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Poll: Support for Stricter Gun Control Has Fallen Since June 11`/22/2023

Another Day, Another Court Decision Against New York Gun Control 11/22/2022

Gun Control Fail: Gay Nightclub Shooting Occurred Despite Red Flag Law, Magazine Ban 11/21/2022

President Joe Biden Pushes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban After Gay Nightclub Shooting 11/20/2022

Biden Pushes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban After Juvenile Allegedly Kills 5 with Shotgun 10/16/2022

Media Spin On Gun Control Doesn't Match Voters' Opinions 10/6/2022

One Million+ Guns Sold Every Month for 38 Consecutive Months 10/6/2022

Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against New York’s New Gun Controls 10/6/2022

SCOTUS Declines to Overturn ATF Bump Stock Ban 10/3/2022

Democrat John Fetterman Wants to End Filibuster to Push Gun Ban Through 10/3/2022

Canadian Province Refuses To Participate in Trudeau’s Federal Gun Confiscation 9/28/2022

Highland Park July 4th Shooting Survivors Sue Smith and Wesson, Online Gun Retailer 9/28/2022

Visa Caves, Will Recategorize Gun Purchases so Democrats Can Flag Them 9/11/2022

Homeowner Wakes Up and Shoots Alleged Intruder Dead 9/5/2022

New NY gun law applicants have to provide social media accounts 8/31/2022

DOJ Finalizes Rule Classifying Gun Parts as Firearms Requiring Background Checks 8/24/2022

Mother Jumps Out of Shower, Grabs Gun, Shoots Alleged Intruder to Save Her Children 8/18/2022

Smith & Wesson Fights Back Against Democrat Subpoena 8/15/2022

Louisiana GOP Passes Resolution Praising NRA’s Fight Against Democrat Gun Control 8/15/2022

AP Warns: Pro-2A SCOTUS Ruling Created ‘Open Season on U.S. Gun Laws’ 8/4/2022

Democrat-Led House Passes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Targeting at Least 45 Specific AR-15s 7/29/2022

Newsom signs gun law modeled after Texas abortion ban, setting up Supreme Court fight 7/22/2022

Lawsuit Filed to Block California Gun Control Targeting Youth Shooting Sports 7/18/2022

41% of Voters Believe Armed Citizens Best Protection Against Mass Shooters 7/18/2022

22-Year-Old Who Killed Indiana Mass Shooter Was Armed Because of ‘Constitutional Carry’ 7/18/2022

Three people are dead after a man opened fire in an Indianapolis mall. The shooter was killed by a 'good Samaritan,' police said. 7/17/2022

Rep. Lauren Boebert Introduces Bill Completely Repealing Cornyn-Biden Gun Control Law 7/14/2022

New York Jewish Gun Club Founder Helps Businesses Defend 2A After Passage of Tyrannical Gun Laws 7/14/2022

Washington Times: SCOTUS Second Amendment Ruling Puts All Types of Gun Control in the Crosshairs 7/14/2022

Study Lists More than 60 Times Concealed Carry Permit Holders Stopped Mass Shooters 7/14/2022

Sheriff Says Man ‘Absolutely’ Won’t Face Charges for Shooting at Alleged Intruders with ‘AK-47-Style Gun 7/13/2022

Poll: John Cornyn’s Approval Rating at 36% Among Texas Republicans Following Gun Control Legislation 7/13/2022

Poll: Majority of Gun Owners Believe Gun Control a Slippery Slope to Confiscation 7/8/2022

Illinois Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker: Founding Fathers Would Not Support ‘Constitutional Right to an Assault Weapon’ 7/5/2022

Highland Park Attack Occurred Despite Red Flag Law, Other Stringent Gun Controls 7/4/2022

California Drops ‘Good Cause’ Requirement for Concealed Carry Following SCOTUS 2A Ruling 6/27/2022

The 15 GOP Senators Who Caved and Voted ‘Yes’ on Gun Control 6/24/2022

“First Guns, Now It’s Immigration”: GOP TX Senator John Cornyn Advances Gun Control Bill, Plans Mass Amnesty Next 6/22/2022

Senate Gun Control Deal Applies Domestic Violence Statutes, Gun Bans, to ‘Dating Relationships’ 6/22/2022

House Democrats Propose 1,000% Tax On AR-15s 6/19/2022

AZ Senator Defends 2A, Slams Communism in New Political Ad: “Tyranny Must Never Be Allowed to Thrive In Our Country!” 6/17/2022

Gov. Mike DeWine Signs Bill Allowing Armed Teachers in Ohio Schools 6/14/2022

DA: Legally Armed Citizen Opened Fire on Walmart Parking Lot Gunman 6/14/2022

Mark W. Smith: Hey Conservatives, Don’t Let Republicans Negotiate Your Gun Rights Away 6/11/2022

Poll: Over 90% of Democrat Voters Say to ‘Control Gun Violence’ More Important than to ‘Protect Gun Rights’ 6/9/2022

J.J. Abrams, Who’s Made Millions Off Movies with Guns, Demands Senate Pass More Gun Control Laws 6/9/2022

