’ and Inflation Hurts Those Who Need Help the Most 5/29/2021

Inflation Nation: First Quarter Consumer Spending and Prices Hiked 5/27/2021

Biden Plans Retroactive Capital Gains Tax Hike 5/27/2021

Prairie Fire Inflation: Price Hikes Hit 20 Year High for Middle American Manufacturers 5/27/2021

Poll shows Argentines expect inflation to hit 50% in next year 5/26/2021

Inflation Nation: Philly Fed Price Increases Hit Highest Since 1980 5/20/2021

Bitcoin plunges 30% to $30,000 at one point in wild session, recovers somewhat to $38,000 5/19/2021

Gas crunch from cyberattack intensifies in nation’s capital 5/14/2021

Retail sales were flat in April as stimulus spending waned 5/14/2021

Gas Stations Report Shortages as Pipeline Shutdown Drags on 5/12/2021

Gas Prices Jump to Highest Level Since 2014 5/12/2021

"This Is Not Transitory": Hyperinflation Fears Are Soaring Across America 5/11/2021

What Will You Do When Inflation Forces US Households To Spend 40% Of Their Incomes On Food? 5/10/2021

Shocking Chart Shows Most Workers Now Make More On Unemployment Than From Their Jobs 5/10/2021

Prices are rising everywhere you look 5/9/2021

Crashing the Dollar on Purpose for the Great Reset: Modern Monetary Theory On Steroids 5/4/2021

Biden Adviser Cecilia Rouse: Americans Will Experience Some Inflation 5/2/2021

U.S. GDP Jumped 6.4%—Before the Biden Stimulus 4/29/2021

Father-of-two financier, 59, jumps to his death from 10th floor of NYC skyscraper office after his assets firm was liquidated when it shrank from $20bn to $863m and investors 'lost trust in him' 4/28/2021

Meet Rishi Vamdatt, The 11-Year-Old Jersey City Whiz Kid Who Offers Free Financial Advice To Thousands Online 4/26/2021

The Grocery Price Shock Is Coming to a Store Near You 4/23/2021

Peter Schiff: We're On Autopilot Down The Road Toward Inflation 4/15/2021

Poll: 98% of CEOs Say Biden Tax Hikes Would Have ‘Significant Adverse Effect’ on Competitiveness 4/12/2021

Biden Tax Hikes Will Cost 1 Million Jobs in First Two Years 4/8/2021

Lawsuit: Joe Biden Unlawfully Inflating U.S. Labor Market with Foreign Workers 4/6/2021

Andrew Cuomo’s New York: Illegal Aliens to Get $1.1B More in Taxpayer-Funded Aid Than Small Businesses 4/6/2021

Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax 4/5/2021

Ortiz: ‘Tax Increases on Small Businesses Are Coming’ if Biden Gets His Way 3/29/2021

GOP Lawmaker Urges Architects Of Digital Dollar To Consider Risks To Civil Liberties 3/26/2021

The fall of Chile is a warning to America 3/25/2021

Veteran Investor Says Governments Are Planning to Totally Outlaw Bitcoin 3/25/2021

Banks in Germany Tell Customers to Take Deposits Elsewhere 3/1/2021

Rand Paul: Democrat $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill ‘a Big Mistake’ — ‘Not the Time to Put the Country Further into Debt’ 2/24/2021

Economists warn $1.9 trillion Biden relief bill may trigger runaway inflation 2/22/2021

Food prices will climb in 2021 as inflation accelerates 2/22/2021

Michael Burry Warns Weimar Hyperinflation Is Coming 2/21/2021

Joe Biden Plans Second Coronavirus Package with $3 Trillion More in ‘Build Back Better’ Spending 3/18/2021

Joe Biden’s Amnesty Bill Encourages Hiring of Foreign Graduates 2/18/2021

Many states already recognize gold and silver as legal currency, which will come in handy once fiat currency crashes 2/13/2021

Noted economist warns Biden’s massive COVID stimulus will lead to exploding inflation and high interest rates across America 2/10/2021

America's Top Union Boss Nervously Slams Biden Over Keystone XL Decision 2/7/2021

Democrat Lawmakers Call for Recurring Stimulus Payments in Coronavirus Relief Bill, Illegal Immigrants Included 1/28/2021

