Florida is one of 18 states to allow corporal punishment in schools. Will it change? 2/18/2024

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Georgia High School Football Coach Fired After Holding Baptism for 20 Players 11/17/2023

Zero Students Test Proficient in State Math Exams at 13 Baltimore High Schools 9/21/2023

Furious Parents Cross Picket Lines in Oakland as Teachers Continue Strike for ‘Reparations,’ Among Other Demands 5/12/2023

Republican-Led House Passes Parental Bill of Rights Act 3/24/2023

Poll: Majority of Americans Say Public School Teachers Should Not Discuss Politics 3/23/2023

Chicago Teacher Has Students Dress Up for ‘Tie Tuesday’ to ‘Show Them a Different Side of the World’ 3/15/2023

Uvalde Schools Lock Down Weekly Due to Migrant Smuggling, Says Texas Congressman 3/7/2023

Speaker Kevin McCarthy Makes Trip to New York Hasidic Town to Tout Parents’ Rights in Education 3/6/2023

Arizona School Board Member Says District Should Reject Hiring Christian Teachers 3/3/2023

New York Threatening Yeshivas Over ‘Substantial Equivalency’ Amid Crisis in Public Education 3/3/2023

Lawsuit: New York Teacher ‘Manipulated’ Fifth Grader into Becoming Transgender 3/2/2023

Winsome Sears: School Choice ‘Is the New Brown v. Board of Education Fight’ 3/2/2023

Wichita Public Schools: Not Using ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Can ‘Lead to Death’ 2/27/2023

Survey: Plurality of Working Class Americans Say Illegal Immigration Has Made Local Schools Worse 2/23/2023

Group Pushing Transgenderism on Elementary Schoolers Sponsors San Diego Schools Equity Conference 2/21/2023

Florida Teacher Put on Leave After Filming Video with White Students Bowing to Black Students 2/21/2023

Yale University Gives Public Health Award to Critical Race Theorist 2/14/2023

Private School Sex Ed. Teacher: Kids Are Sexual Beings ‘Since Birth’ 2/14/2023

Loudoun County Parents Allege Sexual Assault by Teacher, Incompetence from Title IX Office 2/13/2023

Victory! California Quietly Drops COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for School Kids 2/6/2023

Christian Mother Sues Four-Year-Old’s School for ‘Making Him Take Part in LGBT Parade’ 2/2/2023

Ron DeSantis Announces Proposal to Eliminate DEI/CRT Bureaucracies in Higher Education 1/31/2023

North Carolina Teacher’s Association Pushes Gender Theory on Kindergarteners 1/25/2023

Wisconsin School District to Teach Students LGBT Program Created by Activists 1/25/2023

WH Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Attacks Ron DeSantis over Florida Rejecting Woke AP Course: ‘Incomprehensible’ 1/20/2023

Poll: Most Say Schools Should Focus on Basics, Not Transgenderism and Sexual Identity 1/19/2023

Teachers Unions Have Collectively Bargained Woke Policies Into The Classroom, Report Shows 1/18/2023

Transgender School Board Member Accused of Looking at Topless Woman in Locker Room 1/17/2023

‘Queering the Schoolhouse:’ Teacher Training Seeks to Mobilize Student Activists 1/14/2023

Oregon Advises Schools To Keep Students' 'Gender Identity' Hidden From Families 1/9/2023

Hundreds of Chicago Teachers Raped, Sexually Assaulted, Groomed Students in 2022 1/9/2023

Pro—Transgender Organization Urges Schools to Celebrate Trans Holidays 1/3/2023

Pro-Trans Organization Pushes Transgender ‘Inclusive’ Math 12/29/2022

At this Texas school, every student is a teen mother 12/29/2022

Pro-Trans Organization Explains How They Embed Gender Ideology in Schools 12/28/2022

CDC Pushes Teachers to Measure Commitment to ‘LGBTQ Inclusivity’ Instruction 12/28/2022