Nolte: If Gun Control Worked, Democrat-Run Cities Wouldn’t Be War Zones 6/8/2022

White House: Joe Biden Wants Gun Control, Does Not Support Hardening School Security 5/31/2022

Joe Biden on Memorial Day: ‘The Constitution, the Second Amendment Was Never Absolute’ 5/30/2022

Joe Biden Lectures Americans on Gun Control After Hunter Admitted to Firearm Malpractice 5/30/2022

Biden Criticizes ‘High Caliber Weapons,’ Says 9mm Bullet ‘Blows the Lung Out’ 5/30/2022

Woman with Pistol Stops Man Firing at Graduation Party Crowd with AR-15 5/27/2022

Hero Border Patrol Agent: Allow Teachers to Carry Guns for Classroom Defense 5/27/2000

Father Used Barber’s Shotgun to Save Daughter During Texas Attack 5/27/2022

Biden Talks of Deer in Kevlar Vests (Again), Floats ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban 5/24/2022

Uvalde, Texas school shooting: Democrats demand gun control, curse Republicans: 'F--- your prayers' 5/24/2022

Democrats Push Requirement that Would-Be Gun Buyers First Get License from DOJ 5/19/2022

Gov. Kathy Hochul Wants to Expand New York’s ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban 5/17/2022

Report: Biden to Use Buffalo Shooting to Seek Confirmation of ATF Nominee 5/17/2022

Donald Trump Jr. Launches Second Amendment Task Force to Fight the Left 4/27/2022

AP: NRA Enjoyed ‘Sweeping Successes’ with Constitutional Carry 4/19/2022

AL GOP Senate Hopeful Mike Durant in 2011: Disarming the Population ‘Would Be a Pretty Good Step Toward Law and Order’ in U.S. Cities 4/2/2022

Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder Who Held Gun to Her Boyfriend’s Head 3/25/2022

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs Ban on Sale of Magazines Holding More Than 10 Rounds 3/24/2022

Ohio Becomes 23rd Constitutional Carry State 3/14/2022

Alleged Intruder Hospitalized After Homeowner Opens Fire 3/14/2022

States move to roll back firearm permits, over police objections3/8/2022

Good Guy with Gun Stops Kansas High School Shooter 3/4/2022

Ukraine Learns The Value Of An Armed Citizenry, But Far Too Late 3/2/2022

Is This The Next Big Gun Control Fight? 2/24/2022

USA Today: 2A Groups Using Lawsuits to Roll Back Gun Control 2/22/2022

Wyoming 5th Graders Learn Marksmanship Using School Gym for Gun Range 2/17/2022

Alleged Intruder Turns on Bedroom Light, Gets Shot Dead 2/14/2022

Biden Marks 4th Anniversary of Parkland Attack with Push to Sue Gun Makers 2/14/2022

Love Stings: ATF Seeks Tips on ‘Former (or Current)’ Partners Selling Guns on Valentine’s Day 2/14/2022

Report: Joe Biden’s ATF Has Stockpiled over 900M Records of Gun Purchases 2/1/2022

Woman Fatally Shoots Man Who Broke Into Her Home And Shot At Occupants  1/29/2022

Review: Ruger LCR .357 Magnum Polymer Revolver 1/28/2022

Report: Pizza Delivery Driver Pulls Gun, Opens Fire While Held at Gunpoint 1/28/2022

Report: ATF Seizes Firearms from Amish Dairy Farmer 1/28/2022

Gun Rights Group Files Suit Against San Jose’s Gun Owner Insurance Requirement 1/26/2022

The Economist: Growing Diversity of Gun Owners Is ‘Bad for Gun-Control Advocates’ 1/23/2022

9th Circuit Court: Gun Store COVID Shutdowns Violated Constitution 1/20/2022

Alabama Sheriff’s Association Working with Moms Demand Action to Defeat Constitutional Carry 1/18/2022

Carjacking Suspect in Critical Condition After Shootout with Armed Driver 1/14/2022

Man Defends Family With His Firearm Against Armed Attacker In Walmart Parking Lot  1/12/2022

Suspect Allegedly Crashes Car into Home, Assaults Woman, Gets Shot Dead 1/12/2022

Expect A "Blue Wave Of Gun Control" In 2022 1/6/2022

Kat Cammack: The Gun Control ‘Sh*t Stops’ Once GOP Retakes House 1/6/2022

Gov. Brian Kemp Puts Georgia on Track for Constitutional Carry 1/5/2022

Poll: Americans Do Not Believe Strict Gun Laws Are Curbing Retail Crime Surge in Major Cities 1/5/2022

Asian Restaurant Owner Shoots Man Dead As He Tried Robbing Cashier 1/5/2022

Suspect Shot As He Tried To Take Off In Concealed Carrier’s Vehicle  1/5/2022

Another Lyft Driver Breaks Policy By Shooting Two Carjackers To Successfully Defend Himself  1/4/2022

18.5 Million Americans Bought Guns in 2021 1/4/2022

The Rich and Famous Flock to Beverly Hills’ Only Gun Store for Protection 12/30/2021