U.S. Billionaires Boost Their Wealth by 40 Percent During Coronavirus Crisis 1/28/2021

Biden Energy Nominee Jennifer Granholm: ‘Clean Energy’ Jobs Will Replace Ones ‘That Might Be Sacrificed’ 1/27/2021

Biden’s Drilling Ban on Federal Land Killing American Jobs and Energy Independence in Struggling Economy  1/27/2021

The Fed Signals Pandemic May Have An Extended Economic Impact `1/27/2021

The Great Reset Updated: You Might Not Have Heard of NGFS, but NGFS Has a Plan for You 1/23/2021

Biden Kills Up to 70,000 Jobs on First Day in Office 1/22/2021

Powell’s Remarks Show That Trump Won the Monetary Policy Figh 1/14/2021

Poll: Americans Want Companies to Hire Americans Before Immigrants 1/14/2021

The Rich Got Richer During COVID-19. Here's How American Billionaires Performed 12/31/2020

2020 Ends With Around 20 Million Americans Still On Jobless Benefits 12/31/2020

The Psychology Of Money 12/26/2020

How Congress Can Give Americans $2K Relief Checks and Cut Omnibus Pork to Pay for It 12/24/2020

Rand Paul on Stimulus Bill: ‘A Bunch of Socialist Spending’ 12/23/2020

Dark Winter: Household Spending Drops For First Time in Seven Months 12/23/2020

Big Business, Lawmakers Lobby to Cut U.S. Tariffs on China During Pandemic 12/11/2020

The "Great Reset" And Plans For A Global War On Savings 12/9/2020

Central Bank Digital Currencies & The War On (Physical) Cash 12/8/2020

Inflation Is Back... Big Time 12/8/2020

Democrat Proposes Tying $1,500 Stimulus Checks To COVID Vaccinations 12/8/2020

"Wall Street South": Goldman Leads Financial Firm Exodus From NYC To Florida 12/8/2020

How The COVID Response Has Destroyed The Personal Finances Of Americans 12/8/2020

Here's How Central Banks Will Finally Unleash Inflation: The Shenzhen Case Study 11/30/2020

Fed, IMF Sound Warning That More QE Could Lead To "Unintended Consequences" 11/25/2020

The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating By The Millions Because They Can Feel What Is Coming 11/23/2020

John Williams Warns Hyperinflationary Great Depression Coming 11/22/2020

The Global Cost Of The COVID Pandemic 11/22/2020

Waffle House’s Stand Against Lockdowns Is Exactly What America Needs—Almost 11/21/2020

Losses From Student Loans May Eclipse Subprime Crisis 11/21/2020

Growing Food Bank Lines Across America Signal Economic Crisis Far From Over  11/21/2020

Bank of America Warns “Civil Unrest” Could Crash Global Economy 11/18/2020

Peter Schiff: Can America Really Take A Paid Vacation Funded By Uncle Sam? 11/16/2020

Biden Hires Economic Team With Focus On Systemic Racism 11/16/2020

Jim Rogers: Great Depression 2.0? 11/1/2020

A New World Monetary Order Is Coming 10/30/2020

DoubleLine: Digital Currencies Will End The Dollar's Status As The World's Reserve Currency 10/29/2020

Regardless of US Election Results, Strife & Money Printing will Continue – Gold and Silver will Rally Harder 10/19/2020

Is America Headed for a Debt Crisis? 10/18/2020

Goldman Sachs: Dump Dollars, Buy Silver 10/16/2020


Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year 10/14/2020

"A Crash Is Looming" - Yale Senior Fellow Warns Of The End Of The Dollar's Exorbitant Privilege 10/5/2020

U.S. Retail Store Closures Hit Record in First Half 9/29/2020


Meet The Mastermind Behind JPMorgan's Gold And Silver Manipulation "Crime Ring 9/29/2020

In Unprecedented Monetary Overhaul, The Fed Is Preparing To Deposit "Digital Dollars" Directly To "Each American" 9/24/2020


US Retail Sales Disappoint, Online Spending Growth Hits A Wall As Government Handouts End 9/16/2020