Parents slam effort to ban 'hate speech' from school-board meetings 12/27/2022

Here's what's in those 'obscene' books yanked from schools across America 12/25/2022

Brooks: Teachers’ Unions Deserve Coal for School Closures that Damaged ‘Lifelong Prospects of a Generation 12/24/2022

Leah Brooks urges parents to RESCUE their kids from “woke” indoctrination in schools 12/16/2022

Maine Health Teacher Pushes Gender Ideology, Dodges Public Records Requests 12/15/2022

Fight for Schools’ Ian Prior: Transgender Bathroom Policy ‘100% the Impetus’ for Loudoun Rape Cover-Up 12/14/2022

Parents Push Back as Liberal Foundations Fund Woke Education Programs 12/14/2022

Oregon Department of Education to Spend $2 Million on ‘LGBTQ2SIA+’ Curriculum 12/13/2022

Tulsa Schools Halt Biology Class to Teach ‘Sexual Indoctrination’ 11/29/2022

Rhode Island School Official: Using ‘Wrong’ Pronoun Is ‘Act of Violence’ 11/21/2022

The Perils of Higher Education: Institutional Failure 10/19/2022

Exclusive: Arizona Republican Kari Lake Vows to Protect Children from CRT, Cross-Sex Curriculum 10/16/2022

Woke Utah Elementary School Teacher Keeps Job After Bragging She Built Classroom for ‘Non-White Students’ 9/25/2022

Teachers’ Union Provides Ohio Teachers with Guide for ‘Anal Sex,’ ‘Bondage,’ ‘Fisting’ 9/22/2022

Education Sec. Cardona: Huge Drop in Math, Reading Scores ‘Not Surprising’ with Remote Learning 9/1/2022

Reading, math scores fell sharply during pandemic, data show 9/1/2022

Parents Demand Resignations, Pull Donations After All-Girls School Announces Plan to Admit M2F Trans Students 8/19/2022

Texas Schools Begin Hanging ‘In God We Trust’ Signs 8/19/2022

Americans know public schools are indoctrinating their children 8/19/2022

California Department of Education Advertises Sex Change Operations to Students 8/17/2022

Elementary School Principal Recommends Children Embrace Transgender Propaganda for Summer Reading 8/1/2022

State-Sponsored Stonewall: Children Aged Two Can Be Trans, Nurseries Should Teach ‘Gender Identity’ 7/23/2022

Biden Administration’s CDC Encourages Teachers to Use Leftist Gender Curriculum 7/18/2022

AmeriCorps to Pay Left-Wing Activist on Behalf of LGBT Education Organization 7/18/2022

California School Board Eyes Opening Planned Parenthood on High School Campus in 80% Latino District 7/18/2022

Poll: American Trust in Public Education Plummets to Second All-Time Low 7/15/2022

Education Journal Publishes Call to ‘Eradicate Whiteness,’ Send It ‘to its Grave’ 7/8/2022

ACLU, National Education Association Claim Children Are ‘Never’ Too Young to Undergo Sex Change 7/7/2022

Poll: Majority Have an Unfavorable View of Critical Race Theory 5/21/2022

‘BDSM’ and ‘Masturbation Sleeves’: Philadelphia Public School Teachers Attended Sexual Fetish Conference 5/18/2022

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to Disney: I will Make a Version of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law a ‘Top Priority’ for Texas 4/5/2022

Math Problems with Child Sexual Assault Scenario Assigned at Junior High School in Arizona 3/23/2022

Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Making Financial Literacy Class a Requirement for High Schoolers 3/22/2022

Teachers' Union Teams Up With Steven Brill's NewsGuard To Flag "Misinformation" For Children 3/19/2022

Pat McCrory’s North Carolina Education Appointee Supported Critical Race Theory Training for Disabled Preschoolers 3/17/2022

Christian Teacher Suing School Board After Being Suspended for Using Wrong Transgender Pronouns 3/17/2022