Border Patrol Agent: ‘Utilize Your Second Amendment’ for Safety 12/21/2021

Alleged Intruder Dead After Homeowner Shoots Him in Head 12/18/2021

Editor Fired by New York Times over Alleged Vulgar Voicemails to Gun Rights Group 12/18/2021

Alleged Robber in Skeleton Facemask Flees when Store Clerk Pulls Gun 12/17/2021

NY AG James: ‘We Need to Follow’ CA Gov’s Lead to Allow Citizens to Sue Gun Sellers, Makers 12/14/2021

Armed Girlfriend And Boyfriend Open Fire On 3 Robbery Suspects, 1 Dead 12/13/2021

New Jersey Democrats Pass Bill Requiring Database of Handgun Ammo Purchasers 12/13/2021

Gavin Newsom Calls For California Gun Ban Modeled After Texas Abortion Law 12/12/2021

Health-Care Workers Cannot Fight Violent Crime 12/10/2021

House Passes 2022 NDAA with Red Flag Law Language Removed 12/8/2021

The Constitution Protects Self-Made Arms, Argues New Scholarly Article 12/8/2021

Chicago Concealed Carrier Shoots And Kills Man Who Produced Gun In Alley During Verbal Altercation  12/7/2021

Why We Carry: Man Dies After Being Attacked By Co-Worker With Metal Bat  12/5/2021

Santa Claus Photographed Getting Concealed Carry Permit in CO 12/5/2021

GOP congressman’s gun-toting family Christmas photo sparks outrage days after school shooting  12/4/2021

Republican senator blocks gun control law in wake of Michigan shooting 12/2/2021

Oxford School Shooting Aftermath: Sheriff Says Solution Isn’t More Laws but Prosecuting Lawbreakers 12/1/2021

Chicago Woman Who Shot at Alleged Robbers Says, ‘God, I Was Ready’ 11/30/2021

Lawmaker Introduces ‘Kyle’s Law’ to Prevent ‘Malicious Prosecution’ in Cases of Self-Defense 11/29/2021

Gun Boom: FBI Ran 187,585 Background Checks on Black Friday Alone 11/29/2021

Deliveryman Distracts, Shoots Two Armed Robbers 11/20/2021

Support for Stricter Gun Control at Lowest Point Since 2014 11/17/2021

Hunting For Ammo: Supply Chain Issues Have Minnesotans Scrambling Ahead Of Deer Opener 11/3/2021

VA Gun Owners Made Difference In 2021 State Election Races 11/3/2021

Justice Alito Asks Why Law-Abiding Citizens Can’t Be Armed on NYC Subways as SCOTUS Hears Major Second Amendment Case 11/3/2021

Supreme Court to hear case on New York’s gun permit law 10/31/2021

Rep. Greg Steube Calls Out Democrat’s Red Flag Gun Grab 10/28/2021

If Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia's Governor Race, Kiss The 2nd Amendment Goodbye  10/27/2021

New Jersey Witnessing Rise in Shootings Despite ‘Restrictive’ Gun Control 10/8/2021

Number of Concealed Carry Permits Surge Past 21.5 Million 10/8/2021

Democrats coming for guns owned by civilians and military, but vehicles and illegal drugs are killing FAR more Americans: Why no ban on them? 10/7/2021

September 2021 Saw Second-Most Background Checks of Any September in History 10/4/2021

Latest Survey Reveals Women Now Nearly Half of all New Gun Buyers 9/16/2021

Red Alert: Biden admin signals intent to join UN global gun registration treaty, followed by nationwide confiscation effort 9/9/2021

Medical Tyranny Being Used To Attack The 2nd Amendment 9/1/2021

State Dept. Official Assures World: Biden Admin Wants to Bring Back Arms Trade Treaty (International Gun Control) 9/1/2021

Armed Picnics and Snipers at Family Dollar: Life in a Town With a Government-Approved Militia 8/26/2021

"Puzzle Pieces All Laid Out" - How ATF Has Plan To Classify Semi-Automatic Rifles As "Machine Guns"  8/24/2021

Donald Trump Jr: ‘Biden Fine with Terrorists Being Armed, Just Not Law-Abiding Americans’ 8/23/2021

As violent crimes surge, Californians' faith in gun control slips in new poll 7/29/2021

June 2021: Second Highest June for Firearm Background Checks Ever 7/1/2021

Biden: No One Needs a Gun That Can Fire ‘over 30, 40, 50, Even Up to 100 Rounds’ 6/23/2021

Missouri Tells the Feds: We Won’t Enforce Your Gun Laws 6/21/2021

Armed St. Louis Couple Pleads Guilty, Forfeits Guns 6/17/2021

California ban on assault weapons ruled unconstitutional by federal judge 6/5/2021

State orders gun owners to keep self-defense weapons locked up 6/2/2021

Illinois Democrats Pushing Fingerprints, Increased Fees for Gun Owners 5/30/2021

Gillibrand: ‘We Want to Ban Assault Rifles and Large Magazines’ 5/27/2021

Supreme Court rules warrantless home gun confiscation is unconstitutional in 9-0 vote 5/17/2021

Man with Hunting Rifle Foils Attempted Mass Shooting at Apartment Complex 5/17/2021

Alabama Sheriff’s Captain Allegedly Fired for Supporting Constitutional Carry 5/15/2021