Yelp Reveals 60% Of Business Closures Are Now Permanent  9/16/2020

Republicans, Democrats Seek to Widen H-2B Visa Program as 20.6M Americans are Jobless 9/15/2020

Powerful Forthcoming Rally in Gold and Silver Ensured by Weakening Dollar & Rising Inflation 9/11/2020

Jobless Claims Fall to 881,000, Lowest Since Pandemic Hit 9/3/2020

'On the cusp of economic catastrophe': Experts warn about more lockdowns 8/26/2020

IRS Projects Millions Of Jobs Will Vanish For Years 8/21/2020


Australian Five- And Ten-Cent Coins To Disappear As Pandemic Ushers In 'Cashless Society' 8/20/2020

The Devastation Of The Middle Class: It Now Takes 53 Weeks Of Median Wages Every Year To Pay For Basic Needs 8/19/2020

What You Will Find When You Follow The Money 8/14/2020

Nearly A Third Of Americans Had Unpaid Housing Bills In August  8/14/2020

New York State Ranked WORST In Country For Economic Outlook, Study Finds 8/14/2020

Big Tech Joins Chamber of Commerce Lawsuit to Import Foreign Workers While 26M Americans Jobless 8/14/2020

Budget Deficit Hits Record As U.S. Spends 100% More Than It Collects YTD 8/12/2020

President Trump Wins: Tennessee Valley Authority Drops H-1B Outsourcing Plan 8/6/2020

The Dark Side of the Cashless Society 7/28/2020

Meijer Stops Accepting Cash As Nationwide Coin Shortage Erupts 6/30/2020

Feds Close to Spending More Than on Revolutionary, Civil War, WWI, II Combined 6/17/2020

The U.S. ‘can’t shut down the economy again,’ Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says 6/11/2020

Pandemic drives broadest economic collapse in 150 years: World Bank 6/8/2020

A Crash in the Dollar Is Coming 6/8/2020

Is America headed for a post-apocalyptic currency collapse? 6/3/2020

Negative interest rates could be needed for a ‘V’ recovery, Fed economist says 6/2/2020

The Worst States for Retirement in 2020 4/9/2020

Facing potentially bleak financial picture, NFL is counting on fans in the stands 5/26/2020

Why California Is In Trouble: 340,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $45 Billion 5/21/2020

We Can Prevent a Great Depression. It’ll Take $10 Trillion. 5/18/2020

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on the coronavirus-ravaged economy 5/18/2020

Overseas Fraud Ring Steals Millions in U.S. Unemployment Funds 5/17/2020

The Financial System Will Have To Be Reset": How The World's Most Powerful And Influential People See The World After The Pandemic 5/12/2020

Business Demands More Foreign Workers as 33M Americans Go Jobless 5/8/2020

Tech firms emerge as big winners in new COVID-19 economy 5/8/2020

18 Signs That We Are Facing A Record Breaking Economic Implosion In 2020 5/4/2020

Are You Ready For The Great Depression Of The 2020s? 4/29/2020

McConnell says he favors allowing states to declare bankruptcy 4/22/2020

Steven Mosher: Waive China’s Sovereign Immunity in the U.S., Seize Its Assets 4/10/2020

Coronavirus job losses could total 47 million, unemployment rate may hit 32%, Fed estimates 3/30/2020

Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet Tops $5 Trillion for First Time 3/26/2020

Trump, Congress agree on $2 trillion virus rescue bill 3/24/2020

Coronavirus reveals financial irresponsibility of Americans 3/22/2020

Filthy lucre: Paper money shunned for fear of virus spread 3/20/2020

Trump’s $1 trillion stimulus is a gamble for reelection — and a sea change for Republicans once opposed to bailouts 3/19/2020

The Economic Cataclysm Ahead 2/27/2020

U.S. Treasury yields tumble, curve inversion deepens as coronavirus spreads 2/24/2020

The Cost Of Covid-19 Quarantine: Will You Be Financially Prepared? 2/22/2020

International Monetary Fund (IMF) De-Cashing Document

Coronavirus And Credit - A Perfect Storm 2/16/2020

Treasury brings back the 20-year bond to pay for the ballooning deficit 1/17/2020