America’s Fight: Conservative School Board Member Blows the Lid off Inner Workings of the Left’s Monopoly on Education 3/14/2022

Teachers Union Will Force L.A. Kids to Wear Masks Even as Mandate Ends  3/13/2022

Florida House approves CRT, ‘don’t say gay’ bills 2/25/2022

Private Schools Nation-Wide Pushing ‘Queer Inclusive’ Curriculum, Trans Ideology Starting in Pre-K 2/16/2022

UNICEF: School Shutdowns Causing ‘Nearly Insurmountable’ Educational Losses for Children 1/26/2022

California Mom Sues School District: Claims Teachers Gave Daughter ‘Tips on How to Bind Her Breasts’ 1/25/2022

Fairfax County, Virginia Orders Principals to Suspend Maskless Students 1/22/2022

Virginia Democrats Fight to Hide Sexually Explicit School Materials from Parents 1/21/2022

Substitute teacher was FIRED for refusing to “meow” to a student who claims to self-identify as a CAT   1/18/2022

NSBA Letter Targeting Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ Allegedly Requested by Biden Ed Secretary Cardona 1/11/2022

Oakland students threaten to boycott classes unless school district meets covid demands 1/11/2022

North Carolina Ed Grassroots Demand Halt to Funding CRT Training for Disabled Preschoolers 1/10/2022

Chicago Teachers Union Delegate Says He Will ‘Report’ Members Who Attend Work 1/9/2022

Tenured professor fired after 'questioning wokeism' 1/8/2022

Wake up, America: Cultural Marxism 'identifying' as transgenderism 1/7/2022

Survey: 72 Percent Believe Students Should Be Taught American Exceptionalism, ‘Truth About Slavery’ 1/6/2022

1619 Project’s Nikole Hannah-Jones Rebukes Teachers’ Unions, Admits Remote Learning Is Harmful 1/5/2022

Report: Teachers Planning Leftist Lessons on January 6 ‘Insurrection’ 1/4/2022

Mayor Adams Defies Teachers Unions, Will Keep NYC Schools Open 1/3/2022

Racist school board unanimously approves plan to pay non-white teachers more 1/2/2022

Upstate New York Elementary School Cancels ‘Jingle Bells’ Claiming It Has Racist Origins 1/2/2022

WATCH: Bill Filed in Florida Would Allow Video, Audio Recording in Classrooms 1/2/2022

Most Americans Don't Trust Teachers, Schools With Children's Gender Identity: Survey 12/30/2021

D.C.’s Democrat Mayor: Expect ‘Virtual Learning Throughout the Semester’ 12/30/2021

Virginia Teachers Bristle at ‘Equity’ Proposal to Abolish Grades 12/30/2021

Education Sec’y Cardona: Students in School, Full-Time Should Be ‘Default’ But ‘Short-Term Closures Might Be Needed’ at Times 12/30/2021

The Top 10 Most Egregious K-12 School Decisions Of 2021 12/29/2021

D.C. Mayor Bowser Requires Negative Coronavirus Tests for Public School Students 12/29/2021

California parents speak out against sexual predator public school teachers caught grooming children into transgenderism 12/27/2021

Survey: Most School Leaders Rate Parents ‘Poor’ or ‘Fair’ at Teaching Children About Race, Sex, LGBTQ, Climate Change 12/21/2021

Indianapolis Administrator Fired After Leaking District’s CRT Agenda 12/21/2021

Gov. Pete Ricketts: Critical Race Theory Is About ‘Resegregation’; ‘A Betrayal of the Civil Rights Movement’ 12/20/2021

Oxford University Race Task Force Proposes Woke Scores for Hiring Academics 12/18/2021

In Texas, a Battle Over What Can Be Taught, and What Books Can Be Read 12/10/2021

California Schools Drop ‘D’ and ‘F’ Grades in a Shift to ‘Competency-Based’ Learning  12/10/2020