John Cornyn Seeking ‘Compromise Language’ for Democrat Gun Control 5/16/2021

Texas on Verge of Becoming 21st Constitutional Carry State 5/7/2021

Poll: Vast Majority of Georgia Voters Say Gun Control Won’t Stop Mass Shootings 5/5/2021

Kansas Lawmakers Override Governor Veto, Lower Concealed Carry Age to 18 5/3/2021

Massive Media Fail — Support for Gun Control Drops 16 Points 4/28/2021

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Second Amendment Protects Concealed Carry of Firearms 4/26/2021

Kamala Harris: ‘We Should Have an Assault Weapons Ban’  4/25/2021

John Lott: Joe Biden Gun Proposals Will Harm Blacks, Hispanics 4/21/2021

Texas House Passes Bill to Abolish Concealed Permit Requirement 4/16/2021

Democrat Senators Introduce One-Handgun-a-Month Purchase Limit 4/16/2021

Joe Biden: ‘Who in God’s Name’ Needs a Weapon that Can Hold 20 Rounds? 4/16/2021

Poll: 72% of Voters Support the Second Amendment 4/15/2021

Biden ATF Nominee David Chipman Spread Blue Anon Conspiracy Theories About Waco 4/8/2021

Joe Biden Issues Executive Controls to Fight Gun Crime ‘Epidemic’ in USA 4/9/2021

Joe Biden Stresses Background Checks for Guns as Hunter Biden Accused of Lying on Gun Form 4/8/2021

Joe Biden Declares ‘No Amendment to the Constitution Is Absolute’ in Gun Control Speech 4/9/2021

Federal 2018 Data: Falling Killed 126 Times More People than Rifles of Any Kind 4/4/2021

Kamala Harris is Lying. She and Others Are Coming After Your Guns 3/30/2021

Rahm Emanuel: Hey, Let’s Strip Gun Owners of Due-Process Rights 3/29/2021

Man Pulls Gun After Being Assaulted by Antifa in Oregon, Police Investigating 3/29/2021

Ron Paul Warns The 2nd Amendment Is In The Firing Line 3/29/2021

NRA Memberships Spike as Droves of Americans Reject Democrat Gun Control 3/28/2021

Rasmussen: 51% Likely Voters Say More Gun Laws Wouldn’t Prevent Boulder Attack 3/26/2021


Sixth Circuit: ATF Cannot Classify Bump Stocks as Machine Guns 3/25/2021

New Gun-Control Bills Requiring Public Registry Include 40-Year Prison Sentences 3/24/2021

Jen Psaki in 2020: Gun Registration Is a Way to Get ‘Mothers Out to the Polls’ 3/19/2021

Democrat Tammy Duckworth Promotes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: I Want My Daughters to Grow Up in a Country that Will ‘Protect Them’ 3/17/2021

Republican Senators Under Pressure as Gun Controllers Seek Anti-Second Amendment Votes 3/15/2021

NRA: Democrat Gun Control Likely to Get Senate Hearing Next Week 3/15/2021

Dianne Feinstein Cites ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Concerns in Push to Ban AR-15s 3/14/2021

House Passes Democrat Bill Criminalizing Private Gun Sales 3/11/2021

Rep. Bob Good: Democrat Gun Control Creates ‘De Facto Gun Registry’ 3/11/2021

8 House Republicans Vote for Democrat Gun Control Bill 3/11/2021

Chuck Schumer: Country Needs a Gun Control Vote, ‘Not Thoughts and Prayers’ 3/11/2021

House Democrat Mike Thompson Claims, Without Evidence, 90% of Americans Support His Gun Control Bill 3/10/2021

Missouri House Passes Bill to Allow Concealed Carry on Public Buses 3/9/2021


China Daily: U.S. Seeking More Controls After Record Gun Sales 3/5/2021

Dick’s, Lyft, Postmates Among ‘Founding Partner’ Companies for Gabby Giffords Gun Control Org 3/5/2021

NRA Warns Members Joe Biden ‘Extreme Gun Control’ Measures Coming 3/1/2021

Rep. Lauren Boebert at CPAC: Democrats Push Gun Laws to Control Americans 2/27/2021

Judge blasts sheriff's suspension of gun permits 2/27/2021

Appeals court strikes city's gun 'storage' requirement 2/27/2021

States must protect 2nd Amendment from federal gov't 2/26/2021

With banks on the verge of cutting off gun shops, will those who support the Second Amendment switch to cryptocurrency? 2/24/2021

The incremental attack on the 2nd Amendment 2/24/2021

State House pulls trigger on packing heat without a license 2/23/2021

Joe Biden Weighing Executive Order on ‘Ghost Guns’ 2/23/2021

Missouri County Ordinance: Sheriff Can Arrest Feds Who Enforce Gun Control 2/22/2021

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Biden Could Make Gun Control Dreams Come True 2/21/2021

Alleged Intruder Shot Dead After ‘Forcibly’ Entering Home 2/21/2021

Sheila Jackson-Lee demands a national gun ownership database that would expose your home address to criminals nearby 2/14/2021