How To Return To Sound Money 1/11/2020

Is This Why Central Banks Are Rushing To Buy Gold? 1/10/2020

Retail Apocalypse Surges Into 2020: No End In Sight 1/10/2020

Skyrocketing Costs Will Pop All The Bubbles 12/19/2019

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Repo-Market Turmoil: Are We Staring Into The Financial Abyss? 12/14/2019

"Massive... Huge... Largest Ever": Fed Will Flood Market With Gargantuan $500 Billion In Liquidity To Avoid Year-End Repo Crisis 12/12/2019

Top Slovak Party Leader Wants The Country To Bring Its Gold Home 12/12/2019

Historic Achievement: Labor Union Backs Trump USMCA Trade Agreement 12/10/2019

"It's About To Get Very Bad" - Repo Market Legend Predicts Market Crash In Days 12/10/2019

The repo market is ‘broken’ and Fed injections are not a lasting solution, market pros warn  12/7/2019

What Low-Flation? Household Costs Are Spiraling Out Of Control 12/5/2019

Peter Schiff: This House of Cards Will Come Crashing Down On Consumers 12/4/2019

The Road-Map Ahead Is A Market Crash, Followed By Obscene Fiscal Stimulus..." 12/4/2019

Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and hardly a voice of caution to be heard 12/1/2019

Jobless Claims Plunge by 15,000 to 213,000 11/27/2019

New York Fed Pumps In $104.293 Billion in Temporary Liquidity 11/14/2019

Is The ‘Mother of all Bubbles’ About to Pop? 11/11/2019

We are all screwed!’ The U.S. is like a banana republic and a depression could be on the way, warns money manager  10/29/2019

Consumer Cracks Emerge as Banks Say Everything Looks Fine 10/28/2019

So much for a cashless society: Currency is popular again, especially the $100 bill  10/27/2019

The U.S. Is on the Edge of the Global Negative Interest-Rate Club 10/24/2019

Repo Madness: Fed Pumps Overnight Bank Funds to $120 Billion a Day 10/23/2019

Mainstream Economists Recognize U.S. Jobs Boom from Lasting China Tariffs 10/11/2019

Fed Announces New Balance Sheet Expansion, Extends Repo Operations Through January 10/11/2019

Federal deficit estimated at $984B, highest in seven years 10/7/2019

Census: Indian Visa Workers Driving Americans Out of Middle-Class Jobs 10/2/2019

Visa, Mastercard, Others Reconsider Involvement in Facebook's Libra Network 10/2/2019

Fed Adds $71.7 Billion to Financial System in Latest Repo Transaction 9/28/2017

Shocking New Survey Finds Most Americans Are Completely Unprepared For The Next Recession 9/27/2019

The World's Wealthiest Families Are Stockpiling Cash as Recession Fears Grow 9/23/2019

Banks Just Changed the Rules of the Negative Rate Game for Danes 9/23/2019

Money Matters: Financial Stress Literally Making 2 In 5 Young Americans Sick 9/9/2019

Amazon, Google Reap 15 Percent Discount to Hire Foreigners over American Graduates 9/1/2019

The end of the dollar as we know it 9/1/2019

A sell-off worse than December can arrive in a week, says analyst who is predicting ‘Lehman-like’ drop 8/26/2019

Negative Rates Are Coming for Your Savings 8/23/2019

U.S. Mortgage Debt Hits Record, Eclipsing 2008 Peak 8/13/2019

The Average U.S. Farm Is $1,300,000 In Debt, And Now The Worst Farming Crisis In Modern History Is Upon Us 8/12/2019

Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse 8/11/2019

Job Creators Network Member Warns: Democrats Are Quietly Trying to Pass a Massive Payroll Tax Increase 7/25/2019

Study: Permanent Tariff on All Chinese Imports Would Create 1M U.S. Jobs 7/25/2019

U.S. Economy Grew at 2.1% Pace in Second Quarter, Better than Expected 7/26/2019

Trump can’t be both the president of growth and the president of debt 7/26/2019

IRS issues warning to over 10,000 crypto investors that they may owe money 7/26/2019

Joe Manchin questions China’s promised $84 billion investment in West Virginia 7/25/2019

Multinationals like Facebook want to wrestle control of the monetary system away from nation states 5/7/2019