California Academics Warn Woke Math Curriculum ‘Will Do Lasting Damage’ 12/7/2021

Detroit School Superintendent: ‘Our Curriculum Is Deeply Using Critical Race Theory’ 11/29/2021

Catholic Football Player Suspended for Saying There Are Two Genders 11/16/2021

Rep. Ralph Norman Introduces Legislation to Protect Students, Employees from Vaccine Mandates 11/15/2021

Public Schools Say Teacher ‘Fatigue’ Is Causing Massive Staffing Shortages Despite Being Home for over a Year 11/15/2021

Rhode Island Teacher Warns CRT ‘Absolutely Everywhere’ In Schools 11/15/2021

VICTORY: Florida School District Ends Mask Mandate After 8-Year-Old Girl Told Them They Should Be In Prison 11/15/2021

Faced with soaring Ds and Fs, schools are ditching the old way of grading 11/8/2021

McAuliffe: Parents Should Not Pick School Books — ‘We Have Experts’ Who Do That 10/31/2021

Washington Post Poll: Education No. 1 Issue in Virginia Governor’s Race 10/29/2021

VIDEO: School Board Orders Parents to Disclose Home Address to Speak at Meeting 10/28/2021

Nolte: Huge Majorities Reject Public School Controversies as ‘Phony’ Issues 10/28/2021

Florida Mom Calls for ‘Mass Exodus’ from Public Schools on Heels of Merrick Garland’s Crusade Against Anti-CRT Parents 10/8/2021

Florida’s Pinellas County School Board Bans Turning Point USA Member for Speaking Out Against CRT 10/7/2021

Joe Biden Appoints Critical Race Theory Activist to Department of Education amid Crackdown on Parents 10/7/2021

Black-Led Minnesota Anti-Woke Group Denounces Critical Race Theory 10/6/2021

Advocacy group threatens schools with legal action over COVID-19 vaccines administered without parental consent 9/21/2021

Texas Mom: ‘I Do Not Want My Children to Learn About Anal Sex in Middle School’ 9/20/2021

Ohio Mayor Demands School Board Resign over ‘Child Porn’ Assignment 9/15/2021

Black Homeschooling Group: ‘We Stand Firm Against Critical Race Theory’ 9/13/2021

American Flags Plastered Throughout Campus After Anti-Flag Teacher Booted 8/31/2021

New Project Veritas! Cali High School Teacher Reveals He’s Antifa, Turning Children Into Revolutionaries 8/31/2021

Virginia education plan for third graders appears to celebrate communism, as hard-left indoctrination of our kids continues apace 8/30/2021

Parental Rights Group Challenges ‘Equity’ Trainings: How to Become a ‘Critical and Rational Thinker’ 8/23/2021

Woman Fights School District After Black Principal Separated Classes Based on Race 8/11/2021

Loudoun County Teacher Resigns Over District’s ‘Highly Politicized’ Critical Race Theory ‘Agendas’ 8/11/2021

Anthony Fauci Says He Leans Strongly Toward Mandated Vaccines for Teachers 8/10/2021

Educators Face Termination After Launching Campaign Backing Recognition of Biological Sex 7/1/2021

Loudoun County School Board Cuts Off Public Comments, Sics Police as Critical Race Theory Criticisms Grow 6/23/2021

FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Civics Bill Requiring Students to Learn Evils of ‘Communism, Totalitarian Ideologies’ 6/22/2021

LGBT Charity Calls on Teachers to Say ‘Learner’ Instead of ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’ 6/20/2021

Florida Board of Education Adopts Rule Banning Critical Race Theory 6/10/2021

Community Blasts School Board for Suspending Teacher Who Refused to Use Trans Pronouns 6/10/2021

Ohio GOP Lawmakers Act to Protect Teachers from Being Forced to Embrace Left-wing Gender Policies  6/9/2021

Albemarle County, Virginia Activists Petition to Force Radical Race and Gender Curricula on Children 6/3/2021