12-Year-Old Shoots Alleged Intruder to Save Grandmother 2/14/2021

Ammon Bundy, veteran of armed standoffs, builds militia network on COVID-19 backlash 2/13/2021

Colt Firearms Being Acquired by CZG Firearms via Cash, Stock Purchase 2/12/2021

Biden’s Gun-Policy Plans Start to Take Shape 2/12/2021

Utah Becomes 17th State to Abolish Concealed Carry Permit Requirement 2/12/2021

Missouri County Sheriffs Will Arrest Feds Who Violate Second Amendment Under Biden 2/11/2021

LAPDOG: Marco Rubio Unveils Law That Would Ban Guns For Anyone Ever Investigated For ‘Domestic Terrorism’ 2/8/2021

Democrat Rep. Pushes Gun Registry, Psych Evaluations for Gun Owners 2/5/2021

Florida Democrat Pushes for Repeal of ‘Stand Your Ground’ 2/5/2021

Iowa Moves Forward with Constitutional Amendment Protecting Right to Arms 1/25/2021

hNolte: Dear Gun-Grabbers, What’s Best for ‘Society’ Is Not My Problem 1/23/2021

I’ve Been BANNED From Owning A Firearm, A Warning Of What’s To Come For All Conservative Americans 1/19/2021

The Second Amendment Preservation Act — Gun Owners’ Best Bet Against Federal Gun Control In 2021

Delta Air Lines Bars D.C.-Bound Passengers from Checking Guns Ahead of Inauguration 1/14/2021

Open Carry of Firearms Banned in Michigan Capitol Building 1/12/2021

Amazon Partner GoDaddy Allegedly Kicks Pro-Gun Site Off Servers 1/11/2021

Joe Biden Doubles Down, Pledges to ‘Defeat the NRA’  1/10/2021

Thomas Massie: ‘Several of Us’ Were Glad to Be Armed While Barricaded 1/7/2021

Lauren Boebert to Co-Chair House Second Amendment Caucus 1/5/2021

Rep. Richard Hudson Introduces National Concealed Carry Reciprocity 1/5/2021

Amarillo Homeowner Opens Fire, Kills Two Burglary Suspects 1/5/2021

December Was 12th Consecutive Month of Record Firearm Background Checks 1/4/2021

Ranking Biden official proposed mandatory confiscation of “assault weapons” when she was O’Rourke’s campaign manager 1/3/2021

Woman Pulls Gun, Sends Alleged Carjackers Fleeing 12/28/2020

Ammo manufacturers insist they’re still producing, but demand is far outstripping supply 12/26/2020

Lauren Boebert: Guns Give Women an ‘Equalizer’ Against Attackers 12/25/2020

6 Republican Attorneys General File Brief Supporting NRA Against NY AG 12/24/2020

ATF Reverses Course, Withdraws Guidance on AR Pistol Reclassification 12/23/2020

EXCLUSIVE–Lauren Boebert: ‘I Will Carry a Firearm Each Day in D.C.’ 12/23/2020

Kevin Sorbo: Irony of ‘Men with Guns’ Calling for Gun Bans Proves the Need for the Second Amendment 12/22/2020

Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins Awarded ‘Gun Rights Defender of the Year’ 12/18/2020

Kamala Harris is calling for 'commonsense' gun control. She means confiscation 12/16/2020

Illinois Sees 167% Surge in Applications for Firearm Owner’s ID Cards 12/12/2020

Joe Biden’s Policy Director Wants ‘Big, Bold Changes Through Executive Action’ on Guns 12/10/2020

California City Requires All Guns Be Locked or Disabled in Home 12/7/2020

186,000+ Firearm Background Checks on Black Friday 2020 11/30/2020

Joe Biden Gun Control Proposal Could Bankrupt Firearms Industry 11/29/2020

Second Amendment Under Threat After New Third Circuit Decision 11/25/2020

Newly-Elected GOP Rep. Asks to Carry Gun on U.S. Capitol Grounds 11/24/2020

Mike Bloomberg Gun Control Group Descends on Georgia to Back Democrat Ossoff 11/24/2020

Oregon Counties Pass Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances 11/19/2020

Atlas Athena 1911: Beyond Cadillac, Closer to Ferrari 11/19/2020

Nantucket Police Department Suspends Concealed Licensing over Coronavirus 11/19/2020

Report: Americans Own an Estimated 434 Million Firearms 11/17/2020

AR-15 Ownership at Stake in Georgia Senate Runoffs 11/16/2020

Gallup: Support for Gun Control Falls to Lowest Since 2016 11/16/2020

ATF Working with Joe Biden to Go After AR-15 Pistol Braces 11/16/2020

Democrat Jon Ossoff: Ban Sale of Semi-Automatic Rifles, ‘High Cap’ Magazines 11/10/2020

Mississippi’s Asya Branch, Pro-Gun and Pro-Trump, Crowned Miss USA 2020 11/10/2020

U. of Washington ‘Safety Responders’ Will Not Carry Guns 11/4/2020

Biden: 'I’ll ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, implement universal background checks' 11/1/2020

Texas Church Heroes: Biden’s Gun Agenda ‘Leaves Us Defenseless Against Criminals’ 10/27/2020

New York’s anti-gun attorney general plans to use NRA’s assets as a slush fund for “Black Lives Matter” 10/26/2020

Michigan Gun Store Owners: Biden Gun Tax Would Damage Declining Hunting Economy 10/26/2020

7 Gun Control Policies Kamala Harris Has Endorsed 10/26/2020

10 Wins For Gun Owners That Only Happeded Under President Trump 10/22/2020

Biden’s gun agenda could cost AR-15 owners $3.6 billion in taxes on firearms they already own 10/18/2020

Gun Sales Year-to-Date Surpass Total for All of 2019 10/18/2020

Donald Trump: I’ll Sign National Reciprocity if It Reaches My Desk 10/15/2020

Smith and Wesson Stock Up 130 Percent amid Surging Gun Sales 10/15/2020

Trump: Biden and the ‘Democrat Socialists’ Will Take Your Guns 10/12/2020

Gun and Ammunition Shortages Compounded by Hunting Season 10/11/2020

FBI: More People Killed with Hands, Fists, than Rifles in 2019 10/9/2020

Grand Jury Indicts St. Louis Couple Who Used Guns to Hold Off Protesters 10/6/2020

Project Veritas Exposes Democrat Mark Kelly’s True Plans to Crack Down on Your Second Amendment Rights (VIDEO) 10/4/2020

Empty Shelves: Ammunition Sales Surge 139% 9/21/2020

Alleged Gas Station Robber Shot Dead by Armed Clerk 9/21/2020

Kamala Harris Protected by Rifles She Wants to Ban Americans from Owning 9/17/2020

Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar Poses as Pro-Gun; Wants Strict Gun Control 9/14/2020



Gun Owners of America Comes to Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense 8/27/2020

Nearly Five Million Americans Became Gun Owners in First Half of 2020 8/25/2020

Democrat Congressman Blames Gun Ownership on ‘Small Genitals’ 8/25/2020

Democrat Party Platform: Ban Online Ammo Sales, License All Gun Owners 8/19/2020

The most revealing poll of all: gun sales 8/15/2020

9th Circuit Overturns California Ban on ‘High-Capacity’ Magazines 8/14/2020

There Is an Unprecedented Gun and Ammo Shortage in America Today 8/14/2020

Survey: Gun Control Support Down Double Digits from Last Year 8/12/2020

Elderly Homeowner with Shotgun Ends Alleged Home Invasion 7/31/2020

Judge Orders Police to Hand Over Private Information About Gun Owners 7/27/2020

MO Governor to Issue Pardon if Armed St. Louis Couple Charged 7/19/2020

North Carolina's Gov (D) Cooper Vetoes Bipartisan Right to Carry In Church Bill 7/2/2020

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Threatens to Take Action Against Couple Who Protected Home Against Protest Mob on Private Street 6/29/2020

National Reciprocity Needed Amid Nationwide Riots 6/19/2020

SCOTUS Rejection of 2A Cases Moves Up Likelihood Of a Forced Choice For Gun Owners 6/18/2020

Clarence Thomas on Abortion: Liberals Want Limits on Buying Guns But Not on Killing Babies 6/15/2020

Thousands Join African American Gun Group After George Floyd’s Death 6/11/2020

Democrats Want to Abolish the Police and Confiscate Our Guns 6/6/2020

Sophia Bush Pushes Gun Control Amid Mass Rioting and Looting 6/6/2020

Looter Dead After Allegedly Breaking into Gun Store, Getting Shot by Owner 6/2/2020

n sales surge 80% in May, says research firm 6/1/2020

Bloomberg-Founded Gun Control Group Pledges $8M to Turn Texas Blue 5/10/2020

Neighbors Run to Aid of Man in His 80s, Shoot Attacker 5/9/2020

FBI: April 2020 Sets Record for Firearm Background Checks 5/5/2020

Mississippi Mayor Suspends Open Carry During Coronavirus Crisis 4/27/2020

Concealed Permit Holder Shoots, Kills Alleged Attacker in Fast Food Parking Lot 4/26/2020

VA Governor Signs Universal Background Checks, Gun Rationing Bill 4/11/2020

Confiscation and Crisis: Hurricane Katrina (And Can It Happen Again?) 3/20/2020

LA County Sheriff orders gun stores to close; adds 1,300 deputies to patrol 3/24/2020

Illinois Mayor Issues Coronavirus Order Allowing Ban on Gun Sales 3/14/2020

Thomas Massie: If Voter ID Is a Tax on Voting Rights, Firearm Licensing Is a Tax on 2A Rights 2/27/2020

Johns Hopkins Study: No Evidence ‘Assault Weapon’ Bans Reduce Mass Shootings 2/18/2020

Armed Homeowner Protects Family, Kills Alleged Intruder 2/14/2020

Kelly Loeffler Backs Bills to Stop ‘Radical Left’ from Undermining Second Amendment 2/12/2020