Utah Lawmakers Pass Resolution Against Teaching Critical Race Theory in Schools 5/20/2021

Washington Governor signs bill mandating critical race training in public schools 5/11/2021

"This Must Stop!" One Father's Fight Against Pervasive Entrenchment Of Critical Race Theory In America's Schools 5/10/2021

Virginia School Board Shuts Down Parent’s Objections To Racist Indoctrination 5/9/2021

Teachers Union Head Defends Indoctrinating Children with Critical Race Theory 5/6/2021

Research: 60% of School Apps Sending Student Data to Third Parties Without Parental Consent 5/6/2021

California’s ‘Equity’ Math Rejects Existence of Naturally Gifted Students: ‘All Children Capable at Highest Levels’ 5/5/2021

Parents, School Boards, Unions Clash over Classroom Masks Across Country: ‘Unmask Our Kids Now!’ 5/5/2021

Arizona School Board Bolts as Parents Protest Decision to Keep Mask Mandate 4/29/2021

Texas Lawmakers Step in to Prevent Critical Race Theory from Creeping into School Curriculum  4/29/2021

Teachers Unions Spike Democrat Campaign Contributions as Congress Debates Schools Reopening 4/28/2021

Michigan State Education Conference Separates ‘White Folx’ and ‘People of Color’ 4/21/2021

National Parents’ Organization Calls for States to Ban Critical Race Theory in K-12 Schools 4/21/2021

California Weighs ‘Equitable Math’: Goal of Obtaining Correct Answer Is Racist 4/15/2021

CA Teacher to Zoom Class: ‘Sick to My Stomach’ over Parents Telling Teachers ‘How to Do Their Job’ 4/12/2021

Tennessee Bill Aims to Prohibit Textbooks, Materials with LGBTQ+ Content 3/25/2021

Joe Biden Bemoans Children ‘Set Back’ for a Year Out of School After Supporting Teachers’ Unions 3/11/2021

NRCC Poll: Majority Oppose Democrats Keeping Schools Closed 3/8/2021

Militant anarchist left in full push to indoctrinate black kids to accept Marxism: Public school curriculum in Philly proves it 2/21/2021

Utah School District Suspends Reading Program After Teacher Shares Transgender Tale with 3rd Graders 2/17/2021

Harvard has extensive financial ties to Chinese Communist Party 2/17/2021

Principal of NY School Demands Parents Become “White Traitors” 2/15/2021

Confucius say: Biden reopens door to China influencing American education 2/9/2021

‘Black Lives Matter at School’ Teaches Young Children to Be Transgender and Queer ‘Affirming’ 1/4/2021

Jen Psaki Refuses to Say Whether Joe Biden Prioritizes Teachers or Students for Reopening Schools 1/4/2021

Teacher Arrested for Spraying Student with Disinfectant During Mask Dispute 1/9/2021

Schools Offer ‘Emotional Support’ to Students, Teach About ‘Sedition’ After Capitol Riot 1/8/2021

Parents’ Lawsuit Claims School Engages in ‘Intentional Racial Discrimination’ Against White Students 1/8/2021

Chicago Schools Chief: Half Of Teachers Pressured By Teachers’ Union Didn’t Show Up For Work 1/7/2021

Socialist Chicago Teachers Union Leader Resists ‘Unsafe’ Schools Reopening — From Puerto Rico Poolside 1/1/2021

Homeschooling Numbers in Alaska Have Nearly Doubled Since Last Year 12/24/2020

Coronavirus Stimulus Package Specifically Blocks School Choice 12/23/2020

Left ‘Giddy’ Anticipating More Spending on Schools and Tighter Regulations on Local School Districts 12/1/2020

Parents Sue School District for Transgender Lessons, Bullying Family for Following Religious Convictions 11/18/2020

Huck Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird, Other Classic Books Banned In California Schools For "Racism" 11/16/2020