Gun Seizures Could Lead To Civil War 2/9/2020

VA Democrats Pass Bill Requiring Destruction of ‘High Cap’ Magazines 2/7/2020

FactCheck.Org: Bloomberg’s Gun Control Commercial Is Misleading 2/3/2020

VA Democrats Weigh Permanent Ban Against Guns on State Capitol Grounds 1/22/2020

Illinois: Invasion Suspect Killed by Armed Homeowner 1/22/2020

Florida’s GOP-Led Senate Passes Gun Control for Gun Show Sales 1/21/2020

Black Guns Matter Founder: ‘Governor Blackface’ Is Pushing ‘Tyrannical’ and ‘Racist’ Gun Control Policies 1/21/2020

Pro-gun rally by thousands in Virginia ends peacefully 1/20/2020

President Trump: Virginia Proves Again Democrats ‘Will Take Your Guns’ 1/17/2020

New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Democrat Red Flag Law Push 1/17/2020

NRA to Ralph Northam: You Keep Your Platitudes, We’ll Keep Our Gun Rights 1/17/2020

VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s of NRA Members Show 1/14/2020

Washington Governor Pushes Ban on ‘Assault Weapons,’ ‘High Capacity’ Mags 1/13/2020

NRA Members Flood into VA Senate Hallways to Oppose Gun Control 1/13/2020

Gun Permit Applications Surge Nearly 1,000% in New York Jewish Communit 1/13/2020

NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban 1/12/2020

Sanctuary Cities: A Battle Over The Second Amendment Is Unfolding Across America 1/10/2020

VA Democrat’s Bill Would Make Owning Legally Bought Suppressors a Felony 1/10/2020

GOP Senator Introduces Federal Protections for Travelers with Guns 1/9/2020

VA Democrat Introduces Bill Making ‘High Capacity’ Mag Possession a Felony 1/8/2020

Rabbi: Americans May Carry Guns to Synagogue on Sabbath for Self-Defense 1/8/2020

Kentucky Counties Declare Second Amendment Sanctuary in Face of Democrat Governor 1/4/2020

UN Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, P4 Job Opening 12/26/2019

New York UN Office Recruits Paramilitary Troops For 'Disarmament' and 'Reintegration'  Of US Citizens 12/26/2019

Chinese State Media: ‘Gun Ownership Out of Control in U.S.’ 12/30/2019

Good Guy with a Gun Shoots Alleged Texas Church Shooter 12/29/2019

$250,000 in Gun Control Funding Added to Virginia Budget Bill 12/27/2019

Virginia AG to 2A Sanctuaries: New Gun Controls ‘Will Be Enforced’ 12/22/2019

Civil War: VA politicians vow sweeping gun laws as police, veterans, residents join exploding militia 12/21/2019

50,000 Legal Firearms Confiscated in New Zealand ‘Buyback’ 12/21/2019

Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Rises in Wake of More Gun Laws 12/21/2019

Virginia Gov. plans to use road blocks and UN troops to seize guns – Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams – full interview 12/20/2019

Warning to LET: "Stop reporting on Virginia militia or your editors will be charged as felons." 12/19/2019

Banning Guns Will Not Make Schools Safe 12/18/2019

86 of Virginia’s 95 Counties Now 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries 12/18/2019

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intrusion Suspect in Middle of Day 12/19/2019

Virginia County Passes Resolution in Support of Raising Pro-Gun Militia 12/18/2019

FedEx Driver Fatally Shoots Robbery Suspect During Package Delivery 12/17/2019

Sources: Pensacola Attacker Had 10 Minutes Without Armed Resistance 12/11/2019

Gov. Ralph Northam: Register Your AR-15 with Government or Hand It Over 12/10/2019

Mother Who Told Beto ‘Hell No,’ Launches Pro-Gun Congressional Run 12/9/2019

Virginia Sheriff Vows to Deputize Thousands of Citizens if State Passes Gun Restrictions 12/6/2019

Gun Control Groups Hide Behind Bogus "Police" Think-Tank To Disarm Americans 12/5/2019

SC Attorney General Demands Democrat Mayor Repeal Gun Control 12/4/2019

ATF: 423M guns in America, 1.2 per person, 8.1B rounds of ammunition a year 12/4/2019

Innocents Spared as Good Guy with Gun Shoots Armed Student 12/3/2019

GOP Rep. Roger Marshall Introduces Bill to Rein in ATF Firearm Approval Process 12/3/2019

2019 Black Friday Firearm Background Checks Rank 2nd Highest in History 12/1/2019

Supreme Court to Hear Case Against New York City Gun Control 12/1/2019

Bread Delivery Man Foils Armed Robbery, Shoots Suspect Twice 12/1/2019

Woman Shoots and Kills Man Who Allegedly Violated Protection Order 11/30/2019

22 Virginia Counties Declare Second Amendment Sanctuary Status 11/30/2019

Sheriff: Intruder Attacks Resident and Gets Shot Dead 11/29/2019

Beauty Store Clerk Shoots Masked Robbery Suspect in Head 11/19/2019

eport: Armed Citizen Stopped Oklahoma Walmart Shooter 11/18/2019

oe Biden, Elizabeth Warren Use California School Shooting to Push Gun Control 11/14/2019