School District Ejected Asian Students from ‘Students of Color’ Category Due to Satisfactory Performance 11/16/2020

It Was A Mistake To Close Schools, UK Study Concedes 11/11/2020

President Trump Creates 1776 Commission to ‘Stop Radical Indoctrination’ 11/2/2020

San Diego Unified School District alters grading system to “combat racism” 10/24/2020

US universities fail to report $6,500,000,000 in foreign gifts, including money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar 10/20/2020

Parents At New York's Dalton School Revolt Over $54K Tuition For Online Classes 10/5/2020

The Disturbing Intersection Between Antifa, BLM, & Public-School Teachers 9/28/2020

UK Uni Students Say They Are Being ‘Imprisoned’ in Dorms over Coronavirus 9/28/2020

Teacher Threatens to Kick Student Out of Virtual Class for Trump 9/28/2020 2020 Flag 9/28/2020

Cal State Long Beach Shuts Down In-Person Classes Based on 5 Positive Coronavirus Tests 9/28/2020

UK to Penalise Schools Which Don’t Teach Children LGBT Lessons 9/20/2020

"The Virus Isn't Going Away... Campuses Need To Reopen", Northeastern Uni President Warns 9/16/2020

Diddy to Open Third Charter School to Prepare Disadvantaged Students for College 9/3/2020

Parents Push Back Against Rising Tuition Costs as College Classes Move Online 8/19/2020

Arizona Teachers Stage ‘Sickout,’ Forcing School District to Cancel Re-Opening 8/17/2020

61% Of Parents Fear Remote Learning Will Negatively Impact Finances 8/14/2020

School In The 'New COVID Normal': Plastic Bubbles, 8-Year-Old Arrests, & Woke Math 8/14/2020

Majority of Republican students expect to self-censor in class this fall to avoid upsetting others: poll 8/13/2020

Kindergartners To Learn About White Supremacy In PA School District 8/13/2020
Grim College COVID-19 Rules 8/12/2020

Government Teachers’ Unions Unveil New COVID-19 Demand: Pay Us For Doing Nothing 7/31/2020

Donald Trump: If Public Schools Close, Give Parents the Money for School Choice 7/23/2020

430,000 Cal State Students Will Be Forced to Take Social Justice Course 7/23/2020

Parents Turn to ‘Microschooling’ and Private Tutors as School Openings Seem Uncertain 7/22/2020

Indiana U. Professor: Online Education Is Awkward and Ineffective for College Students 5/11/2020

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Ends ‘Common Core,’ Embraces ‘Common Sense’ 1/27/2020

Nolte: Media Ignore Brutal School Bus Assault on Florida Child 12/13/2019

Historian:America’s Homeschooling Mothers Are Leading Our Next Revolution 12/11/2019

Donald Trump Fights for the ‘Forgotten Child’ in Push for School Choice 12/10/2019

How Dumb Have We Become? Chinese Students Are 4 Grade Levels Ahead Of US Students In Math 12/4/2019

Nine-year-old child genius to graduate university 11/14/2019

Former Planned Parenthood Trainer: Sex Ed Book Seeks ‘to Groom Children for Early Onset of Sex’ 11/6/2019

Across the Board, Scores Drop in Math and Reading for U.S. Students 10/30/2019

A new law signed by Gavin Newsom bans schools from suspending disruptive kids  9/9/2019

Minnesota Parents Rally to ‘Protect Kids’ Against State-Mandated Planned Parenthood Sex Ed 9/6/2019

Poll: Democrats Divided on School Choice Along Racial, Ethnic Lines 8/20/2019

1,000+ Kentucky Teachers Get Warning: They Broke Law in #RedforEd ‘Sick Outs’ 8/20/2019

Serious Violence on Rise in Nation’s Public Schools 7/26/2019

Pro-Family Advocates: Opposition to California’s Graphic Sex-Ed Curriculum Grows 7/15/2019