Tacoma City Council Increases Prices on Firearm, Ammunition Sales 11/13/2019

Supreme Court lets Sandy Hook shooting lawsuit go forward 11/12/2019

Activists Hold Second Amendment Rally on Capitol Hill 11/2/2019

Andrew Pollack: Guns Don’t Create School Shootings, Leftist Policies Do 10/30/2019

Another Texas County Declares ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Status 10/29/2019

Joe Biden: Surrender Your AR-15 or Register It With the Government 10/29/2019

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Take Weapons of War Off Our Street’ 10/24/2019

 Sheriff: My Deputies Won’t Be in Beto O’Rourke’s Anti-Gun ‘Gestapo’ 10/20/2019

Beto: Law Enforcement Will Visit the Non-Compliant to ‘Recover’ AR-15s 10/16/2019

oe Biden: Time to Sue Gun Manufacturers 10/5/2019

Dick’s Destroyed $5 Mil. Worth of ‘Assault Rifles’ to Keep Them ‘Off the Street’ 10/6/2019

Beto O’Rourke: If Democrats Ban Certain Guns, Americans Will Hand Them Over 10/4/2019

Buttigieg Admits Gun Control Not About ‘Policy’ — It’s About ‘Power’ 10/2/2019

22-Year Police Vet Tells House Judiciary She ‘Will Not Comply’ with Gun Ban 9/26/2019

Gun-Toting Mom Challenges Beto O’Rourke: ‘Hell No, You’re Not’ Taking My Guns 9/20/2019

LOL: MSNBC Poll On 2nd Amendment Backfires 9/19/2019

Ted Cruz Rejects White House/DOJ Universal Background Check Plan 9/18/2019

Report: Trump Will Not Support Universal Background Check Bill 9/16/2019

Trump: Democrats Want to Eliminate ‘God-Given Right to Self-Defense’ 9/16/2019

New Jersey Will Refuse to Do Business with Banks, Retailers that Resist Stricter Gun-Control Measures  9/10/2019

Blood Test Could Help Identify Troops Suffering From PTSD 9/10/2019

Crossing the Street, Riding a Bicycle, Kills More Americans than Rifles Do 9/7/2019

FNC’s Carlson on Walmart Decision to Discontinue Ammo Sales: ‘It’s About the Money — It’s Only About the Money’ 9/4/2019

Meghan McCain: There Will Be Violence if Government Tries to Take AR-15s 9/6/2019

San Francisco Supervisors Vote Unanimously to Designate NRA ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’ 9/4/2019

Trump Administration Considering Social Credit Score System to Determine Who Can Buy a Gun 9/4/2019

Walmart plans to dramatically step back from ammunition sales after ‘horrific’ shootings 9/3/2019

Chuck Schumer Uses Midland Attack for Gun Control Before Facts Known 8/31/2019

Former Marine said he’d ‘slaughter’ antifa. The FBI, using Oregon’s new red flag law, took his guns away 8/30/2019

Homeowner Awakes to Breaking Glass and Shoots Alleged Intruder Dead 8/16/2019

FBI: More People Killed by Hammers, Clubs than with Rifles of Any Kind 8/11/2019

Good Guy with Gun Stops Armed Man in Missouri Walmart 8/8/2019

Trump Endorses Background Checks, Rules Out Assault Weapons Ban  8/7/2019

Bipartisan House Bill Would Protect Veteran’s 2nd Amendment Rights 7/25/2019

Judge: 2nd Amendment Does Not Protect Semiautomatic ‘Killing Machines’ 7/26/2019

San Diego City Council: Guns Must Be Locked or Disabled in Homes 7/16/2019

Chicago Lawmaker Encourages Constituents to Arm Up for Self-Defense 7/16/2019

New Jersey Governor Signs Bill Forcing Every Firearm Retailer to Sell Smart Guns 7/16/2019

Gun Background Check Record: 2+ Million Checks Each Month of 2019 7/10/2019

Eric Swalwell: Ban Ownership of More than 200 Rounds of Ammo 6/18/2019

Clerk Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect in Neck 6/14/2019

Eric Swalwell to Present His AR-15 Confiscation Plan Near NRA Headquarters 6/14/2019

Rep. Thomas Massie: Repeal Federal Restrictions so Teachers Can Be Armed 6/11/2019

Mother Shoots Intrusion Suspect to Protect Children Sleeping Upstairs 6/6/2019

 Site of Virginia Beach Shooting Another Gun-Free Zone 6/1/2019

Chicago: Concealed Permit Holder Shoots Robbery Suspect in Head 5/28/2019

Illinois Democrat Pushes 400 Percent Price Increase for Firearm Owners Card 5/23/2019

Suspect Opens Fire in Synogogue, Good Guy With Gun Shoots Back 4/27/2019

Carjacker Shot by Father after Stealing Car with Child Inside 4/23/2019

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis Signs Democrat-Sponsored Gun Confiscation Bill 4/15/2019

Restrictive’ Gun Control Did Not Prevent Christchurch Massacre 3/15/2019

Rural Sheriffs Defy New Gun Measures 3/10/2019
Maryland Sheriff on Gun Confiscation Bill: ‘We Will Not Comply’ 2/28/2019

Man Enters Dental Office to Kill Wife, Is Shot Multiple Times by Armed Patient 2/13/2019